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Sea sick video produced by Davinche.
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The Sea Life, "NY Models," // GemsOnVHS™
We were up in Washington DC checking out the music scene and got to stay with our new friends The Sea Life. They graciously allowed us to crash on the couch for 4 days while we wandered around the city. One night we strolled down to Dupont Circle and decided to film a song in the middle of the street on a island. Thanks big time to Jon of the Sea Life. Check out their music! (https://www.facebook.com/thesealifemusic) Like us on FB too! (http://www.facebook.com/gemsonvhs) Anthony Simpkins [email protected] www.gemsonvhs.com
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Genesis   Home By The Sea
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Ny  Seasick Lyrics
[Download Link] http://www.mediafire.com/?dzzqk3memzm No Copyright Intended. i knows its "go against stabiliity" and not "dont need" sorry mistake xx
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Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach (Official Music Video)
Brand new album 'Lust for Life' out now. Listen: https://lana.lnk.to/LFLaID Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/LanaDelRey.News More Lana Del Rey: http://www.lanadelrey.com http://www.facebook.com/lanadelrey http://www.twitter.com/lanadelrey http://lanadelrey.tumblr.com http://www.instagram.com/lanadelrey http://www.google.com/+lanadelrey http://vevo.ly/21hRDP #LanaDelRey #HighByTheBeach #vevo #Alternative #vevoofficial
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Ocean Wonders: Sharks! | NY Aquarium
http://www.nyaquarium.com Discover the sea that never sleeps! The Wildlife Conservation (WCS) is thrilled to unveil its stunning new Donald Zucker and Barbara Hrbek Zucker Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exhibit at the New York Aquarium. The three-story, 57,500-square-foot exhibit building, with 9 dynamic galleries, will drive awareness of the importance of sharks to the health of the world’s ocean; educate visitors about the severe threats sharks face; and inspire guests to protect the surprisingly diverse and beautiful marine wildlife here in New York. Each year, hundreds of thousands of visitors, and tens of thousands of students in the aquarium’s education programs will learn to value and protect our ocean. The exhibit includes 18 species of sharks and rays and more than 115 other species of marine life. It is the first exhibit that focuses on the marine life found in the New York Bight from Cape May, NJ, to Montauk, NY. In July 2013 the NYC Public Design Commission recognized Ocean Wonders: Sharks!, with an Award for Design Excellence.
Calming Seas #1 - 11 Hours Ocean Waves, Nature Sounds, Relaxation,  Meditation, Reading, Sleep
Picture yourself by the ocean. Fall asleep naturally tonight, or simply just relax. Enjoy the calming sounds of gentle ocean waves. Download Series: https://gum.co/NatureGold /// Listen on Repeat: https://listenonrepeat.com/?v=f77SKdyn-1Y#Calming_Seas_%231_-_11_Hours_Ocean_Sound_for_relaxation%2C_yoga%2C_meditation%2C_reading%2C_sleep%2C_study Thank you so much for the over 30 million views, much love and more waves coming :) To relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety, for guided meditation, or simply fall asleep fast. Stress relief available when you need it. 11 hours of relaxing waves to help you work all day, or sleep all night. Soothing background noise helps create a natural ambiance in any environment. Eliminate distracting sounds so you can rest. Drift away listening to beach sounds and calming seas as the waves reach the shore. Enhance your well-being and feel more comfortable with relaxing nature sounds. Powerful audio collection providing - hours of restful background noises - sounds to help you sleep Get it here: https://gum.co/NatureGold NEW Do you like guided meditation? Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EW7lcLAMgIk&t=1086s ------------------------------------------------ You deserve to relax. Emerald Island Relaxation produces premium original audio and video content. With over 557k YT subscribers worldwide, we seek to give you the highest quality nature and relaxation material possible. Your rest is important. Drift away tonight, and every night! C/O Emerald Island Relaxation (https://www.youtube.com/user/yogayak) In collaboration with VJ LucidTV (https://youtube.com/user/lucidtv) and Relax24.com ------------------------------------------------ It's so simple - Nature sounds have a positive effect on the mind and body. Bring nature inside - or anywhere you go. Experience the benefits of nature sounds, all day or overnight. Promotes rest, peace of mind, and good overall health. -- Subscribe to receive the latest newly