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Guinea Pigs - A Funny And Cute Guinea Pig Videos Compilation || NEW HD

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A guinea pig is such a cute and funny pet. Check out these cute guinea pigs and funny guinea pigs in this new animals compilation. Thanks for watching! Here's our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MashupZone/ And be sure to subscribe and join the fun :)
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Text Comments (1078)
sousou Queen (25 days ago)
I have two of them supeeeer cute
Ahhw E-Any (26 days ago)
They're so fluffy.
Ona LeMons (1 month ago)
the guinea pig mom looked adoreble together!
Rana (1 month ago)
I want to get guinea pigs but idk if they'll love me and bond with me or if they just want food.
Madelaine Calder (1 month ago)
2:18, my piggie sorta does that! he would get his food and drag it to the corner and keep an eye on the rest of his food :'D
Madelaine Calder (1 month ago)
Omg, i cant stand anymore of this, imma have a heart attack if i dont cuddle my piggie RIGHT NOW!
Jack Scrivens (1 month ago)
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Baráth Endréné (1 month ago)
2:35 :3
ARTİST FeNoMeN (2 months ago)
Bu fare değil mi
Zdenko Pokorny (2 months ago)
Hi i have two guinea pigs and i do youtube videos with them.🐹🐹 I also love your video
Ah so cute I love them👍👍👍👍👍👍
Sarah Gebhard (2 months ago)
Hello MashupZone, As part of my studies, I would like to create an trailer film for a hessian festival and thereby i would like to use this footage of only 5 sec. and artistically edit. Are you OK with that ?. I would be very happy about a quick feedback. With best wishes, Sarah Gebhard
Yasi Bazhban (2 months ago)
Y my guinea pig doesn’t like to lay down on her back?!:(
Anais butterfly brooks (2 months ago)
Beacuse some habe different persomality.btw dont try to tran your gpig to because they well might try to bite or hate you.
Ciel Phantomhive (2 months ago)
Who dose that guinie pig think he is prince guinie pig of the world ?!😂😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
leafyutube (2 months ago)
Are guinea pigs edible? Do they raise cholesterol?
Miss VeggieVixen (2 months ago)
The cat looked like it was going to eat that piggie. And giving rodents a bath is VERY RISKY and not advised to do! They're already clean little critters that clean themselves if you have noticed lolz
Duane Gibson (2 months ago)
I remember my daughters. Adorable creatures. Love animals!!
Diamond OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
0:35 me at the weekend
Birds Birds (2 months ago)
Nice vedio for guinea pig https://youtu.be/F26ydQEQP3A
Cutest !!!!!!!!! Amazing !!!!!!
Kimberly Estey (3 months ago)
My Pig is a Big Pig
A poor boy in Africa (3 months ago)
I can't take anymore thiccness
Yvonne Loaec (3 months ago)
0:35 omg it's a killer Ginny pig it's evil
Connor Harp (3 months ago)
Snippity snine, your memes are mine.
Omg this video was so cute it made my eyes water knowing I have the flu I honestly feel better from this video :D
Nina (3 months ago)
call me an ignorant, but at first I thought cats saw guinea pigs as preys. Later on I found out they don't, at least not mine (after all, if a cat is hungry it might do it)
Schniiger (3 months ago)
i am so getting one of these little fuckers
Ilze Grina (3 months ago)
They are so Innocent and precious.
WaKy J (3 months ago)
so cuteeeeeee!
Julia Anderson (3 months ago)
2:36 don't do that the Guinea pigs spine can't bend like that you can kill it or make it have bad injuries
Jazzy Drawz (4 months ago)
0:37 looks exactly like my pet Spike.
Iva Popović (4 months ago)
My guinea pig is an idiot.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Edit:But I love him soooooo much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Saba Swift (4 months ago)
I have one He's really lovely 😭💜
Saba Swift (4 months ago)
I have one He's really lovely 😭💜
Be Human (4 months ago)
Guinea pigs always cute my favourite
Ceri Lewis (4 months ago)
ExAstris- 3130 (4 months ago)
This is my testimony. I often forget that guinea pigs exist. I am truly rueful that I could ever not remember these adorable animals’ continued and welcomed existence on this earth.
Lexa (4 months ago)
I miss my guinea pig Henry so bad these vids are so cute
David Florin (4 months ago)
i love guineea pigs but my parents don't want to buy me one :(((((((
Floaty Pot (4 months ago)
What are they doing at 1:33? Is the cat licking it?
PÓP CORN CARD (4 months ago)
Like 4 me plzzz
Nessie Bear ! (4 months ago)
0:34 he's living the liiiiiifffffeeeee
谷慶 (4 months ago)
vaggos013 (5 months ago)
I don't think putting the guinea pig in a cat's hug it's a good idea, even if the cat will not harm it. It is like someone put you in the hug of a big lion... Whatever seems cute to humans doesn't mean it is for animals too.. It is a usual fault..
