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GoodVibes Radioshow на Megapolis FM Каждое воскресенье 13:00- 14:00 https://vk.com/goodvibesbrand
GoodVibes Radioshow на Megapolis FM Каждое воскресенье 13:00- 14:00 https://vk.com/goodvibesbrand Vibes!
Trudebwoiz @ Blazin Show
Trudebwoiz Cartel @ Blazin Show (Мегаполис ФМ)
Views: 5008 Arseniy Grobovnikov
VJ Constantin 13.10.17 LADY WAKS + ALL STARS DJ's @ ЛЕС МОСКВА
VJ Constantin BREAK-BOX Session: Episode1 ➤ LADY WAKS [In Beat We Trust ] (Санкт-Петербург) & MC STEPPA STYLE [Good VIbes] ➤ PROFIT [Bassland show @ DFM] ➤ PROFIT [Ruff Cutz show @Megapolis FM] ➤ MISS MANTS [In Beat We Trust Music] (EST) ➤ DETACH [Break-Box Recs] (Хабаровск) ➤ VANILLA SKILLZ [Break-Box Recs] ➤ CASH [Megapolis FM, Break-Box Recs] ➤ F-WORD [Break-Box Recs] ➤ VALERIE [Break-Box Recs] (Калининград)
MR. KINGSTON [ good vibes ] Megapolis 89.5 fm @ Pioneer DJ TV | Moscow
MR. KINGSTON [ good vibes ] Megapolis 89.5 fm @ Pioneer DJ TV | Moscow Promo: https://vk.com/kingston | https://instagram.com/kingston_days Pioneer DJ TV: http://fb.com/pioneerdjtv | http://instagram.com/pioneerdjtv Pioneer DJ School: http://pioneerdjschool.ru #pioneerdjtv #pioneerdj #megapolisfm #mrkingston #goodvibes
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Steppa Style & The Stereodrop - Good Vibes [Live] | #НИХЕРАСЕ
Live - версия композиции "Good Vibes" от участников 4 сезона #НИХЕРАСЕ Steppa Style & The Stereodrop. #НИХЕРАСЕ 4 сезон: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-K8NA6-bvk9Id70PXzKk6ckKmwp3OeL 3 сезон: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-K8NA6-bvn1JGUOWWKpQUoA8BJPQtVS 2 сезон: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-K8NA6-bvkPwR_sMF95u1tMjAbbuYBN 1 сезон: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD-K8NA6-bvnYMjtoX5WbL4rM5dw44zmb -------------------- Ссылки на соц сети: Steppa Style https://www.instagram.com/originalsteppa/ https://soundcloud.com/steppa-style https://vk.com/steppastyle The Stereodrop https://www.instagram.com/stereodrop https://vk.com/stereodrop #НИХЕРАСЕ: https://vk.com/hixepace -------------------- Предложения и сотрудничество: KWANZA https://instagram.com/kwanzaofficial https://vk.com/kwanzaofficial -------------------- Copyright © 2018 by KWANZA inc. | All Rights Reserved
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NZ Selector Live @ Good Vibes Radio Show / Megapolis 89.5 Fm, Moscow, Russia, 25.06.2017
On June 25 NZ Selector was on the first live broadcast of Good Vibes Radio Show. The air was held in the studio of radio Megapolis 89'5 FM - Moscow. This radio is one of the few in our country that supports non-commercial music directions, for which they have a great respect from the underground community. Thank you Steppa Style and Kirill Kingston for the invitation, I was very happy to be the first live guest, I wish you many interesting broadcasts and tons of followers! For Bookings – fb.com/nzselector Tracklist: 1 No More Trouble (with Erykah Badu) by Bob Marley 2 Michael Exodus - Forward by Michael Exodus 3 Michael Exodus - Be Wise by Michael Exodus 4 Freedom (Malone Rootikal Remix) by Ackboo 5 Teldem Com'Unity - Rockers (Ondubground remix) by ONDUBGROUND 6 Bob Marley's Is this Love (Dubmatix Re-Versioned) by Dubmatix 7 For you i cry - Nish Wadadda by Dubcreator feat Judah Eskender Tafari & Nish Wadadda 8 Crying Dub by Dubcreator feat Judah Eskender Tafari 9 FROM EAST TO WEST by JahYu 10 Legacy by JahYu 11 Stepperstyle by Kanka 12 Digitalizer Dub (Original Mix) by Radikal Guru 13 Sound System feat. Cian Finn (Original Mix) by Radikal Guru, Cian Finn 14 22 Tertham by Jungle Weed 15 Panda Dub - Axion Esti (Ondubground remix) by ONDUBGROUND 16 Purple Trip by Panda Dub
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Steppa Style, Lady N and NZ Selector - Vybez Lab 2011 invitation | Pullup.ru
Приглашение на Vybez Lab - Dancehall Session в Санкт-Петербурге. http://pullup.ru/2011/04/23-04-11-vybz-lab-dancehall-session/
Views: 3167 NZselector
NZ Selector & MC Steppa Style, стенд Allen&Heath, Музыка Москва 2010
Из-за мощных басов звук записался не очень хорошо.
