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TFA 45.2028 Hygrometer Thermometer
This is TFA 45.2028 Thermo/Hygrometer Made out of cheep plastic. Feels cheap. Case mesurements With 3.5cm Frame 1cm, dial windows 9,5 = total 11,5cm
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Ausprobiert: TFA Dostmann Cosy (Thermo-Hygrometer)
Luftfeuchtigkeit messen: Das Thermo-Hygrometer Cosy (30.5019) von TFA Dostmann im Test.
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Calibrating a dial hygrometer
A conservator demostrates the calibration of a dial hygrometer
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Hygrometer Calibration - "Accu-Temp Humidiguide"
Hygrometer Calibration - "Accu-Temp Humidiguide" -- Accu-Temp Humidiguide -- http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/accu-temp-humidiguide-0429471p.html#srp Hygrometer Calibrations -- (for methods, google Hygrometer Calibration) PureGuardian H965 Humidifier - Demonstration -- https://youtu.be/CyxPtdX-Nrk
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Testo 608-h1. Термогигрометр
Измеритель влажности, температуры и точки росы - Testo 608-H1. Описание прибора, режимы работы. Подробно о приборе смотрите на сайте: http://viva-telecom.org/7865/testo/608-h1/ Фотообзор прибора: http://viva-telecom.org/7865/testo/608-h1/review/
Weather Station - DSPIC33fj128gp802
Wireless Weather Station using a DSPIC33FJ128GP802 from Microchip. Video quality is a bit blurry, sorry for that, i have just finished implementing a smooth ticker scrolly message, looks a lot better than it was before, very jerky. Filmed using a Panasonic SDR-S70 Video Camera. Thanks for viewing.
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Calibrating a Digital Hygrometer
This video is going to demonstrate how to properly calibrate a brand new digital hygrometer using the salt test. Brought to you by http://www.goodfellascigars.com/ the source for everything relating to cigar tips, news, and reivews To BUY the Xikar hygrometer shown in this video go here http://www.goodfellascigars.com/store/category/hygrometers/ Follow us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/gaZw3y and Twitter: http://bit.ly/q1rBVF Also Subscribe to our channel! Post on this video: http://www.goodfellascigars.com/how-to-calibrate-a-digital-hygrometer/
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BeerBug WIFI Brew Monitor - Hydrometer and temp from anywhere
Wirelessly monitor your brew from home, work, travel, & more! Collect specific gravity & temperature in real time for close monitoring of your brew. Track your brew from the web, iOS, or Android app Compare your brewing data with other brewers from around the world. http://www.northernbrewer.com/beerbug
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How to Calibrate a Hygrometer
Hi I'm Kayla with http://www.cheaphumidors.com/ and today we are going to go over how to calibrate a hygrometer. We are looking at both analog and a digital hygrometer and you'll need to calibrate both. A lot of digitals will say that they are pre-calibrated in the factory, but we usually recommend that you do a quick calibration just to make sure. There are two main ways that we calibrate hygrometers. The first way is by far the easiest; it's using a one step calibration kit http://www.cheaphumidors.com/p_CALIBRATING-KIT.html, they're made by Boveda. They're zipper bags with a small humidipak inside, and you just put the hygrometer inside the bag and seal it up. You want to wait 8 to 12 hours and at the end of this time, the hygrometer should be reading 75%. If it's not, you just adjust it. So now, if you don't have a calibrating kit, it's not a problem. You can use what we call a salt test. For this method you will need a small bottle cap, regular table salt, a re-closable bag and regular water. All you need to do is fill the small bottle cap with about a tablespoon of salt and you're going to get the salt wet. You don't want salt water, you just want damp salt. So you have just pasty salt, and you put this inside your re-closable bag. Then you are going to add your hygrometer. You're going to make sure the sensors are clear and able to read the humidity levels. So for a digital, you have the sensors here so you want those facing up. For an analog, they can read from the back underneath the magnet or from the sides underneath the grommet. Those small holes allow it to read humidity so you want to make sure those are clear when you put it in the calibrating bag. So again, you put it in, seal it up, and wait 8 to 12 hours. At the end of that time it should be reading 75% and if it's not, then you need to adjust it. For a digital, you can adjust it using the adjustment knob. A lot of people will turn it and notice that there is no change. You need to turn it however many clicks to the right or left it needs to go up or down and then press the reset button. Once you press the reset button it will register the change. For an analog hygrometer, you can adjust it using the adjustment screw in the back. You'll need either a small screw driver or a small pocket knife and you just put it in and you'll notice that if you just hold it lightly and spin it around, the whole dial spins. So you want to put some pressure on the outside of the hygrometer and it will hold steady enough for you to adjust. So now after I have adjusted them, I usually put them back in the calibrating bag for another couple of hours just to make sure that the reading is now taking correct readings. After that you are all done and you're ready to put it in your humidor. This is Kayla with http://www.cheaphumidors.com/ and this is how to calibrate a hygrometer.
