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Making Dwarf Jade Bonsai (Formal Upright Style) | Repotting | Pruning | Wiring

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Text Comments (127)
rebekka kaur (8 months ago)
Really ! The best bonsai channel I have ever seen. It's amazing. How you showed each and everything step by step. Thank you for such a great content. Waiting for more! The tree is looking beautiful 🌸
Michael J. (5 months ago)
search for nigel saunders
Aramis Rodriguez (4 days ago)
sigue practicando, vas bien.
Awful! That poor Jade plant must be dead by now. That plant belongs to the succulent family and it has different soil and watering requirements. I seriously can't believe you had the nerve to post this vid. By the time were finished, the Jade looked sad and struggling.
What a Plant (6 days ago)
It is so not dead! Even till now! Kindly guide me to the knowledge of how didn't it die when i killed it so badly!
Harpal Singh (7 days ago)
Nice very nice.
Yolanda Murillo (8 days ago)
New subscriber thanks good job !!!
Marek Zawiślański (10 days ago)
Nice clickbait Thumbnail :/
kinacho Rodriguez (11 days ago)
El comentario en castellano que estabas buscando😁
Texmex chilly (20 days ago)
Do you really should sign up for some basic Classes that way you can learn to shape the tree you seem to have no idea of what You are doing
Texmex chilly (24 days ago)
This tree turned out terrible ,, You should have made the tree more upright instead of crooked and you should have made the pads a lot smaller and tighter. You must obviously be new at this
🌷lotus🌷 (25 days ago)
Do we are hurting plants 🌱 by making it bonsai???
hina anis (26 days ago)
Hw old it was?
Manav Saini (29 days ago)
how to make pot only cement and water
Ivan Miloje (1 month ago)
Old tree?
SUHEN DARDI (1 month ago)
Wouwww good
Carlo Pelser (1 month ago)
Broke so many bonsai rules, bad wiring skills
Susan Schmitt (1 month ago)
wow. glad I came across this video. exactly what I was looking for and more. I just new things about my beautiful plant. thank you. stay blessed.
Rajesh Giddaluru (1 month ago)
Copy paste from BONSAI EMPIRE 😂😂🤣🤣
Dr. Pratik Narsikar (1 month ago)
Use ur own before after pictures
Levi Lillyblad (2 months ago)
Those poor roots..
Zeliha Değirmenci (2 months ago)
Beebat ettin ağacı kese kese
Jugal sharma (2 months ago)
Make video on ashok tree
angel lee acosta (2 months ago)
A very bad video, in my opinion it's not professional work. Either a beginner ! But good luck for next one.
zegnaj pamelo (2 months ago)
kimuseni (2 months ago)
Beautiful. Thanks.
Antonio Belmonte Gil (2 months ago)
Yo creo que lo has puesto muy inclinado
ABBE KIREN (2 months ago)
Waoowwww mantap....
Hari Rokkam (2 months ago)
It's no in any traditional style it is a free style never give the wrong information. In bonsai first wiring and pruning should be done and then the potting should be done
Hari Rokkam (2 months ago)
The soil is not suitable for jade if it is used then 24/7 watering should be done.
John Jones (2 months ago)
Really tremendous work.
Bonsai - Cây cảnh (3 months ago)
Silvia Lima (3 months ago)
Amazing 😍😍😍
Md Hassan (3 months ago)
what is the name of the tree
Tamara Diaz (3 months ago)
How is the Music name? I liked it!;
Vicky Rana (3 months ago)
Do more work
Kjbrunzo (3 months ago)
This is actually Baby Jade (Portulacaria Afra) good small leaves though. Your standard Jade (Crassula Ovata) has larger leaves than this one and grows faster than baby jade.
Ratan (3 months ago)
Clickbate... I hate clickbates.
Emmanuel Si Meer (3 months ago)
Perdón, pero eso no es un bonsai, por que es una planta de maceta, no es un árbol
jack0cat (3 months ago)
😂 to bad you did everything backwards and probably killed the plant by cutting just about all the roots off. I’d go back to bonsai school before you kill anymore plants.
Keith Warren (3 months ago)
One obvious mistake made by this video's author is that even though this plant is a succulent, top trimming should always be done before root pruning.
Bryan Dsouza (3 months ago)
Could you explain how to make the cuts ?
Drew Hunt (3 months ago)
It is actually not of the Jade family. The name is Portulaca Africana. Often called "Elephant trunk". Also comes in a varigated variety. Great for propigating cuttings.
lYDIA lYDIA (3 months ago)
And you can eat it!
Lynne Teperman (3 months ago)
Thanks, Very clear and concise and all without saying a word.