EX O (5 months ago)
هاش تاك كان عندي واحد
Londonxox (5 months ago)
I have 3 guinea pigs
Debapriyo Sarkar (5 months ago)
1:42 you can tell that's her kids
Numse fisken (5 months ago)
One of Guinea pigs are blind....🙁
Kxmilia :3 (5 months ago)
I have a video of my guinea pigs on meh channel. I just,realized I'm the 1000th comment here. :\
Linde van Driesten (5 months ago)
My guinea pig is so cute, and I love him so match.😍
Really Really cute
NightDream Sans (6 months ago)
(Yay I'm the 1000) but I just wanted to say about bathing Guinea pigs. It's really not nessacary. If they were on there backs and weren't forced to stay like that they are probably fine. Also 2:17 Lol that Guinea pig was eating out of a cigarette thing XD
ysabel l (6 months ago)
1000th comment😊😁
pravin kale (6 months ago)
Gini pigs hilt tips fast
LaserTrapProductions (6 months ago)
Good boy, Bruce.
Kennedy Joyner (6 months ago)
Cute pets 💎💍💎
Sophia Manning (6 months ago)
Missing my babies
Ross Blow (6 months ago)
Cuties :3
Dr. Octopus (7 months ago)
The beginning is what I do
My guinea pig is before take food and out in house .
holy crap (7 months ago)
Intro music please
Declan Ellis (7 months ago)
I'm watching this because my guinea pig is at my normal home (mom's) and I'm at my grandma's with my dad you shouldn't wash guinea pigs! Oh well, He / She likes being washed! 1:10 So well trained :O Amazing! 1:30 the guinea pig is like: "what the H**l is goin' on!?!???" 2:00 SO FRICKIN' FLUFFY!!!! :D :D
Little Wolfy Chan (7 months ago)
The cat licking the little guinea pig was so cute!! Aaaahhh
Swapnil Upadhyay (7 months ago)
Cat thinks it's her kitten
Franklin truong (7 months ago)
purplekawaii85 (7 months ago)
Most of these are not cute.
Miyo x gai (7 months ago)
I have
Aarif Khan (7 months ago)
that cat is sexually harnessing and molesting the poor guy
They are so adorable!!! Like if agree
fun master (7 months ago)
so cute FUNNY OH PLZ!!!!!!
Dragon fighter (7 months ago)
Cassidy Anthony (7 months ago)
David Orh (7 months ago)
Omg it's just so curious and wants to never know what food is but omg it's me
Dance Mommy (8 months ago)
1:42 I want them they’re minnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee 💕💕💕
Marcin Chwaliński (8 months ago)
Ravi Mixra (8 months ago)
My guinea doesn't love me😟😟😟😟
Ocha mariposa (8 months ago)
apa cuma gw yg kesini gara gara creepy_id ?
ETPS (8 months ago)
I have two guinea pigs of my own, and a lot of this is all too familiar to me ^^
Babita Singh (8 months ago)
Racoon is the cutest
Rebecca Johansson (8 months ago)
Adlazımdeğil - (8 months ago)
RainbowJaygamingYT (8 months ago)
the third vid has a guinea pig on its back that is dangerous
im getting a guinea pig soon!!!
Hola Pro (8 months ago)
Im my country we like eating them
Tommy Black (8 months ago)
What is the name of the tune?
TricoFoox The Gamer (8 months ago)
Guinea pigs are awesome! I have 4 guinea pigs❤️
Meghan Power (8 months ago)
Kill Bill sirens went off in my head when I saw the cat and guinea pig together, not gonna lie
Orrin Nothing (8 months ago)
awwww so cute I am glad I have guinea pigs
Kivoleve (8 months ago)
2:16 No one noticed the ashtray as a food bowl?? 😂🤣
mark young (8 months ago)
1:22 awwww he’s to cute to kill
Oleńka (8 months ago)
This film is horrible.
Korok Playz (8 months ago)
My guinea pig died...
Kelwin Brody (8 months ago)
Wow cats also really love guinea pig
Baukje Van de Cruys (8 months ago)
Oh my God They are so cute! I love it when they squeak! So cute! Some of these look like my babies!
Madjo 1999 (8 months ago)
It's cute
Elliot Lundgren (9 months ago)
That Guinea pig at 1:00 looks like my Guinea pig.
Somethingstuffguy (9 months ago)
0:38 living the high life
Kpop Tea (9 months ago)
0:35 when you're feeling tired to stand and you can't miss the food you love😘

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