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Selena-Dreaming of you lyrics

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Selena dreaming of you Died:April 16, 1971 March 31, 1995 Follow me on twitter! skye_garcia
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COMPLEX Richard (3 hours ago)
My mom loves Selena 🇲🇽 🇺🇸
Desirae Renteria (3 hours ago)
I love u Selena you are the best everyday I can think of u rip Selena / pretty girl in the world
Jilmar Rodriguez (9 hours ago)
I'm only 9 going to be 10 and I listen to this in 11/20/18
Diana Tovar (14 hours ago)
Selena was young and she got shot over money like who does that If I was her I would of told Selena that's fine or something else instead of just shooting her I miss her so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
precious. curlzz (14 hours ago)
Kids Arnsdorf (1 day ago)
Rip Selena♥️⚘🌹🥀
Janice Burkstead (1 day ago)
Rip Selena😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Yuki Sha (1 day ago)
I heard this song on the radio and I fell in love again. 🥰🌙🌻🧸🦙🎻
Roniqune George (1 day ago)
my future kids will be listening to Selena Whitney and MJ .
Loveeeee this songggg❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Johnelle Washington (3 days ago)
Selena you will never be forgotten there are so many dreams of you what a beautiful soul
McKenzie Spivey (3 days ago)
I dreaming of you♥️♥️
K T (10 hours ago)
still got the volume up dreams can and do come true but you have to help them come true.... listening in 2018
Belle Lumapat (4 days ago)
God is always with us
Koda Mason (5 days ago)
R.I.P selena we miss you what ur friend did was wrong she was a jealous bitch 💯😭😢
Rysh Khasn (5 days ago)
MARY GANNON (5 days ago)
So romantic ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤✨
Infamous Yash Show (5 days ago)
Mia Lazaro (6 days ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love you 😍 😍😍😍😍
Mia Lazaro (6 days ago)
I love this song
Annaliz Figueroa (6 days ago)
I love Selena so much and she is so beautiful to I just hope you all know that 😍😘
Yenissa Dominguez (6 days ago)
Queen for ever 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔❤💘💘
Ilioiu Madalina (6 days ago)
2018 she is getting more and more fans, though she is long gone. Pitty people like Selena dont get to see the beauty of this world. Angels dont belong to earth. You are missed , Selena. :) Greetings from Romania!
Jennifer Dennis (6 days ago)
Heyheymadibellehere (7 days ago)
I don't think I can finish this song 😭every time I hear it I think of the fact that she passed😭😭. We are all dreaming of you Selena💔
Chelsea Taytay (8 days ago)
I completely love this song
Watching in 2018? She wad a blessing why did they kill her. I'm crying RN its so sad I miss her SO bad. I wish she was here
Rous Beltran (8 days ago)
Bella ❤️
Miss Trish (8 days ago)
Still love her music still sadly missed she was an amazing artist her music touched everyone r.I.p
ROBLOX GAMER (8 days ago)
ROBLOX GAMER (8 days ago)
Its so sad that Yolanda killed her( Selena )anyone here in 2018 ? R.I.P selena ; (
Cheyenne Loftesness (9 days ago)
RIP wish she was alive......I cry every time I listen to this song.....
Naomi Haynes (9 days ago)
I love her songs so much when I was a baby and im 11 and im love her song if she die or not she will be my. She the queen. She will be in ours heat till we die. I love you😌😭😭
Austin Waggoner (10 days ago)
Does anybody else want to hear a heavy metal version of this song? If done right it'll probably be awesome .
Joann Mendoza (10 days ago)
We all wish she was here
AudreyAtrophy (10 days ago)
I cry like a baby every time I hear this song...the fact that I'm now older than her when she passed makes it worse for me
I dont normally say this but I get major goosebumps over how accurate this song is about how I feel for some chick.
Unicorn_pug 123 (11 days ago)
Who else was crying?????
Lidia Jimenez (11 days ago)
still listen 2018 . ho wishs selena was alive
xXLostGirl (11 days ago)
Even in death she has still hasn't completely been forgotten. If only she had lived. What a career she would have had.
The Girl Escobar (11 days ago)
jj medick (12 days ago)
RIP Selena! 🙏🙏🙏
Katelyn Martinez (11 days ago)
I am going to cry because she died in the 1995she was driving ten someone killed her from a gun is someone going to cry
Alvin Rosario (13 days ago)
R.I.P Selena 7/11/2018 siempre te recordare❤
Autumn Houser (14 days ago)
2018 and still gives me chills rest in heaven Selena 💕
musical existence (14 days ago)
2:33 had me 💀
hannah Kurtz (14 days ago)
Goe N. Phuc Yer-saylf (14 days ago)
Tje lyrics r wrong. Its till tomorrow and for all of my life
Wacko Islas (9 days ago)
3:45 And theres nowhere in the world i raaaathhhhhhhherrrrr beeeeee.....
