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Bonsai styles
Learn about the different Bonsai tree types and shapes. For more: http://www.bonsaiempire.com/origin/bonsai-styles The Bonsai styles are open to personal interpretation and creativity, meaning that trees do not necessarily need to conform to any form. Still, the styles are important to gain a basic understanding of Bonsai shapes.
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Bonsai History & Styles
(10/12/13)-Justin Jackson, a bonsai enthusiast and owner of Big Air Tree Care, joins us to feature the many types of bonsai.
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Bonsai Basics; how to grow a Bonsai tree
Learn how to grow a Bonsai tree yourself! This movies explains the basic techniques of Bonsai, check this page for more information: http://www.bonsaiempire.com/basics The movie starts with how to acquire a tree, then how to style it into a Bonsai tree and finally how to care for it. The tree is a Juniperus Communis.
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Raft Style Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai
A Raft Style Shimpaku Juniper Bonsai. This is a five trunk raft style tree that was created by pinning a long low branch to the ground for a few years and wiring up the tips. (Those are the three trunks to the right). The trunk on the left was originally a higher side branch that was split down to the trunk base in order to make it a trunk (I did that back before there was a Youtube). I have had this tree for seventeen or eighteen years, and have been growing it as a raft style for about thirteen years. This was a big project -- shooting this video took more than five hours including prep time. This video covers pruning the tree, with both bonsai shears and finger pruning. What little wiring there was was done off camera to save time, and the rest of the video covers removing the tree from the mica training pot and potting it into a beautiful new bonsai pot.
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High Desert Bonsai - Root Over Rock Project
I worked with a buddy of mine on a Hedge Maple. We placed the tree over some lace rock to create a root over rock style bonsai. Special thanks to Jason, and my teachers in the Boise Bonsai Society (www.BoiseBonsai.com) Barb, Suzi & Paul you guys are great! Thanks for watching Jon www.HighDesertBonsai.com
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Cedar Bonsai Progression and Styling 2013
Cedar progression from June to September 2013 showing creation of shari and styling.
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Top 5 Selling Bonsai Trees
http://www.soothingcompany.com/indoor/bonsai-trees.html For those who love the cultural fascination of a beautiful bonsai tree, the bonsai plants and bonsai trees of the Soothing Company will come as a delight. Bonsai trees require very low maintenance, making them an ideal plant for an office, bachelor pad or grandma. Of course, there are those who just prefer a plant that looks good without a lot of watering and replanting. Bonsai trees usually live a long time and can stand up against adverse conditions. Browse our exciting collection of bonsai trees and bonsai plants; bonsai tree accessories and pots, and more. Each bonsai tree is unique, so if you like the idea of a customized plant that is tailored to your style, then a bonsai is a perfect choice. Buy the products featured in this video at http://www.soothingcompany.com/ Top 5 Selling Bonsai Trees Bonsai trees are a wonderful way to add a touch of grace to any living area. The Soothing Company offers several different styles of bonsai that have been imported from some of the best growers in the world. Here are the top 5 selling Bonsai trees that Soothing Company offers. Small Gardenia Bonsai Tree This small gardenia bonsai tree comes in a sky blue pot that is sure to liven up any décor. The tree itself is not what you would expect from your average bonsai garden. It has a distinct trunk that rises up from the soil and then branches off into a leafy green body that is open and airy. It recalls more the mountains of the North American continent than the tighter foliage forms of Japan. 5 Year Pomegranate Indoor Bonsai Tree This is a truly striking bonsai tree to select that also produces a fruit that you can eat. Rising from a shallow black pot, the branch climbs up and explodes into the body of the pomegranate tree. Just like the real tree, the branches bloom with the bright orange-red fruits. This can be quite the conversation started in any room and can add color and air to any space. Best of all, the branches and leaves aren’t closely clustered together so the bonsai even looks bigger than it really is. 5 Year Green Mound Juniper in Rock Container This is a more classical bonsai tree. The container is designed to look like a natural rock and the juniper has been trained and grown to climb in steps with just a slight tilt to one side. This fits beautifully in any office, bedroom or living room. Juniper is easy to care for and can thrive in any environment. Dwarf Jade Indoor Bonsai Tree The Jade tree is a sign of luck and longevity. The health of the Jade is said to reflect the health of the home, and caring for a Jade tree can increase the happiness of a home. This small bonsai jade tree has a tall trunk that comes up from a shallow black pot and then branches into the thick and beautiful Jade leaves. The Jade Tree is dense, but the extended truck allows it to float in the air. Hawaiian Umbrella Indoor Bonsai Tree with Pool The best bonsai trees don’t just hold their own worlds, they also suggest a story. This beautiful Hawaiian umbrella bonsai has been grown and shaped so that it bends over a tiny pool that is built in the pot it lives in. Water and life are essential Feng Shui elements. The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is one of the hardiest of the bonsai offered.
