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Streakwave- Introduction to Aruba Networks
The Aruba Networks is the leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for mobile enterprise networks. Aruba is the technology leader according to Gartner's enterprise WLAN magic quadrant and the fastest growing vendor in the enterprise mobility market. Aruba enables its customer's to put together a long-term mobility strategy in the post-laptop era.
HPE Intelligent Workspaces: The smarter digital workplace for employees and visitors
Experience a modern, innovative, IoT-enabled digital workplace with four unique neighborhoods. The reception area engages visitors and employees in new ways with guest registration, auto-wifi onboarding and our employee mobile app. The desking area shows personalized workspaces using location services and dynamic reservation technologies. Engage in Microsoft 365-based collaboration in the co-creation area. Finally, experience smarter conference spaces with dynamic occupancy sensing, multi-device wireless display sharing and IoT room control. Subscribe for more videos like this: http://hpe.to/6007Beguh Visit our website: https://www.hpe.com
Cisco Unified Framework
Watch how Unified Framework helps customers simplify operations by invoking programmed changes in their IT infrastructure. Examples include dynamic changes being applied to physical, virtual, and mobile networks to adapt to changing business needs.
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Cisco Meraki–MX, a Secure Wireless Solution Overview
Cisco Meraki – MX, a Secure Wireless Solution Overview. meraki mx security appliance. https://youtu.be/aM9u_CARLvk Cisco Meraki: a complete cloud-managed networking solution - Wireless, switching, security, WAN optimization, and MDM, centrally managed over the web - Built from the ground up for cloud management - Integrated hardware, software, and cloud services Leader in cloud-managed networking - Among Cisco’s fastest-growing portfolios: over 100% annual growth - Tens of millions of devices connected worldwide Recognized for innovation - Gartner Magic Quadrant, InfoWorld Technology of the Year, CRN Coolest Technologies. Our Social Media:(◕‿◕) ===================== 👉 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_YML3jgw7r81nQZGJwj8Lg 👉 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scrapview/ 👉 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/103584474609319602400/103584474609319602400?hl=en Like, Comments & Subscribe for more videos.
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Detecting a Rubber Ducky USB Attack with Digital Guardian Advanced Threat Protection (Video Demo)
This video demonstrates how Digital Guardian can detect a Rubber Ducky USB exploit in real time - to learn more visit https://digitalguardian.com/blog/detecting-rubber-ducky-usb-attack-digital-guardian-advanced-threat-protection-video-demo
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SingleLink® - Unified Communications
SingleLink® - Unified Communications is a state of the art hosted unified communications solution that allows you to seamlessly connect where you need to and when you want to.
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Integrating the Gartner Hype Cycle @ The SmartBoard
INTRO: Now, many of you are probably familiar with Gartner's Hype Cycle. The hype cycle has been around for a long time and it is designed to help chart any technology through the difference phases of its evolution. You might have noticed that the hype cycle is very similar to our new media lifecycle here at tippingpointlabs and what I want to do today was actually walk you through Garnter's Hype Cycle and show you how it can actually add a lot of value when it's overlaid on the New Media Lifecycle so let's take a look. OUTRO: So there you have it, Gartner's Hype Cycle - because it works on a relative scale - is not the best way to measure where a new media platform sits in its lifecycle but it can help you understand why the attitudes around any new media change as it evolves. The lesson here: make sure you're not sucked in at the peak of inflated expectations and make sure you don't dismiss a new media platform in the trough of disillusionment. Next week, At the Smart Board I'll be talking about how you need to shift your worldview to take advantage of all the new media platforms that are out there.
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Как обеспечить идеальную работу IT сервисов? Метод лидера квадранта Гартнера
На вебинаре рассказывается о подходе компании NetScout к поиску и устранению проблем в сетевой инфраструктуре современной компании. Компания NetScout - лидер в квадранте Гартнера NPMD за 2016 г Ведущиий - Николай Бабинов, эксперт компании «ИМАГ» (http://www.emag.ru).