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barometer weather station no 4304.AVI
Xtr large barometer weather station. 10 year guarantee. $249.00 Decor Central 208 Dorset rd. Boronia www.decorcentral.com.au
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Technoline WS 8005 Funk-Wanduhr Thermometer Temperaturstation Proficell
- DCF-77 Funkuhr - 12/24 Stunden Display - Zeitzoneneinstellung: +12/-12h - Kalenderanzeige - Datums- und Wochentagsanzeige - Temperaturanzeige in °C oder °F - Kalenderanzeige in 7 Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, Dänisch, Niederländisch, Französisch, Spanisch - Mondphasenanzeige - Alarm mit Weckwiederholung - Als Wand- oder Tischgerät einsetzbar - Maße (LxBxH): 228 x 28 x 180 mm - Batterien: 2 x AA Mignon LR06
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How to Calibrate a Hygrometer
I forgot to mention in commentary that some models have a small screw that you can adjust to set it at 75% after you have done the test to set the hygrometer at the correct calibration. Send Me a $ tip PayPal.Me/mommymilestones
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Test TFA Dostmann Funkwetterstation Juno | TFA Wetterstation Juno Test | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
TFA Juno bei Amazon kaufen: http://hardwarekanal.de/juno Test TFA Dostmann Funkwetterstation Juno 35.1131.01 Wetterstation „Alexander Becker ist Teilnehmer des Partnerprogramms von Amazon EU, das zur Bereitstellung eines Mediums für Websites konzipiert wurde, mittels dessen durch die Platzierung von Werbeanzeigen und Links zu Amazon.de Werbekostenerstattung verdient werden kann." [MEIN EQUIPMENT] http://astore.amazon.de/hardwarekanal-astore-21 [FACEBOOK] https://www.facebook.com/hardwarekanal [BESUCH MICH] http://www.hardwarekanal.de [IMPRESSUM] http://www.nanokultur.de/impressum/ [HARDWAREKANAL BEI YOUTUBE] https://www.youtube.com/user/hardwarekanal [ABONNIERE MEIN KANAL] http://goo.gl/pwCcTU [WEITERSAGEN] Teile das Video mit deinen Freunden! Macht glücklich! [DAUMEN HOCH] Video gefällt dir? Daumen hoch bei Youtube! http://hardwarekanal.de/test-tfa-dostmann-funkwetterstation-juno-tfa-wetterstation-juno-test/ Test TFA Dostmann Funkwetterstation Juno | TFA Wetterstation Juno Test | ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0--CTnDq1vI IMPRESSUM | IMPRINT BEtrakon Online Marketing Agentur Inhaber / Owner: Alexander Becker Am Langhölzl 19 85540 Haar bei München Deutschland / Germany ✉ Mail: [email protected] ✆ Telefon / Telephone: +496987004641285 ✔ Website: https://betrakon.de/
All about hygrometer with Wolfgang Rudolph
Wolfgang Rudolph explains in this video to us what hygrometers are, very accurate devices and very inexpensive equipment for controlling the cold chain of your products, a few examples he shows like the PCE HT 71 or the Hygrometer PCE 310 and the Hygrometer PCE HT 110, three devices for the controlling of air humidity and temperature over longer periods. Further Information: https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/measuring-instruments/meters/thermometer-kat_41126_1.htm
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ExoTerra Digital Thermo-Hygrometer
Kyle tells us about how useful it is to have a digital thermometer and hygrometer all wrapped up in one! Check pricing and order at http://www.LLLReptile.com We're on Instagram! @LLLReptile Follow us on Facebook for updates, sales, coupons, and more! http://www.facebook.com/LLLReptile Sign up for our FREE online newsletter, the Reptile Times! http://www.TheReptileTimes.com
Kimo HD 100 Thermo Hygrometer Relative Humidity Dew Point Meter
http://www.aikencolon.com/kimo-hd-100-thermo-hygrometer The Kimo HD 100 is a multifunctional device which allows you to accurately measure relative humidity, temperature and dew point. Functions Dew point, relative humidity & ambient temperature measurements Units Selection (dew point & temperature) HOLD function Max & Min values Adjustable auto shut off Adjustable back light
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DT8220 Non-Contact Infrared IR Digital LCD Thermometer Mini Pen Type
DT8220 Non-Contact Infrared IR Digital LCD Thermometer Mini Pen Type °C/°FSelection Data keep the function Automatic shutdown function Low electricity display function Specifications: Unit of temperature: °C &°F Display: 3 1/2 digit on LCD display Temperature range: -50°C to 220°C or -58°F-428°F Accuracy: ±2% or 2°C Repeatability: 1% or 1°C Response time: 0.8 second Emissivity: 0.95 fixed Working environment: 0-50°C Relative humidity: 10%-95RH non-condensing Storage temperature: -20°C to 50°C Power supply: 2pcs AG13 cell buttons 1.5V each Distance spot ratio: 1:1 Recommended measuring distance: 10mm to 80mm Auto power off after 15 seconds if there is no other operation Size: 19x85mm Weight: 19g Notes: If the surface of an object measured is covered with frost, dust or other materials, surface cleaning must be performed before accurate measurement can be made. And if the surface of an object to be measured is highly reflective with a very low emissivity value, please apply masking tape or flat back paint to the surface to improve the accuracy of the measurement. Overall a nice little device and a good price, But not easy to change the batteries if you are not confident pulling things apart.
