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Camper Shell/Truck Topper Lift Support Replacement
Here is how to measure your old lift supports so you order new ones. If your lift supports are missing then I also show what to measure on your back glass so you can find a replacement. There are several places to buy these online or you can go to most parts stores and look them up in the catalog. I just went on to amazon and looked for 12" lift support and several options showed up. Just have to read the item description to find the correct lift rating for your purpose. I used two of the 24lb lift support for the back glass on my toyota pickup camper shell. Some people call the lift supports gas struts in case you can't find what your looking for. Here is a link to the gas struts I used - https://amzn.to/2nNHVI1
Sheffer Cylinder Product Configurator
Today, customers simply plug in their parameters and criteria to instantly locate and download the parts they need. Get the inside scoop: https://goo.gl/V65x8F ______________________ PARTsolutions, LLC, a global provider of 3D part catalogs for manufacturers and enterprises, and Sheffer Corporation, a leading cylinder manufacturer, today announce the completion of a 3D part catalog and interactive configurator, which are combining to substantially increase sales, while drastically shortening the design cycles of its customers. See the full story: https://goo.gl/V65x8F See the CAD configurator: https://www.sheffercorp.com/ Learn more about 3D CAD catalogs: https://partsolutions.com/ecatalogsolutions/ ______________________ For new episode updates, subscribe here: https://goo.gl/kz5cV8 Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PARTsolutions Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PARTsolutionsUSA/ Find out more about CADENAS PARTsolutions: https://partsolutions.com/
IKEA - FLOTTEBO - Convertible
Découvrez comment déplier et ranger le convertible FLOTTEBO IKEA. Pour plus d'informations: http://www.ikea.com/be/fr/catalog/products/S29222232?cid=be%7Csm%7Corganic%7CYouTube%7Cvideo_fr%7Csofabeds
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How to open up an old pocket watch case, screw on and snap on
I think I covered all of the different types of cases. If I see you use a sharp knife to open a case I will slap you silly. To win nothing name the maker of each watch. Answer might be listed if I watch this video again because right now I don't remember the makers names. This video performed by an amateur. Do not attempt at home. No watches were harmed in the making of this video. For entertainment only.
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50V To 290V 5000 Watt Manual Stabilizer transformer coil Winding Easy At Home. YT- 66
50V To 290V 5000 Watt Manual Stabilizer transformer coil Winding Easy At Home. JSB ELECTRIC- | Layer Paper Cutting |. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUHSDHrh8GE How To Assemble Fibre Bobin. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi8Y41jSv0A
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Easier-than-ever DIY Murphy Bed Hardware Kit
If you're a little tight on space, a fold-down Murphy Bed is a great way to help a room do double duty – home office, workout room or crafting area by day and bedroom by night. Rockler's new Murphy Bed Hardware Kits make it easier than ever for you to build a comfortable, durable Murphy Bed to get the most out of your living space. Learn more: http://www.rockler.com/hardware/bed-hardware
ACETips - What data is required to size a Gas Spring?
This video shows you what data is required to size a Gas Spring.
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Table Lift Legs  - The PLUS
There are many health benefits to having a functional workspace. A few advantages of having the correct sitting or standing position while working are improved focus, circulation, breathing, and back pain relief. Our Table Lift Legs contribute to these benefits and are a great option for a flexible workspace. The PLUS: • Retrofit an existing desk without making any holes • Very mobile - No wires! • Gas piston technology with lever • Easy to operate with 15 height adjustments For more information or to purchase, please visit: http://www.outwater.com/lg_display.cfm/catalog/2016_Master_Catalog/page/E-3a?refresh=yes Visit us online: http://www.outwater.com Follow us on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/outwaterplastic/ Outwater Industries. Serving professional industries for more than 40 years.
Tool And Die Distributor Saint Charles MO - Champion Tools
Champion Tools is your tool and die distributor Company in Saint Charles, Missouri. http://www.champion-dietool.com Champion Tools is the North American distributor of the Steinel Normalien ultra precision DIN/ISO standard Die Components for the Stamping and Mold industries. With over 50 years in business! Champion Tools offers German quality precision METRIC manufactured components such as ball and roller cages, guide posts, punches, die springs, gas springs, die sets and many other tools and die products. Download our complete online die component catalogs available in METRIC sizes. These components are guaranteed interchangeable with competitors of same size. Champion Tools also offers and many of other industrial tools such as the amazing, 3-in-1 Wonder Gun and industrial equipment. Champion Tools, LLC originally was established in 1959, St. Louis MO, as Custom Tool & Die. This family owned shop supported machining, Die and mold making activities for companies in and around the Midwest. In the early days the company was involved in the mockup and mold making of the F4 Phantom fighter jet when it was in the design stage. There were over 5000 F4's built before the line was retired. Since then the company has been involved with many aspects of aerospace manufacturing programs. Our including fixturing and tooling for the F15 line, F18 programming and machining as well as many other manufacturing activities. We provide service to our customer in the area of USA, Mexico, and Canada.
