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Straight to Natural Curly with new product. After Math pt. 3

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Using new products for natural curly hair. Going form straight hair to natural curly hair. Mutliracial Hair(Type 3C). Hair after it is blow-dried. pt.3 Since this video I now use NoodleHead and its a great product (FOLLOW ME ON www.twitter.com/imaqtee1) Plz
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chrissys31 (6 years ago)
i know you have probably heard of Mixed chicks by now my daughter has hair like yours and mine is natural curly and i love that stuff its pretty good but I am trying out more stuff as the weeks go by...im a hair junkie haha!
Tammie Everhart Jones (6 years ago)
Beautiful hair, nice length. Watched all of your videos. Just started my natural journey after two dedades. Can't wait to get my length back. I am old school hotcomb. I may try the flat iron, liked your technique. Very organized with all your products and your video relieved my stress as to how much work I'm in for as a natural. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH. AND AGAIN BEAUTIFUL HAIR.
shyshy119 (6 years ago)
that is fucking sad.... people are so pathetically insecure (sorry it's the only way i can put it) i mean i'm also insecure but 'm not gonna put someone down about their insecurities lol (at least not directly) but your hair is GORGEOUS i'm really looking forward to my hair getting this length
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
@TDimples014 oh and i never once said that black women dont have long hair... the comment wasnt ignorant... but ur entitled to ur own opinion... i was taught if u dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all...
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
@TDimples014 thanks for replying, but obviously u took it in the wrong way!! first off i did NOT say everyone hates on her i said people. and i said this because i have experienced the same thing... and if you read her response she said that black, asian, and white people have said things... and i didnt say every black woman!! the comment was for the ones that say negative things instead of COMPLIMENT OTHER BLACK WOMEN. IM SURE ALL RACES have people that hate instead of liftup
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
@love020799 I understand completely!! and thank you for understanding what I am saying!!1
T King (7 years ago)
@pamalicious21 So true! but they only do it, because they are not happy in the skin they are in. I'm dark skin with very nappy n thick hair, but I don't hate on light skin ppl with long hair. If I see somebody that is light skin I might say that she have a beautiful skin color ( not just light ppl any skin color). If someone have long healthy n natural hair I will tell them that they have beautiful hair. It just depends on the person, because people hate on me. And I am dark skin.
Harrah Five (7 years ago)
I have read some of the most ignorant comments on here
jft72202 (7 years ago)
Love Your Hair! (:
Asia Santiago (7 years ago)
People envy me too! I love your hair! It's so much like mine! :D
jackalo34 (7 years ago)
@TiffanieM1 Blame the media hunny-it is very VERY manipulating
jackalo34 (7 years ago)
@imaqtee1 Don't be mad at the black women who "hate," because it's not your fault nor is it theirs. I prefer to call is jealousy...just like you'd be jealous of someone richer or dating a guy you like. I know what it feels like to feel like you're not pretty because all the guys like the light skinned girls better and I did not and don't necessarily HATE on you, I'm just mad that guys seem to only think lighter is beautiful when black is just as beautiful.
Your Boo's Boo (7 years ago)
Good lord! You have a lot of hair.
TiffanieM1 (7 years ago)
@pamalicious21 It's a shame that people r still segregating each other based on skin complexions, especially black people. Black is beautiful & come in all different shades; u would think b/c it's 2011 we would be past these issues. It's sad to say but, this is why other races are smarter than us in a way b/c they stick together; all we do is tear each other down. That's the mentality & behavior caucasian people wanted us to have during slavery, segregation, etc... We need to get past it already
Angela p. (7 years ago)
i love ur hair :) dont listen to others they are jealous !
SkinnyAndFun (7 years ago)
Straight and your hair dont even fit together in one sentence
liquidblue (7 years ago)
Jim Doe (7 years ago)
you sound like my teacher
imaqtee1 (7 years ago)
@imaqtee1 meant "pretty" not perfect
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
imaqtee1 (7 years ago)
@pamalicious21 I agree with you, women should lift other women up. Confident people in general need to understand that everyone might not have high confidence as they seem to have. And it dont take nothing but a hot second to give people credit when its do....There are people in this world that are perfect, handsome and etc. And dont believe so. But if someone say "You're pretty" "Your skin complexion is beautiful" then that make all the difference in the world to some.
