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Another Rock Singers in the Voice Kids Worldwide
A few more performances of some rock childrens in the world, this in particular with several performances of Netherland (country where the program started). See below the songs and the singers Anouk – Hotel California (The Voice Kids Netherland) Liz - Bring Me To Life (The Voice Kids Netherland) Alanis - Don’t stop Believing (The Voice Kids Mexico) Nikki - Sweet Child O' Mine (The Voice Kids Netherland)
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The Best Anime Singers in the Voice
It usually does videos involving thematic rock, this time will be a little different, this video will anime singers who have succeeded in The Voice, by the way most singers of this video comes from the The Voice in Peru and managed to convince the jury of his talent for music and began phase. including having managed to convince four technicians. Although not rock, a lot of these songs are based on the style with some interesting guitar riffs. below is the information of each of the singers ปอนด์ ดิษฐวัฒน์ - ChaLa Head Chala DBZ (The Voice Thailand) Jefferson Tadeo - Pegasus Fantasy (The Voice Peru) Berioska Leyva - Atrápalos ya' Pokemon (The Voice Peru) Raúl Bustios - Chala Head Chala DBZ (The Voice Peru)
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The Best Differents Perfomances of Rock songs in The Voice
In this video we will have very unusual versions of rock songs, but not for that they were not bad, on the contrary, several of these versions gained a life of their own, and they were very good, some changed the style, others left the music more slowly, what matters here And that they all showed their talent in their own way and persuaded all the jurors to turn their seats, showing that they really had the right choice. Follow the information of the singers Larisa Ciortan - Smells like teen spirit (The Voice Romania) Sophia Tavares -Seven Nation Army (The Voice Portugal) Georgina Karachaliou - Whole Lotta Love (The Voice of Greece) Nungan - Come Together (The Voice France) Bria Kelly - Steamroller Blues (The Voice USA) Dilana Smith – Roxanne (The voice of Holland)
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Great performance of rock singers in The Voice Kids
Another collection of great "small" singers, yes, I am speaking artist who stood out in The Voice Kids singing rock, and managed to do all "Judge" turned his chairs. In this video we have incredible performances, with another Philippine boy singing a song ofJourney, also a pretty new girl surprising with Scorpions, and versions of Metallica songs, The Police and even Elvis Presley appeared here. Below will be the music list, with the singer's name and country of the program. Resa – Nothing Else Matters (The Voice Kids Belgium) Danyiom - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Voice Kids German) จีนี่ ญาณิศา - Still Loving You (The Voice Kids Thailand) Karel - Jailhouse Rock (The Voice Kids Holand) Jimboy - Faithfully (The Voice Kids Philippines)
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Great Perfomances of Heavy Metal songs in others programs
So far I have made videos only of blind auditions from The Voice, this time I will leave some of this program and talk about heavy metal performance that surprised me in other programs in different places of the world, here we have perfomances from Georgia, United States, Ukraine and Australia, which certainly got my attention, in a program like X-Factor, Australia's Got Talent and American Idol. This video is an exception, next week we're back with other blind auditions videos from The Voice Below Information of singers Misho Sulukhia - Mein Herz Brennt (X factor Georgia) Callum The Heavy Metal Kid -Through the Fire and Flames (Australia's Got Talent) James Durbin - heavy Metal (American Idol) Anton Artamonov - Forever and one (Ukranian X-factor)
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The Voice: Best Perfomance of New Rock Songs
This video is only the latest rock songs of the 2000s, also in hearings blind in The Voice, some of them were fantastic, managing to make the four seats of technicians were turned. The surprise is to last song is not new, but it surprises for sure. Simon Morin - Come With me Now (The Voice Canada) Jimmy Cupples - Woman (The Voice Australia) Constança Moreira - Seven Nation Army (The Voice Portugal) Cris Rellah - The Kill (Bury Me) (The Voice German) บิว จรูญวิทย์ - 99 Problems (The Voice Thailand) Surprise Music
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The Great Perfomances of New Rock Songs in The Voice
