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Medical vs Engineering life | Funny | | HRzero8 |

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Video showing difference in life of medical and engineering students. Watch till the end and don't forget to subscribe and press bell icon to stay connected with us for every latest updates. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hrzero8/ Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/HRzero8productions/ Concept and Idea - Ankit Malik ( Instagram @ankt_mlk ) Supported by - Sameer chechy and Amandeep Overacting by - Ankit Malik Vineet jangra Sidhant Nagpal Rajat Dhull Sameer Chechy Amandeep Himanshu Dhingra Ashish Garg Mohit Thank You very much for watching.
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HRzero8 (1 year ago)
Correction - Replace Attendance with "During Exam"... at 3:23 For Behind the Scenes visit our Facebook and Instagram Pages. Link in description. Stay Tuned more projects coming soon . Have a nice day all
Manu Sehgal (2 months ago)
shahla ahmad (2 months ago)
How many of you came here in comment section after seeing "ARMY" , because I did 😂❤❤❤❤❤ BTS !!!!
Nivin Tomy (3 months ago)
HRzero8 was
WAM MEDIA (18 hours ago)
Please support our channel https://youtu.be/fFYF0sG-BlM
Jot simran (20 hours ago)
I 🙋 in medical 🤓🤓😎😎😎
Kanupriya Sharma (1 day ago)
Mechanical engineers lag rahe hai😅
Meezan Ahmad (2 days ago)
Chiting kerna ka ek aor tareka mil gya h thanks brother
Vijay Boddu (2 days ago)
What if dogs thinks that they are superior to humankind?🙄.... Watch this video till the end...!
Ganesh Kushwaha (3 days ago)
Ek noo
Asim Siddiqui (3 days ago)
Pharmacy Pharmacy take it easy Pharmacy
Sokal sokal (4 days ago)
DEVILS LIVE (4 days ago)
lol very funny
viking (5 days ago)
Everything around us are created by engineers eg. Planes, trains, skyscappers, even submarines and aircrafts , society builders. But doctors have no role in economic development of the country. And today we see singapore ,dubai, newyork,china as developed cities where 99% of its development is possible due to engineers not doctots.
Mubarak Shaik (5 days ago)
Proud To be engineering student
Mir Misha (5 days ago)
love u guys😍😍😍
ancita sarea dawayen (5 days ago)
Every single engineering student will laugh at this. But all engineering student knows how difficult it really is. 😂
Lalhmachhuani Pachuau (7 days ago)
If all students will to learn engineering, who will look after the health of our country? If all students will to be doctor, who will work for the country's development? So...none of them are bad!! We should help and support each other if we really love our Nation!!
Aditi Dutta (7 days ago)
medical is best
Ocean Prince (8 days ago)
Naam engineering hai...kaam harkatein commerce wali hai 😂
Roshani yadav (8 days ago)
Don't comparison between doctor and engineer....dono ek sikke ki do pahelu jayese hay....aaj k time me aadami without doctor or engineer k survive hi nahi kar sakte....
Pratyush Singh (8 days ago)
Placement wala scene Sabse Sacha scene tha
Srishti Arya (9 days ago)
Udta hi firu (day dreaming) was best😛😂❤ Bt yr cheating ka mauka to koi ni chhorta 😛😂🤘
VIRAT VIVEK (9 days ago)
Wow boss Kya bath haa😋🤗
Vaibhav Kumar (9 days ago)
Bhai a hi koi new video nai bna Rahe aap kya
Shafeeq Siddiqui (10 days ago)
Bakwaas doctor ni hain to tm log ni ho saale....... Respect doctors ok
Shafeeq Siddiqui (1 day ago)
Ok Chalo I accepted ki Engineer ka development me role hai bt doctor Ka to Usse zyada hi hai or haan agar Aapki health disturb hoti hai Ya any other health issues and all to ap doctor he paas hI kyu Jaate hai agr AAP esa sochte hain to fir Ap health kharab hone par doctor Ke pass mat jaye or ek doctor Kitna struggle Karta he Apni Lyf me or Kabhi Kabhi to Doc ki Apni family ya patient me Se Kisi ek Ke choose Karna hota hai to wo patient ko choose Karta hai.........itne dedicated hote Hai Ki continuously 30 hours tak kAam Karte hai, patient Ke Liye Apni parties,anniverseries Sab chhod dete hain or ap ek baat bataye agr Kisi patient Ki midnight me tabiyat kharab ho gayi then doctor Apni Neend chhod Kar us patient ko help Karte he or haan is passion Ki khubsoorti hI yahi hai Ki AAP marte hue patient ko bacha le doctor he zyada Khush koi ni hota that tym, Kitna zyada satisfaction milta hai..... Yrr dekho doctor Chahe to vo ni jaye bt Vo jaata hai doctor sirf salary Ke liye hi ni hote.......yrr Apki Lyf zyada important hai in paison se to........ So that's why respect a doctor.........n for that reason I want to be a doctor. @linkana pegu.