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Joi Lansing on TV: American Model, Film & Television Actress, Nightclub Singer
Joi Lansing (April 6, 1928 -- August 7, 1972) was an American model, film and television actress, as well as a nightclub singer. She was noted for her pin-up photos and minor roles in B-movies. More Joi: https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=tra0c7-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=fef48c9417e792bf0218216419fbd463&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=dvd&keywords=joi%20lansing Lansing's film career began in 1948, and, in 1952, she played an uncredited role in MGM's Singin' in the Rain. She received top billing in Hot Cars (1956). In the opening sequence of Orson Welles's Touch of Evil (1958), she appeared as Zita, the dancer who dies at the end of the famous first tracking shot, during which her character exclaims to a border guard, "I keep hearing this ticking noise inside my head!" Lansing had a brief role as an astronaut's girlfriend in the 1958 sci-fi classic Queen of Outer Space. During the 1960s, she starred in short musical films for the Scopitone video-jukebox system. Her songs included "The Web of Love" and "The Silencers". In the 1964, producer Stanley Todd discussed a film project with Lansing tentatively titled Project 22 with location shooting planned in Yugoslavia and George Hamilton and Geraldine Chaplin named to the cast. The movie was never made. Lansing played "Lola" in Marriage on the Rocks (1965) with a cast that included Frank Sinatra, Deborah Kerr, and Dean Martin. She had previously appeared in Sinatra's film A Hole in the Head and in Martin's comedy Who Was That Lady?. She denied the chance to replace Jayne Mansfield in The Ice House, a horror film, and instead appeared in Hillbillys in a Haunted House, as Mamie Van Doren's replacement. Her last film was Bigfoot (1970). Lansing appeared in The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, It's a Great Life, I Love Lucy, Where's Raymond?, Noah's Ark, State Trooper, Bat Masterson, This Man Dawson, Maverick, The Mothers-in-Law, and had a recurring role in The Beverly Hillbillies. She is best known perhaps as Shirley Swanson in The Bob Cummings Show or Love That Bob (1956--1959). She appeared in several episodes as a busty model who was the foil for photographer Cummings. The series ran for 173 episodes. She also appeared as the title character in Superman's Wife, a 1958 episode of The Adventures of Superman. What was possibly Lansing's best role may ironically have been her least-seen—as the leading lady in The Fountain of Youth, a Peabody Award-winning unsold television pilot directed by Orson Welles for Desilu in 1956 and broadcast once for the Colgate Theatre two years later. The half-hour film remains available for public viewing at the Paley Center for Media in New York City and Los Angeles. In the 1960--1961 season of the NBC Western Klondike, Lansing appeared as Goldie with Ralph Taeger, James Coburn, and Mari Blanchard. In May 1963, Lansing appeared in Falcon Frolics '63. The broadcast honored the men stationed at the Vandenberg Air Force Base. By 1956, she had appeared in more than 200 television shows. She appeared in five episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies in the role of "Gladys Flatt," the unlikely glamorous wife of bluegrass musician Lester Flatt. She named Ozzie Nelson as possessing the greatest sex appeal of any actor with whom she worked. The two played a love scene in a Fireside Theater drama. The show was hosted by Jane Wyman. Lansing was sometimes referred to as television's Marilyn Monroe. Lansing broke into night club entertaining in 1965. She had taken up singing during an actors strike in the early 1960s. In May 1965, Lansing cut her first record album. It was composed of a collection of songs written especially for her by composer Jimmie Haskel and actress Stella Stevens. Lansing performed in the Fiesta Room in Las Vegas, Nevada, in July 1966. Featured on the bill were Red Buttons and Jayne Mansfield. In 1972 Joi Lansing died from breast cancer at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California where she had initially been treated surgically for the disease earlier the same year. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joi_Lansing
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Words at War: Soldier To Civilian / My Country: A Poem of America
Russell Wheeler Davenport (1899—April 19, 1954) was an American publisher and writer. Davenport was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the son of Russell W. Davenport, Sr., a vice president of Bethlehem Steel, and Cornelia Whipple Farnum. He served with the U.S. Army in World War I and received the Croix de Guerre. He then enrolled at Yale University and graduated in 1923, where he was classmate of Henry Luce and Briton Hadden, who founded Time magazine. While at Yale he became a member of the secret society Skull and Bones. In 1929, he married the writer Marcia Davenport; they divorced in 1944. He joined the editorial staff of Fortune magazine in 1930 and became managing editor in 1937. At age forty-one, he turned to politics and became a personal and political advisor to Wendell Willkie. Willkie was the Republican nominee for the 1940 presidential election and lost the election to Franklin D. Roosevelt. After Willkie's death in 1944, Davenport became a defacto leader of the internationalist Republicans. Following World War II, he was on the staff of Life and Time until 1952. His book The Dignity of Man was published posthumously in 1955. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Davenport
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