Pindar Corinna (3 months ago)
I am sorry, but this must be some sort of joke. This is not how to do bonsai. Have fun, by all means; but don't think you are helping anyone by putting it online. I mean, just LOOK at it: ugly, angles and movements make no sense or balance... and the techniques are abysmal. I am shocked that anyone can imagine this is something to show online. Just being honest, bro.
Mels ATL (3 months ago)
El árbol debe hacer la reverencia hacia adelante, y no hacia atrás...
Anuj Sharma (3 months ago)
Lovely h bro---thanks for sharing
Tom Palissade (4 months ago)
I'm afraid you are confusing people with a plant that is not a Jade or Crassula but a false Jade, a Portulacaria Afra
troy vx (4 months ago)
Portulacaria afra (known as elephant bush, dwarf jade plant, porkbush and spekboom in Afrikaans) is a small-leaved succulent plant found in South Africa.
Daniel Consepcion (4 months ago)
Me gusta
Mdsalauddin Ayubi (4 months ago)
what is the name of this tree?can this tree avialable in bangladesh?plese tell me bro...?
troy vx (4 months ago)
Portulacaria afra (known as elephant bush, dwarf jade plant, porkbush and spekboom in Afrikaans) is a small-leaved succulent plant found in South Africa.
Jardim Secreto (4 months ago)
Amei parabéns.... inscrito .... convido vc a passar no meu canal
Looking Glass Gardens (4 months ago)
You need to watch the dude from Herons Bonsai, his videos are WAY better.
Pierre Ei (4 months ago)
Je pense la taille des racines est trop sévère, et les succulente n'apprécie pas d'être arroser sur le feuillage.
Rahul Nimesh (4 months ago)
Indeed a great bonsai... Where from I can these wire wot do you call it
Swarnalata Behera (4 months ago)
Wow !! its really really amazing
Pritam Sharma (5 months ago)
Great video..👌 nicely done. What size and material of wire were u using for the branches.?
mother nature (5 months ago)
Nice plant..how old it was
Geoff Curtis (5 months ago)
This is not a good vid in my opinion, it is too quick, no explanation for what is being done. The trunk should not be wired with wire going around the trunk, tree is not stable in the pot. End result looks OK and unusual for a Jade. I think there are much better Bonsai vids.
Chris S (3 months ago)
Geoff Curtis the tree was stabilized by wiring it to the pot also it's Jade my opinion it's more of a cascade style of tree.
Merawat Bonsai 43 (5 months ago)
Top 👍 Subscrib back please
T A from the north (5 months ago)
Great video! One question...where did you purchase that mini jade?
Khám phá cuộc sống (5 months ago)
good video! pl sp my channel!
John Quest (5 months ago)
Where the hell is all that water going Ha? On the floor? Lol
Mick Hua (5 months ago)
Dude, you need to get more subscribers. Here I am about to pay $180 for someone to teach me how to re-pot my bonsai when I can just watch your channel for free. Thanks
Hans Dom (5 months ago)
You did it wrong, first is the shape work , and then transplant .... For obvious reasons. Taisho en knows that
L. A. Nolan (5 months ago)
With Portulacaria afra it is better not to water for a few days - a week after repotting. This is a succulent, so the roots will grow out in search of water, which will help stabilize the plant in the pot.
all idea (5 months ago)
Background sound is vergoog
all idea (5 months ago)
Waooo so nice
Pat Pezzi (5 months ago)
The thumbnail is misleading. You’ve put in it a great looking finished bonsai which is very different from the one you show in the video.
ROTORHEADPR (5 months ago)
Mike Novik (5 months ago)
He did everything backwards. When it was done, it looked awful. Not professional at all.
Meat Sandwich (5 months ago)
😆WOW. What a dick
Brahma_fpv (5 months ago)
Nice! Is this tree still alive? Update?
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey There, Thank You For Appreciation. Yes It is Healthy And Growing Good, Stay Tune For Next Video of This Plant.
Mansoor Alam Khan (5 months ago)
Dost bonsai ka rule hai k tree ka jhukao samne ki taraf hoga lakin apka tree back side par jhuka hoa hai.
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey There, Thank You For Watching My Video, Sharing Your View. Actually Even I Felt So But I Apologize As I Could Not Do Everything In One Video. Surely Will Do In Next Video.
Vidyasrao rao k (5 months ago)
Don't you use soil while reporting? Can u gv proportion
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Your Watching Video, I Suggest You To Watch My Bonsai Soil Video (Link In Description) Which Bonsai Soil I Used And How I Made It Click Link Below To See! 1st Video ( How To Make bonsai Soil In india ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QGT0x6V2Sk&t=600s Part 2 ( How To Make bonsai Soil In india ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIWk5i2ZmBM
Borisperez Perez (5 months ago)
Chanchal Hari (5 months ago)
No need of nutrition ?