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Digitale Wetterstation [Thermometer / Hygrometer] [Aldi]
Irgendein Amazon-Link (nicht klicken): https://amzn.to/2OVX5qi (Mit diesem Link könnt ihr mich unterstützen, wenn ihr etwas auf Amazon kaufen wollt. Ist natürlich 100% kostenlos für euch) Rewe-Lieferservice: http://aklam.io/jts4kV Das hier ist ein Partner-Link. Wenn ihr über ihn als Erstbesteller etwas bei Rewe kauft, bekomme ich dafür 10€ von Rewe. (Euch kostet es natürlich nichts.) Vielen Dank an alle die den Link benutzen. ✪✪✪ Meine Kanäle ✪✪✪ ► NikuKashi: http://www.youtube.com/NikuKashi ► NikuToys: http://www.youtube.com/NikuToys ► EsKannSammeln: http://www.youtube.com/EsKannSammeln ► [LEGO] Mr.NiceToy: http://www.youtube.com/MrNiceToy ✪✪✪ Meine SM-Links °-° ✪✪✪ ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NikuKashi ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/nikukashi ► Insta: https://www.instagram.com/nikukashiunboxing ✪✪✪ Mein Technik-Zeug ✪✪✪ Kamera: https://amzn.to/2P3cGn9 Recorder: https://amzn.to/2AnwCvV Haupt-Mikro: https://amzn.to/2DLYKvM 2. Mikro: https://amzn.to/2R7IM2V 3. Mikro: https://amzn.to/2PTbNmJ Feldmonitor: https://amzn.to/2DHtFtm * Die Ebay- und Amazon-Links sind sog. Ref-Links. Ich erhalte eine kleine Provision, wenn ihr über die Links etwas kauft. Hat für euch natürlich keinerlei Nachteile, aber ihr könnt mich so ein wenig "unterstützen".
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Mini Digital Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer
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Градусники с Гигрометр два в одном для вашего дома посылка обзор
Измеритель температуры и влажности два в одном но из Китая. 1. Термометр Гигрометр Мини Указатель Измеритель Температуры Метеостанции Настольная Подставка Настенные Типа Mas Tech Ссылка: http://ali.pub/1apt2w 2. Механический Гигрометр Крытый и Открытый Мини Мокрый Гигрометр Влажность Термометр Температуры MasTech ZC195100 Ссылка: https://goo.gl/aYtBmW Oops! https://goo.gl/XHc4BK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Рекомендую youtube партнёра: http://join.air.io/zikvalera -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ВЕРНИ ДЕНЬГИ ЗА ПОКУПКИ: https://epn.bz/inviter?id=9c2fb https://ali.epn.bz/?id=9c2fb партнерская сеть admitad https://www.admitad.com/ru/promo/?ref=d19680bbf2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Получи скидку при покупке в интернет магазинах http://backly.ru/?i=gsn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://ad.admitad.com/g/1e8d11449415387ba2d516525dc3e8/ Горячие предложения: http://ali.pub/9u8l4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://instagram.com/zikvalera http://facebook.com/zikeev http://vk.com/zikzaks http://postila.ru/id4719131
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TPI Model 597 Digital Hygrometer and Psychrometer
digital hygrometer and psychrometer
How To Fill a Glass Barometer
How To Fill a Glass Barometer. https://www.kevingittemeier.com Compare Glass Barometers: https://amzn.to/2LBdijd & Hand Boilers: https://amzn.to/2Nu9YH0 In this video we fill a glass barometer with a simple method with equipment supplied by the barometer manufacturer. Click here to Subscribe: http://goo.gl/DDfVab How To Fill a KLEIN Bottle: https://youtu.be/bd2YiD9JXsk Some other cool science demos seen in our videos: Sunnytech Stirling Engine Motor: https://amzn.to/2tGCLAS Radiometer: https://amzn.to/2NbXYuE Glass Hand Boiler: https://amzn.to/2Nc79LB Newton Gravity Glass: https://amzn.to/2KijQGO Magnetic Hourglass: https://amzn.to/2tQ5oe8 Galileo Thermometer: https://amzn.to/2KlICpk 3D Magnetic Field Demonstrator: https://amzn.to/2MubxUM Mendocino Motor: https://amzn.to/2Kyvxs0 (Amazon Affiliate) ------- http://site.ambientweatherstore.com/Manuals/ba30806.pdf Website: http://www.KevinGittemeier.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinGittemeier Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kevin_gittemeier Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Percipio_cepi/ Shop: https://www.kevingittemeier.com/shop/ 1. Introduction Thank you for your purchase of the Ambient Weather BA30806 Frost Globe Map Storm Hand Blown Glass Barometer. The following is a guide for preparation, care and operation of your traditional barometer and thermometer. 2. Preparation You will need food coloring to color the water in the storm glass. Any color is fine, based on personal taste. 