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Female Comics Take On The Rape Joke

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What’s funny about sexual assault? Six female comedians weigh in on rape jokes, and how stand-up is changing in the post-Weinstein era. More from The New York Times Video: Subscribe: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n Watch all of our videos here: http://nytimes.com/video Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nytvideo Twitter: https://twitter.com/nytvideo ---------- Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch.
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Text Comments (358)
Chad Vader (13 hours ago)
There's probably a reason I've never heard of any of these "comedians."
hoot want lasagna (1 day ago)
*bwoop bwoop* You here that? That’s the sound of the joke police.
David Smith (1 day ago)
TwoBlindMice (1 day ago)
Patti hittin those roids
Nikolay Tsonev (3 days ago)
where is the comedy?
Wolf Tamer (7 days ago)
Lol women aren’t funny
Jake Lane (7 days ago)
Sunny Lovetts (7 days ago)
When comedy tries to take itself seriously it ceases being comedy.
Frank Wagner (8 days ago)
This is a fine example of why women comics are rarely funny. Just bad writing bolstered by the 'mah vaginah' politics. So freaking terrible.
Oliver (8 days ago)
I feel violated.
I’m Fast (9 days ago)
We have dark humor that’s it
Budman (9 days ago)
A good example of women are generally not funny.
Feminist (11 days ago)
The only part I liked was when the men made the [email protected] jokes
James Rocco (11 days ago)
Fabulous illustration of why WOMEN ARE NOT FUNNY.
Elizabeth Brouwer (12 days ago)
Just that the USA chose the president that is now running the country says alot about the people
Mighty Blue Mouse (13 days ago)
Patti Harrison has got to be a tranny
John David (14 days ago)
Mmmm, Doritos, Cheese Supreme, these are yummy ! Huh, did they say something funny ? Oh well, Must have mist it.🙊🙉🙈
Markus Rochin (18 days ago)
Where are the female comics?
Caleb Hayes (18 days ago)
Yay feminists my favorite... to hate
Female comedians are funny, just say my vagina.
Markus Rochin (18 days ago)
ignantassninja urrealdad **laugh track plays**
CallMeStaTz (20 days ago)
Take a joke !
Teddy Poling (21 days ago)
rusty goldfinch (21 days ago)
The only funny thing was reading the label “comedian” under these womens names
Rozkladd (22 days ago)
Algo+codehawk (22 days ago)
and that is why feminazis and women cant be funny
Paul Borst (22 days ago)
Female comedian is an oxymoron.
Markus Rochin (18 days ago)
Paul Borst a lot of women are funny, most aren’t though.
K M (25 days ago)
That was fun 😐 🔫
james griffith (25 days ago)
james griffith (25 days ago)
Porky pig raping elmer fudd
Pixel Arter (25 days ago)
Oh Frankie Boyle noooo you’re my favourite comedian
Martin Edwards (28 days ago)
Not funny. But they make up for it by being ugly.
Jesse Reale (1 month ago)
UnknownRARI (1 month ago)
Phil Ingrouille (1 month ago)
Patti Harrison being in a "Female Comics" video, that's kinda funny 👌
Alejandro Milan (1 month ago)
I was trying to be optimistic and find funny women and I’m disappointed
John Despo (1 month ago)
Mostly women and a tranny
killswitchlee123 (1 month ago)
I like to dress up as the tooth fairy, go to maternity wards, and twist the heads of newborn babies... parents save a fortune.
Imp Dimp (1 month ago)
patti a dude was pretty sure by just looking but google confirmed it
S W (1 month ago)
Ya you guys try to trash on Carlin good luck with that.
Killa (1 month ago)
Nice like bar.
Diggins McDiggers (1 month ago)
😂these POUNDMETOO "movement" rants get me every time😂 The ladies talking were the only joke in this whole video
simbadg13 (1 month ago)
Bad job with this video. You are proving that Misandry Is becoming a problem!!!
Marty McDonald (1 month ago)
This is why their arent any good female comics
Joshua D (1 month ago)
lol stfu wrong wrong wrong wrong
Patrick Bateman (1 month ago)
That's why woman aren't considered funny.
Muhned Bnana (1 month ago)
the cringe
Kris Jones Jones (1 month ago)
Female comedians are just not funny simple as
edgy lord (1 month ago)
What do you call a female midget A flesh light
Thunda1986 (1 month ago)
its cause woman try to hard theres funniest in subtlety
101 Airborne (1 month ago)
Buzzfeed Buzzkill
7Be (1 month ago)
"Your job as a comedian is to, like, think about the climate you're in" No. Your job as a comedian is to make people laugh.