linkana pegu (1 day ago)
Waise doctor nahi hone se bi prblm nahi hai..ek na ek din sab ko marnahi hai..agar respect kar na hai toh engineer ko kaho..develop ho raha toh sirf engineers ke kaaran..without engineers yeh world kabhi bi develop nahi ho pati...
Neetu Yadav (11 days ago)
Miss u colz
Imran Hossain (12 days ago)
tour kono bap ki engineering porce re shala.
Xtylish Mirza (12 days ago)
Proud to be a Mechanical Engineer but jsa dikhaya Aisa nhi hota
Md suhail suhail (12 days ago)
I am a engineering student
Smart__ Khanx (13 days ago)
Kitna par lia...haha
Y T (14 days ago)
Don't copy angry prash
Ganga Shankar (14 days ago)
ITZ MEHRANS WORLD (14 days ago)
engineering is love ….emotion n everything proud to bloody engineer....sala abhi job nhi mila but life ko bada enjoy kiya ….....
[email protected] com (15 days ago)
Thank bhai
Sanjeeda Pathan (15 days ago)
Omg cant stop laughing 😂.. M also an Engineer
RAJ NARAYAN (15 days ago)
nice video 😀
Abhi Banna (15 days ago)
I am medical student
Md Feroz (16 days ago)
So what do you want to say engineering students are cheater
Vaishnavi Shete (17 days ago)
I'm engineer.....proud on engineering😎
Dark master (17 days ago)
I see a lot of medical vs engineering videos in you tube probably this is how you jobless people kill time and vent out your frustration 😏
Aarthi Shetty (17 days ago)
The one major difference nowadays is that if patients die on their own also ,doctors are held responsible and some uncouth junglee crowd hits them ,but if bridge collapses and people die no one blames the govt engineer.
Muhammad Furqan (18 days ago)
Bilkul thek bahe Ham khud aisay e han. Exam wali raat b games r movies kheltay rahay han
John Jasmine (20 days ago)
I don't think any of these guys have ever been to college
ishrat niaz (21 days ago)
Bhai kuch samaj hi nahi a rha kya bol rhai ho
mahi rajput (21 days ago)
Medical is the better than engineering 👍
Vijay Kumar (21 days ago)
Engineering and medical both are best option. What they want to show engineers are best than doctors and can become stars and heroes, oh sorry but doctors are real heroes. Acting hero se to achha hai real hero bn jao.
Pradeep Kalakoti (22 days ago)
Yee sare londe mechanical wale the engineers always be rock's
Prince Kulwant (23 days ago)
Engineering is the best
HArry HAri (23 days ago)
Who are medical student press the like button
SHOBHA VERMA (24 days ago)
Excuse me both medical and engineered same they both doing study hard only commerce students taking fun of life
Pavan Arvind (24 days ago)
Superrrrrbb bhai
Nusrat Fatima Nusrat (24 days ago)
I think this video is not good because everyone will do hard work for there best who will not do they will do these type of works
udaas mughal (24 days ago)
first py yah ky study koi bi easy ni hoti har stdnt ko ksi na ksi profession mn jane kyliye jaan larani parti h nd rhi bat medical aur enginering ki engenerring waly bilkul bi ase ni hote jsa ky iss video mn dkya jarha h wobi bht hardworking stdnts hote h am also a engenerring stdnt i know very well ky kis trah sy raat ko bt kr prna parta h nd one more thing math is difficult than bio bcz math mn hme concept smjne parte h aur medical waly bio ky rate lagty h so mn bht disappoint hoi iss video ko dk ky bht cheap video h yah ab mn doctorz ki sachai kolo toooo........😡
Sashwat Arun (25 days ago)
No comparison between dumbs and Medicos
Priti Gupta (25 days ago)
Suuperr bro
Akash Mekkalaki (26 days ago)
In 2018,, Mai Engineering (ECE branch) me tha, after 1 semester, my parents ye force kiya ki NEET exam likho & forcely mere ko Medical (BAMS) me admittion kiya, ab sabhi theek-thak hai.... I just wanna say engineering life is BEST & they are LEGENDS....& now Medical also best for me 😮🌸🙏✌....