HaitiMarc0000000 (14 days ago)
Everytime, I listen to this song I end up crying.
alohaforeveryone (15 days ago)
I always thought this was Madona or janet jackson singing o.O
Maverick Ω (16 days ago)
I just broke up with my girlfriend for 3 yrs I feel like jumping off the bridge tonite after listening to this song .😢
badger4382 (16 days ago)
Not truly my kind of music (I like classical music), but to me -when I heard the news about the absurd killing of this beautiful bright star-, I was perplexed. She had a bright future and very possibly, she could be a billionaire now.  What a sad story for a cute, young shinning star.  I hope that her manager (Zaldivar) gets what she deserves as the filthy virus she is.
Heather Ruiz (16 days ago)
Rip selena most of my cousins dont know who you are but im getting them to know a real latina singerrr😿😿😿💗💗💗💗
C (16 days ago)
I'm still listening to 2018 but this song is old but the best tho Selena died at 22 but okay
Saadiya Lunger (17 days ago)
I love u forever my Habibi
Eloise V (17 days ago)
I miss you Selena you are my favorite singer you will always be in our hearts
Amber Gonzales (17 days ago)
Miss you so much....
karen blake (18 days ago)
This is my jam continue to rest in heaven I will never forget what I was going threw when this song woke me up out my sleep thank you BET for playing this song and introducing us to this young lady
lil boujee (18 days ago)
she stills lives.. 2018.. forever & always selena will live.. RIP
Lovinq kristy (18 days ago)
OMG I LOVEEEE THIS SONGG..😭😭 I wish she was still here her songs are amazing
Lovinq kristy (18 days ago)
I love this song 🤧💕💕💕
Maritza_ Crescent (19 days ago)
Rip Latin-American Queen 👑 1971-1995 😢 forever In our hearts ♥️
Vivi Cirqueira (19 days ago)
DANNO (19 days ago)
Still dreaming. #2018 #2019
Jolie Gogue (19 days ago)
november 2018
Anahi's World (19 days ago)
Some of the lyrics are wrong
Young Infamous (19 days ago)
I still love this song!! Love you, Selena ❤️
Manuel Arocho (20 days ago)
K&A Show (20 days ago)
Love you Selena
Kristin Stump (20 days ago)
Going to be listening to Selena till the day I die <3 Selena is now apart of all of us, she will never truly fade from any of our hearts.
Flower_ Wolf (21 days ago)
I’m dreaming of Selena being here..
Rosamaria Santana (21 days ago)
Tears still listening 2018😭😥r.i.p selena
Syeda Parson (21 days ago)
it is gay
Ralphunreal (19 days ago)
Your English is.
Dailytokes (21 days ago)
I'm only 24 man and I love Selena this song makes me cry all the time rip Selena baby we love and miss you 😥😥😥😥😥💙
Michael M (21 days ago)
She’s singing with the angels now. God i miss her
Lil Rotten Egg (22 days ago)
she is not as talented as the LIL ROTTEN EGGS CHECK US OUT!!!!
Atsushi Sasaki (22 days ago)
She didn't deserve to die😭 R.I.P Selena, You'll never be forgotten
Røse Msp (22 days ago)
Yolanda should step on a lego ;-;
SLEEPY XIII (22 days ago)
shayla okemaysim (23 days ago)
Lesslie lll (23 days ago)
i can tell you the spanish things in order heart, i cant stop thinking of you, oh how much i need you, my love, you dont know how much i miss you
Lesslie lll (23 days ago)
evelyn ojeda (23 days ago)
I love her I started sing because of her ⚡❤⚡😍⚡❤⚡😍
Cindy Conception (24 days ago)
Dreaming of you babe day and night 😘😍😍😍🤩😁
Emily Morales (24 days ago)
Listening in 2018 & going to listen in 2019 💙
Cassie Givens (24 days ago)
Such a shame.. Just imagine where she could be now. Rip angel princess.
Serena Jones (24 days ago)
I'm dreaming of u queen of Latin music no one could have done it like u love u
Jose Marin (24 days ago)
Arukyia (24 days ago)
This song hits your feelings so hard😥❤
MizzMemeluv Jensenbch (25 days ago)
I wish upon a star 💫 ur thinking 💭 bout me 2
Kennaliz Roldan (25 days ago)
Omg this music is so dam beautifull😭 also I just want to say that dam I cant believe that Selana you have died and I really miss you so much girl you are my favorite singer which you were my first favorite singer dam I cried so much about the movie I have seen about you and oof is hard for me but anyways R.I.P. to this beautifull angle Selana rest in piece beautifull I love you forever😭❤✌
Alyssa Castro (25 days ago)
This song gives me chills but I love it and i'll keep loving it
CRY BABY CRY BABY (25 days ago)
CRY BABY CRY BABY (25 days ago)
#r.i.p. selena
Roman Walker (26 days ago)
I Love You Selena
Geka Kaua (26 days ago)
Tears. 😪😪 Missed Selena 😪
Andrewanna Williams (26 days ago)
everytime i listen to this i begin to cry
Joslyn Spille (26 days ago)
Has anyone seen this one girl on American Idol and she turns out to be crazy because she knows that she doesn’t have a good voice, but she’s hoping that the judges would help her, but they don’t because they’re not supposed to do that 😂😂😂
Gabriela Santos (27 days ago)
I love song ❤

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