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Bonsai tree care
Learn how to care for a Bonsai tree with this movie. For more, see: http://www.bonsaiempire.com/basics/bonsai-care Bonsai care is not as hard as is commonly thought. However, as Bonsai trees are planted in small pots a few basic bonsai tree care guidelines have to be followed when watering, fertilizing and repotting your trees.
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Growing Bonsai From Seed
Graham Potter of Kaizen Bonsai U.K http://www.kaizenbonsai.com/shop/index.php demonstrates a simple method of producing bonsai trees from seed and small starter trees. Apologies for the resolution, not sure what happened there.
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Bonsai Techniques - Dawn Redwood Forest Planting (Yose-ue)
A 2-minute instructional video on how to plant 5 Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia) Bonsai saplings into a Forest style group. Learn how to create one of the most appealing subjects in Bonsai design using relatively cheap raw materials that are readily available. Follow @HorshamBonsai on twitter: http:/twitter.com/HorshamBonsai Required tools: Snips Root rake Wire (2mm) Drainage mesh Gritting Compost Training pot 5 x Dawn Redwood 3-year old saplings Bonsai Master Class Top Tips: 1. Always choose an odd number of trees when planting a Bonsai Forest to achieve a pleasing aesthetic 2. In order to create perspective and depth trim your Bonsai saplings to a variety of heights 3. Almost any species can be used for a Bonsai Forests - but never mix your species within the same Forest Music: "Tempest Tilt" by Alcove (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Alcove/Bit_by_Bit/02_tempest_tilt) CC Lisence
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Indoor Bonsai Care
Learn how to keep your indoor bonsai tree alive with this movie. For more, see: http://www.bonsaiempire.com/tree-species/indoor-bonsai Caring for indoor bonsai trees is different from that of normal potted house plants. The main reason is that bonsai trees are planted in small pots and therefore have limited storage for nutrients and water. More important is that tropical trees are used to much light and high humidity.
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How to make a Bonsai tree, from a starter kit
Learn how to make a Bonsai tree from a Bonsai starter kit with this movie and our new online course: https://www.bonsaiempire.com/courses/getting-started In this movie the tree steps of growing a Bonsai are explained; cultivation, training and care. Though Bonsai is a centuries-old form of art, getting started with this fascinating hobby is not at all that difficult! The tree in this movie is a Chamaecyparis plumosa.
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Inspirational Bonsai Trees (HD)
Inspiring movie showing the true beauty and elegance of Bonsai. Check our website for more: http://www.bonsaiempire.com Trees include the Japanese maple, Juniper, Ficus, Azalea and more.
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Bonsai styles
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Bonsai tree: Beautiful Bonsai trees and 5 +1 Tips for description
Although the word 'Bon-sai' is Japanese, the art it describes originated in the Chinese empire. By the year 700 AD the Chinese had started the art of 'pun-sai' using special techniques to grow dwarf trees in containers. Originally only the elite of the society practiced pun-tsai with native-collected specimens and the trees where spread throughout China as luxurious gifts. During the Kamakura period, the period in which Japan adopted most of China's cultural trademarks, the art of growing trees in containers was introduced into Japan. The Japanese developed Bonsai along certain lines due to the influence of Zen Buddhism and the fact that Japan is only 4% the size of mainland China. The range of landscape forms was thus much more limited. Many well-known techniques, styles and tools were developed in Japan from Chinese originals. Although known to a limited extent outside Asia for three centuries, only recently has Bonsai truly been spread outside its homelands. How do you care for Bonsai? Caring for your Bonsai requires time and patience as quite a bit of work goes into transforming a small tree into a graceful, artistic creation. But if you follow basic care guidelines, you will find that Bonsai care is less complicated than it sounds. The most important steps in nurturing your Bonsai include placement, watering, fertilizing, trimming and pruning, and repotting. If you learn how to do each of these correctly you'll be delighted with the outcome. Most Bonsai do best with morning sun and afternoon shade, although some species such as junipers, pines and other conifers (cone-bearing trees) can take all day sunshine. Even indoor Bonsai trees should be positioned so they get as much morning sun as possible. If your Bonsai is placed against a wall you will need to turn it every two weeks or so, or one side will automatically grow toward the sun. 5 +1 Bonsai tips: 1. Tip: Try to keep the Bonsai soil PH between 4.0 and 6.5. Most Bonsai trees are happy within this range. 2. Tip: When buying soil from nurseries, even if packaged as Bonsai soil, ensure there is a grit or granular content. Without this you can expect your Bonsai tree to suffer! 3. Tip: Make homemade soil! This is the best general soil mixture for Bonsai. General Mix • 30% Akadama, loam or fine-medium granular structure • 30% Organic medium moss (bark, peat etc) • 40% Drainage medium (sand, pumice, grit) 4. Tip: Bonsai trees need pruning, but do not prune a tree if it is sick. Sick trees need all the strength they can get! 5. Tip: When watering Bonsai trees during summer, water them at least once a day. In hotter conditions leaves will die very quickly, particularly if the soil becomes dry. Do not allow the soil to become dry for more than a few hours! 5+1. Tip: Do not keep your Bonsai near brick walls or metal walls etc. These also reflect heat.