3. Care and Cleaning Avoid use of harsh household cleaners and coarse paper towels, which can damage the lacquer or glass. Do not install the barometer and thermometer outside. It is intended for indoor use only. 4. Storm Glass Barometer 4.1 How the storm glass works The concept that 'decreasing atmospheric pressure predicts stormy weather' was postulated by Lucien Vidie - and it's the basis for a weather prediction device called a storm glass or liquid barometer. It consists of a glass container with a sealed body, half filled with water. A narrow spout connects to the body below the water level and rises above the water level, where it is open to the atmosphere. When the air pressure is lower than it was at the time the body was sealed, the water level in the spout will rise above the water level in the body and when the air pressure is higher, the water level in the spout will drop below the water level in the body. 4.2 Filling the storm glass Each Storm Glass is hand blown and accurately forecasts changes in the weather hours in advance. The Storm Glass should be filled with distilled water which decreases the chance of streaks being left on the glass. Using the enclosed tools filling the Storm Glass is a simple procedure. Fill the syringe (included in the package) the colored water (use food coloring). Attach the syringe to the inlet of plastic tube (included in the package). Turn the storm glass upside down. This is to ensure the liquid does not flow out. Gently push the tube into the storm glass through the inlet of the spout until the end of the tube has reached the bottom of the storm glasses bulb. Slowly inject the liquid into the storm glass until half of the bulb is filled, as shown in Figure 1. Turn the storm glass over to its proper position (do not remove the syringe). Use more liquid to fill the glass tube until the colored liquid has reached half way up the spout, as shown in Figure 1. You may have to add or remove liquid after observing the storm glass for several days and comparing to current and predicted weather conditions. Note that evaporation is normal over time and the storm glass must be topped off occasionally. 4.3 Emptying the storm glass Attach the syringe to the long plastic tube. Put the storm glass in an upright position. Insert the tube into the storm glass until it reaches the bottom of the bulb. Slowly pump the liquid out until all of the liquid is gone. --------------- http://www.ambientweather.com/amba30806.html The concept that 'decreasing atmospheric pressure predicts stormy weather' was postulated by Lucien Vidie -- and it's the basis for a weather prediction device called a storm glass or liquid barometer. It consists of a glass container with a sealed body, half filled with water. A narrow spout connects to the body below the water level and rises above the water level, where it is open to the atmosphere. When the air pressure is lower than it was at the time the body was sealed, the water level in the spout will rise above the water level in the body and when the air pressure is higher, the water level in the spout will drop below the water level in the body. Note: You can vary the water color by adding the food coloring of your choice. The image above is shown with blue fluid. Features Barometer height: 5.9 inches
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PEARL Wetterstation mit Thermometer und Hygrometer, 1 Jahr Laufzeit
http://www.pearl.de/a-GRA15797-3041.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=17041 PEARL Wetterstation mit Thermometer und Hygrometer, 1 Jahr Laufzeit Jetzt haben Sie das Wetter perfekt im Blick: Ob wolkig oder heiter, Regen oder Sonnenschein - Ihre neue Wetterstation misst zuverlässig Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit. Zudem zeigt sie Ihnen den Wettertrend an. Machen Sie Ihre eigene Vorhersage: Dank Speicher für Maximal- und Minimalwerte sind Sie immer über die Wetterentwicklung im Bilde. Anschauliche Symbole von Sonnenschein bis Regenwolken lassen keinen Zweifel zu. So wissen Sie jederzeit, wann Sie den Regenschirm mitnehmen sollten. Erhalten Sie exakte Außenwerte: Bringen Sie einen optionalen Außensensor (bitte dazu bestellen) im Freien in bis zu 60 Meter Entfernung zur Station an. Alle Wetterdaten werden drahtlos an Ihre Wetterstation übermittelt - einfach und bequem von der idealen Stelle in Ihrem Hof oder Garten. Jederzeit die präzise Uhrzeit: Dank des DCF-Funkmoduls empfängt Ihre Wetterstation die atomuhrgenaue Zeit und zeigt sie mit großen Ziffern auf dem übersichtlichen Display an. Wecker-Funktion mit Schlummer-Taste: Lassen Sie sich pünktlich zum Aufstehen wecken - oder drehen Sie sich dank der Schlummer-Funktion noch einmal auf die andere Seite. Beim Druck auf die Snooze-Taste wird das Display Ihrer Station angenehm blau beleuchtet, ohne störendes grelles Licht. * Wetterstation FWS-150 mit Innenraum-Thermometer Wetter-Vorhersage * Wetter-Vorhersage mit anschaulichen Symbolen: Sonne, Sonne/Wolken, Wolken, Regenwolken * Thermometer und Hygrometer: Anzeige von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit innen und außen (Außensensor