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How to make bonsai out of nursery stock for under $30 - Juniper Bonsai
How to make bonsai - bonsai soil - bonsai repot Bought this baby for $30 after looking around at other "finished" bonsai stock that ranged from $45-50,000. So I settled with this guy here with the hopes to turn it into something I can take care of and style as a bonsai. Let me know what you you guys think!
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Sourcing and building bonsai soil for Jade
Free bonsai seeds at www.honeysloth.com Jade bonsai soil building and repotting. Finally got a chance to stop by the landscape store I've had my eyes on - so glad that I did! For just under $30, I purchased sq. ft. bags of: 3/16ths black volcano rock 3/8ths arizona pea gravel pumice small pine bark In the video i give a tour of the facilities and show how I mix the components to build the soil!
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Jade Plant - Bonsai trees for beginners and fun too!
Jade Plant - Portulacaria Afra Bonsai Free bonsai seeds at www.honeysloth.com Live somewhere warm like me here in Southern California? Try making a bonsai out of a Jade! They grow non stop pretty much and respond super well to pinching and pruning. Kinda like the hydra of the bonsai world haha!
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How to grow moss from spore -  Kyoto Moss (J. Roth)
How to grow moss from spores! I purchased some Kyoto Moss spores from Amazon and am going to give it a shot. For the growing medium, I've put a layer of gravel on the bottom, a layer of bark in the middle, and a layer of dampened and compressed spagnum peat moss. I then spread spores around the top and sprayed/drenched with a spore mixture of rice water and kyoto moss spores. I'll keep you guys updated on how things progress. Wish me luck!
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Test Tube Ant Farm Queen Founding - Myrmecocystus Mimicus (honey pot)
New Ant Farm! After a night of furious ant video watching, I was bitten and was compelled to start a colony of my own. I moved fast. Bought a formicarium on ebay online for about $25 and bought a Queen for about $25 from a GAN vendor from AC Canada. Either way, I'm excited to start the journey of creating ant farm and nurturing it into a thriving and organized society on my desktop!
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Jade Plant - Bonsai trees for beginners and fun too! pt.2
Free bonsai seeds at www.honeysloth.com Jade Bonsai Plans repot development of nebari propagate new top progress from 2013 jade bonsai styling jade trunk thickening jade soil - volcanic rock, pumice, little orchid bark
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How to Grow Kyoto Moss - 3 Month Progression Update
Link for free bonsai species seeds: www.honeysloth.com For every purchase spent, I get a cut so thank you and good luck! Message me if you want suggestions for advice or input :) As much as I wanted to do an earlier update for you guys, I bided my time. While some were eager to see every update, others likened it to watching a beard grow on a pre-pubescent's face. But here we are! The substrate has changed dramatically. In all honesty, the moss probably died, revived, died, and revived a few times as I was trying to figure it out but I think it finally has a firm hold. Let me know in the comments below if you've had experience trying to culture Kyoto Moss, particularly of the Joshua Roth Brand. If you want suggestions or advice...just wanna say hi. please do! I love connecting with you guys!
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How to Make Bonsai - Nursery Stock Troubleshooting (Chinese Elm)
How to Bonsai - Chinese Elm Nursery Stock Amazon Affiliate Network to get your own set of beginner tools: http://amzn.to/2wE466b Free bonsai seeds at www.honeysloth.com This is a Chinese Elm Bonsai that I purchased a few months back. Honestly had no idea what to do with it. It had been developed a little previously but I was still lost as to what I wanted to do. I know a lot of you guys are beginners like me and have a lot of the same questions I had when I first started. Hopefully these tips can help to guide you along your way. Have fun and good luck!
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Trident Maple Bonsai - Air Layer + Root Over Rock Pt. 1
Hey folks! In this video, I'm air layering a trident maple that i bought from Wal Mart (surprisingly decent quality) to be used for a root over rock display in the upcoming spring. This is part one of the video log, I'll post updates of the root development up to the point of chopping it off and applying it to the rock. Subscribe to keep up with how things turn out!
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Root-Over-Rock Bonsai Tree - Rock Feature Highlight
Bonsai Tree: Root-Over-Rock Project Hello everyone, For the up coming root over rock project, I wanted to take you guys for a closer look on the rock that was chosen as I believe that it deserves a video for itself. I've been keeping my eyes out for a suitable rock and this one was just calling my name - at $30, this rock was calling my name. Let me know what you guys think. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Be sure to like and subscribe! I'm having a lot of fun making these videos for you guys! Amazon Affiliate Program for beginner bonsai tool set: http://amzn.to/2wE466b
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How to make a bonsai out of nursery stock- 3 Year Progress update +  Bonsai Tool Sweepstakes
Nursery Azalea Bonsai + Bonsai Tool Sweepstakes! Free bonsai seeds at www.honeysloth.com This is my Nursery Azalea Bonsai. I've had her for about 3 years. While I've learned a lot from her, much of this learning came from making many, many mistakes. Don't be afraid to make mistakes! I'm also having a Bonsai Tool Sweepstakes for my first 300 Subscribers for the tools shown in the video. Thanks for watching everyone! Amazon Affiliate link to purchase your own starter kit! http://amzn.to/2wE466b I'm currently working on sourcing some REAL JAPANESE bonsai tools to feature on my own website. Stay tuned for more, I'll be sure to get you guys a great deal :)
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Azalea Bonsai Experiment - Measuring Precise Nutrient Levels
An amateur's attempt at marrying bonsai and hydroponic schools of thought to get accurate measurements for bonsai feedings. sigh, and I think I know why I messed up on the azalea, I was intending to repot her at a different angle but completely forgot.. yarghh. next repot! Experiment Log 1 - Azalea Bonsai Also quick updates on: Trident Maple Root Over Rock New Addition: Semi Cascade Juniper New Addition: Japanese Maple Forest Planting Prop 215 Closet Grow Bullet Journal Logging
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Jade Plant - Bonsai update: Topping, styling, and rooting
Jade Bonsai topping was carried out shortly after the last video and was set aside to dry. I've since pruned unnecessary branches and wired down a few of the main ones. I attached a clothes hanger to the bottom so we can watch the root development of the cutting. Once the roots set, i'll be sure to update along with the ensuing bonsai soil mixing as well as repotting of this newly topped jade bonsai! :)
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How to grow moss from spore (kyoto) - ITS WORKING!!
How to grow moss from spores. Particularly the J. Roth brand is know n to be difficult to germinate, particularly here in Southern California. I was doubtful at first too but with this setup, spores are sprouting into small patches of moss! hooray! Like and Subscribe to keep up with this moss tray's update and how it goes from nothing to a scalable tray of Kyoto Moss
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