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Prostrata Juniper Bonsai Transformation
This Prostrata Juniper gets a new styling. The correct species is Juniperus Prostrata, NOT procumbens/percumbens
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Bonsai styling japanese maple sharp's pigmy pt 2.
Continuation from pt 1
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Easy Japanese Maple Bonsai.
Buy, Select, Prune and Train Young Trees. Thank you all for your kind comments
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bonsai tree pots for Bonsai lovers.
bonsai tree pots http://bonsaipotsforsale.blogspot.com The particular kind of pot you should buy is indicated by the type of tree you are growing as well as the style you want. bonsai tree pots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sygIyzltsiw bonsai tree pot : 00:00:05 bonsai pots cheap 00:00:23 extra large bonsai pots 00:00:42 bonsai tree pot 00:01:00 buy bonsai pots 00:01:19 bonsai pots cheap
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SOLD - Premium Range Tree of a Thousand Stars Bonsai PSTAR16
SOLD - Very tasteful premium range indoor bonsai with amazing trunk. This is a stunning example of a broom style bonsai with a lovely flared start to the trunk. http://www.bonsaidirect.co.uk/item/4157/premium-range-tree-of-a-thousand-stars-bonsai-in-ivory-pot Pretty white star shaped flowers and dark green glossy leaves. Stunning!
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bonsai tree care.indoor bonsai tree.how to grow a bonsai tree.bonsai plants.bonsai pots
Click Here To Learn More, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/BonsaiTree , You've Been Lied To.Click To Find Out, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/memorypower , AND HERE For Inner Joy & Contentment, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/MindHypnosis ,AND BELOW Here To Get Paid To Follow Your True Calling, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/YourTrueCalling ,Click BELOW To Attract Money Effortlessly, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/MoneyHypnosis , Click Here To Get Rid Of All FEAR, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/UniverseLove , Click Here To Discover How Deeper Mind Influences Your Life from The Background, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/MiracleFormulas , Click Here To Change Your Life Trajectory and Vibrations, http://education.selfhelpkeys.com/ChangeLife , To Learn More About bonsai tree care.indoor bonsai tree.how to grow a bonsai tree.bonsai plants.bonsai pots, How do I start a bonsai tree? Where can I grow bonsai? What types of plants are suitable for bonsai? What do I need to know about the design of bonsai? What are the different styles of bonsai? What tools and equipment do I need? How do I develop a bonsai? How do I choose a bonsai pot? What soil do I use? How do I prune a bonsai? How do I wire and shape a bonsai? What care does a bonsai need?
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bonsai tree pots
bonsai tree pots http://bonsaipotsforsale.blogspot.com The sort of pot you should buy is indicated by the kind of tree you are growing as well as the style you want. bonsai tree pots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2dRin_IS2Y bonsai tree pot : 00:00:05 bonsai pots plastic 00:00:17 ceramic bonsai pots 00:00:30 japanese bonsai pots 00:00:43 small bonsai pots 00:00:55 plastic bonsai pot
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Bonsai 'Nidiformis' Spruce - First Styling
Nidiformis Spruce (Picea abies 'Nidiformis'). Collected in a garden in Switzerland.
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Bonsai Artisans: Jim Barrett Bunjin Juniper
Jim Great info, thanks
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What is Bonsai?
This movie explains the bonsai tree meaning, definition and history. For more info, see: http://www.bonsaiempire.com/origin/what-is-bonsai The word "Bon-sai" (often misspelled as bonzai or banzai) is a Japanese term which, literally translated, means "planted in a container". This art form is derived from an ancient Chinese horticultural practice, nowadays called penjing.
