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NoDQ&AV #13: Direction of HHH vs. CM Punk, brand extension future, more

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SmokyJoe (5 years ago)
And it's almost two years since that comment lol
SmokyJoe (5 years ago)
Haha it's easily done. Some good stuff on the nodqs and Aaron has some good ideas... Would love to see how wwe or tna would play out with him as a writer but that's another story.
DByrner99 (5 years ago)
Yeah he has grown a lot. I'm trying to watch the NoDQ&AV's from start to finish so I didn't really think this was a year ago. Lmao
DByrner99 (5 years ago)
Never mind lol.
DByrner99 (5 years ago)
What's a shame?
SmokyJoe (5 years ago)
SmokyJoe (5 years ago)
Considering my comment was a year a go a lot has changed since then... Zig is growing on a lot of people, he has a lot of talent, it's just a shqame the wwe has taken this long to change him to a face.
DByrner99 (5 years ago)
Ziggler has great mic skills and he has a lot of in-ring talent.
Martin R. Cruz (7 years ago)
Keep the Brand Extension going. cause I like how they show the Character select screen from fighting games. You folks feel me?
SmokyJoe (7 years ago)
Ziggler is just boring... Cant even believe he still has a job with WWE
ARNAV RAJPAL (7 years ago)
ARNAV RAJPAL (7 years ago)
sboy100xx (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 i didnt say he was like hbk i said he has that like shawn michaels charisma now only if they gave him a chance
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@sboy100xx Ziggler is boring , His matches aint nothing special about them Daniel bryan has had way more good matches in his first year in wwe then ziggler has had in 5 years , Ziggler is nothing like hbk
sboy100xx (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 what ziggler is awesome he has that shawn michaels like charisma
AwesomeTheMighty (7 years ago)
Id say good riddance to the brand extension. Mostly because it gives them a chance to unify all of the titles and therefore (possibly) restoring some meaning to them. Yes you can use the argument that less developed talent gets more exposure with with brand extension but lets be honest here; Raw is all about Cena, Smackdown is all about Orton. Not much is gonna change in that department, at least this way when someone wins a title it might actually do something for them.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@ICWowners ziggler should not be getting any kind of push Kofi and evan bourne are getting a push as tag team champions And morrison needs a major push
Edge1Christian9301 (7 years ago)
They should keep the brand extension for 3 important reasons: 1. The wrestlers won't get burned out so quickly. 2. The guys in the mid- and undercard will still be featured every week. 3. The fans won't be forced to see the same guys on tv twice a week.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@GillytheKid7 umm The womens belts have already been ufied.
Carrie Dunn (7 years ago)
@GillytheKid7 FUCK YEAH! Ever since John Cena brought it out, I thought; "What the fuck is Vanilla Ice doing with the WWE title?" And then they never changed it back. Which sickened me.
Gilbert Berger (7 years ago)
In my opinion, dissolving the brands would require unification of the heavyweight and women's belts. And I would be okay with that. Of course, the storyline with punk/cena just ended. So maybe wait til after Mania to dissolve the brands and unify the wwe/heavyweight belts. That would be a good opportunity to get rid of the awful spinner belt.
Gilbert Berger (7 years ago)
They're already having wrestlers appear on both shows. Maybe build up to a dissolution of brands and keep it that way a for a few years.
Jonny Mathews (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 need 2 world champs. i dont KNOW anything. im just sayin thats the way i think theyre going. you have your opinion, i have mine. we'll have to agree to disagree. gonna be fucking interesting to watch tho thats for sure.
Jonny Mathews (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 look im not gonna get into an argument with you. i think they're going 1 direction, you think they're going another. end of story. i dont think the rock v cena will be for the world title because they wouldnt throw everything at one match and let the rest of the card be shit. which means there will be another world title match. and if they are going the way they look like they're going it will be for an undisputed world title because if they're is no brand split then they wont...
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@crazyphil5 Cena is not gay. Smackdown house shows are hurting thats why they had them on raw to help raw plus to help smackdown No the real reason why nash vs punk aint happening is because wwe had nash see a doctor the doctor does not want nash wrestling right now cause of injury but they still want to do nash vs punk hopfully at hitc
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@tottiballbag10 How do u know their will be a undisputed champion match at mania? when the rumor going around rock vs cena will be for the wwe title . And duh i know hhh aint really incharge but he does have alot of power i mean he wants to reav the tag team division and diva division wants to push new stars . HHH will be the next chairman of the board if the rumor is true he will take the role after mania next year
Jonny Mathews (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 ok expert. theyve been talking about ending the brand split for about 18 months now. triple h isnt even in charge in reality, just on tv. there's gonna be an undisputed world title match at mania so there will be one champion on both shows. im not saying smackdown will end. im saying that all the top talent will be on both shows with one world champ (same as when smackdown first started). like it or not its reality im afraid. wait and see for yourself.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@tottiballbag10 Thats not what he said the only reason wwe is doing this is because smackdowns rattings and house show aint doing good
Jonny Mathews (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 well thats the direction they're heading. dont believe me. wait and see for yourself.
