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Big Time Rush Funniest Moments
I originally made this video last year and it quickly became a huge hit on my main channel but due to copyright reasons, this and the rest of my Funniest Moments from Big Time Rush videos were both blocked and taken down as a result and I was so pissed that that happened. This also resulted in me creating my second channel when I received two strikes and me putting my other videos private!!!! I'm posting this video so that part of my FMFBTRV is still here and will continue making each of you guys laugh your pants off!!!! :) with that being said, hope you guys enjoy the video and see you guys later!! Ciao, have fun and PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!!! This video is only for your enjoyment and this is strictly entertainment. All of the rights goes to Nickelodeon and Scott Fellows for the show; they have all the rights and this is only for your enjoyment and laughter. I OWN NOTHING!!!
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments
Some new and old funny moments from Big Time Rush PART 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFgmtexDsug
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Big Time rush funny moments
Big Time rush funny moments
Views: 8074 Benson VEVO
Big Time Rush Funy moments -bloopers
Please subscribe this is funy bloopers or big time rush
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Big time rush Funny Moments 1, 2 y 3
Gracias a los videos de Mica Rushirectioner y The Rushercita no lo copien plissss , me costo subirlo 8 horas :/
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BTR Funny Moments
Funny moments of BTR, enjoy :)
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The Best of Big Time Rush :James
This is the second of the four videos about the best moments of the BTR members which is about James. The video covers fun moments from Big Time Audition to Big Time Strike
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Big Time Rush funny moments :)
enjoy! :D comment,rate,suscribe -I do NOT own anything !
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Big Time Rush-funny moments
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Big Time Rush: Funny & cute Logan moments
Fan made video! I don't own the BigTime Rush rights for the video's and neither for the music. Some of the hot/cute/funny/etc moment of Logan from the Big Time Rush show. Specially made for Logan lovers ;) Background music: Big Time Rush ft. Cymphonique - I know you know (I'm also working on video's of kendall, James and Carlos)
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Big Time Rush: Funny & cute James moments
This is a fanmade video. I don't own any rights for the music or the video's!!! Some of the hot/cute/funny/etc moment of James from the Big Time Rush show. Specially made for James lovers ;) Background music: Big Time Rush - Oh Yeah There also is a video for the Logan fans. Video's of Kendall and Carlos are coming up!
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Big Time Rush- Funniest Moments
The best and funniest scenes of big time rush. Enjoy
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Funny Big Time Rush Moments
BTR sure are the funniest boys I've ever met :) Credit to all the rightful owners of each video clip :)
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Funny Moments-Big Time Rush (subtitulado)
No se olviden de suscribirse y darle manita arriba al vídeo \0/
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Logan's funny noises part 2
Part two of the amazing funny noises of Logan in the first 15 episodes of Big Time Rush. Please enjoy and check out part 1 and our other videos too!
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Big Time Rush - Call Me Maybe, cute & funny moments
follow me en TWITTER: https://twitter.com/1LoganHendersoh
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments
A thousand apologies for being MIA. I really appreciate you guys waiting and supporting this channel while I was away and to make it up to you guys, I bring you this very funny BTR video to keep the Funniest Moments from Big Time Rush videos alive. Some of the clips that were shown were featured on the FMFBTRV but unfortunately YouTube blocked all of the parts that I posted on my main channel; literally!! :( the only saving grace is that none of them got taken down. :) that being said, thank you so much everyone for patiently waiting and I hope you guys enjoy the video. Ciao and PEACE OUT Y'ALL!!! :) I DO NOT OWN AND CLAIM ALL OF THE CLIPS THAT WERE SHOWN!! All rights goes to Nickelodeon and Scott Fellows; they have all the rights to the show. I posted this for your enjoyment, entertainment and educational purposes only and nothing else.