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20 trees bonsai-ed quickly
In this video I show the before and after bonsai styling of several 1 Gallon rosemary, heather, and hebe. There are also some 2 and 3 gallon cotoneaster and escallonia.
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Live oak bonsai worked at Schley's bonsai and supplies June fourteenth
Here are some young Live Oaks I grew from seed getting their first wiring into the live oak style
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Crepe Myrtle Raft style- Wind swept bonsai first styling
This is the first styling of my raft style bonsai in training, I dug this up from a Root sucker from the parent tree along with another sucker of the same tree about 2-3 years ago. I repotted this one a couple of weeks ago (mid winter) and styled it in a windswept form.
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Bonsai styling pyracantha pt 1
First video on this pyracantha Bonsai in training.
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Bonsai Trimming Basics / My 6 Year old Bonsai comes out for a pruning / Bonsai Tree Care
Bonsai Trimming Basics / My 6 Year old Bonsai comes out for a pruning / My Bonsai Collection. Let me start by saying i am not expert on this hobby but I do enjoy it a lot. This Is a Juniper Bonsai that is part of my collection and lives in my yard in the shade for the summer. ORCHID CARE, CARNIVOROUS PLANT CULTURE, GARDENS, GREENHOUSES & MORE... Hosted By Brad Taylor... Welcome to my channel & Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE while your here, In fact SUBSCRIBE now ...I'll Wait... Alright Thanks for stopping by for some cool "how to" videos, various awesome "plant update" videos some relaxing orchid videos PLUS a bunch of other crazy and interesting "stuff"! I be showing you how to water, bloom, re-bloom, re-pot, fertilize and create the ideal conditions for your Orchids and Carnivorous plants. My Channel is all about Info on Orchids, Greenhouses, Carnivorous plants, Gardening and more... Please stay a while and check out some videos about all kinds of rare and interesting plants and gardens. Don't forget to Subscribe!.
Easy Forest Bonsai.
Plant : Ficus Wiandi Soil : Mini red lava rock and mix of organic soil Tools: Gloves ,recycle an old office chair, hand pruner, pot. saw knife, wire if need it for secure root ball.
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bonsai tree pots for Bonsai lovers.
bonsai tree pots http://bonsaipotsforsale.blogspot.com The sort of pot you should buy is indicated by the kind of tree you are growing as well as the style you want. bonsai tree pots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPtbPIpHknQ bonsai pots plastic : 00:00:05 chinese bonsai pots 00:00:20 chinese bonsai pots 00:00:35 extra large bonsai pots 00:00:50 where to buy bonsai pots 00:01:05 round bonsai pots
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Handmade Bonsai Tree Wire Sculpture - 01
The tree is made using copper wire, and is mounted on a rock. The tree and rock are clear coated to prevent the copper from aging. The leafs are painted green using acrylic paint. The tree is a cascade style of bonsai tree. It is about 4.5" tall, 4.5" deep, and 3" wide.
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Burke's Backyard, How to create a Bonsai tree
Bonsai expert Megumi Bennett teaches the fine art of creating a Bonsai tree. Find the full fact sheet here: http://www.burkesbackyard.com.au/factsheets/Gardening-Tips-Books-Techniques-and-Tools/How-to-Make-a-Bonsai/2979
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wholesale bonsai pots
wholesale bonsai pots http://bonsaipotsforsale.blogspot.com The sort of pot you should buy is indicated by the type of tree you are growing as well as the style you want. wholesale bonsai pots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHd6ycDO8O4 japanese bonsai pots : 00:00:05 plastic bonsai pots wholesale 00:00:19 bonsai training pot 00:00:33 buy bonsai pots 00:00:47 bonsai tree pots 00:01:01 bonsai pots large
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Spruce Bonsai - First Styling
European Spruce (Picea abies). Collected in Switzerland in 1650 meters above sea level.
