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♪ "I'll Play Minecraft" Song - Original Minecraft Song & Animation (Music Video)

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*CAN WE GET OVER 34 000 LIKES? :O* Please leave a LIKE and SUB HERE! →http://goo.gl/nGHJ06 Please SHARE "Ill Play Minecraft" with anyone and everyone via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. THANKYOU! :) Please rate the video & Subscribe! ITUNES SONG DOWNLOAD - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ill-play-minecraft/id546382194?i=546383009 Click to tweet this vid! http://clicktotweet.com/7Uba_ Animators Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/rymdnisse Lyrics: Verse 1 This world's in motion lit by glowstone Trees and crops n' obsidian blocks Countless dramas mind that lava Run inside it's getting darker Pigs and sheep, an exploding Creeper This caves getting deeper and deeper I'll push the button and the redstone clicks Flint and Tinder gets the fires lit now Verse 2 The snow falls white deepest oceans blue Hope no Enderman's looking back at you Don't give him a second gaze, just look the other way Then craft yourself a diamond blade to keep safe And if there's one thing that I know Its a ravine or a dungeon, or a stronghold I will go So all told, it's time to pack my things for some adventuring let's go! Chorus Coz when they ask, Ill play Minecraft All day and night, this world is mine To live in perfect harmony In 16 - Bit reality Depths of the Nether to the end of The End You're looking kinda down, i'll cheer you up my friend Soon you'll see Get a seed land and sea and sail across that sea with me. Verse 3 There's nothing in this world that i can't change Without a pick or a shovel or an iron blade We go block by block do you like what you see? Well then i dig your style if you know what i mean Bridge Take away all the bad times Just leave me with the best A world set for adventure Where to mine and craft is the best quest yet! Chorus Coz when they ask, Ill play Minecraft All day and night, this world is mine To live in perfect harmony In 16 - Bit reality Depths of the Nether to the end of The End You're looking kinda down, i'll cheer you up my friend Soon you'll see Get a seed land and sea and sail across that sea with me. Coz when they ask, Ill play Minecraft All day and night, this world is mine To live in perfect harmony In 16 - Bit reality Depths of the Nether to the end of The End You're looking kinda down, i'll cheer you up my friend Soon you'll see Get a seed land and sea and sail across that sea with me. Please DO NOT use this audio or video with permissions. Copyright ThnxCya via Ditto Music. iTunes http://tinyurl.com/72sk55f Twitter http://twitter.com/ThnxCya Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Thnxcya BandCamp http://thnxcya.bandcamp.com Music - incompetech.com This video contains Minecraft let's play / mod showcase and or song / parody gameplay, uploaded under standard youtube license by ThnxCya. Please do not re upload Original Minecraft song For the most AWESOME Dedicated Minecraft Servers I recommend McPowerHosting Check them out at this link! - http://bit.ly/ThnxCya Or https://www.facebook.com/McPowerHosting https://twitter.com/McPowerHosting
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Text Comments (7031)
VD GAMING. (1 day ago)
2019? Anyone
MayoMatt (4 days ago)
Those were the good times. Nostalgia smacks me in the face.
fradkiller (4 days ago)
2019 yup
Bushra Afzal (6 days ago)
Hello Goodbye (12 days ago)
I miss this era
Joe Bolen Bolen (13 days ago)
I still play Minecraft all day and night, anybody else?
Fluffycloud956 (13 days ago)
I remember when this video came out I was trying to memorize all the lyrics...
the icey pros/william (15 days ago)
atleast now he does roblox rip him doing minecraft tho
KathyK sun (18 days ago)
Why dose everyone say coz or cuz… ITS CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who see this video in 2019
Golden inferno 831 (1 month ago)
The days 😢
Lean (1 month ago)
Sauceleaf (1 month ago)
this goes hard
Meme Legend (1 month ago)
I'd love an instrumental version
MoxieMo (1 month ago)
Seven years later and still an absolute banger.
Oxygen Breather (1 month ago)
The nostalgia!
rasputan12 (1 month ago)
Hit me in the goddamn feels after all these years. Who's watching in 2019?
Funfire22 (1 month ago)
This was my jam in 2013-2015
Julie Mills (1 month ago)
James again wow
D H (1 month ago)
This reminds me of simpler times now theres 27 genders
I still love your songs (2019)
Lads From Eggham moore (1 month ago)
I remember listening to this the day it came out, when it was acceptable to play minecraft.
Pynnical (1 month ago)
Finally found the damn song lol
Not_Azzie (2 months ago)
This Song Is Top On My Spotify Playlist
Niko mit k (2 months ago)
This song was and is still awesome
BrandonCYK - Brawl Stars (2 months ago)
Darrian Yates (2 months ago)
You know it
Pepperoni Piper (2 months ago)
:( I miss the old YouTube where Minecraft was popular and there was no Fortnite or any other stupid stuff
Am Dicken (2 months ago)
The memories!!