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Watching Video. Every Plant Needs Nutrition But As Compost is Already Mixed In Our Bonsai Soil Mix We Don't Need For Few Months But After That Putting Fertilizer Will Help It Grow Fast & Better
Fariha Asim (5 months ago)
How old this jade plant
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey There, Thank You For Watching Video. Actually I Cant Tell You Exactly But Ya It's Been Around 3 Years Since I Bought It From Nursery.
F T (5 months ago)
Such a great video I just got my first jade, can’t wait for it to bush up and do this lol
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Watching Video. Happy To Hear! I Suggest You To Watch Other Videos Also For More Info, & Feel Free to Ask Anything About Bonsai.
Shane Paul (5 months ago)
Don't be fooled by this vid. If you repot, prune the roots, prune the foliage and apply wire all at the same time, you'll more than likely kill the tree. Stick with 1-2 adjustments to the bonsai per year.
cameron melo (4 months ago)
I work on portulacarias (this is not a jade) they can handle the abuse unlike traditional species. However I do agree this video is misleading from the thumbnail to the name to the styling. Finished product reflects more of a topiary.
Meat Sandwich (5 months ago)
It depends on the species you are working on. Succulents dont really mind unless you take too much root. I suggest studying what you are working with, and get familiar with bonsai as a whole👍🏽
dheeru rajput rajput (5 months ago)
Nice dear i love bonsai tree👌😘
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Your Appreciation.
akky singh (5 months ago)
Thanks..i will try
akky singh (5 months ago)
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Your Appreciation.
CELERINA MIÑOZA (5 months ago)
wow! very nice...
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Your Appreciation.
2Q&Lrn (5 months ago)
Glad I found your videos despite the fact I was looking for "Portulacaria afra" . . . rather than 'Jade' {"Crassula ovata") which is a common misnomer for the 'Elephant food/bush' plant that you are working with in it. (: https://www.magiminiland.org/Portulacaria.html#Taxonomy
Jay Dub (6 months ago)
Fascinating! Can't wait to try it.
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Your Appreciation.
DEploribus Unum (6 months ago)
Very nice!
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Your Appreciation.
Eduardo Martins (6 months ago)
Essa ai morreu...
harsha vani (6 months ago)
Wow..❣️ the best bonsai video I have seen till.... Love your work 💕
What a Plant (5 months ago)
Hey there, Thank You For Your Appreciation.
Rebeka Silva (6 months ago)
Wow. So informative. From all I’ve read I did not think I could take my bonsai also same size as yours and repot in such a manner. Amazing. Going to try for myself with mine!
What a Plant (6 months ago)
Hey there, thank you! We are happy to see it helped you!
Bill Dickey (6 months ago)
Great job!! You definitely have a new subscriber.
What a Plant (6 months ago)
Hey there, thank you For your appreciation!
Manu Agarwal, lko (7 months ago)
I am in luv with that
What a Plant (6 months ago)
Hey there, thank you for your appreciation!
Rubom Muri (7 months ago)
And what wire do you use? Where to get them and pots too.
What a Plant (7 months ago)
Hey there! It's a copper wire! You can get from nearby shop if you can't find! You can get from us as well! And you need to try little harder to find bonsai pot from nursery! Most of them don't keep bonsai pots in India!
Rubom Muri (7 months ago)
How much time it took to get this thick trunk?
What a Plant (7 months ago)
Hey there, when I bought it trunk was thick but it took around 15 months to grow the branches in shape!
Jonathan Shelton (7 months ago)
Love the video! Where did you get you're Portulacaria Afra?
T A from the north (5 months ago)
What a Plant Could you tell us where? What country/area of the world? Which nursery? I have never seen one that large in nurseries near me. Thanks!
What a Plant (7 months ago)
I Bought It From Nursery Then Let It Grow In Normal Pot For a Year And I Pruned It Time To Time!
bob bob (7 months ago)
i was just about to get a bonsai, the video helped a lot thank you
Pauline D'Souza (1 month ago)
very nice Vedio. Waiting for update. Great
What a Plant (7 months ago)
Hey there! Thank you So Much! For Your Appreciatation!, Make Sure You Have Subscribed our Channel So You Don't Miss Any Video!.
royal bonsai gardening (8 months ago)
Good shape
What a Plant (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Ujjwal Kamboj (8 months ago)
Nice but waiting for update video of this one
Toasty Volvo (1 month ago)
Video is only 6-7 months old. Nothing has changed in that time.
What a Plant (7 months ago)
Thank you! We will surely upload!

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