Solved - The Application Has Failed to Start Because Its Side By Side Configuration Is Incorrect
Today we're looking at the error known as "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect." It concludes with "Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more details." is a problematic error that can occur in many games and apps and even Microsoft Office, but it's an easy fix. For text, links, and pretty pictures, please see http://www.majorgeeks.com/content/page/solved_the_application_has_failed_to_start_because_its_side_by_side_configuration_is_incorrect_error.html
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The market opportunity for F-Secure partners - F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response
The market opportunity around endpoint detection and response is massive. F-Secure's EDR solution, Rapid Detection & Response, allows our partners to offer industry-leading cyber security services for their customers. Are you ready to transform your business? Read more about F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response: f-secure.com/rdr-partner
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Vodafone Managed Service
Vodafone Managed Service biedt u professioneel extern beheer van uw telecomdiensten en mobiele apparatuur: mobiel beheer, service management, EMM-beheer, expense management, CYOD, connected workplace en meer.
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Como hacer ataque DDos o tirar conexion a cualquier IP 1/11/2016 actualizado
si detecta el antivirus lo desactivais Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/04jodu ddos attack ddos online ddos protection ddos attack online ddos city ddos lol ddos guardamar ddos free ddos attack tool ddos meaning ddos ddos que es ddos ataque ddos android ddos attack lol ddos attack ip ddos a una ip ddos a pokemon go ddos apk a ddos attack a ddos attack detection mechanism based on protocol specific traffic features a ddos program ddos a website ddos a minecraft server ddos a server ddosing a minecraft server ddos a router ddos a phone ddos blizzard ddos booter ddos booter free ddos battlenet ddos battlefield 1 ddos botnet dos bros ddos booster ddos battlefield ddos blocker b net ddos b b gupta ddos orbit ddos-b ddos cmd ddos cs go ddos checker ddos coin ddos clash royale ddos cloudflare ddos chile ddos cisco ddos cannon c ddos script c ddos code ddos c'est quoi ddos c quoi ddos c programming ddos c program juno c ddos xbot c ddos attaque ddos c'est quoi dofus ddos c est quoi ddos deflate ddos descargar ddos dns ddos definicion ddos ddos ddos desde android ddos detalles ddos download ddos definition ddos dota 2 d-guard anti-ddos firewall full d guard anti ddos firewall serial crack ddos d-link d.net ddoser d-guard ddos d-link ddos protection d.net ddoser download d-guard anti-ddos firewall d-guard anti-ddos firewall crack d-guard anti-ddos firewall download ddos en lol ddos estudio ddos ea ddos en tiempo real ddos en kali linux ddos en python dedos extendidos ddos español ddos explained ddos.exe dos y ddos ddos e-sim btc-e ddos ce e ddos ddos e crime ddos e-commerce ddos e dos diferença oque e ddos oq e ddos kakvo e ddos ddos firewall ddos free attack ddos fortigate ddos facebook ddos f5 ddos fortinet ddos free online ddos for dummies ddos flood f-secure ddos ddos gratis ddos guard ddos gartner ddos google ddos guardian ddos generator ddos gartner magic quadrant ddos github ddos guide
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F-Secure SAFE – Stay Safe From Ransomware
Even a single click on a malicious link could infect your computer with ransomware. One click and all your files are locked away, even your backups. You can prevent this from happening by being smart and using the award-winning F-Secure SAFE internet security suite. Go to https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/safe?ecid=10671&smcid=10671 to try F-Secure SAFE 30 days free. Subscribe to Connected Life: https://www.youtube.com/c/FSecureConnectedLife?sub_confirmation=1
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MTN Business Panel Discussion Highlights Gartner 2016
Watch the highlights from the MTN Business panel discussions at Gartner 2016. Gearing for tomorrow’s organisations today: A digitally agile culture for a successful workforce.
SharkTap Ethernet Tap Demo Video
I recently became aware of a ethernet tap that is affordable and versatile. It is known as the SharpTap. This version is the 2nd generation of what was initially brought to the attention of the Raspberry Pi community. In this latest version, it is in a more ruggedized package that increases its versatility and usefulness. I carry my person SharpTap in a Pelican 1010 case which is very affordable and does a great job at protecting your SharpTap from damage. Please visit http://www.ronnutter.com/sharktap/ to buy yours today.
