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The Vintage Babydoll Negligee
Babydoll - Wikipedia " Jump to History - A babydoll is a short, sometimes sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown or negligee intended as nightwear for women. It sometimes has formed cups called a bralette for cleavage with an attached, loose-fitting skirt falling in length usually between the belly button and upper thigh ". Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/the-vintage-babydoll-negligee/
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The Bullet Bra Effect, Vintage Sweater Girls
The Bullet Bra Effect / The Vintage Sweater Girl " Sweater puppets ". Old school term. I've covered the vintage bra and bullet bra. Great history behind it. Often worn underneath clothing and by models, starlets and performers on the outside. Such a defined shape and creates a shape with clothing. Diana Dors Marilyn Monroe Jayne Mansfield Ava Gardner Lana Turner Betty Brosmer Bettie Page And more! Please visit my WordPress blog to see more. Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/the-bullet-bra-effect/ https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/vintage-sweater-puppets/
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Jackie Miller
Jackie Miller http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/jackie-miller-sex-symbol Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
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The Vintage Bed Jacket
The Vintage Bed Jacket Just finishing up my article on vintage bed jackets and coats. " The bed jacket is lightweight jacket worn to cover the chest, shoulders and arms while sitting up in bed. Its short length and cape-like cut allows for it to be put on (or removed) while reclining ". Wikipedia I adore vintage bed jackets. So comfy. Usually made with a soft quilted design or knitted material. Crocheted bed jackets seem tu be very popular. I've found images back to 1920's until the 60's with starters, models, etc., in beautiful bed jackets. Lucille Ball was so stylish. Every outfit was just so amazing from pj's to full length gowns. She had some stunning peignoir's, dressing gowns and bed jackets! These were not made to get up in the morning put on to get ready, like a dressing gown. They were not created for use right out of the shower, like a bath robe. Not made to walk cook and clean in like a house dress with a apron. They did not coverthe entire body. They were made to go with your pj's or under garments you'd wear to bed. Either they were quilted and bulky or thin with lace, satin, silk, or knitted. And lots of people would sleep in them. I look at all these coats for different uses and all I can think of is the average person back then may very well of had a house coat, a robe, bath robe. But I only can see and imagine those with money owned peignoir's, dressing gowns and bed jackets. I've seen plain bed jackets but I've seen them wuth fur too. Makes sense they are short because women often slept in them. As well as had them on say just before bed, while reading a book, listening to music etc. Or slept in them, which seems way more comfy than a full length robe. And there's no belt tie. They were either opened in the front or had buttons in the front. I picture the really thin lace or knitted ones being worn in the summer months, verses the quilted ones being useful in the winter time. More to this article. Here's a slide show with vintage images.
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The Vintage Bubble Flip Hairdo
https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/06/blow-a-bubble-then-flip-it/ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
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Jayne Mansfield in Lingerie
https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/06/29/jayne-mansfield-blonde-bombshell-in-lingerie/ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
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The Vintage Peignoir ( Columnist Dianna Prince )
The Vintage Peignoir This is by far my favorite vintage piece of lingerie! In my series of articles on vintage under garments I am now about to cover peignoir's. Definition of a vintage peignoir. " A long outer garment for women, usually sheer and made of chiffon and often sold with matching nightgown, negligee or underwear ". Wikipedia My article on this super fabulous garment will be filled with many facts and my whole, " take " on how much I adore them. How I feel in them. How many I've collected and price ranges. The major difference between this and a Dressing Gown is a peignoir is sheer, made with chiffon. Can be long or just at the knee. Above the knee is a Baby Doll negligee. The Dressing Gown being made of silk and satin and is not sheer. Usually it's long, like a robe but fancy. Both the peignoir and dressing gown can have lace, fur or feathers. I think most full length peignoir's are open with belts, tie waist. Where as the shorter ones are not. Negilee's I consider slinky, silky and then you'd wear a peignoir, that's sheer over it. Or a bra, panty and girdle and peignoir over them. After the 60's fashion in general pretty much lost me, my personal interest because of personal taste. The vintage peignoir styles of the 1950s are my favorite. The reproductions of them have really become popular with the pinup and boudoir industry these days. Here is my preview of my article. I'll have to use images I have permission to have published, that are of me or models I've styled when I pitch thus series. These are some great vintage images of starlets, models and vintage ads. Of course all the majority famous stars during the 40s, 50's and 60's, even beyond, all wore these gorgeous garments and looked absolutely stunning, breath taking even! There are many album's with images of Old Hollywood starlets, pinup models and burlesque performers in the slide shows and gif's I've posted, on my Facebook page. Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince https://www.facebook.com/StylistDiannaPrince/