bitte dazu bestellen) * Innentemperatur-Anzeige von -9,9 bis +50 C (14,2 bis 122 F), Außentemperatur-Anzeige von -25 bis +50 C (-13 bis 122 F, Außensensor bitte dazu bestellen) * Luftfeuchtigkeits-Anzeige von 20 bis 95 % RH (innen und außen, Außensensor bitte dazu bestellen) * Anzeige der Raumtemperatur wahlweise in C oder F, relative Luftfeuchte in % * Speicher für Maximal- und Minimalwerte von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit * DCF-Empfangsmodul: präzise automatische Funk-Zeiteinstellung * Zeitanzeige im 12-/24-Stunden-Format * Wecker mit Schlummer-Taste, Snooze-Zeitraum einstellbar von 1 - 60 Minuten * Übersichtliches beleuchtetes Display: 82 x 51 mm * 4 Bedien-Knöpfe auf der Rückseite * Stromversorgung Wetterstation: 2 Batterien Typ AA / Mignon (bitte dazu bestellen) für bis zu 1 Jahr Laufzeit * Maße Station: 128 x 86 x 39 mm, Gewicht: 131 g * Wetterstation inklusive deutscher Anleitung statt 12,90 EUR jetzt 1,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-GRA15797-3041.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=17041
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Protimeter Hygromaster Humidity Meter
The Protimeter Hygromaster ( http://www.onepointsurvey.com/collections/damp-meters/products/protimeter-hygromaster-moisture-meter) is a hand-held instrument for taking spot measurements and for logging humidity and temperature values. Quick spot measurements of relative humidity, dew point, mixing ratio and ambient temperature are shown at the touch of a button.
Calibrating an Analog Hygrometer
This video is going to demonstrate how to properly calibrate a brand new analog hygrometer using the salt test. Brought to you by http://www.goodfellascigars.com/ the source for everything relating to cigar tips, news, and reivews Follow us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/gaZw3y and Twitter: http://bit.ly/q1rBVF Also Subscribe to our channel! Post on this video: http://www.goodfellascigars.com/how-to-calibrate-an-analog-hygrometer/
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Pocket Thermo-Hygrometer.mp4
A pocket temperature and humidity meter with an LCD display which simultaneously displays temperature and humidity. The sensors are located in a protective grille, making the instrument ideally suited for taking measurements in air stream. • -20° to 60°C x 0.1°, 0% to 100%RH • Simultaneous display of humidity and temperature • 25mm LCD display with Backlight • Min/Max Memory since power on • Impact-resistant ABS case with integrated sensors housed in a protective grill • 4mm standard camera bush for tripod mounting • Auto Power Off after 30 minutes of no activity -- can be user disabled • Low Battery indication • Supplied with battery
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Hygrometer Calibration
How to calibrate a Hygrometer. All music rights go to WWE.
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GoerTek™Digital Psychrometer Hand held Thermometer Hygrometer Review, Handy for Hot and Humid or Col
For the full information, please find on: http://amzn.to/1qyDL5r
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Western Instrument Analog Hygrometer
http://www.cheaphumidors.com/p_ACC-ANALOG.html This analog hygrometer is the perfect addition to any cigar smokers arsenal. Not only is it easy to use, but accurate as well. It attaches with tape that is supplied and is guaranteed to last for life. Western Instrument Analog Hygrometer. This hygrometer is 2 1/4" in diameter with a plastic face and a metal case. You can see the holes around the edges that are used for the humidity entering the device so it can be read. The front of hygrometer has very big, easy to read numbers. On the backside you have a magnetic attachment that you can stick to your humidor or wherever you want to put the item and it just sticks right to the back. You also have an adjustment knob after you calibrate your hygrometer to lock it in and make sure that it is accurate. This is the Western Instrument Analog Hygrometer.
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Vintage 1960s Space Age "Sputnik" Weather Station FOR SALE!
See auction 1/2013.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281055101738?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
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KLIMA. cabinets for meat aging, cold cuts maturation
KLIMA is the new multitasking range of cabinets for meat aging, cold cuts maturation, cheese aging-affinage, drying and preservation. Tradition meets technology for delivering high productivity, quality products and energetic efficiency
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How to set an Aneroid Barometer
Philip Collins from Barometer World explains how to set an aneroid barometer.
