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Numbers 1 to 100 in English by S.R.Dhanyasri LKG 2017-18
Just to create interest among the kids, these kind of videos are necessary
Kolattam by V std students 2017-18
Students r given ample opportunity to expose their talent both in indoor and outdoor games including bicycle practice along with subject knowledge which is shown in their reading competency with vast knowledge in basic grammar which can be seen in our school you tube channel
Tree plantation day in our school on 22-10-2016
Our school is naturally air-conditioned with more than seventy trees around our classrooms so as to help the students play at any time of the day during day time even in hot summer too
Senkaram  game by v std students 2017-2018
An interesting game in my childhood in Suriyampalayam
Conjugation of the verb give-gave-given by P.Vaishnavi III std 2017-18
I have give the pen I have gave the pen I have giving the pen I have gives the pen I have given the pen Among the five sentences, only one sentence is grammatically correct. That is the last sentence in which *have given* is used. All the other verbs are grammatically wrong. Unless and until the conjugation of the verb is taught, the students are not able to understand why a particular verb is right
Conjugation of the verb cut-cut- cut by A. Sujitha III std 2017-18
Students are well trained in conjugation of the verb even from II std in our school so that they can understand grammar well
Conjugation of the verb read-read-read by S.Havish III std 2017-18
Teaching of English grammar is incomplete without teaching conjugation of the verb
Rhymes practice by LKG students 2016-17
It is not only rhymes practice but also stage practice
IC analysis of a passage by D.Thisan V std of Suriyampalayam, TIRUCHENGODE 2017-18
The overall knowledge in basic formal grammar is checked when the student is doing IC analysis. The student is first telling to what parts of speech the word belongs in the given passage. Then he is verifying his answer next .
The growth of trees after one and half years
One tree per every ten children both in the inner and outer ground in our school.