Crazy .Filmz (7 years ago)
they conbined the shows cuz nobody watches smackdown and kevin Nash had grey hair on tna but they made him dye it for raw cuz hes so old its embarassing, and cant wrestling so thats why its now HHH vs Cm Punk which should be a good match. And John Cena is gay.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@MAdMAverickChild i think wwe is in great hands but lets face the facts vince lost his touch years ago he does not get that wwe is hurting He is letting people go that could of been big names . Hes holding people down like john morrison cause other peoples actions .
MAdMAverickChild (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 , yeah i am hopeful for wwe's future with triple h leading the company in a new direction. i agree with you ovw was pretty awesome, so was dsw. but it's also the guys leading developmental rather than the location. jim cornette was amazing for ovw, and clearly steve keirn, steamboat, and dusty rhodes can't get that much out of the bodybuilders they have to work with
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@MAdMAverickChild HHH wants to reiv the divas and tag team division HHH is also not a fan of the PG thing HHH is also wanting to start building new stars HHH is not a fan of fcw cause we havit got anyone good out of it They should of stayed with OVW proof randy orton, cena , batista all came from there but say hhh cant run wwe i think he is starting out nicely to me
MAdMAverickChild (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 , i agree with most of what you said, that's why the second part of my comment talked about how fcw isn't really producing anybody and they just have to keep finding the misticos, awesome kongs, and kings of wrestlings around the world to make new stars
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@MAdMAverickChild the thing is i dont trust half the midcarders today to carry the company for a good seeable future cause they are not entertaining at all they are boring have to have others get the heat or cheers for them. Guys like ziggler is one such person he needs vickie to get heat cause before he coulden get it on his own, guys like daniel bryan and john morrison could be good main eventers but wwe wont push them. Del rio is also boring
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@GarlicMayoMan Non of you guys are thinking that if they end the brand extension alot of guys will be lost and fired . alot of guys get tv time now but if it goes like before guys like wade barrett, zack ryder, ziggler, swagger ud never see them on tv .
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@tottiballbag10 He didnt say nothing about raw guys being on smackdown
Jonny Mathews (7 years ago)
kurt angle is not returning to wwe anytime soon. he is gonna put crimson over at bound for glory and then he's leaving to train for the olympics. fact.
Jonny Mathews (7 years ago)
@charmer2323 i think it was talked about by, triple h on raw. he said not only will smackdown guys be on raw , raw guys will be on smackdown... for the forseeable future. sounds like talking about it to me. i think they may be testing the waters and if it works and ratings go up, then they could make it permanent.
Will Glasband (7 years ago)
@parkpunk13 No one guy is gonna stop the PG Era. The PG Era is fresh, which I like lol. But yeah I'd like to see that too, he'd bring intensity, which is something the pg era is lacking. I just don't see Angle doing it until he's ready for the hall of fame
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@parkpunk13 Kurt angle is doing fine in impact He does not want to come back too wwe He is happy where he is and if ur a true fan of his ud respect his choice. His legecy is not demaged its growing.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@ACTWBattles The show is not ending this year. Like i said they cant afford to end smackdown when so many guys will have to be released or they will be lost . Rumors are rumors I havit hered one rumor of it ending all iv seen is they have a couple smackdown guys on raw to help bust smackdowns house shows .
Shaun Dorning (7 years ago)
You know nothing, Mason Ryan was injured that was why he wasn't on TV for a few months.. hes only just coming back into houseshows.
Aaron Alva (7 years ago)
Dude i think u need a theme song n the beginning of ur vid
MAdMAverickChild (7 years ago)
don't end the brand extension. if you have any chance of a future you need your midcard guys to step up and they won't have the opportunity with a cena, orton, and punk/triple h segment two shows a week. also they need to fatten up the roster, especially on smackdown. and clearly they're not getting good talent from fcw, so triple h's department finding new talent needs to scour the indies and promotions in other countries
HBKCommish (7 years ago)
@BigTdop219 IF you're talking about an indy show, then I highly doubt they gave Nash a physical. I also highly doubt the promotion would even give a shit if he was in wrestling condition or not. Come on now, we're talking about the indies here. That one damn promotion let Scott Hall come to the ring and all that garbage when the dude was in a wheelchair and clearly needed to be in the hospital. I've been to plenty of indy shows myself where wrestlers were in no condition to be competing.