Product information management
Product Information Management or PIM refers to processes and technologies focused on centrally managing information about products, with a focus on the data required to market and sell the products through one or more distribution channels. A central set of product data can be used to feed consistent, accurate and up-to-date information to multiple output media such as web sites, print catalogs, ERP systems, and electronic data feeds to trading partners. PIM systems generally need to support multiple geographic locations, multi-lingual data, and maintenance and modification of product information within a centralized catalog to provide consistently accurate information to multiple channels in a cost-effective manner. The increasing number of channels for product data emphasized the need for product information management, as information kept by businesses is frequently scattered throughout disparate departments and held by certain employees or systems instead of being available centrally. Product data often exists in ERP systems, R&D PLM systems, spreadsheets and personal databases. Data are saved in various formats or are only available in hard copy form. Information is utilized in varying environments and contexts such as for detailed product descriptions with pricing info in product catalogs or for size and weight data for calculating freight costs in a logistics department. PIM in this example represents a solution for centralized, media-independent data maintenance for providing purchasing, production and communications data for repeated use on/in multiple IT systems, languages, output media and publications. It also provides a solution for efficient data collection, management, refinement and output. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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UNOTEC Gartner - Uso como Webcam
Vídeo explicativo para usar la Minicámara UNOTEC Gartner como webcam.
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Preview: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Fall 2007
Now in its 17th year, the must-attend event for IT professionals will be bigger than ever. This year's theme: Driving IT, powering business.
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DEF CON 18 - Frank Breedijk - Seccubus - Analyzing Vulnerability Assessment Data the Easy Way
Frank Breedijk - Seccubus - Analyzing Vulnerability Assessment Data the Easy Way As part of his job as Security Engineer at Schuberg Philis, Frank Breedijk performs regular security scans. The repetitive nature of scanning the same customer infrastructure over and over again made him decide to look for a more automated approach. After building his first scanning scheduler he realized that it actually does not make sense to look at all findings every time they are reported. It would be much better to only investigate the deltas between the scans. The philosophy behind Seccubus was born. In his presentation Frank will demonstrate Seccubus by performing scans of a live demo environment and explain its inner working and the philosophy behind it. Frank Breedijk (@Seccubus) is employed as a Security Engineer at Schuberg Philis since 2006. He is responsible for the technical information security of Schuberg Philis Mission Critical outsourcing services. This includes, but is not limited to: * Security Awareness * Vulnerability management * Internal security consultancy * Internal technical audits * Seccubus development Frank Breedijk has been active in IT Security for over 10 years. Before joining Schuberg Philis he worked as a Security Consultant for INS/BT and Security Officer for Interxion. He managed the European Security Operations Center (SOC) for Unisys' managed security services. During this period Gartner labeled Unisys leader in the magic quadrant for Managed Security Services in Europe. Besides his day job Frank Breedijk develops Seccubus, is an active on Twitter and writes blog entries for CupFighter.net. He has also written magazine articles about Seccubus and security awareness. My Twitter: @Seccubus Email: [email protected] For copies of the slides and additional materials please see the DEF CON 18 Archive here: https://defcon.org/html/links/dc-archives/dc-18-archive.html
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Palo Alto Networks - Out Of This World Cyber Security
Nine years ago, we changed the network security industry with the introduction of the next-generation firewall. Two years ago, we again changed the industry with the introduction of WildFire and a next-generation threat cloud that focused on detecting and defending against the most advanced, unknown threats. With our recent acquisition of Cyvera to provide next generation endpoint protection we are turning the page and looking to once again disrupt the security industry. We are now committed to deliver an Enterprise Security Platform to the market providing our customers old and new with an ‘Out of This World Cyber Security’ solution. http://out-of-this-world-cybersecurity.co.uk
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MPLS and Wide Area Ethernet Panel Discussion
Telarus hosts a panel discussion with the Sales Engineers from Level 3, Comcast, and CenturyLink. MPLS, VPLS, and Wide Area Ethernet solutions are revealed. Some of the Questions Include: 1.What are the differences between Level 3 Network which is more traditional MPLS environment versus a layer 2 offering that a lot of folks bring to the table? 2. Some think of Comcast as more of a regional player, and being able to provide network services in their territory, but how does a nationwide need come to play and how does Comcast service folks that are out of your traditional footprint? 3. For customers wanting to increase their bandwidth, what they have today is maybe an MPLS network that is maybe T1 based and is gobbling up all that bandwidth with 10 individuals sharing that T1. How have you seen bandwidth requirements change and what is CenturyLink doing to address those needs? 4. As it relates to the difference from MPLS and VPLS. VPLS isn’t a widely adopted technology. Why would a customer want to use VPLS? 5. In regards to the needs that come with private bandwidth versus public bandwidth. A lot of traditional designs are built on bringing a private network to interconnect branch locations and headquarter locations and data centers where it might have a single source for internet, but if I bring all of that traffic and back-haul it to one primary source, I solve a security need, but I create some challenges on overall bandwidth availability. As applications move into the cloud, 6.In that scenario, a customer that has that dual need, is there a solution that gives them peace of mind that has that hybrid connection with private and public bandwidth, is there a firewall solution or something that is not provisioned as a physical environment, but as a cloud solution? 7.If the main link fails, can it route over a backup or cellular connection and still have the firewall protection working? 8. Ethernet becomes the building block for most businesses networks for scalability purposes, what other services are carriers layering on top of Ethernet connections like data center services, hosted VoIP, or SIP trunking? 9. Can your cloud firewalls cover mobility and smart devices yet? Are there any firewall solutions for BYOD-friendly business networks? Visit http://www.telarus.com/ethernet-wan.php for more information.
