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Serissa bonsai, African Acacia Style, July 2016

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The Serissa foetida bonsai has grown close to the final size and shape. The tree is now entering a refinement stage to look like an Acacia tree growing in Africa. I am beginning to develop foliage pads to create a more mature tree appearance.
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Romaliza Vicente (7 months ago)
Hi nigel what happen to the wheat grass? ☺☺
Romaliza Vicente (7 months ago)
Nigel Saunders, The Bonsai Zone kinda excited what is look like with weath grass hahahaha just a funny thing idea u have but its great... people learn from doing something different and sometimes the result is unique👍👍👍.happy planting from philippines!! ☺☺
I removed it all, it just wasn't the right ground cover, it grew too tall and the roots were very thick and dense. It was an experiment that just didn't work out!
Aidan steel (1 year ago)
Can we get more updates on this serissa please?
It will be needing more work, later this spring, I'll post an update!
Hanru Nepgen (1 year ago)
Hi Nigel, I live in South Africa. Is there any tips you can give me for my serissa for the winter ? Thank you in this regard.
Hanru Nepgen (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. Appreciate it a lot !!*
They need as much light as possible and they cannot tolerate frost. If you get temperatures down below 10 C at night, I would bring your tree inside for the night and then place it outdoors in the daytime. I mist mine at least two times a day. If you change the conditions surrounding the tree, they will drop all their leaves, but they will grow back in. Be careful not to over water when the tree is in a leafless state. Mine losses it's leaves every fall when I bring it in for winter. When it goes back outside in spring, again it losses most of it's leaves.
clash with hee (1 year ago)
sir i want to see your all bonsai collection plzzzz sir show me
I am going to wait until I can place the tropical trees outside on the bench, then I'll make a long video!
Andres Tudares (2 years ago)
+Nigel Saunders hello, first I have to say congratulations for your incredible bonsai, I have a caesalpinia pulcherrima and I wonder if you can answer me this inquietude, how can I get conicity in branches? Thanks for your videos, Greetings from Venezuela.
Andres Tudares (2 years ago)
Thanks for your help I sent you a picture of my young tree.
I think you will just have to go with the natural flow of the branches and maybe grow a broom style bonsai. They do make a nice medium to large bonsai and the flowers are amazing. If you can send me a photo, I might be able to help with your tree.... [email protected]
Umbra Jord (2 years ago)
Nigel Saunders, is is possible to use wire to separate the foliage paths as well instead of only cutting the foliage down?
Umbra Jord (2 years ago)
+Nigel Saunders  Ah, nice, thank you for sharing the info :)
Yes, wiring can be a useful tool to make adjustments. The branches of the Serissa get tough really quickly, they would have to be wired when green and young. The heavier branches can be adjusted using wire to lift and lower them.
Haley (2 years ago)
I recently got a pittosporum with round leaves leaves that I wanna try this style on, the tree is still too young though. My question is how long did it take u to this point. I hope the trunk to be as thick as yours before I "be head" the plant. What do u think or should I do it now? It's about 60-70cm high and as thin as ur 1st branch from the right
Haley (2 years ago)
Nigel Saunders ok I'll wait till next summer, it's summer now in New Zealand, but I think i will let grow wild for now and establish itself in new it's new pot. Got to be patient. :)
The "acacia" or flattop style does suit a tree with a thin trunk, but I think you will have to cut it back at least in half and then develop a branch structure from the new growth that will come from the trunk. I would do this height reduction after you let it grow unrestricted until almost mid summer and then cut it back when it has lots of vigor in the tree. Good luck!
beckervan ramos (2 years ago)
hello sir, i am puzzled right now what to do with my serissa.. unlike yours, my tree is about three years and is kind of with a spiraled trunk... how do i style it? its getting leggy so i dont know what to do...
I would study the base of your bonsai tree and try and find a style of a full size tree from the internet that you could transform your tree in to. The top of the serissa can be cut off anywhere on the trunk, and new branches will form from and below the cut point. Any cuttings can be rooted also if a clump style or a forest is desired. Good luck!
Hilary Cox (2 years ago)
was it hard leaving that lower branch?
Hilary Cox (2 years ago)
the zebra is watching
Anita Sabharwal (2 years ago)
Really beautiful tree. I find your videos very informative. Thanks for sharing. Regards from India.
Jas li (2 years ago)
hi how old is this tree?
I think 16 to 18 years? It was grown from a small cutting.
Bonsai Iligan (2 years ago)
Very nice Serissa tree and the trunk is quite big. We have serissas here used as ornamental and landscape plants but it doesn't grow that big.
Frank Wilson (2 years ago)
I have a buxus boxwood I am trying to style African acacia like, it has been a little over a month since I styled it and put it in its pot. should I give it more Sun for more foliage or less Sun?
Hello Frank, I think full sun would be best for tight compact growth, if you can keep it watered mid day and possibly mist the tree in hot weather. Here is a PDF on boxwood care..... http://www.bonsaitoolchest.com/v/vspfiles/caresheets/boxwood.pdf I have some Boxwood growing in the ground, but none in a pot yet. So I can't advise you first hand.
you eliminated the wheat grass...didn't worked as planned?
+Nigel Saunders :)
The wheat grass I used was a little too course looking and the roots were developing a large mat below the soil. I am trying threadgrass. So far it looks promising, I am growing it in a separate container and will place it with the tree before a show. Thanks to Penny for sending me the threadgrass!
Great video. Thanks.
allpixels63 (2 years ago)
I learn a lot from your videos. Thanks.
