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Ryan Hayashi - The Dreams Come True Act at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles 2018
Ryan Hayashi, The Samurai Master Of Magic, performs his Dreams Come True Act at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles on October 4, 2018.
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The Magicians of Los Angeles' Magic Castle || Job Goals
On this episode of Job Goals, we take a look behind the curtain at one of Hollywood’s most exclusive, historic, and spell-bounding nightspots. The Magic Castle in Los Angeles is the famous headquarters for professional illusionist and spectacle-loving associates dedicated to the art of magic, and Joe Furlow, General Manager at the Academy of Magical Arts, shows you how it’s all done. Subscribe to Thrillist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC59s1J7c7zreuvnvLUQ0Xg?sub_confirmation=1 Check out our website for more food, drink, travel, and entertainment. https://www.thrillist.com Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Thrillist/ Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thrillist/ Sign up for our newsletter https://signup.thrillist.com/
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Ming Da Magic Castle performance 2019
Ming Da is the first Singaporean Magician to headline at the Prestigious Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Hollywood. To book Ming Da email at: [email protected] More information on: www.mformagic.biz
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Sebastian Walton LIVE at The Magic Castle, Hollywood Part 1
www.sebastianwalton.com Magic Circles Young Magician of The Year Sebastian Walton Live at The Magic Castle Hollywood, Part 1. Magician in Leeds The magic castle Los angeles www.sebastianwalton.com
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Inside a Private Club for Magicians: LA's Magic Castle - Eating Outside the Box, Episode 1
One of the most exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles, the Magic Castle is a private club for magicians and the magic obsessed. Zagat editor Molly Moker and comedian Michael Truly gain access to the inner sanctum and explore the club's food, drinks and tricks. Episodes of Zagat's new series, Eating Outside the Box: America's Strangest Restaurants, launch every Tuesday! For more episodes, subscribe to Zagat: http://goo.gl/AaWZHT
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Sebastian Walton LIVE at The Magic Castle, Hollywood Part 2
www.sebastianwalton.com Magic Circles Young magician of the year Sebastian Walton LIVE at The Magic Castle, Hollywood Part 2 Magician in Leeds the magic castle los angeles www.unrealmagician.com
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Dave Forrest - Magic Castle - April, 2017
Just one of thirty one performances (I only got two on film) at The Magic Castle during my third, week long residency in April 2017. Credits for various parts of the act go to Dan Harlan, Shawn Farquhar and Jay Sankey. Big props to my Castle wing-man, James Went who's help was absolutely invaluable. And, shout out to all my friends at The Castle. It truly is THE home of magic! X
Views: 7105 David Forrest
Magic Castle Close Up Gallery Clark Brown 2017
Filmed in July 2017 during Future Stars of Magic week at the magic castle in Hollywood, CA. Not my best performance, but it was a fun week and glad one of the shows was filmed. This was my first time doing some of the material live in a show.
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Ryan Hayashi - The Ultimate Matrix Act at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles 2018
Ryan Hayashi, The Samurai Master Of Magic, performs his Ultimate Matrix Act at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on October 4, 2018.
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Daniel Roy at the Magic Castle
www.magicofdanielroy.com Daniel Roy pays tribute to card cheats and con-men of times past in his debut performance at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, LA. In this performance, Daniel Roy is just 22 years old. But he has been obsessed with sleight of hand with cards since the age of 10. His specialty is the most difficult branch of card manipulation, the techniques used by professional card cheats. Already a seasoned performer, Daniel is a regular at the Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater in Philadelphia and has appeared at the Chicago Magic Lounge and the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles. This September, he will be receiving the Melbourne Christopher award for Close-Up Magician of the Year. Yet he still finds time to be a full-time student at the University of Pennsylvania where he studies molecular biology and where he has also lectured on the history of card magic and card cheating. None of this would have been possible without the achievements, inventions, and adventures of Canada Bill Jones, George Devol, S.W. Erdnase, Dai Vernon, and Walter Irving Scott. Huge thanks to Joe Pon, Michael Vincent, Jason England, Simon Aronson, Jason Ladanye, and Darwin Ortiz for their mentorship and guidance. Inspired by the works of Ricky Jay, Richard Turner, Jack Carpenter, Ed Marlo, Juan Tamariz, Pepe Carroll, Steve Forte, and all those listed above. If we have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants. Videography by Dru Morgan.
