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tutorial guitar secret smile semisonic
sencillo tutorial para esta bonita canción!!!
Views: 8735 Alex Zamudio
Semisonic - Secret smile - version #1
A simplified version of this track to try tou
Views: 17200 Michael Tonge
Semisonic - Secret Smile
Music video by Semisonic performing Secret Smile. (C) 1998 UMG Recordings, Inc.
Views: 8711483 SemisonicVEVO
Semisonic - Secret Smile (Acoustic Guitar Cover By Leandro)
Semisonic - Secret Smile (Acoustic Guitar Cover By Leandro) One thing i wanna is that you have fun whatching this, i don't care if u like or not please coment SUBSCRIBE ME
Views: 22922 SuperLeandro24
Secret Smile (lyrics) - Semisonic
Jolle? energy rocket rocky your life ♥:D hope u like it :)
Views: 1702223 Kristin Ke.
Secret Smile Acoustic Cover (Guitar) - By Kayley Hughes
Hey YouTube! Im back with another song. This one was originally done by Semisonic! I absolutely LOVE this song and have done for a long time. But I recorded this as a request from my facebook page! I thought this song just suited the guitar more than the piano. DISCLAIMER : I do not play guitar. I learned it just for this song...So go easy on me! :) Hope you enjoy! Comment, like, subscribe and share please! Kayley x
Views: 14237 Kayley Hughes
Secret Smile - Semisonic Cover
Here's my effort at a cover of Secret Smile - Semisonic. Really like this song I hope i've done it justice! Cheers
Views: 8314 borrowingdrake
Semisonic - Closing Time
Music video by Semisonic performing Closing Time. (C) 1999 Geffen Records
Views: 75452858 SemisonicVEVO
Semisonic - Secret Smile acoustic cover
me playing secret smile on the acoustic guitar
Views: 12874 Giannis Berdelis
Semisonic- DND (cover)
When I was younger, I thought this was about dungeons & dragons. 😑
Views: 790 melissa bridi
Closing Time - Semisonic Guitar Cover for Beginner Playing by [Musicdrawing]
[email protected] Subscribe - https://youtu.be/addme/WyyiQgohFht9eheRTyRlGlWKT1M_eQ Watch our simple tutorial for beginner guitar players. Video includes a breakdown of the chords used with a beginner stroke style, full guitar chord chart showing finger placement and a complete run through of the taught song accompanied by the original piece. Please feel free to request any songs you would like to see being taught by commenting on this video. Please 'like' our videos and hit subscribe to keep up to date with our newest video releases. Five or more new songs will be added to our channel every week! Enjoy learning guitar with MusicDrawing!
Views: 8 MusicDrawing
2015_178 Singing In My Sleep (Semisonic cover)
Yeah, I'm wearing the same thing I wore two nights ago. Guess what? I don't care. Disclaimer: At some point, I decided to play and upload about 1 song per week in 2015, in an effort to get me to sing/play more regularly and get better. I don't claim to be a great singer or guitar player. This is for my own personal enjoyment. If anyone else sees this, just know that it wasn't my intention to ruin this song for you. Sorry for butchering it.
Views: 631 Euge416
Luana Garrido - Secret Smile (Semisonic)
I know there's something sacred and free reserverd... and received by me, only.
semisonic intro for chuck
guitar lick from semisonic's california
Views: 2172 jrlugay
Semisonic Secret Smile Ukulele cover
This one's for David.