released content -- Emerald Island Relaxation channel for nature, sleep, and rest. Download Series: https://gum.co/NatureGold BIG WAVES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1liqXJzhlss *New sunset waves & 3D audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiA1vBapojU Beach Sleep #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv6djVMs-0Y&t=25s Black Screen Version: https://youtu.be/HU3KTa5mKDY 11 hour versions: Waves 11 hrs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f77SKdyn-1Y Gentle Stream 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmar4gh5nIw Birdsong 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMWeQWGla0Y Thunderstorm 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el93AooFrgg Rain Forest 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IAfg_Iy7n8 Tibetan Healing Sounds 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5dU6serXkg Night Time sounds 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndL6m5vHVhw Cave 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5uyhKdORS0 Dolphins 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sxDuaoOBfI Waterfall 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2iK9H8cIXk Rainfall 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GEXJ8r5NVw Wind-chimes 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9zbescxQAQ English Garden 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_7f14NkOyU Jungle Sounds 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE_jOCqKE3w Choir Garden 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYqInmrfDBI Beach Sounds 11hrs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmHcfI6HoKA Purchase Nature Sounds Gold CD: http://www.paradisemusic.us.com/albumsDetail.asp?id=15 #BestCalmingSeas_ #BestBeachRelaxations_
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NY Lounge ' Deep House Mix 2019
New Year's Lounge - A perfect deep house music mix to catch any ear that is seeking something extraordinary through the sound. Stay See Twitter : https://twitter.com/stayseemusic Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/stayseemusic Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/stayseemusic
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morcheeba - "the sea"
music video - "down by the sea" by morcheeba. of course not the original one, just a few memories from my good times in newzealand.. and here's a random cat video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX_2O3m3kA0
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ny sea
ny 2010
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NY Emmy winner: Creating sea salt on the North Fork
Scott and Kassata Bollman of Southold run North Fork Sea Salt, a sea salt-making business. The young married couple create the salt from water harvested on the North Fork. (Credit: Randee Daddona)
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Brighton Beach NY November 2014 Little Russia by the Sea
Brighton Beach NY November 2014 Little Russia by the Sea Impromptu video of our trip into NY and Brooklyn to Brighton Beach for Russian lunch and walk around and grocery shopping!
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The Sea Life - NY Models
Available for free at http://thesealife.bandcamp.com Follow The Sea Life http://www.facebook.com/thesealifemusic http://twitter.com/thesealifemusic http://www.chimesrecords.com
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Sea Lions at the New York Aquarium, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
Sea Lions at the New York Aquarium, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY Sea lions are sea mammals characterized by external ear flaps, long foreflippers, the ability to walk on all fours, short, thick hair, and a big chest and belly. Together with the fur seals, they comprise the family Otariidae, eared seals. A male California sea lion weighs on average about 300 kg (660 lb) and is about 8 ft (2.4 m) long, while the female sea lion weighs 100 kg (220 lb) and is 6 ft (1.8 m) long. The largest sea lion is Steller's sea lion, which can weigh 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) and grow to a length of 10 ft (3.0 m). Sea lions consume large quantities of food at a time and are known to eat about 5–8% of their body weight (about 15–35 lb (6.8–15.9 kg)) at a single feeding. Sea lions can go around 16 knots in water and at their fastest they can go up to 30 knots. Three species, the Australian sea lion, the Galápagos sea lion and the New Zealand sea lion are listed as Endangered. The New York Aquarium is the oldest continually operating aquarium in the United States, having opened in Castle Garden in Battery Park, Manhattan in 1896. Since 1957, it has been located on the boardwalk in Coney Island, Brooklyn. The aquarium is operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) as