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ASOS Swimwear Haul 2018!
I tried on a bunch of bathing suits from ASOS! This is favorite online store so I went searching for my perfect bathing suit for summer 2018. All sizes and prices and below! Thanks for watching ☀︎ ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues ❀SWIMWEAR WORN❀ ❥PrettyLittleThing Contrast Cami Bikini Top US 8 $11 ❥PrettyLittleThing Contrast Cami Bikini Brief US 8 $9.50 http://us.asos.com/prettylittlething/prettylittlething-contrast-cami-bikini-top/prd/9149716 ❥Jaded London Double Bow Bandeau Swimsuit US 8 $19 http://us.asos.com/jaded-london/jaded-london-double-bow-bandeau-swimsuit/prd/8060293 ❥ASOS FULLER BUST Knot Minimal Crop Bikini Top DD-G $23 ❥ASOS FULLER BUST Knot Minimal Crop Bikini Bottom US 10 $16 http://us.asos.com/asos/asos-fuller-bust-knot-minimal-crop-bikini-top-dd-g/prd/9115162?CTARef=Bag%20Item%20Image ❥Amy Lynn Bandage Cut Out Choker Neck Beach Top L $22 ❥Amy Lynn Bandage Cut Out Choker Neck Bikini Bottoms L $22 http://us.asos.com/amy-lynn/amy-lynn-bandage-cut-out-choker-neck-beach-top/prd/8805544 ❥Playful Promises One Shoulder Asymmetric Stripe Bikini Top US 8 $26 ❥Playful Promises High Leg Stripe Bikini Bottoms US 8 $23 http://us.asos.com/playful-promises/playful-promises-one-shoulder-asymmetric-stripe-bikini-top/prd/9117934 ❥ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive 80s Pop Print Plunge Strappy Bikini Top DD-G US 36DD/E $23 ❥ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive 80s Pop Print Contrast Tanga Bikini Bottom $23 http://us.asos.com/asos/asos-fuller-bust-exclusive-80s-pop-print-contrast-tanga-bikini-bottom/prd/8065558 ❥ASOS DESIGN mix and match crinkle bandeau bikini top in stripe One Size $19 ❥ASOS DESIGN mix and match crinkle bandeau bikini top in stripe One Size $19 ASOS DESIGN mix and match crinkle high leg high waist bikini bottom in stripe One Size $26 http://us.asos.com/asos/asos-design-mix-and-match-crinkle-high-leg-high-waist-bikini-bottom-in-stripe/prd/9744670 ❥Jaded London Snake Print High Neck Bikini Top US 8 $34 ❥Jaded London Snake Print High Leg Bikini Bottoms US 8 $26 http://us.asos.com/jaded-london/jaded-london-snake-print-high-leg-bikini-bottoms/prd/9606525 ❥River Island Floral Print Pom Pom Bardot Bikini Top US 8 $38 ❥River Island Floral Print Pom Pom Bikini Brief US 8 $23 http://us.asos.com/river-island/river-island-floral-print-pom-pom-bikini-brief/prd/9496388 ❥Jaded London Denim Bow Bandeau Bikini Top US 10 $38 ❥Jaded London Denim Pom Pom Bikini Bottom US 6 $32 http://us.asos.com/jaded-london/jaded-london-denim-pom-pom-bikini-bottom/prd/9615696 ❥River Island Floral Print Lattice Plunge Swimsuit US 6 $39 http://us.asos.com/river-island/river-island-floral-print-lattice-plunge-swimsuit/prd/9495977 ASOS Elastic Trim Dot Mesh Tulle Cupped Swimsuit US 36B $56 http://us.asos.com/asos/asos-elastic-trim-dot-mesh-tulle-cupped-swimsuit/prd/8649825?CTARef=Bag%20Item%20Image ❥Love notes send to: [email protected]
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I Tried Fenty's ENTIRE Getting Hotter Collection!
