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Psychic TV - Unclean
from 8 transmissions 8 vhs. verson of song on CD: Godstar: The Singles, Pt. 2. -The following links are to download the album, rapidshare. pass:mnemonic501 http://rapidshare.com/files/54244567/Godstar.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/54245752/Godstar.part2.rar
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Psychic TV (New York 2003) [01]. Unclean
Psychic TV Live at Coral Rooms New York, USA 12.05.2003 [01]. Unclean [02]. Roman P [03]. Just Like Arcadia [04]. Riot In Thee Eye [05]. Your Body [06]. Baby's Gone Away [07]. LA Angel [08]. Depravity [09]. She Touched Me [10]. Suspicious [11]. Discipline
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Psychic TV "Unclean" 1984 @ 33-1/3rpm
In 1984, Psychic TV released "Unclean" This 12" vinyl was meant to be played at 45 rpm Playing it at 33 1/3 rpm changes it completely Suggested listening: volume at maximum oxygen at listeners discretion
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Psychic TV - Unclean
Album: Better an Old Demon than a New God (1986) Label: Giorno Poetry Systems (US)
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Psychic TV - Unclean (live)
from the album -Descending- 1985
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Psychic TV - Unclean
Filmed in Wroclaw, nov.2009.
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Unclean (Psychic TV) - נושאי המגבעת
נושאי המגבעת בהופעה במועדון "מטרו", אוגוסט 1988
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Psychic TV - Unclean
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Mão Morta - Unclean (Psychic TV) [RRV 1989]
Os Mão Morta a tocarem uma versão de Unclean dos Psychic TV no Rock Rendez Vous a 02 de Junho de 1989 (concerto da facada) 2º tema da noite (o 1º foi uma intro)
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Psychic TV - untitled (Unclean)
Live At Thee Ritz Temple Records, 1989 Excerpt from Side B.
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Psychic TV - Unclean + Ov Power (Live)
Paramartha live from 1984 performed by Alex Fergusson, Genesis P-Orridge, John Gosling and Paul Reeson at at De Doelen, Rotterdam, Holland
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Psychic TV - In Thee Body
Version from the album "Hell Is Invisible...Heaven Is Her/E" Released on 2007.
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Psychic TV ‎– Unclean  (Live)
Jesus walked on the water ... Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV ‎– Pagan Day / Temple Records (1986) http://www.genesisbreyerporridge.com/ http://myspace.com/ptv3
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Livre reinterpretação de "UNCLEAN", música do Psychic TV. Gravação feita por celular em 08 abril de 2018 em Bauru-SP-Brasil. Fotos por Amanda Rocha e Aline Maffi. Amanda Rocha: voz, guitarra Emp Luc: teclado Lucas Scb: bateria
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Psychic TV
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Psychic TV - Unclean/Unclean Monks/Reverie
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Psychic TV - Unclean (Short Version)
PTV classic from the 12 inch of the same name. PTV did the opposite of what most videos were doing at the time; instead of hyper-speed editing with thousands of split second images coming at you, they presented images that were drawn out and kept the images on the screen. Not quite as good as the long version, but it gives a good representation of what PTV were doing at the time; back when they were considered dangerous. Also look for Leigh Bowery amongst the footage.
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Psychic Tv   Unclean
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Psychic TV (New York 2003) [08]. Depravity
Psychic TV Live at Coral Rooms New York, USA 12.05.2003 [01]. Unclean [02]. Roman P [03]. Just Like Arcadia [04]. Riot In Thee Eye [05]. Your Body [06]. Baby's Gone Away [07]. LA Angel [08]. Depravity [09]. She Touched Me [10]. Suspicious [11]. Discipline
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psychic tv - mirrors  - unclean part 2
no words!! raretraxxx people https://www.facebook.com/pages/RARETRAXXX/142251459175429 http://lascalleshablan.wordpress.com
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Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Unclean · Steeple Remove Position Normal ℗ Steeple Remove Released on: 2014-11-17 Author: Psychic TV Composer: Psychic TV Music Publisher: CRIPPLED FROG MUSIC Auto-generated by YouTube.
