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Bonsai: Styling Your First Bonsai Tree

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Bonsai professional and author of 'Bonsai' Peter Warren explains how to style and care for your first bonsai tree using a popular first bonsai tree, Chinese Elm. Find out more about Peter Warren: http://www.saruyama.co.uk/ Buy your copy of Bonsai here: US: http://www.dk.com/us/9781465419583-bonsai/ UK: http://www.dk.com/uk/9781409344087-bonsai/
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Text Comments (71)
Somehow a turtle (2 days ago)
Remove and grow. Make your imagination a reality. Don't forget that you're tied down with the end result. What you have done is most certainly self-made. Man-made.
mel markou (7 days ago)
Hi I’m very new to bonsai so forgive me if I have no idea what I’m going on about. I received first Fukien Tea bonsai, it’s looking relatively healthy with little new growth but it seems loose in its pot, after watching your video I really want to prune and style it and then repot it but I’m unsure if it’s the right time of year and whether if I start pruning branches it’s. healthy for the tree right now. Any advice would be much appreciated.Thankyou
Raymond Petit (29 days ago)
Shitu 『Boi』 (2 months ago)
What if you just let them grow without cutting them?
SuperGamer Bro (1 month ago)
It would grow better but would start to look ugly
Aaron Alaniz (3 months ago)
where can I get the fixing wires?
Gyan Gumatay (4 months ago)
I am allergic to elm trees 😖😭😕
Pushy (4 months ago)
Anyone know what type of shears he's using? I bought some on Amazon but they aren't like his. They are way too thin and lightweight for me to cut some of those thicker branches
Thomas Arthur Holland (5 months ago)
was worried about starting this hobby being 67 years old but just watched this DK vid and the MIRIA VID TURNING A Christmas Tree in to a Bonsai yes it look s challenging but going to have a go hope I get to see it grow a bit yes watch both the vid's they are most helpful..
Melanie Theron (3 days ago)
Thomas Arthur Holland P
Brianna Young (2 months ago)
Thomas Arthur Holland how’re your bonsai doing?
david cross (1 year ago)
I have a lot of leafless branches, especially closer to the tree.. do I cut these off?
Girlie Hanooman (1 year ago)
can I use wood glue instead
Marissa Silva (1 year ago)
I have a bonsai but I'm afraid of hurting it. I do not know what to do to cut off the old branches. Help me.
Mohammad Furkaan (1 year ago)
Muhammad Adamjee (1 year ago)
Bought the book......its very helpful!
fabrizi tea (1 year ago)
Good tutorial.
Cyrus Lever (1 year ago)
whats the one with berries all over it
Gary T (3 months ago)
Cyrus Lever ...Looks like a cotoneaster :-)
Phteven (1 year ago)
I am growing a bonsai from a seed. Currently it is about 1 1/2" to 2" tall. I'm not sure what to do with it at this point, do I do any trimming?
Chris S (3 months ago)
Phteven give it about half a year depending on the tree species but once it gets to a nice thickness give the trunk some movement by wireing it and let it sit for 2-3 months check the wire daily to make sure the tree isn't growing over the wire so you don't get those ugly wire scars
Amanda Thomas (8 months ago)
no wayt intill it gets more mitcher
KongFuEagle (1 year ago)
In the little knowledge I have on this, if I were you, I would let the tree just grow naturally so it can get its trunk thicker and roots established before you do any trimming, after all its only 2 inches tall. but if your looking to do any styling to the trunk and tree, you should let it grow out, but not too much for the trunk gets too hard. But i don't know your situation at all, so take what i said with a grain of salt please.
GINA MARIE C (1 year ago)
May I ask, What tree is at 6:07 in this video ?
RattleCan Bro (8 months ago)
GINA MARIE C you got me..
Amon Trumbo (1 year ago)
thanks for the info great video
paul young (1 year ago)
just bought the book ... I always go for dk books 😎
DK Books (1 year ago)
Thanks Paul, hope you enjoy the book.
Veronica (1 year ago)
Where can u get an elm tree? Do u care it like a regular plant like water and stuff?
Lone (9 months ago)
Hey this is old But you should do your research than ask somethin on youtube You water them when the substrate is *almost* dry its really specific if you compare it to pothos or easier plant. Because the plant is a miniature size tree in a small shallow pot it needs to be fertilize regular (as in like every 2-4 weeks) and repoted every 2 year. I would say they are the harder kind of plants..woudn't recommend if you won't do a lot of reading and researching
Veronica (1 year ago)
Irish Ladd123 i aint a mirror tho
KOB. MMIII. (1 year ago)
Of course you water it silly!
KOB. MMIII. (1 year ago)
xXAmethystXx it isn't May, I meant any. Autocorrect is a bitch and your a retard.
