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Tarot Cards Use and History
Tarot Cards Use and History
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Ancient America: Nomads of the West
This video is about Ancient America and the Nomads of the West. The Native Americans.
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This video is about Rumi.
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I Was Yoga Before Yoga Was Cool
It has all been done before. Really think today's hipsters have originated today's Yoga craze? Think again, this guy was doing yoga before yoga was cool, and how about that Diane!
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George W H Bush Documentary
This video is about GerogeWHBushDoc
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Jung and the Lost Gospels
This video is about Jung and the Lost Gospels, as presented in Stephan Hoeller's book of the same title. A 28 minute documentary interview. EsotericDaily.com
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Ancient America Mounds
Ancient American Mounds
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Survival: The Phenomenon of Man
Based on Teilhard de Chardin's Masterwork "The Phenomenon of Man."
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Jefferson Texas Ghost Walk
This video is about the 2013 Jefferson Texas Ghost Walk hosted by Jodi Breckenridge. We did get a voice saying the weird things.
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How To Draw Blitz Cartoons
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The Story of Tara
This video is about ancient Ireland and the mounds of Tara.
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The Hearst and Davies Affair
Made for TV movie titled: The Hearst and Davies Affair. Enjoy.
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Robert Frost
This video is about Robert Frost, the USA poet who wasn't discovered until he was 40!
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The Life of Jane Austen
The Life of Jane Austen.
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Dallas History and the Caruths
This video is about Dallas History.
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Navy Seals Vietnam
This video is about Navy Seals in Vietnam. Pro War Video posted by a Veteran For Peace.
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The Anna Akhmatova File
This video is about the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova
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Growing Up Female
This video is about Growing Up Female, part of the groovy 60's educational system when we still discussed such things.
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Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross on Death and Dying
This video is about death and dying.
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One Eyed Men Are Kings
A short film made in the 70's. Written and Directed by Edmond Sechan. Performed by Paul Preboist. No words, just music. A humorous look at the relationship between man and dog. It won an Academy Award in 1975 for Best Short Subject.
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Olga's House (The Trailer)
This video is about sexploitation and crazy 60's films.
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Crystal Room New York 1966 - NY first topless waitresses
A walk through the famous Crystal Room. The waitress were arrested and fined for indecent exposure. You can tell by the photographers this is around that time.
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Bobby Kennedy Speech
This is my favorite Bobby Kennedy Speech. Gone are the days.
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Bonnie Parker's Ghost?
A day at the grave of Bonnie Parker we captured a spirit on film. It was in the corner of my shot walking away as I called out, "Our there any spirits here?" To me, it looks like it could be Bonnie Parker. Check out the pasty-white skin.
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Women's March Dallas Texas, What!
Women's March on Dallas Texas. What? Not Dallas Texas! Yes, Dallas Texas and everyone had a good time without TicTacs.
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The Hidden Powers of Universal Laws
This video is about the Laws of the Universe
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Last Christian Miss America
This video is about Vonda Kay Van Dyke and her 1965 Miss American win with her Christianity.
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The Selfish Giant
This video is about the fairy tale by Oscar Wilde.
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Kybalion Mentalism
This video is about Untitled Project
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Death of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
This video is about the murder of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. A very accurate documentary on the subject.
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Old Salem North Carolina
This video is about SalemOldNorthCarolina
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This video is about a short film titled submission
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A Visit To Clyde and Bonnie's Graves
This video is about Untitled Project
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All Time Great Bloopers 5&6
This video is about bloopers
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Rod Serling Interview
I've added this interview for your review. What you need to know about this interview, is, it shows how Rod had to create a "fiction" show called The Twilight Zone as fantasy to get his social statements past the advertisers.
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Kickback Mobsters Speak Out!
This video is about the Longshoremen of Brooklyn New York.
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Father Tolstoy - Do Not Resist Evil
This video is about how Leo Tolstoy led me to salvation.
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Medieval Society: The Villagers
This video is about a Medieval Town, how they lived. A very realistic look; it's like being there!!!
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Three Fables of Love
The Tortoise & The Hare, The Fox & The Hare, The Two Pigeons.
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The Well of the Saints
This video is about The Well of the Saints: an Irish blind man regains his sight and sees his wife for the first time. She is not the pretty woman he thought. Now, she has the option to regain her sight from the same monk? Will she? What will she see? Funny, clever, and very Irish.
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The Prejudice Film
This video is about prejudice people in the 70s.
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Language of the Stars
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Prosthetic Boy With Hook Hand Makes A Friend
This video is about a boy with a prosthetic hand.
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The Christian Cowboy
This is a comical look at Christianity from a cartoon Cowboy. I haven't done anything to it, it speaks for itself. The Christian Cowboy says that Indians are dumb for believing a large rock has knowledge; the Gypsies (foreigners/Pagans) are also stupid for believing the Native Americans. Solution, pray to nothing. Funny how they portray the Gypsies.
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Henry Ford II Talks Global Trade
This video is about FordTalks
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Peyote Road
Shaman ritual, spiritual, use of peyote. Also explains the role of the US Government in trying to stop the sacred practice. Spiritual Freedom, baby -- warning: use a shaman, don't be an thy this at home - smile.
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How To Change Your Luck
Need to change your luck? Start here.
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iambic mushrooms: a Bible Study for Beginners
This video is about the biblical myth and cooking mushrooms, and poetry. It is quite clever if I do say so myself.
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Brexit and Nostradamus
This video is about England leaving the EU. Did Nostradamus predict it? We'll never know listening to Brits.
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Adam And Eve Facts
Was Adam and Eve real or myth? Let's see.
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