Psychic TV  -  Unclean -  Terminus -  Moonchild
Three videos showcasing what might be the pick of the bunch of Psychic TV videos. 1984's 'Unclean' the first video and the first records that was released on Psychic TVs' own Temple Records after the escape / release from Some Bizarre (and of Geoff Rushton and Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson) is directed by Cerith Wyn Evans with help from Leigh Bowery. One of the video stars is Nicky Crane, the early 1980's poster boy for the thuggish UK Nazi organisation, the British Movement, and who also marshaled the security for the Nazi band Skrewdriver. How did this peculiar alliance form you ask? No idea I reply. Unless, the story I did hear in the mid 1980's was the truth. At the beginning of the 1980's Nicky Crane had a double life. His extreme hatred for anything he considered non British (or specifically non English) and his deeply hidden homosexuality. Aside from marshaling security for the band Skrewdriver he also had a little moonlighting going on as part of the security team in clubs up the West End of London. Derek Jarman a left field film director (Jubilee / Sebastian / The Tempest / Angelic Converstion) was a semi regular visitor to the openly homosexual club 'Heaven' in Charing Cross and one night met up with Nicky Craine in the club. Nicky Craine ended up in this video for Jarman's old friend Genesis P-Orridge. I have no idea what happened at 'B' in this story from 'A' to 'C'. Derek Jarman and Nicky Craine would know and they are both dead. I truly hope that is the correct story and Jarman or Genesis P-Orridge had no clue of this guys recent past of White Power street fighting, and they only knew of him as a rent boy up west. I prefer that option to the other obvious option. 'Terminus' the second video directed by Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson is from the debut Psychic TV album' 'Force The Hand Of Chance'. 'Terminus' starts with a long 'spaghetti western' type musical introduction with Genesis P-Orridge reciting a story of depression and suicide in an almost dream like fashion. On the video we see Mr Sebastian inking Genesis P-Orridge and a load of wolves separate to the young boy who is central to the story line. At the point of a naked Geff Rushton sitting in and pulling around him a petrol soaked bed sheet and then 'setting himself alight' the 'pleasant' long 'spaghetti western' type musical introduction disappears to a wall of noise of feedback and effects. That music break makes me think of a similar idea in the Velvet Undergrounds 'I Heard Her Call My Name' around two minutes in at the lyric "and then my mind exploded" a split second of silence and the Velvet Underground's wall of noise begins. There has to be a link there somewhere. This wall of noise part of the video has some (but certainly not all) of the more unpleasant parts of the 'Eden' 1 video edited in. The wall of noise diminishes to an Spanish acoustic guitar reprise with Genesis P-Orridge completing his reciting masterpiece. 'Moon Child' the third video and features Paula P-Orridge and John Gosling filmed at Beck Road in Hackney by Genesis P-Orridge. The audio is a looping pulse accompanied by what sounds like a tattoo gun and a recorder along with some spoken word in a different language (Spanish maybe). All these three videos are genuinely moving, hard to watch in parts, interesting and above all for eighteen year old browsers only!
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Psychic TV
Psychic TV
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Psychic TV - Unclean
Moscow / 2009, Nov, 12 (Ikra)
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Psychic TV  - Unclean (with image poem and animation)
PTV classic with animation and image poetry inspired by Edwin Morgan, SCUM, Class War, This Heat, Derek Jarman and King Mob.
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Psychic TV - Unclean (live)
Live aus Berlin 06.11.2009
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Psychic TV Unclean - Live In Basildon
July 13 1986 - Basildon Peace Festival - Gloucester Park, Basildon UK Recorded by Justin Mitchell For thee realisation of the project, PSYCHIC TV were: Genesis P-Orridge Matthew Best Alex Fergusson Mouse Phillip Erb
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PSYCHIC TV Poland Wroclaw 2009 #1- ACID TV
ACID TV presents: PSYCHIC TV live show part 1 from 8th Wrocław Industrial Festiwal 07.11 2009 in Poland. Video by DVJ Tomasz Mniamos
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Psychic TV (New York 2003) [02]. Roman P
Psychic TV Live at Coral Rooms New York, USA 12.05.2003 [01]. Unclean [02]. Roman P [03]. Just Like Arcadia [04]. Riot In Thee Eye [05]. Your Body [06]. Baby's Gone Away [07]. LA Angel [08]. Depravity [09]. She Touched Me [10]. Suspicious [11]. Discipline
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Hà;PEOPLE.3.55 - Unclean (Psychic TV cover - live @ Le Cercle 02 september 2018)
CD avalaible https://wool-e-discs.be/album/wed023-one-bear-two-bicycles-and-one-xylophone
Psychic TV - on "Earsay" tv show 1984.