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Lynda Carter as Rita Hayworth
Lynda Carter as Rita Hayworth! This goes under my, " why wasn't I told ", list. I have always loved Old Hollywood recreations. This too awesome that one of my favorite actresses played, another one of my favorite actresses. With a lot of films and T.V. shows, music videos too, there's not many still shots. So the images posted online are video stills or cell phone screen shots. I wish I could see some clear images of Lynda Carter in this role. http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/lynda-carter-as-rita-hayworth3609119 Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
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Vintage Starlet's, Vintage Scarves
Vintage Starlet's in Vintage Scarves Jayne Mansfield Grace Kelly Marilyn Monroe Audrey Hepburn Sophia Loren Gina Lollogbrigda Brigitte Bordot Joan Collins Elizabeth Taylor Jackie Kennedy Queen Elizabeth II And more! http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/vintage-starlets-vintage-scarves Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 1163 Dianna Prince
1950's Vintage Lingerie / Curtains Photo Shoot ( Pinup Dianna Prince )
this 1950's inspired set and wardrobe by Pinup Dianna Prince I was actually inspired from the movie Mannequin when I planned this shoot. Published in Gorgeous Freaks Magazine. Images by Tibi Rider. Dianna Prince Pinup Archives IG PrinceDinna Twitter @PinupDianna
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Vintage Starlets in Sheer Peignoir's
Please visit my Facebook page to see the entire slide show. Mariyln Monroe Kim Novak Jane Russell Stella Stevens Gloria Grahame Jane Powell Jill St. John Cyd Charisse Jennifer Connelly Elaine Stewart Ann Margret Carole Landis Gloria Grahame Anita Louise Ann Wynn Lana Turner Rita Hayworth Adele Jergens Elizabeth Taylor Cleo Moore Anne Baxter Yvonne De Carlo Natalie Wood http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/vintage-starlets-in-sheer-peignoirs Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
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Luiclle Ball - Glam, Pinup and Burlesque
Lucille Ball. Glam, pinup and burlesque! I once read that she had to convince the producers of I Love Lucy, way before it aired, that she was able to be funny and look silly. I see why. Totally glamorous in the 1940's and such a cute pinup as well. Also in the 30's she was a dancer and burlesque performer. I would have never guessed it from her iconic housewife looks, in the 50's. http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/lucille-ball-glam-pinup To view the entire slide show visit my Facebook page. Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
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Pair Eyewear Try -on Kit ( Fashion Forecaster Dianna Prince )
Pair Eyewear, Try -on Kit. Home Kit. Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince paireyewear.com Instagram @princedianna diannaprince.wixsite.com/diannaprincepinup
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Women in Trousers, Cigarette Pants and Capri's
https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/vintage-starlets-in-pants/ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
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Bunny Yeager Self Portraits
Bunny Yeager - Self Portraits http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/bunny-yeager-self-portraits Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 246 Dianna Prince
Anna Nicole Smith as Marilyn Monroe
Anna Nicole Smith.as Marilyn Monroe http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/anna-nicole-smith-as-marilyn-monroe Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince Please visit my Facebook page to see the entire slide show.
Views: 932 Dianna Prince
Viva Rockabilly Weekend 2016 ( 5 Star Auto Repair ) Pinup Dianna Prince
Viva 2016. Location 5 Star Auto Repair, Las Vegas. The Dianna Prince Pinup Academy Hot Rod and Classic Car shoot. Thank you to the owner of the shop. Our photographer Hardy Nance. And Dwayne Adams for bringing his awesome hot rod. Xoxo to my dolls Roxy Belle and Pinkie. Find Dianna Prince's Pinup Archives on Facebook
Views: 100 Dianna Prince
Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn Rowan & Martin'sLaugh-In ( 1968 - 1970 ) Harlem Globetrotters ( 1978 ) Private Benjamin ( 1980 ) http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/goldie-hawn Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 131 Dianna Prince
Raquel Welch
Raquel Welch http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/raquel-welch5801718 Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince Please visit my Facebook page to see the entire slide show.