SleazySkud (7 years ago)
Nathan Jones was the shit!
ryan803 (7 years ago)
lol Nathan Jones, i actually liked the guy too
LORD VOLCOS (7 years ago)
anything to see more of the american dragon brian danielson
parkpunk13 (7 years ago)
@y2jwwefan32495 jesus christ???? thats your opinion and i have mine!!!! ASSCLOWN!!!!
parkpunk13 (7 years ago)
@WillFoSkill thats true but after all the crappy booking in tna kurt angle could have a final run as wwe or world heavyweight champion........ wwe has the money and maybe thes could bring him back!!!! i would love to see him back in WWE!!! and please stop the PG era!!!!
Chazz (7 years ago)
I think the brand extension being over is fine... As long as there's still a mix. Have some folks appear on Raw one week, Smackdown the next, etc. If we go back to "the old days", where it ends up being the same 4 or 5 guys fighting in every single match of every single card, then they may as well only have one show.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@ACTWBattles I dont remember any talk of smackdown ending in 2009 they cant afford to that cause of all the stars 1 brand wont suit it cause alot of guys would get lost
Scott Gunner (7 years ago)
I like the brand extension, Will smackdown really be the B show now? Will guys like Justin Gabriel, Alex ryley and the midcarders really get much tv time now? I can just see it becoming the Cena and Orton show with storylines with less depth.l
Damn3691 (7 years ago)
Yeah, I think the brand extension should end because the Raw guys are already appering on Smackdown without there being a supershow
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@tottiballbag10 The brand split is not over The only reason that they had a couple smackdown guys are raw was to help smackdown with the house shows . They never said all smackdown guys would be on raw all the time . Plus ending the brand split means raw guys can go to smackdown and that was never talked about.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@marveldcuniverse101 Actully if that was true it would be great for smackdown Because smackdown has sucked for the last 4 years .
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@FanOfTNAAndWWE2011 They already ended superstars They aint ending smackdown You guys are taking what hhh said the wrong way U make it sound like that nobody will be on smackdown anymore Orton is smackdowns champion del rio is raws The only reason smackdown guys was on raw is because smackdowns house shows are not drawing we dont know this will last it could be used just to help bust smackdown.
greenday3091 (7 years ago)
Ermm..Matt was being pushed very recently(The BFG series) but then he had to be sidelined due to an injury...The injury was something out of their power to prevent.
Jonny Mathews (7 years ago)
how long do you think it will be before triple h turns heel? and do you think that if brand extension is over, then tna will look to sign any of the under card wwe talent that is inevitably released by wwe?
kuway33 (7 years ago)
imo, they can jus keep it as 1 brand wit 2 shows. i mean back then it was a big deal back then when who was on what show and stayed there but now superestars from other shows appear on another show like its nothing.
ShantyIrishman (7 years ago)
Hey Aaron how about hiring a new Talk Wrestling host
Cian O'Donovan (7 years ago)
@TheForgotenStef30000 The PPV system was actually like that from 2003 until 2007, but I agree that they should do that or just cut down the number of PPV's. They have to have 1 set of Tag titles because there isn't many Tag Team's left.
SRM Maximus (7 years ago)
They should return to Smackdown and Raw, like it was in 2004 Each brand to have each own PPV and both brands be only on Sumerslam,Sorvivor Series,Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Also it would be better to get rid the Money In The Bank and Braging Rights PPV,because thanks to those Royal Rumble and Survivor Series are THAT important any more and stole theyr thnder. In 2004 I dont know it was more stable,and personly I dont like the Tag Team Titles represent both brands. My opinion always.
Will Glasband (7 years ago)
@parkpunk13 It's not like they can just BRING HIM BACK. Angle has a monster deal with TNA, and once that is up, it's Angles choice who he wants to sign with. But TNA will NEVER NEVER release Kurt Angle.
Bucsfan818 (7 years ago)
isnt matt morgan injured?
parkpunk13 (7 years ago)
stop the brand extension and bring kurt angle back...........
Mister Spiffy (7 years ago)
The boon to the brand extension is that, in theory it gives more guys a chance to wrestle. However most of the unique matches we don't see on a regular basis are all on Superstars. It hasn't really mattered. If they kill the brand extension then they need to reduce titles too. We don't need 2 world champs, and 2 mid card champs. I would however make a lower mid card title that is defended on all shows, and especially on Superstars.
Cuban Bear (7 years ago)
keep it goin for a lil while longer
hellboyy (7 years ago)
This brand extension does need to end - while I do understand the logic behind it when it comes to road schedules and etc just trying to save the wrestlers TOO MUCH in ring work, you're seeing stars on each so so often its almost like it doesnt matter to WWE anyway. Also... Smackdown gets more and more buried each year with the drafts. They keep sending more and more of the talent to Raw leaving Smackdown pretty dry (barring a few obvious names). It may help the Smackdown ratings as well.
