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Click on the book covers to visit their websites! Danica has written three New York Times bestselling books, and her fourth book, GIRLS GET CURVES: GEOMETRY TAKES SHAPE, hits the shelves this August - NOW AVAILABLE! In 2007, Danica released her first book, MATH DOESNT SUCK (ages 9-12). Presenting math lessons in the style of a teen magazine, this groundbreaking book became an instant success, making Amazons top 100 books of 2007, and earning Danica the title of "Person of the Week" on ABC World News. Her next books, KISS MY MATH (pre-algebra, for ages 11-13) and HOT X: ALGEBRA EXPOSED (ages 13-15 and up) followed suit on the New York Times bestseller list, and now she is proud to have over 500,000 copies in print being used by students, parents, and teachers alike. Danica receives emails every day from readers raving about their new success in math, mostly from girls ages 9 - 15. "Getting emails from the readers - especially from girls who are feeling confident in math for the first time - is my favorite part of being an author. I know Im making a difference and Im so grateful to be having this experience!"