Some time ago I did not make a video with newer songs in the channel, this time we will have incredible perfomances of singers who participated in blind auditions of The Voice and chose songs created after the 20th century. We have presentations coming from all over the world, places like Canada, Ecuador, Belgium and Russia, singing songs from bands like Rival Sons, Royal Blood, Audioslave, Darkness, among others, do not lose, believe it was a very good video. Remember to subscribe in the page. See the information of these singers Jonny Arsenault - Pressure and Time (The Voice Canadá) Maarten - 'Little Monster (The Voice Belgium) Jordan - I Believe In A Thing Called Love' (The Voice UK) Kirill Babiev - Numb (The Voice Russia) Omid Forootan - Like A Stone (The Voice Ecuador) Jesse Racicot - Are You gonna Be My Girl (The Voice Canada)
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The Voice: The Best of Hard Rock in Blind Auditions Worldwide
This was one of the most difficult video to be done, I found several great performers, but following personal opnion had to eliminate some names, although it will still appear on that channel, here are the best performances of Hard Rock in blind auditions on The Voice, be sure to hear those seven performances of great singers. ต้า คีตา - Smoke On The Water (The Voice Thailand) Sharif - Still loving you (The Voice Russia) Ruža Janjiš - You Shook Me All Night Long (The Voice Croatia) Hjörtur Traustason - Midnight Special (The Voice Iceland) Sarah Potenza - Stay with Me (The Voice USA) Juan Carlos Cano - Here i Go Again (The Voice Poland) Travis Cormier - Dream On (The Voice Canada)
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The Voice: Great Perfomances of  50's Rock Singers
Now we come back with some more 50's rock performances, with some historical classics with perfomances coming from Europe and America Information of the singers Guy Mapoko - Lucille (The Voice Canada) Tornike Qutateladze - Heartbreaker Hotel (The Voice Georgia) Andrei Genchev - Blue Suede Shoes (The Voice Bulgaria) Aliyah Moulden - Hound Dog (The Voice USA)
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RB Rock Tribute: In memory of Chester Bennington
Due to the death of Chester Bennington, I did a video with performances of several interpreters singing songs from Linkin Park in The Voice around the world, for this video I chose several types of perfomances, I was not alone in the Blind Audition, and I put some battles, too Not to repeat the perfomances of singers that I used in other videos that I did in the Channel, of which I saw, these were the best, but very far from being equal to the great singer who was Chester, Which is not demeanor for any of them, since we have some good perfomances here Let the memories and music of Linkin Park, for everyone who liked, this was my way to pay a small homage to this great voice that will live forever in the minds and hearts of the fans Below is the information of the singers Homsing Ronra Shimray - Shadow Of The Day (The Voice of Germany) Lenka Hrůzová vs Marek Lacko and Tomáš Sučik - Numb (The Voice Czecho Slovakia) Cris Rellah vs. Marion Campbell - Burn It Down (The Voice of Germany) Viktor Holomek - Messenger (The Voice Czecho Slovakia) Michał Szyc vs Wojciech Baranowski - Numb (The Voice Poland)
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The Good perfomance of Grunge Songs in The Voice
Another new video in the area, this time we came to the 90s, with one of the styles that marked that time, Grunge, was well known mainly by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, in this video besides the two bands mentioned, we also had a performance a classic song of Stone Temple Pilots in Iceland, remembering that I only get blind auditions See the information below Carl Gillic - Jeremy (The Voice of Ireland) Christoper Max - Come As You Are (The voice of Holland) Gísli Brynjar Kristinsson - Plush (The Voice Iceland) Michael Leier - Last Kiss (The Voice USA)
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RB ROCK Special: Deep Purple in The Voice
Today I'm bringing a special video, a compilation with perfomances of Deep Purple songs in The Voice, in the case they are 5 different songs of this band that marked the history of the rock, all the songs are in blind auditions and I did not take perfomances that already had used in the channel, then they are presentations that never appeared in this channel, for a great sign perfomances, we have songs from albums like Machine Head and Burn, enjoy this tribute to this great band. Below the information of the singers Andry Lagiou - Burn (The Voice of Greece) Anthony Monderie Larouche - Highway Star (The Voice Canada) Serkan Soyak - Smoke On The Water (The Voice Turkey) Zsuzsana Cerveni - Mistreated (The Voice Romania) Stelios Psarogiannis - When a blind man cries (The Voice of Greece)
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The Voice: Great Metal Singers all over The World