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Sponge balls under the tray : Jeki Yoo at the Magic Castle Hollywood (1)
Here’s one of my new comedy magic routines! It’s called ‘Sponge balls under the tray’. It’s basically a variation of Paper balls over the head I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for having me @magiccastle , Jack Goldfinger Influenced by Tony Slydini, Michael Finney, Stephen Bargatze Jeki Yoo on Social Media - Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/jekiyoo FB : http://www.facebook.com/jekiyoomagic Instagram : @jekiyoo Website : www.jekiyoo.com #comedy #comedymagic #sleightofhand #comedystore #Laughfactory #laughoutloud #improv #standupcomedy #magic #magician #losangeles #hollywood
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Sneak Peek into Magic Castle, One of Hollywood's Most Exclusive Clubs | Best Products
The Magic Castle is one of Hollywood's most exclusive clubs with members such as Johnny Carson, Neil Patrick Harris and more. Don't miss a thing! Subscribe to BestProducts.com http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoBESTPRODUCTS
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Stoil and Ekaterina at The Magic Castle
International Quick Change Act based in Los Angeles, CA, USA Performing from Las Vegas to Macao and Dubai
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The Lean, performed by Doug Malloy at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles
Doug Malloy greets the audience at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles while leaning to an almost horizontal position, (literally an arm's length from the floor). Made possible with The Lean, from Malloy Modern Magic.
Views: 4870 Danny Malloy
Rubén Vilagrand - Unplugged - The Magic Castle - Hollywood - Los Angeles
Unplugged is a brand new concept created by Ruben Vilagrand of Pavel's famous 'Walking Knot' - available here http://www.undermagic.com/es/home/503... One routine... or many more, you choose!! Dear Friends: After years of working this routine master magician Rubén Vilagrand has finally decided to share his creation with the magic community. Ruben has a passion for magic with ropes, with this trick he applies his knowledge to something new and fresh, the result is an original routine with electrical plugs! Effect A cable over 10 meters long with a plug two meters from one end.Exposure: The magician unplugs the cable to display the mechanism and then repeats.First phase: The magician slides the plug about 2 meters, dropping it by gravity until it stops at the point where it can be unplugged with complete freedom. The magician then unplugs the cable showing both parts of the plug held only by the cable. Second phase: repeat the action, plug it in and slide the plug once more ,this time accompanying it with the hand to the next point that is another 2 meters away, then unplug just one last time.Final phase: The magician ties the rope roughly in the center, leaving the plugs loose and without a connection (whilst still holding the cable away from the loop). The magicians mouth is then used to remove the center with the plugs, leaving on one side the free cable and on the other the plugs opposite to as they were at the beginning and joined by the cable. "Thanks to Pavel for inspiring me" CHARACTERISTICS: - Easy to perform- Packs to a very small size. In a small bag you have a routine fit for small rooms to large stages.- An extremely original and versatile routine. On stage Rubén Vilagrand attaches the trick to a vintage transistor radio but the plug can easily be attached to any electrical apparatus. The possibilities of this trick are endless !!! (A bulb, lamp, loudspeaker, a robot or even an electric saw for a jaw dropping trick.- It isn't a just rope routine, just inspired by rope routines!!!!! Unless you can do Pavel's "Walking Knot" you can include it in your repertoire without worrying, even if you do other string routines.- An exceptional trick of the highest quality, designed exclusively for "Unplugged"- Guaranteed (see conditions inside the box) Every trick is checked by hand before shipping. BOX CONTENTS: • More than 10 meters of cable-rope prepared for the 3 phases of the game • Male and female plugs• Embroidered transport bag • Warranty card• Numbered edition
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Welcome to the Magic Castle Hotel
In the heart of Hollywood there is a secret hideaway...a home away from home for travelers in the know. Completely renovated in 2004, it offers half a century of history, amazing proximity to Hollywood's best attractions, and most importantly, the highest standards of customer service found anywhere in Los Angeles. This is the Magic Castle Hotel. Hotel guests will find the doors of the legendary Magic Castle club flung wide open for them. This in itself is a reason to visit...for as insiders will tell you, the Magic Castle is one of the most legendary venues in Los Angeles. A private club known for its celebrity clientele, it only grants admission to members, friends of members and guests at its hotel. Mere footsteps away, one can find a myriad of attractions, including the star- studded Walk of Fame. And just one subway stop away is Universal Studios, Hollywood's exciting live-action theme park. Come stay at our hotel, and experience all the magic that Hollywood has to offer.