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FreeTec Digitale Wetterstation 4-Tage-Vorhersage/Hygrometer/Mondphase
http://www.pearl.de/a-NC7344-3041.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=8280 (00:00:30) FreeTec Digitale Wetterstation 4-Tage-Vorhersage/Hygrometer/Mondphase Diese Wetterstation weiß schon heute, wie es über-über-über-morgen wird! statt 24,90 EUR jetzt 16,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-NC7345-3041.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=8280 (00:03:00) FreeTec Außenmodul für Wetterstation NC-7344 Sendet Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit an Ihre Wetterstation! statt 19,90 EUR jetzt 9,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-NC1126-3033.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=8280 (00:04:00) infactory Tisch-Ventilator "Streamline" im Turbinen-Design V2 Flüsterleise und extrem stark - frischer Wind aus schickem Design! statt 39,90 EUR jetzt 19,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-NC3528-3033.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=8280 (00:07:00) Sichler Vollmetall-Standventilator, 40 cm Fast so gut wie hitzefrei: Der coole Mitbewohner für heiße Sommertage statt 89,90 EUR jetzt 69,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-NC5769-3033.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=8280 (00:10:00) Sichler Verdunstungs-Luftkühler mit Ionisator LW-550, 70 Watt Kühlen, reinigen und befeuchten bei geringem Stromverbrauch statt 279,90 EUR jetzt 189,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-NC5653-3033.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=8280 (00:14:00) Sichler mobile Monoblock-Klimaanlage 7000 BTU/h,880 W ohne Heizelement Verscheucht Hitze zum Schnäppchenpreis: coole Leistung bis 28 m² statt 379,90 EUR jetzt 289,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-PV7378-3033.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=8280 (00:18:00) Sichler Fensterabdichtung für mobile Klimageräte Hängen Sie den Luftschlauch von Klimagerät & Wäschetrockner aus dem Fenster statt 39,95 EUR jetzt 29,90 EUR
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Satellitengestützte Funk-Wetterstation mit WETTERdirekt EOS Info von TFA
"Eos Info" satellitengestützte Funkwetterstation Nur für Deutschland. Mit WETTERdirekt-Technologie: Regionale Wetterprognose für 50 verschiedene Gebiete in Deutschland, erstellt von professionellen Meteorologen (wetteronline.de), per Satellitentechnik über ein spezielles Funknetz auf Ihre Station, Wettervorhersage für 5 Tage im Voraus (heute + 4 Tage), unterteilt nach 4 Tageszeiten (vormittags, nachmittags, abends, nachts), Textdisplay mit über 90 unterschiedlichen Wetterinformationen und Sturmwarnung ab 8 Beaufort, detaillierte Darstellung mit 36 verschiedenen Wettersymbolen, Anzeige der voraussichtlichen Höchst- und Tiefstwerte für jeden Tag, kabellose Übertragung der Außentemperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit über Sender (max. 100 m) mit IT-Technologie, Anzeige der Innentemperatur, Uhrzeit mit Weckalarm und Datum, Messbereich Temperatur außen -40...+60°, innen 0...+60°C, Luftfeuchtigkeit 1...99%, zum Stellen, weiß-silber
Thermco Instructional Video   ACC821
Thermco Products Inc. Instructional Video for ACC821 Digital Thermometer TIME DATE Stamp - Single Probe - Min Max - Alarm Thermometer
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Wetterstation mit Farbdisplay und Außensensor
http://www.pearl.de/a-PV8796-3041.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=10455 Wetterstation mit Farbdisplay und Außensensor Ob bei Regen, Schnee oder Sonnenschein: Diese Wetterstation misst zuverlässig Temperatur, Luftfeuchtigkeit und Luftdruck. Sowohl im Innen- als auch im Außenbereich. So erfahren Sie schon bevor Sie rausgehen, wie das Wetter ist und können sich passend kleiden oder den Regenschirm einpacken. Das übersichtliche LED-Farbdisplay zeigt Ihnen sogar den Wettertrend an! Maximal- und Minimalwerte für Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit werden gespeichert so behalten Sie stets den Überblick. Lesen Sie außerdem Wochentag, Zeit und Mondphase ab. Und dank Wecker mit Schlummerfunktion holt Sie die Station morgens sogar aus dem Bett! Den Außensensor bringen Sie im Freien in bis zu 60 Meter Entfernung zur Station an. Dank Funktechnik werden alle Wetterdaten drahtlos an die Wetterstation übermittelt; komfortabel von der gewünschten Stelle in Ihrem Hof oder Garten. * Wetterstation mit Außensensor * Übersichtliches LED-Farbdisplay * Thermometer, Barometer und Hygrometer mit Wettertrend-Anzeige * Speichert Maximal- und Minimalwerte für Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit * Funkgesteuerte DCF-Zeitanzeige im 12- und 24-Stunden-Format mit manueller Einstelloption * Ewiger Kalender mit Wochentagsanzeige, Anzeige der Mondphase * Wecker mit Schlummer-Funktion (Snooze) * Temperaturanzeige in C und F * Funk-Außensensor mit Übertragungsreichweite bis zu 60 Meter (freies Feld) * Betriebstemperatur: 0 bis +50 C, Außensensor: -20 bis +60 C * Misst Luftfeuchtigkeit von 20 bis 95 % * Stromversorgung: 2 Batterien Typ LR6 AA (bitte dazu bestellen), für Außensensor: 2 Batterien Typ LR03 AAA (bitte dazu bestellen) * Maße: 165 x 124 x 53 mm, Maße Außensensor: 97 x 50 x 32 mm, Gewicht: 307 g * Wetterstation inklusive Außensensor und deutscher Anleitung statt 69,90 EUR jetzt 39,90 EUR http://www.pearl.de/a-PV8796-3041.shtml?vid=957&wa_id=14&wa_num=10455