Again coming back with video that involve metal singers in The Voice, in this specifically has some details that I want to explain, first there are 2 singers who did not sing Heavy Metal songs, but clearly has the style vocal singer, and that made a version much heavier, was the A case of Darius Stavrovich in Russia, who made a great version for a song by Cramberries, and by Tomasz Trzeszczyński from Poland, who made their own version of a Genesis song, mainly in the chorus, using typical treble style.In addition we have 2 singers, who could not turn any chair, and do not ask me how none of the trainers did this absurd, which was the case of Lino in Portugal who sang a song of Judas Priest, and Israel of Spain, who sang a song Of Baron Rojo, funny that the technicians themselves told them that they were great singers, and that they would have a career in style, but did not know what to do with them, seriously? Even one of the Spanish technicians said that he regretted not having turned around, except that he spoke a little late, since Israel was no longer on the show. As a Heavy Metal fan I found it really unfortunate that these technicians did not choose these 2 singers, but that's why I included them in this video. Remembering that the videos are only blind Auditions, See below the information of the singers Darius Stavrovich - Zombie (The Voice Russia) Lino - Painkiller (The Voice Portugal) ปิ๊ด พิศาล - Enter Sandman (The Voice Thailand) Israel - Resisitiré (The Voice Spain) Tomasz Trzeszczyński – Jesus He Knows Me (The Voice Poland)
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Great Perfomances of Hard Rock Singers in The Voice
More a collection of great musicians around the world on The Voice, between Hard Rock and Classic Rock, these names have managed to do all the judges turn their chairs in the programs in their countries and passed phase without harming their own style, see in the video a lot of the best rock performances I saw in the Voice Tiberiu Albu - I Love Rock 'N' Roll (The Voice Romania) Nino Alejandro - Highway To Hell (The Voice Philippines) Florent Abrashi - Dream On (The Voice Albania) Manny Cabo - Here I Go Again (The Voice USA) Nicky Wicks - The Boys Are Back In Town (The Voice Ireland) Monika Pilarczyk - Livin' on a Prayer (The Voice Poland) Vladimir Pocorschi - Rebel Yell (The Voice Romania)
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The Voice: Perfomances of Grunge songs
Bringing a video only with band performances coming from a rock style created in the early 90's, Grunge that for some years at that time put several songs at the top of the charts, and the two biggest bands of the time are represented in this video, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. View the complete information of the participants Julien Alexander Blank - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (The Voice of Germany) Zara Okro - Alive (The Voice UK) Prabuddha Shyamal - Smells Like Teen Spirit (The Voice Lithuania) Mario Mancelli – Even Flow (The Voice of Albania) Julien Blank - Heart Shaped Box (The Voice of Germany)
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RB Rock Special 100K
This is a tribute to all who accompany the channel, and who made it possible to reach this mark of 100 thousand subscribers, I thank everyone who recommended the channel. and in this video I bring great perfomances in several the Voice around the world, short, comment and share the video Information Desislava Ashikova - Can't Let You Go (The Voice Bulgaria) Adam Pearce - Hot Blooded (The Voice USA) Nikolai Fedyshin - Dream On (The Voice Ukraine) Tesni Jones - Highway To Hell (The Voice UK 2018) Rose Langis - Barracuda (The Voice Canada)
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The Voice: Good Perfomances of Heavy Metal Ballads
Before comment read the text, the title speaks of Heavy Metal ballads and I know The Number of The Beast of Iron Maiden is far from being a ballad, but this version made in The Voice Grecia was in a much slower rhythm, besides Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams version, as well as songs by Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica, enjoy the perfomances and comment of which you liked the most Below the informations of the Perfomances Robert Pita - Mama Im Coming (The Voice Romania) Ross Hill - The Number of The Beast (The Voice of Greece) Alexander Ilvakhin - Nothing Else Matters (The Voice Ukraine) Luka - Sweet Dreams Marilyn Manson version (The Voice Belgium)
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Special World Rock Day - Great Perfomances in The Voice