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MAGIC CASTLE - Justin Willman's Magic Meltdown
Justin Willman's live performance at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Tricks and illusions galore! Visit Justin's website: http://www.justinwillman.com Like Justin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialjustinwillman Follow Justin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/justin_willman Justin's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/kredible Subscribe for more from Nerdist: http://bit.ly/Sub2Nerdist Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NerdistDotCom Check out Nerdist.com: http://www.nerdist.com
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Rubén Vilagrand - Hooked - The Magic Castle - Hollywood - Los Angeles
Rubén Vilagrand is a multiple award winner with this delightful piece of magic never seen before. "Hooked" by Rubén Vilagrand is a new Concept based on one of the most classics magic routines. He twisted one of the most popular magic routines performed by names like HOUDINI.
Views: 1689 Ruben Vilagrand
Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood, CA
We had a great time at Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood.
Views: 7552 MagentaStraberry
Magicien from Paris : William Watt - Coins - Live @ the Magic Castle (Los Angeles - CA)
www.willwatt.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/www.williamwattmagic
Views: 2588 William Watt
Nader Hanna Live at The Magic Castle
Mentalist Nader Hanna performs live at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California. To experience more visit: http://themastermentalist.com/
Views: 711 Nader Hanna
BANNED From The Magic Castle!
How magician Jibrizy was banned from the magic castle. The dark truth of the magic community. Learn 5 Free Tricks: http://www.penguinmagic.com/jibrizy Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jibrizy Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jibrizy Manger: [email protected]
Michael Vincent Live at The Magic Castle Act 2
Live at the Magic Castle: To experience more visit: http://www.michaelvincentmagic.com
Views: 239783 Michael Vincent
Magic Castle Show 2017
Performed in the Parlour of Prestidigitation at The World Famous Magic Castle, March 5th 2017
Views: 31703 Mark Shortland
Magic Castle Hotel Hollywood - 1 bed suite walk through/ review July 2017
Magic Castle Hotel Hollywood Los Angeles
Views: 2499 TeamClareVlogs
Magician David Gabbay at the Magic Castle
2014 performance.
Views: 3467 David Gabbay
Ed Kwon at the Magic Castle
Ed Kwon pays tribute to Dai Vernon (1894-1992) at the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle.
Views: 156342 Ed Kwon
Michael Vincent Live at The Magic Castle
Live at the Magic Castle: To experience more visit: http://www.michaelvincentmagic.com
Views: 117232 Michael Vincent
Magic Castle Show 2015
Mark Shortland is a regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. This is his 2015 show.
Views: 5307 Mark Shortland
Magicien from Paris : William Watt - Signed Card - Live @ the Magic Castle (Los Angeles - CA)
www.willwatt.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/www.williamwattmagic?ref=bookmarks
Views: 4299 William Watt
Pop Haydn Close Up at the Magic Castle
Pop Haydn performs in the Close Up Gallery of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Complete performance. November, 2015. www.PopsMagic.com www.PopHaydn.com
Views: 98304 Pop Haydn
Michael Vincent Live at The Magic Castle Act 3
Live at the Magic Castle: To experience more visit: http://www.michaelvincentmagic.com
Views: 43342 Michael Vincent
Tyler Rabbit Full Magic Castle Act
Magician Tyler Rabbit performs his complete close-up sleight of hand magic act at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California.