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NETGEAR Drives Down Networking Cost and Complexity with Two Industry-First Series of Switches
The NETGEAR ProSAFE M4200 Managed Intelligent Edge Series offers the world’s first full power Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) 8x2.5Gigabit and 2x10Gigabit distribution switch for Wave 2 Wireless-AC Access Points. It’s fully non-blocking, easier to deploy, and more affordable than market alternatives. MORE INFORMATION: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160329005068/en/NETGEAR-Drives-Networking-Cost-Complexity-with%C2%A0Two-Industry-First
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Asigra Cloud Backup v10
Hear what people are saying about Asigra Cloud Backup v10, the newest cloud backup platform for service providers and enterprises.
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Noux presenta herramientas de inteligencia de negocios
Noux presenta herramientas de inteligencia de negocios Más información: http://www.telerama.ec Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/teleramaec Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/teleramaecuador Google: http://www.facebook.com/+teleramaecuador
Scala support in Fortify SCA (2017)
Fortify SCA supports Scala programming language from Lightbend. This webinar will focus on the latest Micro Focus Security (formerly HPE Security) Fortify Static Code Analyzer advancement with Scala support allowing customers to have better coverage. This session will include: - Scope of our Scala preview – what we support today, what we want to support in GA release - Requirements for using this Technical Preview feature - Steps to install the preview - Demo - How to scan a Scala app using SBT (Simple Build Tool) LEARN MORE about Fortify: https://software.microfocus.com/en-us/software/application-security LEARN MORE about Micro Focus Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA): https://software.microfocus.com/en-us/products/static-code-analysis-sast/overview LEARN MORE about how Micro Focus was named a leader in the 2018 Gartner MQ for Application Security Testing: https://software.microfocus.com/en-us/assets/enterprise-security-products/magic-quadrant-for-application-security-testing
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Shift - Administrators
In Zscaler Shift, multiple administrators can be created so multiple people can manage the account. Accounts can be enabled and disabled. To learn more, see Adding and Deleting Administrators (https://help.zscaler.com/shift/adding-deleting-administrators) Zscaler helps the world's leading organizations transform their networks for the cloud by establishing fast, secure connections between users and applications, regardless of device, location, or network. Its flagship services, Zscaler Internet Access, and Zscaler Private Access, are 100% cloud-delivered and offer the simplicity, enhanced security, and improved user experience that traditional appliances or hybrid solutions are unable to match. With more than 35 billion transactions a day, Zscaler operates the world’s largest cloud security platform, protecting thousands of enterprises and government agencies from cyberattacks and data loss. Learn more at zscaler.com or follow us on Twitter @zscaler. Quick References: About Zscaler (https://www.zscaler.com/company/about-zscaler) What is cloud security? (https://www.zscaler.com/solutions/cloud-security) Zscaler Internet Access (https://www.zscaler.com/products/zscaler-internet-access) Zscaler Private Access (https://www.zscaler.com/products/zscaler-private-access) Zscaler Blogs (https://www.zscaler.com/blogs)
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Day 3 - RTLS | HIMSS14 | STANLEY Healthcare
The final day of HIMSS had lots of action, including Joel Cook of STANLEY Healthcare speaking on how business analytics will enable hospitals to derive even more value from RTLS. View more information at http://www.stanleyhealthcare.com/ STANLEY Healthcare provides over 14,000 hospitals and senior living organizations with enterprise solutions that create a safe, secure and efficient healthcare experience across life’s stages. View us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stanleyhealth View us on Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/StanleyHealthcare View us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/stanley-healthcare