In my country, today is celebrated the World Day of Rock (July 13), due to the Live Aid event, organized by musician, actor and director Bob Gedolf, the event was aimed at fighting the end of hunger in Ethiopia, gathering food and money to help the country, two concerts were held, one in London and one in Philadelphia, where big names such as Queen, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Elton John, Paul McCartney, David Bowie , U2, Judas Priest, among others. I brought some great perfomances in The Voice around the world. See more interpreter information David Velardo - Bohemian Rhapsody (The Voice Spain) Maxime Desrosiers - You Can’t Always Get What You Want (The Voice Canada) Patrick Paddy Strobel - Rock n Roll (The Voice of Germany) Chloe Kohanski - The Chain (The Voice USA) Gianna Chillà - Kozmic Blue (The Voice Italy)
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The Voice: Great Perfomance of differente versions of Classic Rock songs
We've got some great rock songs from bands such as The Police, Queen, The Animals, White Stripes, in different versions. In this video all the contestants managed to make all the Judges turn the chairs, we have perfomances coming from The Voice all over the world More information about singers Nicole Davidovich - The House of the rising sun (The Voice Chile) Sibulele Miti - Knockin on Heaven's Door (The Voice South Africa) Rachel Claudio - Message in a Bottle (The Voice France) Þórir Geir Guðmundsson - Somebody To Love (The Voice Iceland) Kirsten Berkx – Seven Nation Army (The voice of Holland)
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The Good Perfomance of Heavy Metal singers in The Voice
You thought that one of the most popular aspects within the rock would be left out? The heavy metal was also well represented by these singers who went to the next phase of the program, some even turning the 4 chair. Nils K. Rue - Run To The Hills (The Voice Norway) Bartosz Zawadzki - Enter Sandman (The Voice Poland) Alex VanTrue - Vais partir (The Voice Portugal) Christian Eriksson - Run to the hills (The Voice Sweden)
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The Very good Perfomances of Blues Rock Singers in The Voice
This video will bring some performances of Blues rock singers, singing some classic style like Steve Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, Allman Brothers Band, among others Information of the singers Julien Martinez - Pride and Joy (The Voice USA) Stelios Ioakim - Superstition (The Voice of Greece) Narongchai - Sweet Home Chicago (The Voice Thailand) Tova Stolow - Soulshine (The Voice Canada) Fani Zohiou - Still got the blues (The Voice of Greece)
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The Voice: Best of Rock and Roll all around the World
This video has the best interpreters of Classic Rock appearing in blind auditions of The Voice worldwide. There are 7 great singers that made all the jurors tighten the knob and turn the chair. Natalia Sikora - Cry Baby (The Voice Poland) Alexandre Casimiro - Roadhouse Blues (The Voice Portugal) Ira Green - Black Dog (The Voice Italy) Dino Purić - Another One Bites The Dust (The Voice Croatia) Andreas Kümmert - Rocket man (The Voice Germany) Mahalia Barnes - Proud Mary (The Voice Australia) Pierre Edel - Whole Lotta Love (The Voice Ukraine)
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Great Perfomances of Hard Rock Ballads in The Voice
Another video with performance of romantic musics, this time only Hard Rock ballads, We have great songs from bands like Scorpion, Extreme, Whitesnake, Aerosmith and a big surprise in this video to the performance of Michael Bormann, German singer who was part of great bands of Hard Rock in his country, like Bonfire, Jaded Heart and Charade, in this perfomance he sang a song called Warrior of his solo career, a great perfomance, coming from a professional of the music. More information from the singers of this video below Michael Kirkilan - Send me an angel (The Voice Ukraine) Michael Bormann - Warrior (The Voice German) María Beatriz - Crying (The Voice Ecuador) Álex - Still Loving You (The Voice Spain) Fernando Pernia - Is this love (The Voice Argentina) Sylwester Ruszkowski and Dawid Litwiński - More Than Words (The Voice Poland) Hovhannes Atoyan - Maybe I maybe you (The Voice Ukraine)
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The Voice: Very good Perfomance of alternate version of rock song
See the performances of these rock classics, played in a very different way, but still with great quality, which we can speak of these versions of songs by Pink Floyd, ac / dc. Bon Jovi, among others More information from the performers Will Barber - Another Brick In the Wall (The Voice France) Nâila Ibraimova - Seven Nation Army (The Voice Ukraine) Mary Protopapa - House of the rising sun (The Voice Greece) Jozy Bernadette - American Woman (The Voice USA) Ricardo Morais - Livin On a Prayer (The Voice Portugal) Julia Lunga - Highway to hell (The Voice Ukraine)
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Good Perfomances of Classic Rock Singers in The Voice