Paula Giusti De La O (2 months ago)
THIS IS A COOL!!!! VIDEO!!!! >3<♥♥
D4T B01 (2 months ago)
Good Thinge i was an og to Play that way
Julian Mcguigan (2 months ago)
𝙄'𝙢 𝙖𝙡𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙮 playing 𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙛𝙩
Dan The Monster (3 months ago)
ahhhh nostalgia
ColiviHatesHerself :3 (3 months ago)
My childhood
Horrorgag (3 months ago)
I need the instrumental
Darrian Yates (2 months ago)
Ollie Platt (3 months ago)
Cool I like it not bad Read More
Darrian Yates (2 months ago)
Lol the read more got me😂
Ollie Platt (3 months ago)
confused space (3 months ago)
Sadly my childhood was power rangers,wish it was this
Creepinson Productions (3 months ago)
2018 anyone
Darrian Yates (2 months ago)
2019 anyone
Crazy wyvern (3 months ago)
I loved the old feel of Minecraft it’s almost 2019
NikDi N (3 months ago)
2012 ,однако все равно лучше нынешней параши
2018 Anyone?
Gaming with Rexan (3 months ago)
I miss the old :(
Goat Cena (3 months ago)
Kaiser Zephan (3 months ago)
Was expecting " Video has been removed due to copyright " because you know its youtube.
Sylwia Brakoniecka (3 months ago)
This was my favourite Minecraft song in 2017
BERKIN AĞZI (4 months ago)
Kutay Aksungur (4 months ago)
Paige Clark (4 months ago)
Like this isn’t even cringe this is literally part of my childhood
CrispyBlazin (4 months ago)
Its mined
The Real Jar (4 months ago)
Almost 7 years. That’s insane.
TheChosenBeast DoesGames (4 months ago)
hard to believe isn't it
Ahh memories
Galaxy Gallon (4 months ago)
this song... so old
J E T R O (4 months ago)
Whos watching before WW3
J E T R O (4 months ago)
+TheChosenBeast DoesGames 😁😁😁😁😁
TheChosenBeast DoesGames (4 months ago)
I'm not sure, i am too scared to leave the house to check :P
GrowMega GT (4 months ago)
Man... discovered this the day i got my ipad 5 years ago, i’d replay it everyday... man time does fly fast doesn’t it?
TheChosenBeast DoesGames (4 months ago)
Too true, 2018 in particular just flew by so quickly... so much happened but it feels like it all happened so long ago
jan kościuszko (4 months ago)
*we can make another golden age! minecraft isn`t dead!*
RM Kennycode5 (4 months ago)
Jonathan Hargraves (4 months ago)
"Take away all the bad times, just leave me with the best." R.I.P Minecraft
Puffy Nugget Gaming (5 months ago)
Yo u better drop some more mc bangers
Sliced Lemons (5 months ago)
"Remember when minecraft was good?" Me: *sniff* "yep..."
David Hoo (5 months ago)
Wow.... Thnxcya sounds so much different now..... Im watching his Roblox videos and comparing the voices.. I never knew Thnxcya was the creator of 1 of the most nostalgic songs in Minecraft history...
MikeyM32 (5 months ago)
Yikes I almost started crying watching this again.. I remember when this was brand new. Nostalgia overload
Darrian Yates (5 months ago)
Wanna play Regorwth with me? :D
Chau Huynh (5 months ago)
Uh... soooo good yeaa um... bad.
Daredevil Gamez (5 months ago)
It's fire at 2x speed
Drippy gxd (5 months ago)
Memories 😢
Oki Joandri (5 months ago)
I play minecraft
Darrian Yates (5 months ago)
Zetsubou (5 months ago)
I remember watching this video back in middle school. I’m in college now and the nostalgia is real
Darrian Yates (5 months ago)
ye ;-;
AcePlayz (5 months ago)
this is so old.
GHabryel Zoz (5 months ago)
2018 ??
Owenboy360/Darkness (6 months ago)
The nostalgia just hit me like a diamond sword
MyNameIsJames3227 (5 months ago)
good one
AH12 (6 months ago)
Ethan Zhang (6 months ago)
Its a cool one
Pizza Coke (6 months ago)
Man, the nostalgia...
Greg Gardiner (6 months ago)
Fortnite sucks
Niantic Mon Go (6 months ago)
I make a diamond blade every time I see an enderman, I have lost all of my diamonds just making blades, not swords, just blades to be shoved into the handle
Stephen Cote (6 months ago)
MÖTH (6 months ago)
He needs to stop playing ROBLOX and get back to the game he was meant to play. This is the end of the end because he has stopped playing... EVERYONE LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU WANT THNXCYA TO GO BACK TO MINECRAFT
Edward Osoyos (6 months ago)
why mincraft only roblox
CalligoMiles (6 months ago)
Man, going through these old playlists is just one big wave of nostalgia.
Quackdarlens 4000 (6 months ago)
this song is the main reason I started minecraft. Thx Thnxcya :)
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
But i love your videos
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
I hate creepers
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
True true very true
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
Creepers gotta creep
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
All day and night 😍😍😍😍
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
All day and night this world is mine
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
Cuz wane they ask to play minecrft
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
This cave is giting deeper and deeper
Allen Kirby (6 months ago)
All day and night this world is mine
Delirium Tremens (6 months ago)
This is incredible
Mikey the Monster (6 months ago)
Joseph Atari (7 months ago)
Reese train44 (7 months ago)
i still camt belive someone that makes rbx videos made this
GlitchY3 (7 months ago)
2018 nostalgia
Joseph Atari (7 months ago)
Luismine10 EXACTLY
TeaRex844 (7 months ago)
Aw one of those first big games ...... I legit can cry rn I always will remember that block adventure
alimk3 (7 months ago)
Nostalgia hit hard😫
Cube (7 months ago)
anyone else remember when minecraft wasnt full of children
Night Aиgel (7 months ago)
Luv y..
Exquisite Bread (7 months ago)
jesus so many memories
ClevererCrowd7 (7 months ago)
2018 :^)
Ehteshamul Haque (7 months ago)
Gullible Gaming (7 months ago)
This is good
Woolly Wolf (8 months ago)
Minecraft is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!

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