Short feature from u.k music magazine show "Earsay". On a personal note, I was at the gig that was filmed here (Hammersmith Town Hall 1984).
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Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV ‎~ God Star: The Singles - Pt. Two ~ full album
we do not own the rights to this album https://psychictv.bandcamp.com/ Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV ‎~ God Star: The Singles - Pt. Two 1995 1 Unclean 2 Godstar (7" Version) 3 Roman P. (Fireball Mix) 4 Good Vibrations (Kundalini Mix) 5 Hex Sex (Voodoo Mix) 6 Yes Hello (Infinite Hypno Mix) 7 Roman P. (Sordide Sentimental Version) 8 Neurology 9 TOPI Spokesman 10 Godstar (Hyperdelic Mix) 11 Yes It's The B-Side 12 Godstar (BJ Mix)
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Psychic TV - The Ritz - Manchester - November 1983
Indebted to Alberto Diez for supplying me with this rare footage of the earliest incarnation of Psychic TV. Thank you Alberto. Below is a review from Steve of the Muh Mur blog who was there on the night. Thanking him in advance. Psychic TV live at The Ritz in Manchester, 6th of November 1983, the first Psychic TV live gig... "It was a rainy day in Manchester". Probably was, I can't remember...I can remember a lot about this night, this unforgettable night. I travelled from Lincoln via Hulme to get to The Ritz. Sean (my Dark Companion) and I were first there. The demonstrators were just setting up, getting their chants and placards ready .. probably waiting for the coaches from London, but Sean and I just flashed our tickets to the lady on the door and walked in. Members of Psychic TV were sat across two tables drinking cans of Carling Black Label (white tins with a black stripe back then ... always reminded me of the Crystal Palace away strip, but I digress). A passing smile and nod and we headed straight to the bar. Originally the first ever Psychic TV live gig should have been at Prestwich Mental Hospital with Nico as support, but local council complaints meant it was hastily moved to a nightclub just off the Oxford Road. With my warm pint of lager in a plastic pint pot in hand I spent the evening front centre. The stage makes a good table and the monitors a great place to throw the coat. No Nico at The Ritz. Looped footage of Jim Jones in action on a makeshift screen stage right. The place slowly filled, the coaches from London arrived. Members of Test Department came to check the on stage equipment. Anticipation. There was a strange climbing frame on the stage, Genesis used it during the performance. "Don't Forget Ken, Make It Hurt". I have never forgotten those words... The performance is magnificent. It hits a lull in the middle, and if I remember rightly this was down to failing equipment. Gen's bass guitar and Sleazy's Emulator...but the power of the performance of the material is still quite stunning. "Roman P" and "Oi You Skinhead" shine. During "Oi You Skinhead" Gen leapt from the stage and started accosting the audience. Frightening moment. Do you remember going to gigs and being scared, scared of the performance and the unknown? Great days. There are Genesis's stream of conscience poetry bits that are a little cringeworthy. Moments where he tries to embarrass John Gosling for wearing a leather skirt and rambling on about straining "for a poo".... Alex Fergusson's sub Velvets guitar meanderings in the background...but these moments pass and the power builds, ends with a cracking "Unclean" into "In The Nursery". After The Ritz I must have seen Psychic TV a dozen or more times (not quite 23 though) and they always did great / powerful performances in Manchester. I would love to hear (crystal clear) recordings of the Guy Fawkes gig at The Hacienda in 1984 and when they appeared at The Royal Northern College Of Music a year later. Thank You Dad. Steve Muh Mur From his blog: http://muhmur.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/psychic-tv-live-at-thee-ritz-1983.html Here is a good piece on the Final Academy Brixton Ritz night held thirteen months before in 1982 http://www.beatdom.com/a-report-on-the-final-academy-then-now/
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PTV3 01 Unclean @ The Tabernacle 03-11-09
From their 'farewell' tour. http://www.myspace.com/ptv3
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PTV - Jigsaw
7 P's = Proper Planning Prevents P-Orridges' Piss Poor Performance
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Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV - Cold Dark Matter
All instruments used are from the "Third World" or "Primitive" tribal societies. They are instruments of Devotion designed to dilate the brain and maximise access to revelation. This CD is a Transmedia composition of 21st Century Devotional Musics. Instruments used: 300 Year old Tibetan Thigh Bone Trumpet; New Guinea Bamboo Bass Flute; African Tree Trunk Ceremonial Drum; Marcel Duchamp Ready-Made Bicycle Wheel; Burmese Temple Gong; Nepali Temple Bells; Tibetan Singing Bowl; John Cage Prepared Piano; African Gazelle Horn Pipe; Thai Military Bass Drum; Japanese Koto; one "found" and warped audio cassette of Christian Devotional Choir. Please inform me if ads are appearing on my videos.