This video is more a list like that singers could not convince all the judges of the programs we have several songs of Led Zeppelin in this compilation, and we cover the world with musicians from Europe and Africa , it is worth highlighting the Croats and great Singer from Angola, too well represented here. Recalling that the video only features of Blind Auditions. Below the song list and the location of The Voice Alfredo Yungi - Let it be (The Voice Angola) Charley Blue - Roll Over Beethoven' (The Voice UK) Mahir Kapetanović - Whole Lotta Love (The Voice of Croatia) Nádia Marques --The House of the Rising Sun (The Voice Portugal) Maja Tošić - Somebody To Love (The Voice of Croatia) Giacomo Voli - Rock and Roll (The Voice Italy)
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The Voice: Good Performance of Classic Rock Songs in Worldwide
In this video we have some good performances from singers all over the world, who played several classics rock songs like David Bowie. The Doors, The Who and among others. See below for information of these artists Terry McDermott - Baba O Riley (The Voice USA) Olga Dąbrowska - Light My Fire (The Voice Poland) Danny Ross - When The Levee Breaks (The Voice Australia) Guðrún Stefanía - California Dreaming (The Voice Iceland) Brendan McCahey - Starman (The Voice of Ireland) Kuba Siedlak - Behind Blue Eyes (The Voice Poland) Caroline Glaser -Tiny Dancer (The Voice USA)
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The Voice Kids: Rock performances with cutest singers
In this new video bringing performances from The Voice Kids, I'm bringing rock music presentations with cute children, and a very different category, but inherent in that age, with talented children and like this style of music See the artists' information below Kira Danilina - Let’s Twist Again (The Voice Kids Russia) Jerko - Little Monster (The Voice Kids Belgium) Zoé-Loes - Blackbird (The Voice Kids German) Luong Phuong - Bring Me To Life (The Voice Kids Vietnam) Arthur - Knockin on Heavens Door (The Voice Kids France)
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Good Perfomances of Extreme Metal in The Voice
You thought that day would not come, but to be able to gather 4 extreme metal perfomances in the voice around the world, we have an amazing version of Sweet Dreams in the Death Metal version in Spain, and in bulgaria it was the turn of a song by Katy Perry to have a heavier version, in addition a participant from Mongolia, surprised singing a song from the Death metal band Chelsea Grin and managed to convince one of the jurors. Information of the Singers Rocío - Sweet Dreams (The Voice Spain) Telmuunbayar Ts.- Crewcabanger (The Voice of Mongolia) Viktoriya Stoichkova - Look What You Made Me Do (The Voice Bulgaria)
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Unexpected rock singers who have not passed in The Voice
In this video we have songs that do not usually would see this type of program, and they could not success in passing the blind audition of The Voice. I make this compilation will have songs of Rammstein to Charlie Daniels Band, through a good version of a Uriah Heep songs. Many of these I sure would have turned my chair, what do you think? It also would have given a chance for these singers? Below the name of the singers, the songs and the program location that they participated John Bonham - Can I Play With Madness (The Voice UK) Robert Frick - Rain (The Voice of Switzerland) Vadim Voytovich - Mutter (The Voice of Ukraine) Michael Stein - The Devil Went Down to Georgia (The Voice USA) Oli Bond - All Along The Watchtower (The Voice UK)
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One of the best Rock Singers in The Voice Kids Worldwide
This video has the best versions of rock songs that I saw in The Voice Kids around the world, has versions that impress even the most critical of judges, it does not seem that these singers are children. I'm only considering Blind Auditions. Informations Below Nathan - Don't Stop Believin (The Voice Kids Phillipine) Азер Насибов. -Maybe I Maybe You (The Voice Kids Russia) Tilman - Great Balls Of Fire (The Voice Kids German) João Pereira - Highway to Hell (The Voice Kids Portugal) Jesse - Bohemian Rhapsody (The Voice Kids Holand)
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The Voice: Very Good Perfomances of Classic Rock Songs
A special video with great performances of classic rock, we have here participations of singers from several countries that have the program The Voice, like Croatia, Russia, Italy, United States, Romania, France, among others, singing songs by artists like Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Police, among others, see and enjoy these presentations Below the information of the participants Pierre Edel - House of Rising Sun (The Voice Russia) Yevgeny Klebanov - I Want to Break Free (The Voice Ukraine) Shadoh - Roxanne (The Voice France) Ovidiu Turcu - The great pretender (The Voice Romania) Beverly McClellan - Piece of My Heart (The Voice USA) Daniel Jurišević - Don't Stop Me Now (The Voice of Croatia) Ivan Giancarlo Giannini - Whola Lotta Love (The Voice Italy)
