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Dreaming Out Loud- Piano Tutorial

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Nicole St. Martin (2 years ago)
could you make another video explaining exactly what notes to do? I can't tell.
arooba najaf (3 years ago)
hey i know you did this song lie 4 years ago but can you please give me the notes to the song.. like the first verse and like the chorus and all, because i couldn't hear what you said.. So PLEASE help me because im doing this song for school. Thank You
stephanie (4 years ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH I already figured out the beginning but I could figure out the chorus so thank you so much!
Xquavius Ellison (4 years ago)
The lead singers name is Ryan Tedder and thx for this tutorial it really helped
ClinicallyGinger (5 years ago)
Love your piano!!!!!!
Morghan Arney (5 years ago)
this helped ALOT
funny piano ^^
Angela Fox (6 years ago)
Nurefsan Kosen (7 years ago)
thanks a lot :) I've been looking fot this song's tutorial for a long time :)
Jesse Carmino (7 years ago)
i love you

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