Views: 773 jhasamster
Secret Smile Acoustic Cover
Hello Youtube! I know I have been a bit slack with the videos lately but now I am all settled in my new flat I am right back at it! So to start off 2018, here is a little cover of Secret Smile by Semisonic. I love discovering songs I've never heard before and this one actually came about from watching someone cover it onThe Voice. You got a Secret Smile ... x
Views: 263 Vicki Manser
DND - Semisonic Cover
This one was requested by my roomie's friend. Apparently, they're going to stalk me while I'm back in Hawaii. Haha. Scary! I messed up a bit at the end, but I hope you enjoy this one, mysterious stalker friend! Don't forget to watch in high quality! Chords can be found here as tabbed by someone else: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/s/semisonic/dnd_ver2_crd.htm
Views: 5024 morwenangel
Closing Time - Semisonic (cover)
YEP! This song is in no way, shape or form mine, it's by the band Semisonic. I planned on doing this one forever ago but I forgot but then Jake made a music video for it and rekindled my inspiration. It's not very good, but whatever! I hope you like it :)
Views: 828 MaddieMyspace
Semisonic - Secret Smile feat Karina
O violão não está em sua melhor forma... mas antes de gravar direito pois, agora somente em fevereiro... estou deixando uma musica aki pra vc meu amor... 😊 Obrigado pela forca... por tudo. Dedico a vc. Espero que gostem.
Views: 166 Karina Tavares
Secret Smile - Semisonic (with lyrics)
Secret Smile is a song recorded by the American alternative rock band Semisonic. It was recorded in 1997 but was released in June 1999. One of my favorite song, hope you also will like it.
Views: 1781 Shaheryar Ahmed
Secret Smile - Semisonic Cover
I was listen to that song and I've thought "I should record that!"... So, that is it! It was a fast job, so, I'm sorry about anything wrong on the video. Another semisonic at my voice, just it. Hope you like it!
Views: 25818 Romero Santos
Secret smile (Semisonic) ukulele cover
Ukudaily day 161
Views: 749 Neil Starr
Closing Time - Semisonic (Cover)
Download this cover for free here! :) - http://www.mediafire.com/?bd05af0b5j5aayc This is a cover of the song Closing Time by Semisonic. It is a cover of the Alex Goot and Chad Sugg version- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXVX2ZMq2YQ I have finished school for the year so there is lots more videos coming soon! Please 'like' this and subscribe! Peace :D -Thanks to Hadley for filming! :D __________________________ 'Closing Time' - originally by Semisonic Written by: Dan Wilson Published by: WB Music Corp
Views: 12580 Alex Mackenzie
Closing Time - Semisonic (cover)
Photo by the lovely Portia Hunt taken at Music in the Mill 2012. Love this song! Like fo reallllllll. The 90's were better because of this band. Go Semisonic! Hope you enjoy, like/dislike... subscribe, share, favourite and all that jazz. Peace out HOMIEZ xoxoxox
Views: 12469 Gwen Harris
(831) Zachary Scot Johnson Secret Smile Semisonic Cover thesongadayproject Dan Wilson Feeling Fine
Singer/ songwriter Zachary Scot Johnson ( www.zacharyscotjohnson.com ) performs a cover of Dan Wilson's "Secret Smile" on day 831 of thesongadayproject. Semisonic Minneapolis
Views: 2510 thesongadayproject
Secret Smile
My contribution to Song Writing Circle for February 2015
Views: 158 blushingnatal15
Gone to the Movies - Semisonic (cover)
Cover of "Gone to the Movies" by Semisonic. A vastly underrated song IMO.
Views: 4382 shackjack33
Semisonic - Closing time
Standard tuning G - D5 - A5 - C5 use barre chords
Views: 6816 Marc Lévesque
Semisonic Closing Time for Solo guitar
A simple guitar arrangement I made while nostalging on some 90's guitar pop, on a rainy sunday evening. Also Includes a part of Secret Smile. And some stream of conciousness.
Views: 1847 lopsided75
Secret smile the sweet miguelitos  for fun fest.1080p
secret smile (semisonic) for fun artist the sweet miguelitos .
Views: 67 dwaranaproject
Semisonic - Singing In My Sleep
Music video by Semisonic performing Singing In My Sleep. (C) 1998 UMG Recordings, Inc.
Views: 1619568 SemisonicVEVO
Cover of Semisonic  - Closeing Time by JT Unplugged.wmv
My step son Josh doing a cover song of Semisonics "Closeing Time"
Views: 566 Phillip Bunch
Closing Time - Semi Sonic (cover)
Hopefully I didn't mess up this song too much.... anyways, enjoy, like, and subscribe.