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RB Rock Special: Beatles in The Voice
We have a special edition, now it's the Beatles, for the 56th anniversary of the release of the band's first single, listen to the music of one of the greatest bands of all time in the voice of people around the world who participated in The Voice Information Egor Sharankov - Back in The USSR (The Voice Ukraine) Fergessen - Eleanor Rigby (The Voice France) Kristi Skendaj - Blackbird (The Voice of Albania) Tomás Adrião - Come Together (The Voice Portugal) Linda Jennings - The Long and Winding Road Blind (The Voice UK)
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Great performances of romantic rock songs in The Voice
bringing a video with some of the rock ballads in the voice program, this time bringing songs from artists such as Aerosmith, Beatles, Bring me The Horizon and David Bowie, in the voice spread throughout Europe, I hope you enjoy this performance See the information of the singers below Carter - I Dont Want To Miss A Thing (The Voice UK) David Bowie – Life on Mars (The Voice France) Lara Samira - Let It Be (The Voice of Germany) Milena Tsanova - Can You Feel My Heart (The Voice Bulgaria) Liza Baker - Alone (The Voice UK) Cháris Kornáros - Lady grinning soul (The Voice of Greece)
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Great Perfomances of Rock Ballads Singers in The Voice
We started another video with romantic songs, like the channel and more geared towards the rock genre, in this video we have several striking ballads, being interpreted by great artists coming from various places of the world that have appeared in The Voice and that interpreted great classics of bands such as Heart, Bon Jovi, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Scorpions, Aerosmith, among other bands, check out these great perfomances below and tell us what you think. Below the information of the artists Tammy Browne - Alone (The Voice of Ireland) Alexander Chehutsky - Still Loving You (The Voice Ukraine) Flo - Angie (The Voice France) Junji Arias - I'll Be There For You (The Voice Philippines) Lakyn Heperi - Kids (The Voice Australia) Jimmy Weston - Desperado (The Voice UK) Stephen Hudson - Heart of Gold (The Voice of Ireland) Anton Yakubovsky - Crying (The Voice Ukraine)
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The Voice: Good Perfomances of rock music in a way you might have never heard
It happens sometimes that some perfomances are quite different, taking a song and changing her clothes, sometimes slowing down, sometimes changing the tone, not always good, but often the result surprising Below the information of the singers Daniël van Schaick – California Dreamin (The voice of Holland) Anastasia Belyavskaya - I Want to Break Free (The Voice Bulgaria) Élodie Martelet - Still Loving You (The Voice France) Craig - House Of The Rising Sun (The Voice South Africa)
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The Voice: One of the best Classic Rock singers in the show
In today's biggest video interpretations of great Classic Rock singers scattered around the world, we have 2 songs from Led Zeppelin, 2 from Queen, 1 from Janis Joplin and 1 from Buffalo Springfield, coming from different countries, including we have among these competitors some winners Of the program, then they are high level perfomance, check it out and comment what you found. Below the information of the Singers and the locations of The Voice Marie-Eve Fournier - Since I've Been Loving You (The Voice Canada) Vassilis Axiotis - The Show Must Go On (The Voice Greece) Jessie Lee - Move Over (The Voice France) Marc Amacher - For What Its Worth (The Voice of Germany) Antonio Guerrero - We are the champions (The Voice Ecuador) Rémi Chassé - Whole lotta love (The voice Canada)
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Good Perfomances of Blues Singers in The Voice
Another video with performances from The Voice with one of the traditional songs of history, the Blues, here we have versions of legends of music as B.B.King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters, where they managed to complete a level, listen and give your opinion about the perfomances Below the information of program participants Kate Donohoe - Mustang Sally (The Voice Ireland) Matt Tedder - (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (The Voice USA) Steini Bjarka - Superstition (The Voice Iceland) Brian Tyler - Bluesman (The Voice Canada) Andrey Protsenko - Change The World (The Voice Russia)
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The Voice: Great perfomances of 90's Rock songs