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Zanzi Beauty Cosmetics - Foundation Test ( Fashion Forecaster Dianna Prince ) Part 1
Testing fabulous, liquid foundation by Zanzi Beauty Cosmetics! I applied 5 beautiful shades to my arm. I love the smooth texture and sweet, light scent! Once again, thank you to Zanzi for sending me so many samples. I'm going to use several shades as contouring makeup. 1. Suga Hunny 2. Perfect Pecan 3. Carmel Queen 4. Golden Sunset 5. Honeycomb Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince Las Vegas Instagram @princedianna diannaprince.wixsite.com/diannaprincepinup Zanzi Beauty Cosmetics
Views: 26 Dianna Prince
Goodtimes Barber Shop - Rockabilly / Pinup Shoot ( BTS 1 ) Pinup Talk
Las Vegas, NV. Goodtimes Barber Shop. Behind the scenes with model Dianna Prince interviews one of the owners of the awesome shop! The Dianna Prince Pin Up Academy. Such a fun filled shoot and the barber shop is totally decked out in pinup stuff! Find us all on Facebook Dianna Prince's Pinup Archives Sandy Rocket Goodtimes Barber Shop The Dianna Prince Pinup Academy Pink Talk, host Dianna Prince
Views: 90 Dianna Prince
Kim Novak as Jeanne Eagles
Kim Novak as Jeanne Eagles http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/kim-novak-as-jeanne-eagels Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 446 Dianna Prince
The Vintage Beehive Hairdo
The Vintage Beehive Hairdo https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/06/the-big-60s-beehive-for-the-honeys-vintage-bouffants/ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 212 Dianna Prince
ZANZI Beauty Cosmetics - Liquid Foundation Test ( Fashion Forecaster Dianna Prince ) Part 2
Zanzi Beauty Cosmetics Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince Instagram @princedianna diannaprince.wixsite.com/diannaprincepinup Pinup Talk host Dianna Prince on Facebook
Views: 8 Dianna Prince
Vintage Starlet's Getting Dolled Up!
Vintage Starlet's Getting Dolled Up! My favorite vintage starlet's putting on makeup, stockings and high heels. Audrey Hepburn Marilyn Monroe Jayne Mansfield Diana Dors Dorothy Dandridge Eartha Kitt Grace Kelly Mae West Rita Hayworth Lana Turner Lucille Ball Joan Collins Elizabeth Taylor Sophia Loren Betty Grable Bettie Page Elke Sommers http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/vintage-starlets-getting-dolled-up Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 708 Dianna Prince
Demi Moore ( Delicious 80's Doll )
Demi Moore http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/demi-moore-a-delicious-80s-doll Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 387 Dianna Prince
Red Vintage Nails
Lucille Ball Marilyn Monroe Elizabeth Taylor Lana Turner Rita Hayworth Carmen Mirada " Red Vintage Nails " http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/red-vintage-nails Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince Please visit my Facebook page to see the entire slide show.
Views: 291 Dianna Prince
Raquel Welch Sexy Roller Derby Queen
Raquel Welch as The Vintage Roller Derby Queen. http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/raquel-welch Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 256 Dianna Prince
Fashion Nova Makeup Brushes ( Fashion Forecaster Dianna Prince )
Makeup brushes from Fashion Nova! @fashionnova #fashionnova Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince Instagram @princedianna diannaprince.wixsite.com/diannaprincepinup
Views: 6 Dianna Prince
The Vintage Letterman Sweater and Jacket
https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/the-vintage-letterman-sweater/ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 74 Dianna Prince
DAX for Naturals - 1970's Look. ( Fashion Forecaster Dianna Prince ) The Process
Using one of their brand new product, in their new line, " DAX for Naturals ", by DAX Haircare. I was sent all the products in their fabulous new line, to test out. I ABSOLUTELY love the entire line! In this video I'm using the Curling Cream. Pinup Talk host Dianna Prince Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince Fashion Forecaster Instagram @princedianna diannaprince.wixsite.com/diannaprincepinup DAXHAIRCARE.COM Lashes by Black Pearl Tress
Views: 21 Dianna Prince
1950's Covergirl Pinup ( Summertime Studio Shoot ) Pinup Dianna Prince
Published and fabulous 1950's Cheesecake pinup. Studio shoot with Hardy N Photography. Find Dianna Prince's Pinup Archieves on Facebook IG PrinceDianna Twitter @PinupDianna
Views: 161 Dianna Prince
The Pinup Master Course ( Vintage Hats, Gloves & Scarves )
Kristin, the official model of The Pinup Master Course. Vintage hats, gloves and scarves. Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 631 Dianna Prince
Pinky Tuscadero in Happy Days
https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/pinky-tuscader-happy-days/ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 1146 Dianna Prince
1950's Beach Beauties & Boardwalk Babes