I loved trying out these neon eyeliners and lipsticks from Fenty's new Getting Hotter collection!! It's everything I need for summer. Which shade is your favorite? #fentybeauty ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues/ ❥Twitter: @monicatweetsnow ❥https://twitter.com/monicatweetsnow ❀PRODUCTS USED❀ ❥Eyeliner: Papaya Mama ❥Eyeliner Lime Feva ❥Eyeliner: Skinny Dip ❥Eyeliner: Hottie Alert ❥Eyeliner: Wet Tshirt ❥Eyeliner: Banana Blaze ❥Eyeliner: Hollapeño ❥Eyeliner: Techno Beet ❥Eyeliner: Hot Tub Club ❥Lipstick: Sun Snatched ❥Lipstick: Hot Blooded ❥Lipstick: Tropic Tantrum ❥Lipstick: Alpa Dog ❥Lipstick: Purpcicle ❥Lipstick: Motorboat ❥Lipstick: Go Deep ❥Love notes send to: [email protected]
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I have some thoughts about Doritos potentially releasing chips "for women." No Doritos were wasted during the making of this rant. ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues/ ❥Love notes send to: [email protected] Royalty free music used: Everyday Stuntin (Smooth Trap) by Makaih Beats
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GRWM: Doing My Makeup In A Moving Tour Van!
I tried to do a simplified version of my makeup while the tour van was moving. Results weren't amazing but not terrible either! Do not attempt while driving! ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues/ ❥Twitter: @monicatweetsnow ❥https://twitter.com/monicatweetsnow ❀PRODUCTS USED❀ ❥Primer: Rihanna Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Profiller Primer ❥Foundation: Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation ❥Contour: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Matte Skinstick ❥Blush: Balm Springs In Full Swing Blush ❥Highlighter: Ittse Cosmetics in St. Tropez ❥Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Relish ❥Eyeliner: Revlon in Sri Lanka idk guuuuys ❥Mascara: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara ❥Lip Gloss: Urban Decay Revolution Lip Gloss in Vanity ❥Love notes send to: [email protected] Royalty Free Music Used: Memories by Audiobinger Welcome to Wakanda by Ryan Little
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GRWM: My Go To Makeup Look
My everyday comfort look that makes me feel like me! I use this look as my default for pretty much every not special occasion. ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues/ ❥Twitter: @monicatweetsnow ❥https://twitter.com/monicatweetsnow ❀PRODUCTS USED❀ ❥Primer: Rihanna Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Profiller Primer ❥Foundation: Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation ❥Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer ❥Contour: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Matte Skinstick ❥Blush: Balm Springs In Full Swimg Blush ❥Highlighter: BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlighter Palette ❥Eyeshadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette ❥Eyeliner: Revlon in Sri Lanka idk guuuuys, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ❥Mascara: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara ❥Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ❥Love notes send to: [email protected]
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Welcome To My Channel!!
Bienvenidos to my channel!! I'll be making videos about makeup, style, books and vlogging, plus a few surprises I have up my proverbial sleeve! Subscribe so you don't get fomo. ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues/ ❥Twitter: @monicatweetsnow ❥https://twitter.com/monicatweetsnow ❥Love notes send to: [email protected]
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Ipsy Uboxing ⎮February 2018
WHO NEEDS LOVE WHEN YOU HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS?! Spending Valentine's Day by opening my Ipsy bag and not much else. ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues/ ❥Twitter: @monicatweetsnow ❥https://twitter.com/monicatweetsnow ❀PRODUCTS❀ ❥Minus 417 Hand Moisturizer from Dead Sea Cosmetics ❥Luna by Luna Illuminator ❥249 Blending and Shading Eye Brush from Luxie Beauty ❥Fully Charged Mascara from PUR ❥Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer from IT Cosmetics ❥Love notes send to: [email protected]
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UNBOXING⎮Onyxbox January 2018 box!
Opening up my second Onyxbox!! It's a little rushed because gosh I had to pee. ❀FOLLOW LETS HANG❀ ❥Instagram: @harmonicablues ❥https://www.instagram.com/harmonicablues/ ❥Twitter: @monicatweetsnow ❥https://twitter.com/monicatweetsnow ❀PRODUCTS IN ONYXBOX JANUARY 2018❀ ❥Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush $24 ❥ittse Illuminating Powder in St. Tropez $10 ❥Deco Miami Nail Polish in Champagne Mami $12.50 ❥Laritzey Cosmetics Night Blue Eyeliner $18 ❥Curl Keeper Tweek Hairspray in Cream Form ❥Rose Quench Serum ❥Love notes send to: [email protected] Royalty free songs used: CubanLinks (Smooth Trap) by Makaih Beats State of the World (Original) by Makaih Beats
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