part of its integrated system of four zoos and one aquarium, most notably the Bronx Zoo. It is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). As part of WCS, the aquarium's mission is to save wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature. The facility occupies 14 acres and boasts 266 species of aquatic wildlife. Its mission is to raise public awareness about issues facing the ocean and its inhabitants with special exhibits, public events and research. The New York Seascape program, based out of the aquarium, is WCS’s local conservation program designed to restore healthy populations of marine species and protect New York waters, which are vital to the area’s economic and cultural vitality. The new New York Aquarium is the home of the WCS New York Seascape program – the society’s research and conservation program focusing on nearby rivers, harbor, and ocean from Cape May, New Jersey to Montauk, Long Island. NYC files: Video tales from New York City Subscribe for more New York City videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=freemusic4 Website: http://www.newyorkcity-files.com Google +: https://plus.google.com/+Newyorkcityfilesvideos/posts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nycfiles Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYC_Files Instagram: http://instagram.com/new_york_city_files
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Diner By The Sea Long Beach, NY - $!#% Customers Say
Hey guys, Check out our parody of what customers say to us while working at Diner by the Sea in Long Beach, New York!
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Under The Sea Party Theme - ALBANY NY DJ
518-506-3305 to book a great Albany NY DJ Service. This DJ idea is inexpensive and had a great effec for an under the sea party theme. The bubble balloon lines in this video were basically a string of different sized clear latex balloons, sandbagged down to look like bubbles floating upwards. AT the top of the helium-filled balloon strip, there was a large colorless balloon. Beneath that, the next balloon was a little smaller. The next one under that was even smaller and the one below that was very small. This decoration gave the effect that you often see in a fish tank with a stream of air bubble flowing upwards to the surface.
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Ny - Sea Sick (Mischief Makers Remix)
****DJ Reflex Bassline Vol 3**** Download @ @ www.filefront.com/user/djreflexxx 01. Subzero Ft. Sacha - Cheat On You (Reflex Dubplate) 02. Perempay & Dee Ft. Shola Ama - DJ Play (TRC Remix) 03. TS7 Ft. Sarah Jane - Another Chance 04. Bassboy Ft. Miss Fire - Think I'm In Love 05. Sweet Female Attitude Vs. Miami Superfly Boys - Flowers 09 (Wittyboy Remix).mp3 06. Princess - Big Boys (H 'two O Meets TwoFace Remix) 07. T2 Ft. H Boogie - Better Of As Friends 08. Tina More - Never Gonna Let You Go (SKT Remix) 09. Donae'o - Whatching Her Move (Mischief Makers Remix) 10. Metz & Trix - Come Home With Me (1st Born Remix) 11. Frisco - Sexy Girls (TwoFace Remix) 12. Xploder Ft. Ashley - So True (Burgaboy Remix 13. Bass Boy Ft. Lem - Your Love (Airz Remix) 14. Booda Ft. Flameus - Get That Doe 15. Addictive - Where Did Our Love Go_ (Full Vocal Mix) 16. Enrique Benitez Ft. Mia Mendez - Cooking (DJ Q Remix) 17. Burgaboy Ft. B.M - Are You Single 18. Swifta Beater Ft. Miss Fire - Give Me Your Loving 19. Ny - Sea Sick (Mischief Makers Remix) 20. Lil H - Superboy (Wittyboy Remix) 21. Rekless Ft. Gemma Fox - Superwoman (GS Remix) 22. Maxwell D - Blackberry Hype (DJ Q Hype) 23. Burgaboy Ft. Lanca - An' We're Live 24. Subzero Ft. Sacha - Why Did I (Thoughts In My Head) 25. Jay Sean Ft. Skepta - Lush (H 'two O Meets TwoFace Remix) 26. Baby Blue - Good Girl (Burgaboy Remix
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Sea Cliff, NY - Downtown
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Official Sea of Thieves New York Comic Con 2018 Panel
Sea of Thieves: Broadening Horizons was our NYCC 2018 panel, and here it is in its entirely for anyone who couldn't attend! Join fearsome foursome Adam, Peter, Joe and Andrew who flew out from Rare to conduct this tour of Sea of Thieves' expanded universe. Visit the official game site at https://www.seaofthieves.com Buy the game and forge your own legend: https://www.xbox.com/seaofthieves Dive into the Sea of Thieves Forums: https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum Follow Sea of Thieves on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeaOfThieves Like Sea of Thieves on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SeaOfThievesGame Watch Sea of Thieves on Mixer: https://mixer.com/SeaOfThieves Talk Sea of Thieves on Discord: https://discord.gg/seaofthieves Xbox Live Gold required to play on Xbox One (sold separately).
