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How-to Style a Bonsai tree: Before After #2 - styling of a yamadori juniper

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Make and styling of a yamadori juniper. Before After. Thank @Graham_Potter for sharing Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BonsaiLovers_sub
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Frank Wilson (1 year ago)
yamadori is a material collected from the wild?
flori114 (1 year ago)
The term might also apply to old material taken from gardens and parks.
Great to see a Graham Potter video again ! Cheers !
Leendert Goudappel (3 months ago)
this is from 2010 or 2011!
mikbonsai (1 year ago)
Hi Vinny, just stumbled on this video. The backdrop is that of Graham potter at his nursery. This video was posted on 22.01.2017. It did not look right to me. So I have investigated a bit more. Went to the channels home page and then about and clicked on the website link which goes to a Vietnamese website. There are some more bonsai videos in English. I will alert Graham Potter and he will lodge a complaint. I will be checking for Nigels and my videos if any here, then we will also lodge complaints and the channel will be taken down. Between Nigel Graham and my self, we have had to report copyright claims to YT and many such channels have been shut down. Just giving you the heads up. Cheers

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