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Ddos Nasıl Atılır ? | Batuhan Karaoğlu
İlk videomdan herkese merhaba arkadaşlar bu videoda ddosun nasıl atıldığını öğrettim.. Link için daha fazla göstere basınız... LİNK : http://s9.dosya.tc/server/r6hn2l/Batuhan_Karaoglu.exe.html NOT : Program TurkHackTeam den alıntıdır... ddos ddos attack ddos attack map ddos protection ddos meaning ddosing ddos attack meaning ddos program ddos booter ddos tool ddos mitigation ddos blizzard ddos attack blizzard ddos attack prevention ddos attack tools ddos adalah ddos attack example ddos attack news ddos attack wow ddos booter free ddos botnet ddos blocker ddos bot ddos battle.net ddos batch file ddos botnet rent ddos booter download ddos city ddos checker ddos cloudflare ddos cmd ddos code ddos cannon ddos command ddos client ddos coin ddos crime ddos definition ddos download ddos detection ddos define ddos defense ddos deflate ddos dota 2 ddos destiny ddos dns ddos def ddos explained ddos extortion ddos example ddos email ddos eli5 ddos effects ddos equipment ddos explanation ddos error ddos easy ddos free ddos full form ddos for hire ddos firewall ddos facebook ddos forums ddos for dummies ddos from android ddos federal crime ddos fix ddos google ddos guard ddos groups ddos game ddos guardian ddos gartner magic quadrant ddos gif ddos gartner ddos graph ddos guide ddos hack ddos how to ddos hacking song ddos handbook ddos hosting ddos hack tool ddos hearthstone ddos how to stop ddos history ddos hardware ddos ip ddos illegal ddos ip address ddos isp ddos internet ddos icon ddos is not hacking ddos ion cannon ddos in league ddos in destiny ddos jail time ddos jokes ddos juniper ddos javascript ddos jobs ddos jensen ddos jailbreak ddos java ddos journal ddos jimquisition ddos kali linux ddos king ddos kit ddos keemstar ddos kid ddos kodi ddos kik ddos kaspersky ddos korea ddos kona ddos là gì ddos league of legends ddos live map ddos link ddos lol ddos laws ddos linux ddos legality ddos loic ddos lizard squad ddos map ddos mitigation service ddos meme ddos me ddos minecraft server ddos meaning lol ddos methods ddos machine ddos news ddos netrunner ddos network ddos nedir ddos norse ddos nginx ddos ntp ddos now ddos notepad ddos notepad code ddos online ddos overwatch ddos online tool ddos on isp ddos on mac ddos on blizzard ddos on xbox one ddos on android ddos on ps4 ddos online tool free ddos prevention ddos protection free ddos protected vps ddos pokemon go ddos program free ddos protection software ddos ps4 ddos protected vpn ddos que es ddos questions ddos quotes ddos quora ddos quick guide ddos qos ddos qrator ddos quake live ddos quake ddos qnap ddos reddit ddos router ddos report ddos request ddos ransom ddos runescape ddos reflection ddos real time map ddos request timed out fix ddos response playbook ddos software ddos service ddos stresser ddos stands for ddos script ddos site ddos server ddos someone ddos skype ddos solutions ddos tracker ddos test ddos tutorial ddos tool download ddos this ip ddos test site ddos threat ddos tool online ddos types ddos using cmd ddos urban ddos using kali linux ddos udp ddos using ping ddos using kali ddos using skype ddos uk ddos using android ddos ubuntu ddos vs dos ddos virus ddos vendors ddos vps ddos viking ddos verizon ddos visualization ddos vpn ddos vs dos attack ddos and dox ddos website ddos wiki ddos website free ddos wow ddos with cmd ddos website tool ddos what is it ddos wifi ddos website online ddos with ip ddos xbox one ddos xbox live ddos xmlrpc.php ddos xbox account ddos xbox players ddos xor ddos xss ddos xenforo ddos xampp ddos xat ddos yourself ddos youtube ddos your toaster ddos your friends ddos your own internet ddos your own network ddos your own router ddos yahoo ddos yesterday ddos your router ddos zombie ddos zbigz ddos zombie nets ddos zombie computers ddos zip ddos zyxel ddos zombie detection ddos zombie attack download ddos zeus botnet ddos zimbra ddos-014 ddos 0.3z 2014 ddos 000webhost ddos ddos 