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Jojo is Free - Full Movie sub english

17702 ratings | 14147951 views
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Text Comments (1263)
billyblooboy (1 day ago)
ok 1.10,00 the tears welled up .
Viviane Voyiantzis (3 days ago)
56:00 Beautiful Nature!
savina Brown (23 days ago)
SyndicationApp (1 month ago)
thanks for uploading
Christy Garcia (1 month ago)
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Majeed Mb (26 days ago)
give nombr
35 05 (1 month ago)
Wow, the dad's a total pr!ck! Poor kid. Both young actors were fantastic. I do agree with the person who said the star of the film was the bird. Blooper alert: I LOATHE films in which they made a non-human animal character die. :(
MİNE TOKÖZ (1 month ago)
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uki 47 (1 month ago)
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goodwater2020 (1 month ago)
So sad
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+Asif Ali Bhai ramadan me ye sab q dekh rahe ho 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Asif Ali (9 days ago)
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張建助 (1 month ago)
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Alan Saxton (2 months ago)
Excellent viewing - great family fare.
شراسة اسد (2 months ago)
Avriellia Shaqqila (3 months ago)
WORLD INSIDE OUT (3 months ago)
اكثروا الاستغفار
Peter Dornik (3 months ago)
Jojo is Free, plamen na koncu
از هرجا هرچیز (3 months ago)
خوب باید ببینم
ورود الحب (3 months ago)
Mai Giza (3 months ago)
Hot movie 💋💋😋 I like 💓💓💓💋😋
Krrish Chumber (4 months ago)
leonard magpatoc (4 months ago)
its hard when ur happy pill will gone.
shoukat Umerani (4 months ago)
shoukat super
Neville Pillay (4 months ago)
Naidy Saputras Saputras (4 months ago)
Omgd,,, wastp,,, +601161841984 indonesia
Patrick Nester (4 months ago)
this is the best movie i have had the pleasure to watch, it beats anything hollywood has ever put out , I LOVED IT , best actors and the Raven was the STAR , PLEASE RELEASE MORE LIKE THIS God Bless each one of you
Maria Gull (4 months ago)
*Wow nice movie* 😍😍😍😍
Naidy Saputras Saputras (4 months ago)
Rajbanshi Khadga Prasad (4 months ago)
why surprised watching all comments which are only from ladies.why it is so?
timmy tim (4 months ago)
I didn't cry because no one in my family seems to remember me this Christmas, damn this movie it's worth my teary eye. kuddos
Leonard Vaivada (1 month ago)
I buy my own Christmas presents thru out the year. I put them in the closet and forget about them. Last year I was surprised to see I got a laptop, shirts, pants, guitar pickups etc. I didn't get anything from anybody and I did not give anybody anything. Everybody was happy. Every time I opened a gift I said to myself "You shouldn't have or Just what I wanted" This year I'm hoping for a guitar amplifier and have a feeling that I will be getting one. I take pictures of everything and email them to my daughter and grandchildren on Christmas day with a caption "Look what I got"
Pratiksha Thakur (4 months ago)
Happy ending btw ...but sad that bird is died😫
Ufff so hot
Behruz Memmedov (3 months ago)
Brain complicated .
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Andre Silva (5 months ago)
7:02 this music?? anybody know??
Very good
هيثم جمعان (5 months ago)
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markyncole (6 months ago)
A very good movie. It's worth watching.
mex 2 (6 months ago)
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Tai Forman (6 months ago)
What is this called??
rohan verma (6 months ago)
Sab ki sab fek adi girls hai
Wagner Requenamendes (6 months ago)
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Omar Kahel (6 months ago)
حلو عصفور
hosein D (3 months ago)
چی می گی
سيف الحلفي (6 months ago)
I need a friend
Kosmovox Useinov (6 months ago)
Jojo-it is girl or boy? It is not impotent in this story. This is story about child and crashes of childhood's dreams....
lulusan SD doang (6 months ago)
Just woooow.. Nice movie
Burhan Qerimi (6 months ago)
Kids father is a jackass
serhat karaca (6 months ago)
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Md suhag Md suhag (6 months ago)
Wow amazing movi I'm crying, so nice
عاشق الورد (6 months ago)
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AJ Booster (6 months ago)
Great Dutch movie
Niyaz Nawaz (7 months ago)
Gosha Goldmanov (7 months ago)
птичку жаль...
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good video thanks
Angelic Felon (7 months ago)
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Richard Burgess (8 months ago)
Such a hideous child with her red tiny face and huge Mick Jager lips.
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Sergio Rodríguez (9 months ago)
Is her bird a Crow or a Raven. I can never tell them apart.
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Kamal Naoui (9 months ago)
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Shazana Khan (9 months ago)
Nice film. I hate the father his fukin horrible, keep saying sorry so annoying. The boy develops psychological issue so the father should help him out rather going through moments himself his the adult here. Violence doesn’t resolve anything, he should support the boy.
Mich Lin (9 months ago)
Seriously his dad deserved more And why is the girl even best friend with that kid Jojo is so stubborn and has worse anger issues than anyone
نبض قلبي ت ت (9 months ago)
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Ali Almasre (10 months ago)
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Dwight Halpert (10 months ago)
I’m going to say this now, that little girl would be the perfect candidate for Ellie in the The Last of Us movie, if only she spoke English. She literally looks just like Ellie
Tim Browder (10 months ago)
This is sick shit wow wtf
An An (10 months ago)
Wow. You made me cry 😑
الخير الكباشي (10 months ago)
Afghan boy (10 months ago)
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Kanchan S (11 months ago)
Nice video 👌💓💓💓
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OldSkool 55F100 (11 months ago)
f.... i cried.... dammit.

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