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big time rush funny moments 2
subscribers, which is one is better/funnier: my 1st video of "big time rush funny moments" or "big time rush funny moments 2? comment below. the problem with the this video, funny moments 2 is that it has bad quality in the end because where i got it from had bad quality.
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Funny Moments from MSBWU special
Twitter: @BTRVe Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BTRVe More information: http://bigtimerushve.blogspot.com/ We are FCO about Big Time Rush in Venezuela :) xo!
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Big Time Rush Dressing Room funny moment
Funny or crazy moment in the big time rush dressing room... Enjoy it! and comment! Erin is the owner of this video, i just downloaded it from http://www.ustream.tv/user/ErinZariah
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Big Time Rush bloopers/funny moments
The video shows the best and funniest bloopers from Big Time Rush. i had to republish since it was manually blocked...no copyright intended!
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Big Time Rush - Funny/Cute Moments
The video is very short, I know that... Sorry, but I couldn't resist to make a video, but I didn't had much time! Even so... I hope you liked!! Thanks, 4EverARusher.
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments And Bloopers
Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/myworldbirde Twitter; https://twitter.com/sleepwithmike Wattpad; https://www.wattpad.com/user/clifphobia
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Big time rush - Funny Moments (part 2)
Big time rush - Funny Moments (part 2)
Views: 846 Benson VEVO
Big Time Rush Funny Moments
Si eres fan de big time rush ,soy luna y esto es guerra Panamá sucribete Para ver mas videos
Big Time Rush - funny moments
Funny moments with Big Time Rush :)
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Big time rush funny moments..pt: 2 (:
enjoy! -i do not own anything in this video !
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Big time rush- james funny moments
the funniest moments with james in big time rush.
Views: 4689 Big Time Rush
Big Time Movie: funny moment
Enjoy the funny moment.
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments
Big Time Rush Funny Moments, Bloopers :) CUTE
Views: 2049 Rusher Hungaryan
Funny Moments
Okay so this video is reposted from my old youtube account, "thisisoursomeday" it has been terminated a few weeks ago after receiving my third strike from copyright issues so this is my second youtube account. Please subscribe, i used to gave more than 1,000 subscribers. It would mean sooo much to me thank you
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Big Time Rush funny moments (Wiggle)
Created using http://studio.stupeflix.com/
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments ♥
- Taylor ♥
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments
Big Time Rush very funny moments :D and please subscribe to my channel ! Enjoy!
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Big Time Rush Moments & Funny Moments
I really hope you like it, because I had a big job to do this!! :) Comment saying what do you think about this video, and subscribe me!! :)
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Big Time Rush funny moments
Viel spaß :)
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Vocal Warm Ups with Big Time Rush (Old Yet Funny Video)
xD lol "Logan wins!" and at 0:36 i lost it Comment, Rate, Subscribe for more BTR :D
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Big Time Rush: Funny Moment From pronounce Names #Honey
Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena, & Logan Henderson (Lo siento pero Sphen Subio el video con Ellos, Tanya & Matt )
Views: 1379 Arciqa KHJ
Big time rush funny moments
i LOve James, Carlos, Logan and Kendall... ♥
Views: 925 iloveBTR12
Big Time Rush's Carlos talks about Kendall's competitive. FUNNY :)
I OWN NOTHING!!! This is a moment from "7 secrets with Big Time Rush" where Carlos Pena was talking about Kendall Schmidt's competitive. Really funny!!! :D U JUST GOTTA LOVE BIG TIME RUSH!!!
Big time rush funny moments
Le doy credito a el canal llamado Mica Rushirectioner perdon pero no tenia nada q. Subir y subi este video
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Big time rush cute moments
BTR is amazing and i love them so i thought i'd share that with the world. enjoy! =))
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments Part 3
Sorry it's short again! Please request more videos!
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Big Time Rush Funny Moments
Big Time Rush Funny Moments And supported the favorite moments I love them :))) ------------------------------ Thanks for watching ;) Thanks to all To watch my videos ♥
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