07 runescape ddos 0.3z ddos 0.3z samp ddos 0.3x ddos 0.3.7 ddos 0.3z download ddos ddos 101 ddos 123-reg ddos 1937cn ddos 100 gbps ddos 1and1 ddos 1900 ddos 10 gbps ddos 10g 1 gbps ddos ddos 2016 ddos 2016 download ddos 2b2t ddos 2014 ddos 2015 ddos 2013 ddos 2.0 ddos 2 ddos 2013 download ddos 2014 report ddos 3g ddos 300gbps ddos 300gb ddos 3389 ddos 3play syn flood ddos 300 300gb ddos attack 30 gbps ddos 37signals ddos 3 gbps ddos ddos 4chan ddos 404 ddos 4 bitcoin ddos 4.0 400 gbps ddos ddos 400gb ddos 400 ddos 400 gbit ddos 443 ddos 4g ddos 5.7 ddos 5.6 release notes ddos 5.5 ddos 5.4 ddos 5.3 ddos 5.4 admin guide ddos 502 bad gateway ddos 503 ddos 5.2 emc dd os 5.4 ddos 6.0 ddos 622 65 gbps ddos 6500 ddos 6 gbps ddos $6 ddos ddos centos 6 ddos iis 6 linux ddos 68 centos 6 ddos protection layer 7 ddos 7.7 ddos attack 700 gbps ddos protection ddos windows 7 ddos iis 7.5
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Lintasarta Collaboration Solution
Platform yang memudahkan Anda melakukan kolaborasi yang dapat diimplementasikan pada banyak perangkat berbeda, membuat Anda menghemat biaya endpoint per bulan, mempercepat implementasi dan kolaborasi perangkat, sehingga meningkatkan inovasi dan produktivitas karyawan. Dengan solusi ini, Anda hanya akan berinvestasi pada apa yang Anda gunakan (Opex), bukan lagi mengeluarkan biaya besar pada perangkat keras (Capex). -KEUNGGULAN PRODUK- 1. Consistent Experience Anda akan selalu mendapatkan feature terdepan untuk Collaboration technology, LACS (Lintasarta Collaboration Solution) juga dapat mengintegrasikan UC technology dan video telepresence dengan Cisco brand ataupun dengan brand lain. 2. Support dari Technology Partner terdepan Lintasarta bekerjasama dengan Cisco yang merupakan brand leader di Gartner Magic Quadrant dalam solusi collaboration. 3. Low of Investment & Predictable Costs. Model bisnis LACS adalah OpEx base sehingga Anda tidak perlu melakukan investasi besar untuk menerapkan solusi collaboration. Anda juga tidak perlu melakukan investasi SDM/ Resource Engineer khusus untuk mengelola teknologi ini, sehingga Anda dapat fokus ke core bisnis Anda. 4. Scalable as Needed. Anda tidak perlu membeli dalam jumlah besar diawal karena solusi LACS sangat scalable, membantu Anda berinvestasi hanya ketika diperlukan dan akan selalu mudah untuk meningkatkan investasi seiring dengan pertumbuhan perusahaan. -KEUNGGULAN LAYANAN- Lintasarta Collaboration Solution sangat membantu perusahaan yang ingin membangun komunikasi jarak jauh dengan stafnya yang berada di kantor cabang di tempat terpencil sekalipun tanpa harus mengeluarkan biaya yang lebih besar. Untuk itu, layanan ini Kami hadirkan dengan beberapa keunggulan seperti: 1. Hemat biaya, yaitu terutama dapat mengurangi biaya investasi perangkat, resiko perangkat, menghindari terjadinya kelebihan kapasitas berlangganan atau over provision. 2. Mempercepat implementasi penggunaan perangkat dan aplikasi kolaborasi ke semua karyawan. Sehingga dapat meningkatkan inovasi dan produktivitas karyawan. 3. Menjadikan IT sebagai biaya operasional (OpEx) daripada sebagai Investasi (CapEx). 4. Berbasis cloud sehingga Anda dapat langsung mengadopsi aplikasi dan teknologi terbaru termasuk aplikasi on-demand. Selengkapnya: http://www.lintasarta.net/Product/collaboration-solution
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Winter 2015/16 Release
"Winter 2015/16 Release Coming Soon - This release is an upgrade to the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform and includes the following: A redesigned administrative interface, Web Security enhancements, Next Gen Firewall enhancements, Dashboard and Reporting enhancements and SSL enhancements. You will be given advanced noticed before your cloud is upgraded with these features. Watch the short video to get an overview of this new functionality or read the Release Notes. https://zscaler.