I'm bringing in this video some performances of rock songs from the 90s, we have great classics like Nirvana, Pixies, Creed and Pearl Jam in several countries in Europe, see and enjoy More informations of the performer Lorenc Hasrama - Evenflow (The Voice of Albania) Millicent - Where Is My Mind (The Voice UK) Alexander Ogorodnikov - Smells Like Teen Spirit (The Voice Russia) Yoeri - With Arms Wide Open (The Voice Belgium) Keka Berisha – Jeremy (The Voice of Albania)
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Perfomances of Rock Songs in The Voice Kids
Bringing four more performances in The Voice Kids around the world, in this video we have perfomances from Mexico, Belgium and Ukraine, where we have interpreters of songs from Queen, Evannescence, Elvis and Little Richards Below the information Kemily - Bring me to life (The Voice Kids Mexico) Andrei Boyko - Blue Suede Shoes (The Voice Kids Ukraine) Romane – Don't stop Me Now (The Voice Kids Belgium) Oliya Garbuziuk - Tutti-Frutti (The Voice Kids Ukraine)
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Some of The Best of Rock Singers in the Voice
In this video are one of the best performances of Hard Rock / Classic Rock I've seen on The Voice and who did not have all overturned chairs, you will see some not very common songs in this type of program, but to talk about this Barracuda version sung by Canadian Andie Duquette, or even Call me the Breeze version, great songs and good performances in these videos, if the judge certainly turned my chair to any of these. Recalling that the video only features of Blind Auditions. Below the song list and the location of The Voice Andie Duquette - Barracuda (The Voice Canada) Casey Muessigmann - Sweet Home Alabama (The Voice USA) Gabriela Pina - Highway To Hell (The Voice Portugal) Amanda Ayala - Mississippi Queen (The Voice USA) The Swon Brothers - American Girl (The Voice USA) Tyler Dickerson - Hard to Handle (The Voice USA) Dave Vermeulen – They Call Me The Breeze (The Voice Holand) Jeremy Briggs - Bad Company (The Voice USA)
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The Voice Kids: Good Perfomances of Rock Songs
In this video we have only three countries being represented, Russia, Ukraine and the Philippines, in total 5 perfomances of artists singing musics of bands like Metallica, Starship, AC / DC, among others, check and comment on what you think of the perfomances of these children Below the information of these singers Henli - We Built This City (The Voice Kids Philippines) Anna Moshkorina - Nothing Else Matters (The Voice Kids Russia) Timoti Sannikov - Great Balls of Fire (The Voice Kids Ukraine) Anastasia Pershikova - Highway to Hell (The Voice Kids Russia) Kristina Duttak - It's My Life (The Voice Kids Ukraine)
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The Best Rock Ballads Singers in The Voice
Like all good hard rock band, we have several ballads that delight couples and are successful for many years in this video chose some of the best singers of Rock Ballads in The Voice program, remembering that I'm just making blind auditions. Below will be the music list, with the singer's name and country of the program. Adam Urban - Two Steps Behind (The Voice Czecho Slovakia) Moran Magal - Poison (The Voice Israel) Tim Moxey - I Want To Know What Love Is (The Voice Australia) Morgan Frazier - I Want You to Want Me (The Voice USA) Gonzalo Andrada - More than words (The Voice Argentina) King Pichet - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (The Voice Thailand) Nargiz Zakirova - Still Loving You (Tne Voice Russia)
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The Voice: Great perfomance of Rock Ballads Singers in Worldwide
We have great perfomances of Rock Ballads in The Voice, Here we have great perfomances, for names like Heart, Guns N Roses, Whitesnake, Elton John, Journey and among others. Another detail in this video we have perfomances coming from 3 continents and 7 different countries, watch the video and enjoy these perfomances. See the information below Tanya Diaz -What About Love (The Voice of the Philippines) Jonny Akehurst - November Rain (The Voice German) Constanza De Aguirre - Lights (The Voice Chile) Talia Londoner - Free Falling (The Voice Israel) Mateo Iturbide -'Is This Love' (The Voice Argentina) Nolan Neal -Tiny Dancer (The Voice USA) Helena Bradley Bates - Alone (The Voice Ireland)
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The Voice: Great Perfomances of Classic Rock Singers in Worldwide