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Wall clock with hour hand that changes colour, HAPPY HOUR 60.3027.54 from TFA Dostmann
HAPPY HOUR Wall clock from TFA Dostmann hour hand changes colour, large easy read dial, cover made of real glass, modern flat design, frame in metal look, matt silver, ideal for home, office, waiting room, lobby, or entrance hall and as a gift wall mounting, Ø 280 x15 mm,472 g, 1 x 3 V CR2032 battery included, EK-EL
New Toy for the Greenhouse
So sometime around a year ago Chox & I bought a wireless remote thermometer for the greenhouse at a whooping 70% discount. And then I lost it ... Then I found it! Now I'm gonna need to test it. I tested that thing in a couple of places before I figured it would work good enough for my needs! Off to the greenhouse for it. A few hours later it has settled in and seems to be reading fairly accurately. Yeah for being able to check the temp without leaving the house! Why not check out the blogs? Talk-qua-ponics- http://jtbearstalkquaponics.blogspot.ca/ Bearfoot Outdoors- http://bearfootoutdoors.blogspot.ca/ GrumblingTumblingBear- http://grumblingtumblingbear.blogspot.ca/ MrBearsLibrary- http://mrbearslibrary.blogspot.ca/
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Böker Fahrtenmesser Schanz Dagger Integral  02BO180
Böker Fahrtenmesser Schanz Dagger Integral 02BO180 Produktmerkmale * Gesamtlänge 29,5 cm. Klingenlänge 17,5 cm. Gewicht 397 g. * Klingenmaterial: 440C * Griffmaterial: Micarta * Design: Jürgen Schanz Produktbeschreibungen Jürgen Schanz ist als Messermacher weit über Deutschland hinaus bekannt Klicken Sie hier, um kaufen : http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B002NWR68M/sepatucinosfl-21 Das könnte Ihnen auch gefallen Magnum Machete http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001IOPBGA/sepatucinosfl-21 TFA Dostmann digitales Thermo-Hygrometer Moxx 30.5026 http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B007SAM4E0/sepatucinosfl-21 Böker Messer Magnum Urban Tank 2, 01MB223 http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001IORG8Q/sepatucinosfl-21 Victorinox Diamant Messerschärfer 4.3311 http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000AR79Z2/sepatucinosfl-21 Messer Katalog 2014: Das große Nachschlagewerk f� http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/3938711698/sepatucinosfl-21
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ECG Digital Infrared Thermometer
ECG Digital Infrared Thermometer presented by Katie Rydzewski for Galco TV. Buy the items featured in this video at 800-337-1720 or visit: http://www.galco.com/buy/ECG-Products/DIT-205 Sign up for Galco’s newsletter that features our newest products, our can't-miss deals, our best videos, and total access to Galco’s electronics expertise: http://www.galco.com/email/ Connect with us! https://plus.google.com/+GalcoIndustrial https://www.facebook.com/GalcoIndustrial https://twitter.com/GalcoIndustrial https://www.linkedin.com/company/galc... Don't forget to like and comment on this video, and subscribe to our channel! Galco is a Factory Authorized Stocking Distributor for Over 150 Brands of Industrial Electrical & Electronic Automation, Controls and Component Products; On-Site and Send-In Repair Services for Industrial Control & Automation Products for Over 2,000 Brands; Engineered Systems Integration, Retrofits & Upgrades for Variable Speed Drives, CNC, PLC Systems, Dynamometers & Test Stand Applications. Visit us online at http:// www.galco.com or call us at 800-337-1720. http://www.galco.com/safety With respect to the usage, installation or assembly of any products described in this video, Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc., a Michigan corporation, encourages you to follow the requirements and/or guidelines of: i) the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, Public Law 91-596, as amended, and all laws, rules and regulations implemented in relation thereto; ii) the National Electric Code®; and iii) NFPA 70E®. Any installation, assembly or work described in this video should be performed by a qualified licensed electrician. GTV, Galco, galco.com, Galco Industrial Electronics, and Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc. are registered and/or pending registered trademarks under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, assumed names, registered domain names, and/or trade names of Galco Industrial Electronics, Inc., a Michigan corporation. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information provided is accurate and has been obtained from reliable sources, Galco is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. All information is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to warrantees of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. At all times you should defer to the instructions and safety guidelines issued by the manufacturer. In no event will Galco, its agents or employees thereof be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information provided to you or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.