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How To Plant A Bonsai Tree (easy way)
This is the best way to plant your bonsai tree. I bought all of my supplies from bonsai northwest for 31.00$ ( http://www.bonsainw.com/) This tree after a year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwsj6NWP5Yk Great Beginner Bonsai Tree ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egNOL-NlVkA If you have any questions just drop a comment and i will get back to you! If this helped leave a LIKE Thanks
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BONSAI SHUFFLE | Routine Maintenance | BONSAI HUNTERS #gobonsai #palm #jade
Directed, edited and produced by James Blancher. Filmed by David Pittman Do you need bonsai tools to style your new trees? Get a tool kit! Tool Kit -- https://amzn.to/2VWkH1Y
Propagating Bonsai Jade in your home or garden
Propagating Jade plants in your home or garden Bonsai Jade cuttings from a previous pruning were placed in a thimble full of water and they formed roots. These cuttings are then planted in small bonsai pots with a view to growing jade trees to make them into bonsai trees. Jade is an indoor tree, I keep it our doors from May and will take it back indoors at the end of September. Please visit our website: www.mikbonsai.co.uk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Bonsai Oak Tree Summer Pruning, A beginners bonsai tree" https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=9epJXAWKBE8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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European Privet - windswept style bonsai
Common or European Privet pre bonsai.
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bonsai tree pots for Bonsai lovers.
bonsai tree pots http://bonsaipotsforsale.blogspot.com The type of pot you should buy is indicated by the type of tree you are growing as well as the style you want. bonsai tree pots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaudNe28Rco bonsai tree pot : 00:00:05 buy bonsai pots 00:00:18 unique bonsai pots 00:00:32 pots for bonsai trees 00:00:46 wholesale bonsai pots 00:01:00 ceramic bonsai pots
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Bonsai styling japanese maple sharp's pigmy pt 1.
First installment in the series on this Japanese Maple Sharp's Pigmy .
Views: 14210 Ellwoodbonsai
bonsai tree pots for Bonsai lovers.
bonsai tree pots http://bonsaipotsforsale.blogspot.com The particular kind of pot you should buy is indicated by the kind of tree you are growing as well as the style you want. bonsai tree pots bonsai tree pots for sale : 00:00:05 plastic bonsai pot 00:00:15 hand made bonsai pots 00:00:25 bonsai tree pots 00:00:35 cascade bonsai pot 00:00:46 bonsai tree pot
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Korean Lilac Bonsai tree
Newly acquired Korean Lilac Bonsai tree is repotted, wired and shaped. Watch and learn how to repot and wire a Korean Lilac Bonsai tree. Please visit our website: www.mikbonsai.co.uk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Bonsai Oak Tree Summer Pruning, A beginners bonsai tree" https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=9epJXAWKBE8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Refining your bonsai to the next level after initial styling to create a high level tree
This is some of the trimming techniques to make your Bonsai tree get to the next level of development so eventually it can be shown or just enjoyed on your bench as a little tree instead looking like a leggy shrub. We go over refining techniques on trimming and directional trimming specifically in regards to Bonsai trees. Like, comment, and subscribe for more videos and if you like what we are doing here, check out our Patreon. For as little as a dollar a month you can help us bring you more content as well as have the chance for bonus material and more contests in the future. If you have any suggestions for future videos, let us know! Visit Us: www.schleysbonsai.com www.patreon.com/schleysbonsai https://www.facebook.com/SchleysBonsaiAndSupplies
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Bonsai Trees Stolen from Japanese Friendship Garden
Thieves recently broke into the Japanese Friendship Garden in the middle of the night and stole six bonsai trees. In Japan, bonsai trees are considered works of art. In the U.S. they are highly valued by collectors and often given as gifts. KPBS culture reporter Angela Carone tries to solve the crime of the stolen bonsai. Read more:
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Celtis africana / Hackberry bonsai
This is my celtis africana / hackberry or Witstinkhout bonsai in training just giving you a closer look at the tree saplings in plantation style
Views: 550 Redrockat
One of the stolen bonsai trees returned
A Waimanalo bonsai master says hundred thousand dollars worth of his bonsai trees were stolen from him and one of them were returned to him Tuesday.
Views: 819 KHON2 News
Bonsai Quince Trees
I was inspired by a Quince tree I saw in spring. I did not have any leaves, but the branches were covered in pink and red flowers. I could not find any for sale for a while. I have managed to acquire one large, two medium and a small one. I have also successfully manage to grow from cuttings and propagating them. In this video I am repotting a Quince and also creating a smaller quince tree from the cutting removed form the tree. Two of the branches are pushing against each other and I made a splint and place it between the tow branches to prevent them from touching and pushing against each other. These Quince and other trees are for sale. Please visit our website: www.mikbonsai.co.uk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Bonsai Oak Tree Summer Pruning, A beginners bonsai tree" https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=9epJXAWKBE8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Peter Warren Tree Critique - Deciduous Trees
Peter Warren speaking at a NIBS meeting in September 2013 critiquing the structure of deciduous bonsai.
Views: 7815 Bonsai Eejit

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