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LADY NY SEA SICK Bassline mix
Lady NY- sea sick , mischief makers baby bassline mix , from the album dj nition presents the rave smasher vol 1
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2 Day Party Boat Fishing + Eating 3 Species of Fish NJ/NY
0:00-10:22 fishing. 10:22 Cooking starts Made the pilgrimage to montauk and fished on the montauk star for 2 days. First day brought adverse drifting conditions and fishing was tough. 2nd day was a little better. Seabass limits came pretty easy, fluke limits not so much, although Tan caught his limit on the 2nd day. We planned on eating fish at the end of day 1 but I fell asleep shortly after getting off the boat so on the way back home we pulled over on the side of the turnpike, fired up the portable grill and feasted on seabass, fluke fillets, fluke cheeks and squirrel hake. propane stove- https://amzn.to/2K8BcBa blackening seasoning we used - https://amzn.to/2JZjBeN Gulp- https://amzn.to/2Nz1MFp Spro's- https://amzn.to/2zUYcDL My rod- st croix mojo inshore 7' 3/4-2oz (I dont know the exact specs but this https://amzn.to/2mNNCoz) Reel- https://amzn.to/2NyOjgY
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Suffolk Nassau Long Island NY - Ice Jams Frozen Sea Spray - 1/1/2018
Record breaking extreme cold causes sea spray to freeze on Jones Beach and ice jams to form on south shore bays in Suffolk and Nassau Counties on Long Island. Shot Description Shot 1: Thick blocks of frozen sea water cover the sand on Jones Beach in Nassau County, Long Island. Shot 2: A man uses his feet to break up frozen sea water covering the sand on Jones Beach. Shot 3: A sea shell is encased in frozen sea water on the sand at Jones Beach. Shots 4-5: People out and about braving the extreme cold on Jones Beach. Shot 6: Panning left to right shot of frozen sea spray covering the sand on Jones Beach. Shot 7: A couple bundled up from head to toe from the extreme cold walk along the shoreline on Jones Beach. Shot 8: Ground level shot of frozen sea spray covering the sand as a person carefully walks through frame. Shot 9: A couple braving wind chills below zero and strong winds walk towards the seashore on Jones Beach. Shot 10: Thick ice surrounds a dock at a marina in Lindenhurst in Suffolk County Long Island. Shot 11: A Seagull sits perched on a dock in Lindenhurst. Shot 12: Reveal shot of ice jams forming along the south shore bays in Suffolk County, Long Island. Shot 13: Birds sit on ice jams along the south shore bays of Long Island (Suffolk County). Shot 14: Panning left to right shot of ice forming at a marina in Lindenhurst, NY (Suffolk County). Shot Shot 15: A family braves the extreme cold and takes pictures at a marina in Lindenhurst, NY. Shot 16: Telephoto shot of thick ice forming along the south shore bays in Suffolk County, Long Island. Shot 17: Close up of thick ice forming around the pillars of a dock in Lindenhurst, NY. Shot 18: Frozen sea spray covers the sand on Jones Beach. Shots 19-21: People out and about bundled up from the extreme cold brave the elements on Jones Beach in Nassau County, Long Island. Shot 22: Telephoto shot of frozen sea ice on the sands at Jones Beach.