Akash Mekkalaki (26 days ago)
And.... Medical me bhi enjoying life hote h....
Spiritual world (26 days ago)
Asm n i m also proud to be a engineer Tata project limited as well as Singer. Lyricist. Composer. Graphic designer .....
diamond (26 days ago)
this is not proper. isme sikhaya jaarha hai teacher se ladna aur unpr haath uthana. unki disrespect. but engineering students itne bhi gire hue nhi hote jitna isme bataya hai
Deepmala S Rajput (26 days ago)
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NGANBISANA Chanu (27 days ago)
Gaurav Sarode (27 days ago)
Why so unnecessary funny videos and jokes are being cracked for Engineering all over India in recent times ? Almost all competitive exam & civil services exam are cleared by Engineers only, all new technology that we are using and got used to it are designed by them. If engineers are unemployed, it's just because of lack of opportunities and campus. I'm totally agree with the fact that most of them don't have knowledge. Actually, selection of Engineers by having criteria of scoring just 1 marks enough rule must be changed. Seats should get reduced and quality of education should also be enhanced.
baba bakchod vlog (28 days ago)
I m a medical student and I feel that we bunk class more than any other steam do... That is also mass bunk. #bababakchodvlog
Virat Kohli (28 days ago)
Medical is best
Ihsan Nasir (28 days ago)
Medical is best ..
Naila Shouku (29 days ago)
Engineering 💪💪💪💪😘
SP IIT Ian (29 days ago)
Nice 👍
Maven. Biradar Naveen (30 days ago)
Some said it,s correct medical need hard work but eng needs talent,, it,s true
Maven. Biradar Naveen (30 days ago)
Being a medical student i thnk it,s correct only in medical no one can make mass bunk and they r selfish not all but majority,, and attendence is vry worst in medical life ,,4.5yr fuck our life to save urs
Saqib bhatt (30 days ago)
Lvu my engnrg
Kshitij Youtuber (1 month ago)
Mast👌👌.aisa hi hota hai
Zuha Khaki (1 month ago)
Really true 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
devendra singh (1 month ago)
Rutuja Manukar (1 month ago)
Love it
jenjen * (1 month ago)
Sub to sub?😊
Syed Mubashir Ali (1 month ago)
Very nice Love you brothers #engineering
Vishal Vishu (1 month ago)
Medical power
shirin nasir khan (1 month ago)
Sorry guys... real heroes is doctor
Sameera Anjum (1 month ago)
Fully enjoyed superb🤣
niranjan bhokare (1 month ago)
You all are engineering students, am i right?
Shreya Janbandhu (1 month ago)
I m also engineer student
If any proffesion s taken lightly then rate jobless people increases 😀
Medical dikhti hai bahar aisi... Andar ki baath alag hi hoti hai😂😂
vidya sagar prasad (1 month ago)
Mudasir Gull (1 month ago)
Paglo ya video to sirf mazai k liya hota hai
bhawana tiwari (1 month ago)
sch m 4 sal m hm engineering chhod k sb krte h...
Friends productions (1 month ago)
kaithal ka h k bhai
Friends productions (1 month ago)
bhai kit ka h
Rafaqat Cheema (1 month ago)
Engineering zindabad
Hloooo medical valeeee bhi full chill karteee hi
Ujjwal Dhiman (1 month ago)
engineers are rock
I want to be engineer but according to if you are interested about any sector just like engineering ,medical, civil sector,social work and if you are happy with your work that is great thing for you
Vivek Kumar (1 month ago)
Osm bhai
subrat kumar choudhury (1 month ago)
Bhai ye faltu video mat banao...ajj kitne bade bade log like Bini Bansal,arvind Kejriwal,manhor parikar,sundar Pichai sab enggineer hi the
Apth Apth (1 month ago)
4:17 surjiiiiiiii😊😊😊😊😊 awesome
Harman Singh (1 month ago)
Medical students are best
Noor Fatima (1 month ago)
Engineering students like our uni....
cool Arjun (1 month ago)
Ye video pehle dekhne ko hona tha

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