Views: 36088 Coin Magic Underground
Kiko Pastur · Magic Castle, Hollywood · 2018 Full act
My perfomance at the Magic Castle in LA, March 14th 2018, with a little big surprise at the end... www.kikopastur.com
Views: 39391 Kiko Pastur
How I Became a Magic Castle Junior Member
Akira explains how he auditioned to become a junior member at the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle in Hollywood).
Views: 434 Akira B Higaki
Magic Castle Act 2017
Adam Wilber performs in the close up room of the world-famous Magic Castle!
Views: 23728 Adam Wilber
Magic Castle Hollywood, LA : Magician Jeki Yoo part 2 (Sleight of hand card magic)
This is full version of the act that I did this on America's got talent Judge cuts. It's the video clip when I performed in Magic Castle Hollywood, LA Made by Jeki Yoo Costume and Design by Ellie K. Park Biggest inspired by Albert Goshman, Juan Tamariz , Derren Brown Biggest influenced by Hyun Soo, Kim Music by - E's Jammy Jams (Bluebird) Website : www.jekiyoo.com/
Views: 58334 JEKI YOO
Detectives Probe Death At Magic Castle In Hollywood
The club is now closed as an investigation into a death is underway. Stu Mundel reports.
Views: 4168 CBS Los Angeles
Jersey Jim at the Magic Castle
Jersey Jim Comedy Magician serving Los Angeles and Orange County http://www.JerseyJimMagic.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN--IiCWqL4
Michael O'Brien LIVE at the Magic Castle
Michael O'Brien performs his set Live at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Performance: 9/19/18 Filmed by David Bonfadini
Views: 5227 OBrienMagic
Ghosts of the Magic Castle
Paranormal expert Tom Ogden shares ghost legends of the Magic Castle. Located in Hollywood, California, the Magic Castle is a private club for magicians. For 50 years it’s been the mecca for magicians worldwide. And some say it’s haunted by any many as a dozen ghosts.
Views: 11087 hauntingschannel
John Kippen in the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle 11/16/2018
John Kippen performing at Hollywood's Magic Castle in the Close-up Gallery on 11/16/2018
Views: 1879 John Kippen
THE MAGIC CASTLE HOLLYWOOD - Daze With Jordan The Lion #498 (12/17/2017) my trip daily vlog
THE MAGIC CASTLE HOLLYWOOD - Daze With Jordan The Lion #498 (12/17/2017) CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubDazeWithJordanTheLion MERCH: http://shop.spreadshirt.com/jordanthelion DONATE: www.patreon.com/jordanthelion PAYPAL DONATIONS: [email protected] Or paypal.me/jordanthelion FB GROUP: Daze with Jordan the Lion(s) Amazon list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/2O6HBZ3QOUBIU Email: [email protected] my trip daily vlog abandoned anthony bourdain
Ryan Hayashi Meets Emotional Fan at The Magic Castle in Hollywood
Ryan Hayashi interviews a fan after one of his shows at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Views: 875 Ryan Hayashi
Magic Castle Hollywood, LA : Magician Jeki Yoo part 1 (Ring routine)
Name : The Circle Act by Jeki Yoo One of my dream came true. I performed at the Magic Castle in May 2017. Made by Jeki Yoo and Ellie K. Park Biggest Inspired by - Mike Caveney Biggest influenced by - Shoot Ogawa , Masahiro Yanagida My name board made by Secret Project http://secretproject.kr Music by - E's Jammy Jams (Bluebird) My website : https://www.jekiyoo.com/
Views: 65621 JEKI YOO
Bijan Full Magic Castle Show
Bijan The Magijan, also known as The Exotic Deceiver, delivers a powerhouse magic and comedy show at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California. http://www.whereisbijan.com/
The Magic Castle & LA Unique Eats: Trip on a Deal Episode 23
http://www.triponadeal.com This week we visit the exclusive private club of the world's best magicians, The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, and we reveal the magician's secret to just how you can visit this fantastic treasure when normally it's off limits to the general public. Plus, we showcase some bizarre and unusual restaurants in L.A. Get all the links to the stories featured on this week's show at triponadeal.com
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