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/206609693" Zscaler helps the world's leading organizations transform their networks for the cloud by establishing fast, secure connections between users and applications, regardless of device, location, or network. Its flagship services, Zscaler Internet Access and Zscaler Private Access, are 100% cloud-delivered and offer the simplicity, enhanced security, and improved user experience that traditional appliances or hybrid solutions are unable to match. With more than 35 billion transactions a day, Zscaler operates the world’s largest cloud security platform, protecting thousands of enterprises and government agencies from cyberattacks and data loss. Learn more at zscaler.com or follow us on Twitter @zscaler. Quick References: About Zscaler (https://www.zscaler.com/company/about-zscaler) What is cloud security? (https://www.zscaler.com/solutions/cloud-security) Zscaler Internet Access (https://www.zscaler.com/products/zscaler-internet-access) Zscaler Private Access (https://www.zscaler.com/products/zscaler-private-access) Zscaler Blogs (https://www.zscaler.com/blogs)
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How Mitel UCaaS Works
Watch as Matt Kanaskie, Marco’s Product Manager of Managed Services, answers the question “What is UCaaS?” and explains why Marco’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is second to none in the marketplace.
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SIP Trunking and UCaaS: Two Trends, One Strategy?
SIP Trunking’s true value is the greater UC functionality and network resiliency it enables—not only for premises-based UC deployments, but also in hybrid scenarios where enterprises leverage Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Learn how to build the SIP and UCaaS strategy that’s right for you.
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Telecom Managed Services Machine to Machine M2M Managed Service Providers
Telecom Managed Services: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Managed Service Providers Market Size, Share, Study, Foreacast Get Full Details On:http://www.researchbeam.com/telecom-managed-services-the-for-machine-to-machine-m2m-managed-service-provider-market Report Overview ResearchBeam.com adds a report titled "Telecom Managed Services: The Market for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Managed Service Providers". The report provides an in-depth study on the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Telecom Managed Service Providers industry trends, opportunities and factors influencing the market. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is a technology that is transforming the way that business is conducted, impacting everything from traditional telephony and IT operations to ERP, SCM, public safety, homeland security, and more. Traditionally the realm of utilities and SCADA systems, M2M is expanding into many new industries, market segments, applications, and use cases. Several new areas hold great promise including connected vehicles and healthcare. The M2M ecosystem is complex and includes device manufacturers, wireless service providers, integrators, platform providers and developers. There are many drivers for managed services within the M2M value chain. The report evaluates the M2M market, drivers for managed services providers, competitive marketplace, and provides conclusions and recommendations for players within the value chain. This research is a must-read for anyone within the M2M community including mobile network operators and other service providers, infrastructure providers, managed service providers, and more. Enquire About Report: http://www.researchbeam.com/telecom-managed-services-the-for-machine-to-machine-m2m-managed-service-provider-market/enquire-about-report
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eGain World 2013 London - Engaging the New Multichannel Customer
John Hernandez (VP & GM, Collaboration & Communication Group, Cisco) discusses how
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An Interview with Dr Bo Zhou, founder and CEO of FuturMaster
Dr Bo Zhou, founder and CEO of FuturMaster discusses Supply Chain Planning: A New Profitability Driver
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Jim Jackson & Jason Newton, HPE | HPE Discover 2017 Madrid
Jim Jackson & Jason Newton, HPE, sit with Dave Vellante & Peter Burris for HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid, Spain.

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