Hiroshige Utagawa (2 years ago)
すばらしい!盆栽の心。地産の物を使う。盆栽の心得です。50年100年と子々孫々 に伝えてください。自分の家にも御祖父さんの盆栽があります
Matur nuwun , Aku seneng sampeyan sante video !
I beg your pardon? (2 years ago)
I too had a tree like this... My cats uprooted it and dragged it somewhere.
I beg your pardon? (2 years ago)
+Nigel Saunders wow! That's a stroke of luck!
I had a tree fall off the bench into the surrounding weeds in spring. I found it in fall, still alive!
Gary Montgomery (2 years ago)
This is a great video for showing the creating of the top canopies branch structure. You can easily see the direction from past growth, and Where it's going to be in the future after the branches have been pruned. Then the branches began to split off into two then four and so on. Also noticing the shortness of the canopies branches, shorter and shorter branch offs. Great example
Thanks Gary, the new foliage is already starting to grow in.
Carving Bonsai (2 years ago)
small, large acacia ... very good as always ... big hug Nigel
Mammal Bonsai (2 years ago)
tree Looking too good
Penny Clark (2 years ago)
Hi Nigel - I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot from them. I'm wondering if you know of a grass called Nassella tenuissima, or Threadgrass. I think it would work for your African Acacia style Serissa foetida bonsai because the blades are thread like from bottom to top. It grows well (and reseeds itself) in the southwestern U. S. and is rated to zone 4.
Thanks Penny, I'll check into it, it sounds interesting.
TheJimford (2 years ago)
This is looking really good! Like your restrain with the landscape elements....very reminiscent of the Serengeti plains... I've always loved the PBS NATURE logo image....
BonsaiMoldova (2 years ago)
How are doing your "real acacia" seedlings?
They are doing well, video coming soon!
Qwad Luzr (2 years ago)
Inspired by this video I have attempted the same thing with an Ilex and I'm quite pleased with it. Thanks for the share, love the channel.
Zehao _ (2 years ago)
Hay, where did you get your root rake?
The root rake was from a children's gardening kit purchased 20 years ago, I haven't found another one anywhere.
Durand Compton (2 years ago)
One of my favourite trees of yours.
Henrik Becks (2 years ago)
Hey Nigel, Im in love with nearly all of your bonsai's, but this one is my absolutely favourite! I have one big question, where do you put this tree ? Outside or Inside ? Greatings
Henrik Becks (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot and good luck in the future !
Thank you, the tree has come a long way in the last few years! I place the tree outside in the greenhouse when the last chance of frost passes. As the sun gets less intense near the end of July, I place the tree on the bench in full sun. It comes back indoors when the risk of frost is near, usually early October. The tree winters in the plant room, which has south facing windows.
Kennet De Bondt (2 years ago)
Looks good! greets K
Allen Byrd (2 years ago)
do you have an email where I can contact you for questions and advice?
email me at... [email protected]
razamazzaz (2 years ago)
Hey Nigel, i was wondering about your Ficus elastica bonsai - are you going to make an update Video on it ?
razamazzaz (2 years ago)
Oh god that's horrible !
The Ficus elastica died during the winter when we had record cold temperatures -32 C or -36 F. The corner of the plant room got too cold and froze three trees in the corner. I have insulated the room better and installed a fan to circulate the air to prevent this happening again. I am looking to buy another Ficus elastica soon, I just haven't found the right one yet. I really miss the tree.
Alexandre Leblanc (2 years ago)
Great work, like the evolution of these tree!
Elizabeth Long (2 years ago)
..great job Nigel仌 仌
Juan Fernandez (2 years ago)
my serissa is all year round without direct sun and to flourish. Changed the location further south and does not like it ...
Juan Fernandez (2 years ago)
Hi Nigel, you have the tree in full sun or in partial shade?
Juan Fernandez (2 years ago)
ok thanks
I have the tree in the greenhouse now, later in the summer when the light gets less intense, I move it outdoors. The greenhouse is hot and humid, but the light is less intense than full sun. Before I built the greenhouse the tree was on the bench in full sun and grew well, but it seems to like the greenhouse even better.
WGT Sousa (2 years ago)
Obrigado estou aprendendo muito com as grandes aulas que são dadas a cada vídeo postado!!! Obrigado!!!
Muito obrigado!
Mark Mondrinos (2 years ago)
Love the vision you have for this tree...simple naturalistic design but such detailed work to achieve it. Do you think growing the tree slightly larger would help create separation between the pads? Or with further ramification will the leaf size reduce to help create the image of separation? Also, I could see in the background that 'Elm 1 of 3' is thriving!
I think the tree will slowly grow larger over the years. If I keep the height the same, the trunk and branches would start to look too thick. I think the pads will get better as I work on them in the up coming years, even at the same overall size of the tree. Ramification comes really quickly because the tree requires frequent pruning over the summer. Yes, all the Elms are doing really well, now I have to think about styling them!
mikbonsai (2 years ago)
Hi Nigel, good tidy up and the tree is looking good. Regards, Iqbal
mikbonsai (2 years ago)
Thanks Nigel, I used to be too cautious and wasted a lot of time. So this time round I took a leaf out of your book when it came to the root pruning.
Thanks Iqbal, I really enjoyed your videos on the Hawthorn re pot and styling!
john smith (2 years ago)
what happened with the wheat grass?
Amber Hanna (2 years ago)
looks like you master how prune nigel i really love you technique
Thanks Amber Hanna, hoping to get it looking really good for our club show in September.
Dubsy Dabster (2 years ago)
love watching this tree. Also glad I don't have to smell it ;)
A good tree to trim outside!
Amber Hanna (2 years ago)
nice work nigel

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