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Take a Historic Homes Tour in Sea Cliff, NY
By Video Journalist Waldo Cabrera Take a tour of historic homes in Sea Cliff. Featured Interviews: Leslie Guerci, President, Sea Cliff Landmarks Association; Cynthia Johnson-Harrand, Docent; Robert & Irene Kenney, Present Owners of the Connor Cottage; Melisa & Alan Geller, Present Owners of the Sheridan House; Bruce Kennedy, Mayor, Village of Sea Cliff For more information visit: Sea Cliff Landmarks House Tour at www.facebook.com Get DVD of this story - for Personal Use - at http://www.MyLITV.com/DVD
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Coney Island  Sea Gate  Brooklyn NY (Iris+)
for the love of flying Subscribe and like !
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Beyond The Sea - Kina Grannis
Tickets + Meet & Greets: http://kinagrannis.com Join KG Records: http://patreon.com/kinagrannis Stream on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2FYdKcC iTunes/Apple Music: https://apple.co/2kr61qk Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2byBX9H Summer 2018 Tour Dates! Get Tickets and Meet & Greet Add-Ons here: http://kinagrannis.com 7.10  San Diego, CA 7.11  Los Angeles, CA 7.13  San Francisco, CA 7.15  Portland, OR 7.17  Vancouver, BC 7.18  Seattle, WA 7.21  Salt Lake City, UT 7.22  Denver, CO 7.25  Minneapolis, MN 7.26  Chicago, IL 7.29  New York, NY 7.30  Toronto, ON 8.01  Alexandria, VA 8.02  Philadelphia, PA 8.04  Cambridge, MA 8.06  Carrboro, NC 8.07  Atlanta, GA 8.08  Nashville, TN Say hello! Twitter http://twitter.com/kinagrannis Facebook http://facebook.com/kinagrannis Instagram http://instagram.com/kinagrannis Snapchat http://snapchat.com/add/kinasnaps Official http://kinagrannis.com Listen to More Kina: Spotify: http://bit.ly/kinaspotify iTunes: http://apple.co/2hxtfeW Merch Store http://shop.kinagrannis.com/ Beyond The Sea - Kina Grannis Originally performed by Bobby Darin
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Ny sea sick remix featuring in Griminal and Ironik produced by Davinche.
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Erie Canal Trip - N.Y. to Escanaba, MI. Sea Ray Boat Delivery
Sea Ray 52' delivery from Lindenhurst, N.Y. to Escanaba, MI. May 2010, 8 days, 35 Locks, 15 Lift Bridges, 4 log hits, 2 haul outs, 8 days, 1278 miles. Todd Hurley, Hurley Marine, Inc.
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NY Aquarium's Sea Turtles, Sharks, & Stingrays (HD)
There was was Loggerhead Sea Turtles Up Close, Giant & Scary Tiger Sharks, A Sand Shark Sitting Down, A Beautiful Giant Stingray Up close and Flying. NY Aquarium Janruary 2 2012.
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Sea Cliff NY  Ride :)
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Sea Gate, NY или ГДЕ Я ЖИВУ
Instagram - @vasiliy18 Это наш поселок, где я живу со своей семьей. Единственный закрытый поселок в Нью Йорке, со своей полицией и управлением. Очень тихое место, безопасное для детей, с собственным пляжем и вкусными хачапури.