Veronica (1 year ago)
Irish Ladd123 learn grammar/spelling first cause that made no since
Bonsai Talk (1 year ago)
Lets grow together.. Let's talk Bonsai!
Backyard Arsenal (1 year ago)
Very good tutorial 👍 I just finished a closed terrarium with a 20cm bonsai, had to do all these steps to get it inside.
Syster Yster (1 year ago)
Thank you! I have a Chinese elm too, and it's not looking too good atm. XD Thanks for the tips. :)
Allen Lichner (1 year ago)
Very great video
eric matson (2 years ago)
Jason Lee (2 years ago)
thanks for this :)
Just got 2 of my own elm bonsai
Maria Lescano (2 years ago)
en castellano
Jessica Rabbit (2 years ago)
that's amazing and beautiful what you did
Roger Quarton (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your talents! I love bonsai, and this has been a great encouragement!
Erni Mallari (2 years ago)
nice hope you have a book about willows bonsai
Tod Allard (2 years ago)
am I wrong to try to train my elm when it's a sapling?
Nelson Esteves (2 years ago)
it´s a fukinagashi style ?
Diosie Alingalan (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing your talent and passion. Very inspiring and I will buy your book soon.
amit sharma (2 years ago)
thanks for showing in such an easy way :) please also teach us how we can grow moss to make the bonsai look attractive
C DREW VEGAN (2 years ago)
Just got my first Chinese Elm and was worried about my first steps...however, this video has helped me now. Thank you :)
Porter Carr (8 months ago)
How’s it doing now?
Joey Seig (1 year ago)
C Drew i
amightyatom (1 year ago)
Blaydrnnnr Chinese elm are frost hardy down to about -6 if not too wet in my experience. I have several and had down to -7 this winter. Much harder to keep indoors and growth/root growth will never be as strong. If indoors they should be cooler over winter. Why are you re-potting? should only be when root bound and ideally done when buds are swelling in spring. Some keep their leaves and others drop in winter but if it keeps them it will throw old ones off when new growth comes through. Could you be over watering after root pruning? soil should be allowed to dry out a bit before next watering as tiny new roots can easily rot with too much water. Keep away from radiator heat and direct window heat. Indoors much harder ;-). Good luck
Blaydrnnnr (2 years ago)
+Chris Drury I have 2 Chinese elms, and both are VERY young, ( about 5 inches tall) Very thin, and Since its winter here, they are inside and they DONT like it. Slowly losing leaves a few at a time. Being so young, they are very thin and spindly. I hope I can keep them alive till spring, and probably wont do any repotting or pruning at all. Seems like every time I root prune, they die, even if its a very small amount. Right now, I'm just trying to keep them alive. I have 2 Chinese elms, 1 Shimpaku, 5 small junipers, a trident maple, and a sugar maple. All very small, and non are up to a repotting. I've gone through several versions of soil trying to get root growth like his shown, but little success. His elm is not a very young tree with that trunk size. Great advice, but you need a very well developed root base and developmental growth before trying to style I think. Good luck on yours...I'm just hoping to keep mine alive.
Aleks Bonsai (3 years ago)
its great to see how some simple pruning and a repot can change the look of the bonsai for the better
Mohanad Ahmed (3 years ago)
why do I need to tie it to the pot?
Kevin Kilkenny (2 years ago)
+Mohanned Walid It will keep the tree secure in the pot until the roots refill the pot. HTH
Tim O'Keeffe (3 years ago)
Should u leave the pot leaning on something for a period of time like u had to encourage growth in different directions? To get like a slanted look ?
amightyatom (1 year ago)
Timothy O'Keeffe Definitely not. Water would well up and not drain away causing root rot.
amightyatom (1 year ago)
Timothy O'Keeffe Definitely not. Water would well up and not drain away causing root rot.
origami (3 years ago)
I have a cuestion i have a duranta gold but I'm learning how to make bonsai can you give mre some tips
Mana667 (3 years ago)
I have a question XD I have an elm, but every new shoot which is having leaves, will die off in the end.. Why is this happening? Because my tree is turning bald this way.. I used to cut it back where the life starts again, but now some professionals told me to just let it grow, but when the leaves are mature, then they start to die off, and so is the shoot/ twig.. It's sad.. :(
Ash the Snowman (7 months ago)
Mana667 maybe underwatering
Edgar Bucio (3 years ago)
tienen mas videos de este tipo?
Jenny Phan (2 years ago)
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DK Books (3 years ago)
+Edgar Bucio Take a look at these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO1w2ETpt6U&list=PLRu2L9J9oDFUNgR_XnsIMhKZs_0Msu0es&index=2 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH9Us5isr5E&list=PLRu2L9J9oDFUNgR_XnsIMhKZs_0Msu0es&index=3
nitro sami (3 years ago)
Thanks , this really helped me :)
DK Books (3 years ago)
+Sami Chaoui No worries Sami, glad it helped!

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