We came up with another video with several performances that impressed The Voice judges around the world, all the singers here got the 4 seats turned up smoothly, here we had performances of singers playing Led Zeppelin, Queen, Janis Joplin, Beatles and among others, and all were well-praised for their presentation, which came from countries in Europe, South America and North America. See the list with the information of these interpreters Nik McDonald - Ramble On (The Voice of Ireland) Vendula Příhodová - Mercedes Benz (The Voice Czecho Slovakia) Yvan Pedneault - We Are The Champion (The Voice Canada) Belén Guillen - Oh Darling (The Voice Ecuador) Erwin Nyhoff - The River (The voice of Holland) Thais Rudiño- Whole Lotta Love (The Voice Spain) Sweet Jane - Piece of my Heart (The Voice France)
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The Voice: Good Rock Singers Who were not chosen by the judges
You know that moment that you are watching the show and see a great singer coming up, and none of the judges give value or even choose for your team, and you see that that singer could have gone further in the competition, in that video I have listed some names that Made me feel like I was on The Voice programs all over the world. See the perfomances and give your opinion would they not have gone further in the program? Note: Two performances that I had put in this video were blocked, were Gianni Pontillo - You Know My Name (The Voice of Switzerland) and Emmo Acer - Can not Stop Loving You (The Voice Germany), I recommend to listen are great perfomances that also They are no more than phase See the information of the singers below Rob Reynolds - Wish you Were Here (The Voice UK) Ричард Гурич -Smels like teen spirit (The Voice Ukraine) Elram Amram - Patience (The Voice of Israel) Margrét Arnarsdóttir - Should I Stay or Should I Go (The Voice Iceland)
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The Voice: Good perfomances of rock bands without being from the united states or UK
This video is very different, I'm bringing a video with songs from bands outside the United States or England, between the bands we have the AC / DC that is from australia, Golden Earring from the Netherlands, Scorpions from Germany, bryan adams from Canada and U2 from Ireland See the information below Robin Smit - Twilight Zone (The voice of Holland) Jean-Seb - Somebody (The Voice Canada) Ivan Zgriparov - White Dove (The Voice Bulgaria) Vladimir Matica - Highway To Hell (The Voice of Croatia) Oleg Stepanenko - One (The Voice Ukraine)
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The Voice Kids: Very Good Perfomance of Rock Songs
Now returning to bring great performances of rock songs in The Voice Kids, we have performances by bands like Tom Petty, AC / DC, Queen, among others, see and enjoy these great new talents Informations Below Artem Seyranyan - Highway To Hell (The Voice Kids Russia) Jack performs - Free Fallin (The Voice Kids UK) Wiktoria Tracz – Rock Rollin Love (The Voice Kids Poland) Clarisse - Imagine (The Voice Kids France) Tali Kuper - Who Wants to Live Forever (The Voice Kids Russia)
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Good Perfomance of 60's Rock Songs in The Voice
Another classic rock video that was performed in blind auditions on The Voice, this time only with songs from the 60s, several classics by artists such as Janis Joplin, The Beatles, The Doors, Animals, among others, coming from different countries to the Around the world, such as Argentina, United States, France, Romania, among others; See the singers' information Maria Cojocaru - Mercedes Benz (The Voice Romania) Mariano Poblete - Oh! Darling (The Voice Argentina) Jean Osyan - Unchain My Heart (The Voice Russia) Mariangela Corvino - Cry Baby (The Voice Italy) Ryan Quinn - Can't Find My Way Home (The Voice USA) Tomi Furmaník - Come Together (The Voice Czecho Slovakia) Bruno Gomes - Roadhouse Blues (The Voice Portugal) Pierre Edel - The House of Rising Sun (The Voice France)
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Good Perfomances of Blues Songs In The Voice
This time I'm bringing a very good collection of Blues songs on The Voice worldwide, we have presentations coming from United States, Belgium, United Kingdom and Ukraine, I hope you enjoy! Subscribe to my channel. See more information of these singers below Rick Snowdon - I Put a Spell on You (The Voice UK) Glenn Claes - I shot the Sheriff (The Voice Belgium) Lane Mack - Every Day I Have The Blues (The Voice USA) Джові - Mustang Sally (The Voice Ukraine)
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The Voice: Performances of hard rock songs that deserve more
Some of these perfomances won or went far in The Voice, but they did not catch the attention of many jurors, and certainly deserved more, singing some Hard Rock classics from bands like Free, Aerosmith, Billy Idol, among others See the information below Jilly Riley - All Right Now (The Voice UK) Damian Kikoła – Dream on (The Voice of Poland) Alex Mavromatis - Rebell Yell (The Voice Greece) Kat Robichaud - Ive Got the Music in Me (The Voice US)
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