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Outlaw King 2018 1080p Brave Heart Sequel All Deaths Battles & Action Movie Mash Up Under 6 Minutes
This is basically Brave Heart Part 2 as it is a story on Sir Robert the Bruce and pretty Much picks up where Brave Heart left off. NETFLIX has killed it with this EPIC MOVIE with awesome sword fights - naked women - Violence galore and a Final Battle worthy of any Fan of a good battle with Horses flying everywhere and a similar trick to the William Wallace Battle where he used the spikes to help drop the enemies numbers as it's like 500 men again 1000s of men and if you look close you will see the Head of William Wallace on a spike so it's not long after Brave Hearts ending, so Enjoy - Like and please SUBscribe if you like this as much as i did. THIS MOVIE ROCKS
Avengers Infinity War 2018 1080p All Action Deaths & Superhero Mass Movie Mash Up Under 15 Minutes
I MUST HAVE CLICKED THE MOUSE A MILLION TIMES MAKING THIS But i made it - i watched it and i think its epic, leave a big fat like & SUBscribe
BEST MOVIE LINES from the LAST 50 YEARS Truley the Best 329 Movie Lines Compilation Ever
Truly the Best 329 Movie Lines ever put into a Mash Up Compilation 2 Weeks of 8 hour nights to get this finished.I have taken time to edit this as good as can be. Only the top best of the best Scenes are here.Plz if u like this Video SHARE LIKE and SUBscribe. Can U Name All 329 Clips. Soon i will post all the titles to all clips in this description. Thank U to all..... PS if u think i missed any major Lines plz leave it in the comments below. I will tell U this - i got most of em. but... Theres always more, Oops one more thing - i hope i got it right but a line from 300 should be the 300th clip Hope Hope
Hannibal Rising 2007 720p War Scene & Tanks, Planes & Explosive Action of Hannibal Lecter as a Child
The Silence of the Lambs Prequel of Hannibal Lecter as a small boy in the time that made him what he is Today...
Modern Family S07E08 720p Jay Has an Angry Emotional Moment BEST SCENE Really
Out of all the 9 seasons of Modern Family this has to be one of my favorite scenes and it's not even a funny bit. The tough as Al Bundy / Jay Pritchard lets his emotional side out whilst pissed off and pouring his heart out and he doesn't even know it's helping him till the end and when he finally realises it...what an awesome moment and some great acting for a comedy/drama. Love it and love Ed O'Neil from way back to the Married with Children days and the great job he did in Ford Fairlane... anyways - enjoy - like and SUBscribe.

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