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Digion pts3326cs
Углы обзора экрана метеостанции
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Цифров термометър/хигрометър/барометър/кал TH-200
Купи от www.leaderbg.net Цифров термо-хигрометър "TH-200" Термометър: Обхват: от 0C до +50C Барометър: Прогноза за време със символи за слънчево, облачно, дъждовно и буря Хигрометър: Външна влажност на въздуха: от 20% до 90% Часовник / календар: Часовник Аларма Изобразяване на дата и ден от седмицата Захранване: 2 x AAA Micro батерии, (не са включени в комплекта) Други функции: Температурата може да бъде изобразявана в C или Fahrenheit Гаранция: 12 месец(а)
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Digitales 3in1 Bade-Thermometer "Relax" mit Wasserlichtspiel
Direkter Link zum Pearl Online-Shop: http://goo.gl/HBQvS Digitales 3in1 Bade-Thermometer "Relax" mit Wasserlichtspiel Viele Anwendungsbäder wie z.B. zum Entspannen oder bei Erkältungen wirken erst bei der richtigen Wassertemperatur optimal. Auch junge Eltern gehen in Sachen Baby-Badewasser lieber auf Nummer Sicher. Das digitale, schwimmfähige Bade-Thermometer erfreut zusätzlich durch 2 tolle Extras. Über einen Timer können Sie die maximale Badedauer einstellen. Der eingebaute LED-Farbwechsler verzaubert das Badewasser mit Regenbogenfarben und sorgt so für eine besonders stimmungsvolle Bade-Atmosphäre. Das freut Groß und Klein gleichermaßen und macht das Baden zu einem echten Erlebnis. * Digitaler 3in1-Badewannen-Helfer: Thermometer, Countdown-Timer (10/20/30 Min.), LED-Wasserlichtspiel * Wasserdichtes, schwimmfähiges Gehäuse mit Display und präzisem Temperatursensor * Großer Messbereich: 0-60° Celsius, Anzeigegenauigkeit 0,1°C, Messgenauigkeit +/- 1° C * Schnelle Reaktionszeit: Verlässliche Anzeige nach nur 30 Sekunden * Ideale Badewannen-Maße: ø 8,7 cm, Höhe 7 cm * Benötigt 3 Batterien AAA Micro (nicht enthalten) * Inklusive deutscher Anleitung
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Temp Humidor
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Color changing wall in cruise ship nightclub
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Bluetooth Wetterstation Schrittzähler Lautsprecher Shopping Online Bluetooth Shop Review
Bluetooth Online Shop http://www.compu-welt.de Im Bluetooth Online Shop mit Bluetooth Wetterstation Schrittzähler Lautsprecher. TYPHOON Bluetooth Wetterstation BlueWeather die moderne Wettervorhersage, TYPHOON Bluetooth Schrittzähler Steplt zum fit bleiben, TYPHOON Bluetooth Lautsprecher AquaBuddy ist wasserresistent - ideal unter der Dusche. Weiterhin Maped Cutter Ultimate, für Linkshänder mit einer Klinge: 18 mm und WEDO Universalscheren, für Linkshänder für Büro & Haushalt. Alles im http://www.compu-welt.de Bluetooth Online Shop Bitte like das Video: http://youtu.be/4LZqrYrixs8 Natürlich auch dekorative Ideen für Ostern mit Glorex Holzwolle, 20 g, grün das ideales Ostergras für das Osternest, URSUS Henkelkörbchen "Osternest" als schöne Geschenkverpackung und HEYDA Karton-Ei, weiß zum Bemalen & Bekleben für die Ostergeschenke.
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Am Besten in Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer kaufen
1. TFA Comfort Control Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer 30.5011, Anzeige von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit zur Raumklima-Überwachung, Alarmfunktion bei Schimmelgefahr http://goo.gl/TMsVD1 2. TFA Moxx Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer 30.5026.01, Anzeige von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit zur Raumklima-Überwachung, Komfortzonen-Indikator http://goo.gl/uvcX1c 3. TFA Style Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer 30.5021.02, Anzeige von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit zur Raumklima-Überwachung, Komfortzonen-Indikator, weiss mit Ornament http://goo.gl/d4dbdX 4. TFA Cosy Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer 30.5019, Anzeige von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit zur Raumklima-Überwachung, mit farbigen Komfortzonen http://goo.gl/Yv9e6U 5. TFA Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer 30.5005, Anzeige von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit zur Raumklima-Überwachung, http://goo.gl/b47DsB 6. Essenbach 30502701 Digitales Thermo Hygrometer http://goo.gl/lJdwcw 7. DODOCOOL LCD Display Digital Thermometer Hygrometer mit temperature, humidity and time Clock & Calendar function http://goo.gl/IuaJxY 8. TFA 30.5027.01 Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer http://goo.gl/Yjhuww 9. TFA Digitales Thermo-Hygrometer 30.5015, Anzeige von Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit zur Raumklima-Überwachung, Anzeige der täglichen Höchst- und Tiefstwerte mit automatischer Rückstellung http://goo.gl/hG64xZ 10. Technoline WS 7005 Temperaturstation weiß-grau http://goo.gl/Ktupxx
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