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Psychic TV ‎- Live In Russia (Full Album) 2006
1 Unclean Written-By – A. Fergusson*, G. P-Orridge* 9:30 2 Roman P. Written-By – A. Fergusson*, G. P-Orridge* 6:56 3 Just Like Arcadia Written-By – A. Fergusson*, G. P-Orridge* 3:42 4 Raft Of Blood Meets A Riot In Their Eye Written-By – A. Fergusson*, A. Genese*, D. Max*, E. ODowd*, G. P-Orridge*, J. Breyer*, M. Persson* 14:21 5 Thee Sensible Squirrel Story Written-By – G. P-Orridge* 3:52 6 Suspicious Written-By – W. Goodrum*, G. P-Orridge*, L. Thrasher*, M. Campagna* 9:53 7 Terminus (Never Want To Leave Rendition) Written-By – A. Fergusson*, A. Genese*, D. Max*, E. ODowd*, G. P-Orridge*, J. Breyer*, M. Persson*, P. Christopherson* 13:58 8 Time Tries To Trick Us Written-By – A. Genese*, D. Max*, E. ODowd*, G. P-Orridge*, J. Breyer*, M. Persson* 2:36 9 Russian Disco Written-By – A. Genese*, D. Max*, E. ODowd*, G. P-Orridge*, J. Breyer*, M. Persson* 8:58
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Psychic TV (New York 2003) [09]. She Touched Me
Psychic TV Live at Coral Rooms New York, USA 12.05.2003 [01]. Unclean [02]. Roman P [03]. Just Like Arcadia [04]. Riot In Thee Eye [05]. Your Body [06]. Baby's Gone Away [07]. LA Angel [08]. Depravity [09]. She Touched Me [10]. Suspicious [11]. Discipline
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Psychic TV japan boy
Psychic TV live in tokyo Japan boy
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Psychic TV (New York 2003) [10]. Suspicious
Psychic TV Live at Coral Rooms New York, USA 12.05.2003 [01]. Unclean [02]. Roman P [03]. Just Like Arcadia [04]. Riot In Thee Eye [05]. Your Body [06]. Baby's Gone Away [07]. LA Angel [08]. Depravity [09]. She Touched Me [10]. Suspicious [11]. Discipline
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We Kiss - Genesis P. Orridge & Psychic Tv
We Kiss - Genesis P. Orridge & Psychic Tv (Allegory And Self) Temple Records - 1988
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Psychic TV - Alienist
From the album "Alienist" [2016] https://www.discogs.com/Psychic-TV-Alienist/master/1056578
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Psychic TV - Oi Skinhead (1984)
from their double LP "THOSE WHO DO NOT" Gramm Records 1984
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Psychic TV/ PTV3  I Love You, I Know
A tribute to Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge. S/he is still her/e....including a performance of Papal Breakdance.
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Psychic TV -  Rebis
From the album "Mouth of the night", 1985. No copyright infringement is intended.
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Psychic TV ‎– (It Was) Never Enough
– Snakes - 2014 http://www.discogs.com/Psychic-TV-Snakes/release/6383503
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Psychic TV - Transmisja pt. 1 / 2
PTV3 on TVP Wroclaw. English with Polish subtitles http://ww6.tvp.pl/20735,20091126944965.strona Genesis Breyer P-Orridge rozmawia z Sebastianem Harmazym [aka Vilgoć]. Materiał zrealizowano podczas 8. Wrocław Industrial Festiwal. Fragmenty koncertu z festiwalu [m.in. Higher and Higher, Hookah Chalice, No Good Trying, New York Story].
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