Views: 3531 CookieMonsterLove675
Gone to the movies - Semisonic (Shaun Jansen Cover)
Here's a cover of a song i used to listen to when i was much younger. It’s one of those gems of a track you find at the end of a CD; loved listening to this on my discman (when’s the last time you heard that word!?!) and after the last chord rings, the silence you’re left with is thunderously wonderful. Trying a vertical video on this one...
Views: 152 Shaun Jansen
Secret Smile - William Katt
one of my fave rare classic love song.. this is for u canim...seni seviyorum
Views: 107032 Rose Lan
DND - Semisonic (Cover)
Canção simples e perfeita!
rascal flatts Joedon Secret Smile
Mohegan sun 11-2-08
Views: 164 Janelmant
Gone to the Movies
Testing out the new camera and I thought I would record this one again. This is my take on one of my favorite Semisonic songs from the album "Feeling Strangely Fine". Its a VERY underrated album. If you haven't heard it, be sure to check it out!
Views: 1864 MusicMidas
Secret Smile -Gali Yechiam (Cover)
Secret Smile - Semisonic Vocals & Guitar by Gali Yechiam Piano by Matan Hamish
Views: 1815 GaliYechiam
Chemistry by Semisonic
9/30! I really like this band...
Views: 196 Kevin Knowles
Closing Time--Semisonic (Cover)
A kind of average cover of the song "Closing Time" by Semisonic. If you have any comments, thoughts, criticisms,wild rantings or complements, please leave them in the comments box. For everything else send it to [email protected] .
Views: 2101 Jake Kauffman
04/30/2015 - Semisonic/Closing Time - Guitar Tab
My girlfriend is learning how to play the guitar. We decided that I will write down a riff per day for her to learn, in a notebook. These videos are pretty much just for her to have something to look at along with the notebook. I made the videos public anyway though. Sorry about the volume in this video. I needed to turn down my amp. I'm sure she will let me know what's wrong with the video/notebook and I will change formatting over time. I can play by ear just fine and can transcribe. But for the sake of time I will be using the website "http://plus.ultimate-guitar.com/" to speed along the process. So whenever there is tabs at the bottom of the screen, they will be from that website, unless otherwise noted.
Views: 240 Richard Strothman
Closing Time
A cover of Semisonic's "Closing Time"
Views: 13565 smalltowntim
Steve performs Chemistry
Me playing Chemistry by Semisonic.
Views: 3222 steveytguitar
DND - Semisonic (Jessica Clements Cover)
My cover of Semisonic's 'DND'. Thank you.
Views: 3643 Jessica Clements
Semisonic - Closing Time (Target Cover)
For one final goodbye to our store, a few talented team members allowed me to film them singing Closing Time. A testament to their talent, they did this with no practice. Shot in one take with a Canon Rebel T4i and lots of improvisation thrown in! Vocals - Liam McDonald Guitar - Kyle Vanderberg Drums - Evan Holbein Grips - Liam Kelly and Brady Zomer Videographer - Eric Deibert
Views: 468475 Caged Productions
singing in my sleep semisonic cover
okay why hasn't anyone covered this song yet? its such a great song! well at least i can say im the first (ha!) LYRICS: Got your tape and it changed my mind Heard your voice in between the lines Come around from another time Where nobody ever goes All alone on the overpass Wired and phoned to a heart of glass Now I'm falling in love too fast With you or the songs you chose And all the stars Play for me Say the promise you long to keep I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep I've been living in your cassette It's the modern equivalent Singing up to a capulet On a balcony in your mind In the city the lion sleeps Pray to sony my soul to keep Were you ever so bright and sweet Did you ever look so nice And all the sounds Dream for me Dive me down in a soul so deep I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep I can hear you sing it to me in my sleep
Views: 9472 xxxbloodxxx64
"Chemistry" by Tyla Roxburgh (Semisonic Cover)
A cover of Semisonic's "Chemistry", people need to learn more about this band in my opinion.
Views: 345 RoxxerRecords

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