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13. | Hairstyle! 10 Ways To Style Long Senegalese Twists Braids Updos Bun Elegant Casual Gweni*Lavay

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List any video ideas/suggestion in the comments section below. follow me on INSTAGRAM gweni_lavay add me on Snapchat: Gweni.lavay A lot of the styles are with rolling your twists. These are 10 simple styles that I love wearing. The plats are great because they remind me of jumbo box braids. INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/gweni_lavay FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gweni-Lavay-All-Day/888370331174318?ref=hl For My How To Do Senegalese Twists Video: http://youtu.be/cQ__3zd23F0 To see when My twists were Freshly put in: http://youtu.be/4D8PvWLLGWU Please subscribe, Like and Comment. More Hair and Style Videos coming soon!
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Zee Elle (5 months ago)
Gr8 ideas!
neene lashes (6 months ago)
Great video, the quality just sucks.
chillinebony (1 year ago)
You're beautiful and so are your twists, I'm going to have mine done too! Would these be considered small twists or medium-sized? (I realize this video is from a few years ago lol)
Loriann Taylor (2 years ago)
how much days that hair style to be done
Gweni*Lavay (2 years ago)
Hey! It took me about 4 days to finish because I kept stopping and I was in no rush. Thank you for watching. .
G McNeal (2 years ago)
NoirPrincess 2 (3 years ago)
how long did it take to do your hair it's just fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to get my hair done like that for prom but I'm not sure about how long it would take. xxxxxx Alisha.
Gweni*Lavay (3 years ago)
+Alisha Official It took me 4 days to do them. I worked on them ff and on though. This will be a great look for prom! They're so versatile :-) Thank you for watching! :-)
deana diedrich (4 years ago)
Great Style Thanks!
deana diedrich (4 years ago)
Janice marie johnson (part 1&2) Ladies Behind The Beat.  Very old school.. it's a documentary.
deana diedrich (4 years ago)
I love this look, where did you purchase that beautiful taupe blouse and incredible earrings?
Gweni*Lavay (4 years ago)
I purchase the top from H&M a while ago. The earring came from Charlotte Russe a couple of years ago. You may be able to find some feather earring online though. I love these earring. kinda tribal-ish LOL.  Thank you for watching and subscribing! +deana diedrich 
deana diedrich (4 years ago)
Braid Envy! You and singer Janice marie johnson of  the band Taste of Honey have the most BEAUTIFUL braids on earth!!!!!!!!!!!! Check her out here on YouTube... ThIs is pure perfection!
Gweni*Lavay (4 years ago)
Well thank you for the compliment!!! I just tried looking for the lady in the Taste of Honey band. What video is it? Now I wanna see them...LOL +deana diedrich 
Brittany Walker (4 years ago)
Love these. I'm gonna copy them
Gweni*Lavay (4 years ago)
+Brittany Walker You are more than welcomed to! Thank you for watching and sharing! :-)
fvnaticbychoice (4 years ago)
 i had no idea how to style my twists since they are so long, coming down to my upper thigh while standing. my main objective was to take away inches but no have the same old pony tail 24/7 and this helped a great deal.  thank you for this!!!
Gweni*Lavay (4 years ago)
+MelancholyMami  You're so welcome. I loved these twists :-)
Gweni*Lavay (4 years ago)
Tonya Eggleston (4 years ago)
that was cool.. thank u 
Gweni*Lavay (4 years ago)
You're welcome! +Tonya Eggleston 
Linda Hunt (4 years ago)
Very beautiful what type of hair did you use?
Gweni*Lavay (4 years ago)
 +Linda Hunt I used the name brand "Black and Gold" braiding hair. It is 100% Kanekalon. If you can't find "Black and Gold", I know from my own experience that "Magic Touch" is a good brand for braiding as well. Thank you for watching :-)
Tijuanda Riddick (5 years ago)
Hi.  I just got my Senegalese twists done yesterday.  You give me inspiration!  I feel that mine are too long, but seeing yours and the different styles makes me realize that I can do so much with them.  In addition, I was disappointed because I did not realize that mine were started off as braids then go into the twist until I got home.  I am going to try your styles!  Thanks!
Gweni*Lavay (5 years ago)
+Tijuanda Riddick Don't be disappointed! These braids were fun! So many ways you can style them. Mine are also started off braided. To me they look neater initially. But the twisted roots are lovely too. Glad in found some inspiration in the styles. Have fun with yours and thank you for watching :-)
Adanmalao (5 years ago)
I just got my hair done like this today, and I'm definitely loving the plaited braids version #9. My fave!
Gweni*Lavay (5 years ago)
That is my favorite as well. That's why I did that style towards the end so that I can keep them in. I wore my plats for about 2 weeks :-) Thank you for watching +Lisa O 
Kerri-Ann Chin (5 years ago)
Long and pretty
Kerri-Ann Chin (5 years ago)
Your welcome :)
Gweni*Lavay (5 years ago)
Thank you for the compliment and for subscribing :-)
25sexyeducatedthang (5 years ago)
They are tooo long....

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