BulletKingIsHere (2 months ago)
Mike Tyson Did Kobe Bryant Did Bill Cosby Did Kevin Spacey Did Harvey Weinstein Did XD
Robin Lundqvist (2 months ago)
self proclaimed comedians at their worst in this video
none of your business (2 months ago)
If I ever go to any of these females shows, I’m heckling them. They are so talentless they probably just freeze up onstage.
PP (2 months ago)
I have not met a single soul who didn’t find Snooki raping Eric Cartman funny
Joan Taulbee (2 months ago)
I think these women are overly sensitive and i think they're mad at these male comedians bc they're all way funnier than them and i believe women are mad in general bc they have smaller brains [fact]. Another thing there's no room for political correctness and sensitivity in comedy.
It'sRandom (2 months ago)
OkaylKate (2 months ago)
seems that half of the people in the comment section didn't watch the video they''re commenting on till the end. sad.
mellamosean (2 months ago)
How is it not obvious by now that a video like this is going to be a trainwreck on youtube?
Eyal Shani (2 months ago)
Can we please just make jokes cuz they're funny? Thank you
Traxxattaxx (2 months ago)
“Hey let’s make the most political, least funny video on the planet.”
Fr4gmint202 (2 months ago)
0:09 you can instantly tell thats a guy LMAO
Rosie H (2 months ago)
What a bunch of hilarious women; said no one ever.
captain_ flunk (2 months ago)
I am gonna need some evidence that these people are actually comedians...
captain_ flunk (2 months ago)
+Asura Heterodyne 400lbs 40 years mom's basement . . . We dont do that here👐
Asura Heterodyne (2 months ago)
I'm going to need evidence that you aren't a 400 lb 40 year old living in his mom's basement.
t e r I N E E D L E R (2 months ago)
The machete joke is NOT funny. It’s childish sarcastic and she’s trying too hard to turn comedy into a feminist issue... it isn’t. Never has and never will unless feminists are the butt of the joke or the butt joke. You get what I’m trying to say. The punchline, that’s it, punchline!
Goondock Saints (2 months ago)
Never heard of any of them. Comedy is art and art is for the viewer/consumer to judge. There's no rule that comedy must be commercially successful, however comics don't get much support in the industry if the audience doesn't laugh. You can't force a business to sell a product no one wants and you can't force customers to buy what they don't like.
Goondock Saints (2 months ago)
2:32 "Look what women put up with every day" I don't go to a comedy club to listen to this - just like I don't go to the burn unit at the hospital to feel more attractive. Sell that rhetoric at protests or TEDx talks or wherever people go when they want to hear complaining.
animefan (2 months ago)
lean to take a joke
Magic Mike (2 months ago)
Women dont have good humor is all.
Blake J (2 months ago)
Comedy ain't supposed to be teddy bears and cupcakes. Great comics talk about everything in this life. The good and the bad.
grandmavodka (2 months ago)
There is so much delicious indignant testosterone in this comment section
Rafat Alamgir (1 month ago)
+Asura Heterodyne feminists are female incels
Asura Heterodyne (2 months ago)
So many sexist guys. I figured that they would eventually die out from lack of breeding.
Elwood Scott (2 months ago)
Wow, this comments section is actually cancer.
The Hyperbole (1 month ago)
Exactly, feminists spreading hate
McSuperfly (1 month ago)
Was that a _cancer_ joke??
papa bless (2 months ago)
It's called a joke for a reason
zabeon (2 months ago)
So rap jokes are unfunny because it hurts people or whatever. Anything kills you. Yet you can joke about diseases and gun violence and no one cares. Get over it. A joke is a joke.
McSuperfly (1 month ago)
Why does Snoop Dogg always carry an umbrella? Fo Drizzle
Will Cohen (2 months ago)
lol everybody hates this video
Xsaz0000 (3 months ago)
Not only are women not funny. I've also noticed they never laugh at my jokes.
Asura Heterodyne (2 months ago)
Then maybe you're the problem instead of 50% of the population... Just saying...