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
@TheHoeDownTV i understand what u are saying but if a female wont compliment you on your outside appearance do u really think they are going to compliment you on good your inside is or how intelligent you are? i really dont think so, im all about lifting other females up young or old because in this society we need to stick together.. whether that is a comment on your inside or outer appearence.. its nice talking to u lol u put up a good debate and i respect that.
marilyn browne (7 years ago)
as a natural each person has to find the PERFECT products for them what works for you may not work me.. its all about trail and error. I enjoy finding videos where people have found the holy grail of hair care for them cause it gives me hopes. so Thank you for sharing your regime and remember I'am not my hair.. ;-)
marilyn browne (7 years ago)
as a natural each person has to find the PERFECT products for them what works for you may not work me.. its all about trail and error. I enjoy finding videos where people have found the holy grail of hair care for them cause it gives me hopes. so Thank you for sharing your regime and remember I'am not my hair.. ;-)
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
@TheHoeDownTV i believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, but i also believe that some females envy others and that is wrong.. it doesnt take much to compliment or congratulate someone... more females should try it.
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
@imaqtee1 i understand! i ve been there many of times lol i have a now ex-friend that was not going to be my friend just because she thought i was stuck up until i talked to her and she found out i was a nice and a peoples person..
imaqtee1 (7 years ago)
@pamalicious21 Thanks a bunch. I have always had ppl like me because of my skin complexion and long hair. And that have also been the reason why some didnt like me, sad to say. Often African American stranger didnt or doesnt like me because they thought or think Im "Stuck up" only by looking at me. And Caucasian and Asian believing that my hair is fake.
Pam Lin (7 years ago)
your hair is really pretty!! i know people hate on you because of your skin and hair!! people do it to me and i have light skin and long hair.... especially black women.. i dont know why females refuse to give other females compliments?!
SellyNue (7 years ago)
Beautiful hair!!! Love it!!
Shakiyla Barkers (8 years ago)
what products do you use to define your curls?
TheBlasianPrincess (8 years ago)
Every one says my hair is like teyanna taylors
Natalie Uriodain (8 years ago)
Omgz i'm soooo jealous my hair is horrible it's short and won't grow and i've always wanted my hair as curly as yours <33333 and as long like omgz it's soooooo prettyy!!! <3 i'm trying to fix it and grow it but i really don't wanna cut it even though i think that's what I need to do =/
I love the hair. But what is really speacial abourt you is that pretty Fohead. Its nice and kissable lookin. OH HUSH! So Im a sick man..
Artist Chic (8 years ago)
I like peanut oil my hair type is similar to yours.
kiarules33 (8 years ago)
her hair is beautiful
littlechilla (8 years ago)
@Chrissystina22 I agree. I have 3C hair, and I'm full somali, but my curls are much more defined. hah, maybe cus i dont straighten it often? idk
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@AfroCuban78 You nailed it, you are so correct.
Naya Avalon (8 years ago)
OMG my hair looks exactly like yours!!!
simssorock (8 years ago)
you have so much hair lol
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@TheBRiixoxo I now us a product called NoodleHead thats sold at Sally's (its in orange and blue bottles). I hve the Shampoo, Conditioner, Cream &Moose. I like this production better thn the product on this video b/c with NoodleHead your hair isnt puffy,&your curls r more definite.After put the products n ur hair,blowdry it. B/c whn ur hair air dry the movement of the air make ur hair puffy.Ooh& scrunch ur hair while blowdrying it. Its will help ur striaghter hair to blend in with the curly hair
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@tiffanyjones120 I love TreSemme, I have used it for about 5 yrs. I used Suave and it didnt do anything for me hair. Now a days I still use TremSemme but when its natural I use Noodle Head (buy from Sallys).
TeachingMom (8 years ago)
I don't think you are using the right products for your hair! Its soo pretty but i think you shouldn't be using products that are mainly for African American hair. have you tried Suave naturals? good product line for you and your hair.
kiimora (8 years ago)
you have to use products specifically made for curly hair. it's trail and error but start at least making sure they are made for curly hair. check out ouidad and devacurl line. the women behind those products have curly hair themselves and own a salon that specilizes in curly hair. you also should google curly hair because there are website specifically for people with curly hair and I got tons of information from them. Good luck.
cinnabunnyy (8 years ago)
are you from ms? i feel like i recognize your accent from northern ms.
ilah28 (9 years ago)
Kudos girl. Your hair is healthy, strong and awesome
Akiah Dunlap (9 years ago)
it does i flat ironed my hair since i was 12 iam 15 now but my hair is like 3c and in the front its straight an wavy....i dont like it
Dootje (9 years ago)
I have type 4b hair and had a weave for 2 moths. In the front I had my own hair and flat iron it. Now that i want to wear my natural hair. The peace what i used to flat iron is now bone straight :(
danniigurl111 (9 years ago)
how do you tell what hair type you have?????