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Stepa Marsel feat  Ron May - Танцуй, Планета (Radio Edit)
*If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact ([email protected]) and it will be deleted immediately (this includes artists of the images used).
Views: 3825 Eimantas Petrauskis
11.03.17 - Nikita Zabelin (трип) @ The BOX by Primorskaya (Сочи)
11 МАРТА в The BOX by Primorskaya новая культурная ступень танцевальной жизни города Сочи. Гость мероприятия - NIKITA ZABELIN. Nikita Zabelin - артист лейбла трип, ведущий радио программы Резонанс, резидент ARMA17, искатель и селектор конвульсивной красоты "нового техно". Вход 500 руб. По гостевому листу вход до 01:00 - бесплатный. Телефон: 8 (862) 2-608-500. Адрес: Приморская Набережная 11 (к морю от библиотеки А.C. Пушкина) #theboxsochi
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Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. (Skrillex Remix) [Official Audio]
Kendrick Lamar - Humble (Skrillex Remix) [Official Audio] Watch the official audio video for Skrillex’s remix of “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar Download/stream: http://smarturl.it/HUMBLESKRILLEX Spotify: http://smarturl.it/HUMBLESKRILLEX/spotify iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HUMBLESKRILLEX/itunes Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/HUMBLESKRILLEX/applemusic Google Play: http://smarturl.it/HUMBLESKRILLEX/googleplay Amazon mp3: http://smarturl.it/HUMBLESKRILLEX/amazonmusicbuy Follow Skrillex: http://fb.com/skrillex http://twitter.com/skrillex http://instagram.com/skrillex http://soundcloud.com/skrillex http://skrillex.com Follow Kendrick Lamar: http://fb.com/kendricklamar http://twitter.com/kendricklamar http://instagram.com/kendricklamar http://soundcloud.com/kendrick-lamar-... http://kendricklamar.com http://txdxe.com Ayy, I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances Finesse a nigga with some counterfeits, but now I’m countin' this Parmesan where my accountant lives; in fact, I'm downin’ this D'USSÉ with my boo bae tastes like Kool-Aid for the analysts Girl, I can buy yo' ass the world with my paystub Ooh, that pussy good, won't you sit it on my taste bloods? I get way too petty once you let me do the extras Pull up on your block, then break it down: we playin' Tetris A.M. to the P.M., P.M. to the A.M., funk Piss out your per diem, you just gotta hate 'em, funk If I quit your BM, I still ride Mercedes, funk If I quit this season, I still be the greatest, funk My left stroke just went viral Right stroke put lil' baby in a spiral Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note It's levels to it, you and I know Bitch, be humble (hol’ up, bitch) (hol’ up, bitch) (hol’ up, bitch) (hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up) Sit down (hol’ up) Be humble Sit down (hol’ up) Be humble Sit down (hol’ up) Be humble Sit down (hol’ up, hol’ up, hol' up) Who dat nigga thinkin' that he frontin' on Man-Man? (Man-Man) Get the fuck off my stage, I'm the Sandman (Sandman) Get the fuck off my dick, that ain't right I make a play fucking up your whole life I'm so fuckin' sick and tired of the Photoshop Show me somethin' natural like afro on Richard Pryor Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks Still will take you down right on your mama's couch in Polo socks Ayy, this shit way too crazy, ayy, you do not amaze me, ayy I blew cool from AC, ayy, Obama just paged me, ayy I don't fabricate it, ayy, most of y'all be fakin', ayy I stay modest 'bout it, ayy, she elaborate it, ayy This that Grey Poupon, that Evian, that TED Talk, ayy Watch my soul speak, you let the meds talk, ayy If I kill a nigga, it won't be the alcohol, ayy I'm the realest nigga after all Bitch, be humble (hol’ up, bitch) (hol’ up, bitch) (hol’ up) (hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up) Sit down (hol’ up) Be humble Sit down (hol’ up) Be humble Sit down (hol’ up, hol' up) Be humble Sit down (hol’ up, hol’up, hol’ up, hol' up) #skrillex #humble #remix
Views: 38361932 Skrillex
Нейромонах Феофан — Притоптать | Neuromonakh Feofan