Seek Truth (3 months ago)
This is why women aren’t funny
Decent (3 months ago)
- How to be funny? - Don't be woman
It'sRandom (2 months ago)
BTHD Kitten (3 months ago)
I love how they took george carlins joke out of context
Ameer Khan (3 months ago)
what are women comics????
daniel orejuela (3 months ago)
If u take a joke apart the whole reason they’re funny is because of how dark it really is and you laugh because of that. I remember I used to watch looney tunes and would mostly laugh because of the funny faces cartoons made after getting hit, I was a kid at the time. When people say it’s not funny like just take a second to think about something that what really makes it so funny and just think of anyone or anything your are offending whether it’s something little or big
إلياس (3 months ago)
2:39 😂😂😂 Just move over them like branches
Drithien (3 months ago)
"When you are making a joke and you are gonna punch someone..." How about no. I can make a joke without criticizing or attacking anyone, even if it's an "offensive" joke; and have a better time listening to such jokes as well. I am not watching stand-up to get lectured by comedians on ethics or sociopolitical matters. I can inform my self on such subjects from actually credible sources. Heck, if someone of Bill Burr's standing makes sure to reiterate how he knows nothing and is just rambling, a comedian who has some things of value to say, laughs aside, why would I think any of these people in the video are experts in how anyone should lead their lives? It seems like arrogance, in taking it as granted that they are right; and ignorance, as to how shallow their views are on the things they do talk about and they don't seem to even get it; go hand in hand. Along with a hefty does of "victim culture", because some people just don't grow out of whining their way to what they want. And of course it all comes down to "just do what I say and don't think". Nice example of how to not act as a woman or as a human being. Thank goodness the women in my life have turned out to have what it takes to stand on their own two legs without begging while demanding for people's obedience just so they can satisfy their ego.
celestino velasquez (3 months ago)
Females aren’t comedians
It'sRandom (2 months ago)
Males aren't friendly
Your Saviour Chris (3 months ago)
That's funny to me😂👌
Madeline H. (3 months ago)
Aww, all the butthurt men in these comments are so cute.
Donald Drumpf (1 month ago)
@Madeline H. Comedy comes from an uncomfortable tension, laughter is they only way to release that tension. laughter is also a coping mechanism, many people can heal through laughter. there are also people who chose to tell their painful stories through comedy. also, jokes are funny because they have an element of darkness to them. jokes are usually made at somebody else's expense, and a large number of jokes are based on somebody else's misfortune. comedy shows and movies usually show people getting hurt in some fashion.
Madeline H. (2 months ago)
Asura Heterodyne I wish I was that lucky. I don’t understand how anyone could find another person’s pain funny.
Asura Heterodyne (2 months ago)
Yeah, I'm surprised at how much sexism there is here. I clearly pick my friends well since I have never heard these kinds of things in real life.
Maniacal Martin (3 months ago)
"Nothing is off limit for comedy." enough said. That should have been the entire video right there. Instead they made a whole video about comedy that didn't have an ounce of comedic value.
Glenn (3 months ago)
Female & Comedian - two words that don't go together.
Eipeid wep (3 months ago)
Woman can't be funny, God created men to be funny to stop woman from talking, and rather laughing.
Iamfilm711 (3 months ago)
A laugh doesn't necessarily have to spring from a trivialising mindset. Sometimes, comedy does the exact opposite. It makes you laugh and it makes you think. There's good comedy and bad comedy. Perhaps, it is the serious academician's scorn to think of the role of comic as lowly and trivialising. Comedy subverts, dissents and equalises. No pretentious feminist can deny that.
Young Spoopy (3 months ago)
I guess they never heard of shock humor
Drk RE (3 months ago)
I don't have a problem with them being unattractive, that's normal for a comedian - I have a problem with them not being funny.
The Boom (3 months ago)
Good comedy is not a thing it is absolutely subjective.
N O R R (3 months ago)
boo hoo hoo
It'sRandom (2 months ago)
Just cause you can't get pregnant. *smh*
Pug Tato (4 months ago)
What next nock nock jocks are going to be to offensive
Jack R Cotter (4 months ago)
The New York Times: R*pe is not funny George Carlin: *Puts Water on bar stool*
Stoopid Head (4 months ago)
I thought you have to be funny to be a comedian. There was nothing in this video that was even remotely funny
Negasso Kadir (4 months ago)
This is why women can’t be comedians.
Susan Q (4 months ago)
One of them wasn't even a woman lol
MaxExcretion (4 months ago)
Well aren't they hilarious...
James Holbrook (4 months ago)
What do you mean womens rights what rights do they not have
perry stites (4 months ago)
none of these women are funny/.

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