1950's Beach Beauties & Boardwalk Babes http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/1950s-beach-beauties-boardwalk-babes Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 100 Dianna Prince
Unit 4 Project Feedback Audio ( The New York Institute of Art and Design )
The New York Institute of Art and Design. Unit 4 project feedback. A+ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 24 Dianna Prince
The Vintage Polka Dot Print Bathing Suit
Polka Dot Print Bathing Suits 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/dont-polka-dot/ Joan Collins Audrey Hepburn Marilyn Monroe Gina Lollogbrigda Sophia Loren Jayne Mansfield Ava Gardner Mamie Van Doren Bettie Page Maria Brockerhoff Vera Miles Bunny Yeager Claudia Cardinale MARY HUGHES Gina Lollogbrigda Sandra Dee Lilly Christine Joi Lansing Jane Fonda Jill St. John Rita Hayworth Natalie Wood Julie Newmar Lorna Maitland Dianna Prince And more! Please visit my blog to see the entire slide show and all 100 image. https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/dont-polka-dot/ Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 24 Dianna Prince
The Vintage Bubble Bath
https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/the-vintage-bubble-bath/ Marilyn Monroe Jayne Mansfield Diana Dors Joan Collins Elizabeth Taylor Gina Lollogbrigda Sophia Loren Bridgette Bardot Jane Russel Zsa Zsa Gabor Doris Day Audrey Hepburn And more! Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 510 Dianna Prince
Bernie Dexter
http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/bernie-dexter-most-famous-delicious-retro-doll-of-our-generation Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 252 Dianna Prince
Get It Clear  ( heels and boots )
$27 to $700 http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/get-it-clear Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 6052 Dianna Prince
Jane Fonda as Barbarella
Jane Fonda in “Barbarella” (Paramount, 1968 ) Barbarella is a 1968 science fiction film directed by Roger Vadim based on the French comic Barbarella. The film stars Jane Fonda as Barbarella, a representative of the United Earth government in the 41st century sent out to locate the scientist Durand Durand whose positronic ray could end humanity. Wikipedia Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/04/sci-fi-blond-bombshell-jane-fonda/
Views: 83 Dianna Prince
Atomic Jane Clothing ( Dress Product Review ) Dianna Prince
Beautiful dress, and coat dress by Atomic Jane Clothing. Recently modeled in this, and then did a product review at home. Love this fabulous dress The fabric, style, print and colors are lovely. 1950's style, upscale. Use code diannaprince25off and receive 25% off your entire order! atomicjaneclothing.com Instagram @atomicjaneclothing Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince https://www.facebook.com/StylistDiannaPrince/
Views: 20 Dianna Prince
Jayne Mansfield The Vintage Wardrobe Test
The Vintage Wardrobe Test Jayne Mansfield. http://columnistdiannaprince.weebly.com/news/july-19th-2017 Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince
Views: 1804 Dianna Prince
60's Bee Hive, Vintage Lingerie Shoot ( Pinup Dianna Prince )
On set with Raymond Anthony Photography. 60's bee hive and vintage lingerie. This was one of my favorite vintage garments! I love vintage lingerie and this gown was absolutely stunning! Facebook Dianna Prince Fan Metro IG Prince Dianna and Dianna Prince''s Pin Up Closet Twitter PinupDianna
Views: 1005 Dianna Prince
Sexy Columnist Dianna Prince ( Pinup Model )
Facebook Dianna Prince Fan Metro Twitter @PinupDianna IG PrinceDianna
Views: 73 Dianna Prince
Vintage Starlets in Trousers and Capri Pants
Vintage Starlets in Trousers and Capri Pants. Gina Lollobrigida Marilyn Monroe Elizabeth Taylor Betty Brosmer Jayne Mansfield Diana Dors Audrey Hepburn Lucille Ball Ava Gardner Diana Dors Lana Turner And more! Please check out my WordPress blog to see more. And by YouTube channel. Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/vintage-starlets-in-pants/
Views: 138 Dianna Prince
Vintage Lingerie Photo Shoot ( 1920's ) Heather Byington Photography - Part 2
Fabulos Old Hollywood, tribute to The Golden Ages of Hollywood. Movie Starlet shoot with Heather Byington Photography. Part 1, behind the scenes. Las Vegas, NV. Dianna Prince. We took what will be a set of fabulous black and white images and we did several videos for a series of cinemagraphs! I want to say on this video, yes, you can see I have a tum tum! LOL, thats why poses, editing etc., are key. Smoke, lights and mirrors and I am big gal! Xoxo Find Dianna Prince's Pinup Archives on Facebook IG PrinceDianna Twitter @PinupDianna
Views: 970 Dianna Prince
Thigh High Stocking Sneak Peek ( Pinup Dianna Prince )
Dianna Prince Fan Metro on Facebook IG PrinceDianna [email protected]
Views: 816 Dianna Prince
60's Cat Eyes
Twiggy Diana Ross Precilla Presley Goldie Hawn Sophia Loren Audrey Hepburn 60's Eyes. Vintage Stylist Dianna Prince https://diannaprince.wordpress.com/2017/07/05/60s-eyes/
Views: 9 Dianna Prince

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