Claudio Alphabiotista (7 years ago)
Dear Aaron: I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work. P.S.: Make sure you burn that shirt.
Saberoph (7 years ago)
I think Kane's last match should be against someone like Triple H or The Big Show.
david30286 (7 years ago)
tna is making the same mistikes as wcw
HGPL11 (7 years ago)
Aaron, does anyone actually eat on the table behind you?
Brandon Cummings (7 years ago)
They need to bring it back to how it was in the 90s
octasian (7 years ago)
I think that WWE should have an entirely different entity and resurrect WCW as its own or sell it. But vince got his wish and look what happend...... wrestling sucks and there are no more territories or competition.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
How does ending the extension give more time for storylines to build Smackdown guys will be on raw but not all smackdown guys And who saids this would last? Plus hhh never said raw guys would go to smackdown .
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@ACTWBattles Smackdown is not going anywhere They aint even ending the extenison The only reason they have smackdown will raw is for the house shows .
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
ending the brand extensin wont help wont they still dont have enough star power to help both brands . Alot of guys will get lost in the rosters just like before.
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
@FanOfTNAAndWWE2011 They wont end smackdown it still makes them money plus that brand is basically used for guys who dont want to work full time. having them all on one show will not help at all cause alot of guys will get lost in the roster
FanOfTNAAndWWE2011 (7 years ago)
end smackdown have everybody on one show
FanOfTNAAndWWE2011 (7 years ago)
@GhostsofJapan aint it miz
DEMONxo (7 years ago)
They'll probably make Nash the Ref
MUSIC LOOPS (7 years ago)
ending te brand extension will alow storylines more time to develop
Snapjo (7 years ago)
i think the brand extension should end because it gives them more time to build up PPV's ( they need more time ) and i liked how in 1999 - 2000 Storylines would begin on RAW and they would have a great suspenseful endings to it and they would be like what will happen in smackdown and it was really excitig knowing that it's in 2 days.
ryot romo (7 years ago)
Don't end brand extension
Daniel Richerson (7 years ago)
well you said it, Monday Night Football is coming back soon. I say end the extension...at least until the football season is over
Robert Leyba (7 years ago)
Honestly, I never really cared for the brand extension. I just felt like, at the time, if you didn't have cable, you were only able to watch Smackdown, which then you missed out on Raw. I also thought, that when the brand extension started taking place, that the WWE hired way too many guys. They had like 40 guys per show, which to me, was a little too much. Then they added the ECW which was meh, glad that ended. Now though, if it is cut, maybe tag teams will be better.
youngbloody567 (7 years ago)
@dalstar925 you know like how talk wrestling would start off? something like that
dalstar925 (7 years ago)
1 roster...2 shows
dalstar925 (7 years ago)
@youngbloody567 that would just be something to fast fwd through...maybe like flash a logo if anything...but no intro!
dimedropper1992 (7 years ago)
you think they'd put the show up 3 hours a show?
Madvillain (7 years ago)
@JOHNOSBORNE1994 Superstars? lol that shows used for jobbers!
Thomas Dunn (7 years ago)
Smackdown has been poor of late, so I can see why they would want to cut it to just RAW again. However, I fear for younger, already forgotten talent (Drew McIntyre being the top example). Getting everyone on one show means bad things for a lot of the lower card talent.
JOHNOSBORNE1994 (7 years ago)
I think they should make superstars their main show and put all the best matches on that such as ladder matches etc i think that would be cool
Saint In Sin City (7 years ago)
Nice shirt. I think they should brands split. I understand if they want to experiment with bringing both shows together, but in the long term they should keep the shows separate.
Calis708 (7 years ago)
I think they need a show to showcase the established talent, and a show to let the younger guys get TV exposure, and become known to the fans. Right now on Raw, the young guys don't get much of a chance, and with the influx of Smackdown stars, they won't have any time. Turn Smackdown into something like the a show that showcases the IC title and that calibre of stars.
youngbloody567 (7 years ago)
you need to create an opener for all your shows because it seems like you have an awkward beginning to all your vids lol but other than that, keep doing what you're doing
charmer2323 (7 years ago)
Theres nothing gay about the intros iv seen worse. anyways HHH vs punk to me should not happen to wrestlemania 28 nobody wants to see hhh vs miz that match would suck punk should face hhh at mania that would be epic
Joe S (7 years ago)
The reason for the super shows is because Smackdown is having bad live event attendence. They are hoping to give Smackdown more exposure.

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