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55 Sea Gate Road, Staten Island, NY
LEARN MORE: https://www.corcoran.com/nyc-real-estate/for-sale/shore-acres/55-sea-gate-road/5423948 Welcome to Shore Acres, Staten Island… The most discreet neighborhood of all the NYC boroughs. This 1-acre shy water front property has the most captivating views of New York City and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. The Shore Acres enclave is only a two-minute car drive from the Verrazano Bridge. The gracious home, penned “Narrows Overlook”, atop a bluff, commanding an unexcelled panoramic view of the New York Harbor to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, framing the skyline of Manhattan rising spectacularly from the bay…. Rich in history, this home, built circa 1899 has had only three owners. The two story home currently measures 79’ x 24’ plus additional 10’ x 12’ plus two car garage. Drive up to the circular drive and enter the grand entrance to the gallery. The main floor consists of ample dining room and joining living room which have water views and fireplaces as do the enclosed sun room and library/office with wet bar. The eat in kitchen is ready for an update but can easily be worked in. The main floor also consists of one full bath and one powder room along with mudroom and partially enclosed florida room. The upper floor consists of four bedrooms plus guest suite (5 bedrooms total) with ample closet space and three bathrooms. All bedrooms have amazing views from every window and two have fireplaces. There are two staircases. The basement is unfinished. There is a forced hot air with central air conditioning system in place. Hardwood floors throughout. The grounds are spectacular including bluestone patio and indoor/outdoor rooms to enjoy in any weather watching every ship that enters the New York harbor pass your door, often only a few hundred feet away. There is nothing else quite like this! The convenience to Manhattan by car, bus or ferry and to Brooklyn is remarkable. The Staten Island cultural Alice Austen house is close by as is Fort Wadsworth- Gateway National Recreation Area which offers, biking, birding, jogging and much more… The Von Briesen Park is just a stone throw away. This is where the NYC Marathon begins! Join Staten Island’s newest additions for dining and tourism namely the New York Wheel, Empire Outlets, the Lighthouse Museum, The Saint George Theatre and many more options for culture and activities. Please note: This property is NOT in a flood zone. This home is awaiting that certain touch from the newest buyer.
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2017 NY Emmy Award Winner: Holding on to Sea Gate after Hurricane Sandy | #BHeard
2017 NY Emmy Award winner in the ENVIRONMENT category. “I’m hanging on to something I don’t think I can hang on to.” - Sal from Sea Gate Our coastal communities in Brooklyn and throughout the Tri-state area could be facing big challenges if we don't start acting now. This video is from BRIC TV— the first 24/7 television channel created by, for, and about Brooklyn. It is the borough's source for local news, Brooklyn culture, civic affairs, music, arts, sports, and technology. BRIC TV features programming produced and curated by BRIC, an arts and media nonprofit located in Downtown Brooklyn, NYC. Watch more Brooklyn-centric content from BRIC TV: Check out more from BRIC: https://www.youtube.com/BRICTV Connect with us: http://www.facebook.com/BRICTV http://Twitter.com/BRICTV http://Instagram.com/BRICTV http://BRICartsmedia.org/BRICTV
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USS NY (LPD 21) Builders Sea Trials
Official USS NY footage of the builder sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico. Video Credit: Northrop Grumman
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Aquarium of Niagara & Sea Lion Show Best Visuals - Niagara Falls NY
Aquarium of Niagara is a must see after visiting Niagara falls hot spots. Located just a few blocks away from Niagara Falls State Park, the Aquarium of Niagara has educational exhibits that encourage animal conservation and the highest quality of animal care. Apart from exotic fish species and penguins the Sea Lion show keep tourists entralled. Audio Acknowledgements 1. Joy To The World by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ 2.8bit Dungeon Boss - Video Classica by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200067 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Hurricane Sandy Brooklyn, NY - Coney Island, Sea Gate and Sheepshead Bay
My friend and I drove around video taping the horrible disaster that hit Coney Island, Sheepshead Bay and Sea Gate community in Brooklyn, NY the morning after Hurricane Sandy I decided to post it on YouTube for the world to see what happened in our neighborhood.