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
I know what all people dont have the same type hair. Thats why I added my hair type.
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
3b or 3c is hair types.
dairtontruitt16 (9 years ago)
wat is 3/b/c
Francine Bastien (9 years ago)
Quand mes cheveux sont mouillés ils sont frisés, mais quand je les sèchent ils redeviennent afro. Qu'est ce que je peux faire pour qu'il puissent rester frisés?
dairtontruitt16 (9 years ago)
my hair is a short shoulder lenght n no matta wat i use in my hair 2 get it curly it wont get curly. wen i wash my hair it dries up quick n gets tangled. wen i get a body wrap it doesnt really look like 1 it looks like a flat wrap. does people hair only get curly like dat if its real long n wat did u do 2 get ur hair long like dat? danks alot
happy3929 (9 years ago)
Try the garnier fructis moisture works shampoo and conditioner and then the leave- in condioner its called sleek and shine by garnier fructis. Let me tell you you wont be dissapointed.
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
I took it in high school and college but im still not super great. However, I will use a translator. What question do you have?
Francine Bastien (9 years ago)
do you speak french?because i want some information about this video but i dont speak english very well
Sxxxynoelle (9 years ago)
I have similar curls and thickness as you. I can't wait to achieve a similar length!
onecutiepie123 (9 years ago)
oh i never tryed that before. so you pout teh moose in and then blow dry it and its still curly and long? right now i cant do that im still growing my hair with out heat. you have long hair tho still flat ironed my hair allmost there.
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
Its 3c
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
My hair do draw up when it gets dry completly. But I put moose in my hair and blow dry my hair. And I wear my hair curly when I dont feel like flat ironing it, so probably 4 days out of the month I wear it curly.
onecutiepie123 (9 years ago)
i have the same hair type you have in curls im a 3c too. by the way your hair is so long and pretty. but whati want to ask you is how does your curls get so long? my hair is longer when i step out the shower but they draws up a lil bit they are starting to hang lower its just takeing for ever how long you been wearing it curly to grow your hair?
mya32189 (9 years ago)
Well your hair looks great! Do you know your hair type?
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
No, I dont.
mya32189 (9 years ago)
dd you use something to make your curls bounce back from straight?
Aysia (9 years ago)
you have nice hair
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
I flat iron my hair twice a month, not everyday.
sugarfoot18 (9 years ago)
You can try kinky curly or flat iron your hair less often
Jazmyn Marie (9 years ago)
your curls most likely arent "popping" because you straighten you hair very often therefore damaging your curls
TruthFan (9 years ago)
I liked Miss Jessie's too but then I realized that it has petroleum in it which is bad for our hair. Dries the hair and makes it crunchy.
Tekoa G (9 years ago)
Miss Jessie's would work wonders for defining curls of your hair type.
imaqtee1 (10 years ago)
I talk about the products I use in the video. Plus I use DooGro.
luvmyhair2 (10 years ago)
What is your hair type? Your curl pattern looks like mine.I have not found a video posted yet with hair like mine...Your hair looks sooo similar to mine. I curl my hair with leave-in conditioner and water, try this and see how your hair curls and let me know...it would help finally to find someone with hair like mine making videos with helpful product suggestions for my hair type. Thanks.
imaqtee1 (10 years ago)
Thats cool, you are gonna have to send me a picture.
chevon1920 (10 years ago)
YOu have the same hair as me, but a whole lot thicker. I didnt think that was possible lol.
Kris Myers (10 years ago)
it's long and pretty girl
imaqtee1 (10 years ago)
Thanks for the tip, but I have been doing my hair this way for the last 14 years. I guess if I didnt have this pattern for so long that my ends would me straight.
imaqtee1 (10 years ago)
It is by SILK ELEMENTS, the name of it is CURL DEFINING MOUSEE. It is in a bronze can, and I brought it from Sally's.
imaqtee1 (10 years ago)
yea, about 14 years ago. I just got tried of getting perms and I loved/love to scratch my scalp.Plus I love flip floping between naturaly urly and straight.
EgyptianQueenK (10 years ago)
What's the name of the mousee?
EgyptianQueenK (10 years ago)
Have you ever had a relaxer?
Forbidden Tendencies (10 years ago)
Your hair is so pretty! Congrats on being all natural w/no relaxers!
latia4u (10 years ago)
looks great;D

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