Установи себе рингтон али рингбэктон! Билайн http://myprivet.beeline.ru/artist/47607 Теле2 http://old.gudok.tele2.ru/artist/47607 МТС http://goodok.mts.ru/artist-profile?name=Нейромонах МТС код 698011834 на номер 9505 Билайн код 002913 на номер 0770 Мегафон код 230707 на номер 7790 Tele2 код 152869 на номер 0550 Приобрести песню в Google Play: https://goo.gl/LevzEv Приобрести песню в iTunes: https://goo.gl/f0EOit Приобрести песню в формате FLAC: http://goo.gl/Q84RGs __________ 🔥 Организация концертов в РФ и СНГ: [email protected] 🔥 International booking THE FLAMING ARTS AGENCY [email protected] __________ Follow us IG instagram.com/neurofeofan VK vk.com/neurofeofan FB facebook.com/neurofeofan OK ok.ru/neurofeofan TG t.me/neurofeofan
Mr.Kingston /ragga-jungle/ @ Pioneer DJ TV | Moscow
Mr.Kingston /ragga-jungle/ @ Pioneer DJ TV | Moscow Promo: vk.com/kingston | instagram.com/kingston_days | soundcloud.com/kirillkingston | promodj.com/Kingston Pioneer DJ TV: vk.com/pioneerdjtv | instagram.com/pioneerdjtv Pioneer DJ School: pioneerdjschool.ru | instagram.com/pioneerdjschool.ru #pioneerdjtv #pioneerdj #mrkingston
Views: 975 Pioneer DJ TV
Белка-Ленка ГОП electro style
породия на белку... смотри внимательно реклама ТУФЛЯ =) омск
Mr.Kingston - live mix @ Music Collection (22/08/2018)
Двенадцатый выпуск передачи "Музыкальная Коллекция". Old School Jungle сет от Mr.Kingston'a! Поддержи стримы донатом: http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/kirill_kingston или http://www.donationalerts.ru/c/kirill_kingston Подписывайтесь в официальный паблик: https://vk.com/musicollect Группа от которой ведутся стримы: https://vk.com/ragga_jungle_ru
Views: 108 kirillkingston
MIX RAGGA/JUNGLE -- Mr Kingston & Toni Picikato – Thе Fat Of Thе Junglе 11
A short mix by Mr. Kingston & Toni Picikato https://soundcloud.com/kirillkingston https://www.mixcloud.com/tonipicikato/ Tracklist: 1)Jacky Murda & Tuffist ft Levi Roots & Mikal Rose — Cool Me Off — 02 Cool Me Off (Chopstick Dubplate Remix) 2)Chopstick Dubplate — Girls Dem Dada 3)Dreadsquad ft. Million Stylez & Richie Riott — Gimmi Di Vapor (Marcus Visionary Remix) 4)Boombassbrothers — Notorious (Original Mix) 5)Ed Solo — Here I Come (Tribute Mix ft. Rubi Dan) 6)Deekline & Ed Solo — Hot This Year (Tribute Mix ft. Sandenoo) 7)Jinx In Dub — Amen In Session (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix) 8)Nico D & Turbulance — Inna Mi Draw (Serial Killaz Remix) 9)Unknown Artist — Steppin (Rollers Mix) 10)MothSystem — Digital Splash RMX 11)Aries & Gold Dubs meets Max Powa — Babylonman 12)I.B.P. — Hypnotic Sound (Original Mix) 13)I.B.P. — Brothers & Sisters Unite (Original Mix) 14)DJ L.A.B — Eradication (Kartoon Remix) 15)Bert H — Rewind
Views: 1471 BoMbOkL44T
FONAREV Novosibirsk Russia 22 feb 2017 // ALLFORDJ shop
ПОДПИШИСЬ НА КАНАЛ!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! youtube.com/lescosmonaut vk.com/lescosmos instagram: lescosmonaut #oldschool Владимир Фонарев в Новосибирске - Мастер-класс в музыкальном магазине ALLFORDJ
Mr.Kingston - live mix @ Music Collection (24/10/2018)
Двадцать первый выпуск стрима "Музыкальная Коллекция"! Mr.Kingston ставит новинки ragga-jungle/drum'n'bass из своих запасов. Поддержи стримы донатом: http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/kirill_kingston или http://www.donationalerts.ru/c/kirill_kingston Подписывайтесь в официальный паблик: https://vk.com/musicollect Группа от которой ведутся стримы: https://vk.com/ragga_jungle_ru
Views: 14 kirillkingston
VOLAC are a Russian duo creating vesves preforming music only for likeminded people who value the real deep and multifaceted sounds from the underground . nation club. You can listen the audio report from this performance here: VOLAC: .
Views: 117 Aaron Rival
Антоха МС и Ирина Ушакова - Танцуем )
Антоха мс в itunes https://vk.cc/6tlpBj Антоха МС в соцсетях: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/antohamc VK https://vk.com/antoha_mc Instagram https://www.instagram.com/antohamc/ Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/antohamc Bandcamp https://antohamc.bandcamp.com/ Website https://antohamc.ru Антоха МС и Ирина Ушакова (Думы думаем) Вся Музыка Антоха МС: antohamc.bandcamp.com Присоединяйтесь к нам : VK - http://vk.com/antoha_mc FB - https://www.facebook.com/antohamc WEB - antohamc.ru Contact : [email protected]
Views: 87841 Антоха МС

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