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Mermaid Spa of Sea Gate, Brooklyn, NY, TV Story on City Weekends
American TV Story, City Weekends
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Weezer - Across The Sea @ Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY 12/18/2010 Pinkerton
Weezer - Across The Sea @ Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY 12/18/2010 Pinkerton
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NY sea
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Scattering Ashes at Sea Brooklyn, NY
Scattering ashes at sea in Brooklyn, New York We offer intimate family ash scattering memorial services at sea, comfortably accommodating up to six family members. We can also arrange to accommodate larger groups. Our basic fee is $650USD which includes the trip for up to six attendees, long stemmed roses and rose petals, refreshments, and a memorial certificate. We always strive to make each event a memorable experience for the family, and we adhere to all EPA guidelines. For more info visit our website or give us a call. www.scatteringashesnyc.com
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Sea Cliff, NY - 14 The Boulevard
Located 45 Minutes From Nyc In The Quaint Seaside Community Of Sea Cliff. Enjoy Perfect Beachfront Living On One Of Long Island's Premier Harbors. Offering Unobstructed Waterviews, Outside Dining Terrace W/Kitchen, Heated Saltwater Pool, Private Outdoor Shower & An Abundance Of Water Sports. Marina, Yacht Clubs & Restaurants Nearby. Eco Friendly & Maintenance Free More info: http://www.danielgale.com/daniel-gale-videos.html?wm_video_id=eg27de33af84l5q
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Martin Garrix feat. Khalid - Ocean (Official Video)
Martin Garrix feat. Khalid - Ocean Listen / Download: http://stmpd.co/MKOCID ♫ No Sleep with Bonn is out now: http://stmpd.co/MGBNSID My new track Ocean featuring Khalid is out now on STMPD RCRDS. Let me know what you think of it in the comments! 🌊 Click on subtitles to turn lyrics on/off. Subscribe to my channel: http://stmpd.co/MGYTSID Subscribe to STMPD RCRDS: http://stmpd.co/YTSID Follow Martin Garrix: Facebook: http://facebook.com/MartinGarrix Twitter: http://twitter.com/MartinGarrix Instagram: http://instagram.com/MartinGarrix YouTube: http://youtube.com/MartinGarrix Follow Khalid Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegreatkhalid/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/thegreatkhalid Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegr8khalid/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkntT5Je5DDopF70YUsnuEQ Follow STMPD RCRDS YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/stmpdrcrds Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STMPDRCRDS/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stmpdrcrds/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/stmpdrcrds Spotify: http://stmpd.co/ST50SPID #Ocean #Garrix #Khalid #MartinGarrix #Martin Directed by Damian Karsznia Creative Direction: Jasper Suyk Production design: Gabe Fraboni Producer: Black Lake Cinematography: Till Schlimann & Keenan Lynch Steadicam OP: Julian Lomaga 1st AC: Micheal Narimalla 2nd AC: Jeff Kaczmarek Gaffer: Dallas Suess Scenic: Digital Canaries Edit: Damian Karsznia Grading: Erik @deGrot VFX: Dylan Luijten
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The Sea and Cake at Elsewhere, Bushwick, NY
Recorded on May 16th 2018
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St. Seraphim Memorial Church to the Reunification | Sea Cliff, NY
PRODUCED BY: Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese www.eadiocese.org This video is available in Russian - смотрите русскую верчию здесь: http://youtu.be/R8ufopMHC6w On Wednesday, August 1, on the feast of the Finding of the Relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, the First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, His Eminence Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York, celebrated the Divine Liturgy in St. Seraphim's Church in Sea Cliff, NY, on the occasion of the parish's patronal feast. In accordance with the resolution of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad of June 14, 2012, St. Seraphim's Church received the status of a Memorial Church to the restoration of the fullness of brotherly communion and unity within the Russian Orthodox Church. The church's frescoes are to be dedicated to the entire 1000-year path of the Russian Orthodox Church, from the Christianization of Russia to the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion. Work continues on the frescoes.
White Sea - NYC Loves You - Baby's All Right - Brooklyn NY - 6-6-2014
White Sea performs "NYC Loves You" at Baby's All Right - Brooklyn. 6-6-2014.
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