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Opossum - A Cute And Funny Possum Videos Compilation || NEW HD

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A possum or opossum is one of the cutest and funniest animals. Check out these cute videos and funny opossum videos. Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500025 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (894)
Amy Gonzales (2 months ago)
I have a cat that looks like an opossum. His name is Diggles 😂
madfoxxy_pat said Hello (2 months ago)
Ms Unusual (2 months ago)
My coworkers try to chew my head off because I say their cute !!! I say go to hell their cute as hell ...
Richard Moore (2 months ago)
I hate cats, don't want a dog because of the barking... I want a pet possum they are so cute
Juna (2 months ago)
very nice 10/10 fat man striker is happy :3
Brian Gonzalez (2 months ago)
I killed one of these animals before but I didn't know that they weren't dangerous at all. I'm sorry I misunderstood these creatures I'll never kill another one I promise ☹️
Lynn Anson (2 months ago)
This can't be CA. .because we can't keep possum as pets...I wish because I get so many young ones who don't last too long in wild...have 3 right now who keep breaking into my cats in closure to live with my cats...have to keep catching them and putting out...don't want cats getting out and eaten...have coyotes, hawks,owls....dad cause possum make good pets...but
Fredc Killian (2 months ago)
Possums are holy and demand our servitude.
Bi Cơm (2 months ago)
Động vật gợi nhắc tình mẫu tử trong muôn loài🙃
paskuda (2 months ago)
I love possums sooo much. So bad that I live in Europe and we have nothing but rats and isis
Renee Bloggs (2 months ago)
I enjoyed this very much. It's a special feeling when you gain the trust and affection of a wild animal.
Netou G. R (3 months ago)
Chiky Beary (3 months ago)
Damn this looks like horror movie
usssanjacinto1 (3 months ago)
They go after deer ticks, roaches, etc.
Raime_likes_memes_too (3 months ago)
My dogs just killed an opossum today so I had to carry it and bury it rip little guy😢
IVAN REIS (3 months ago)
Mãe é bicho besta!!!
Edwina Harper (3 months ago)
U so nasty
Edwina Harper (3 months ago)
U are crazy having all those opossum😑
KEMAURI GANTT (3 months ago)
it was cute when they clinged to they mama
Mario Cisneros (3 months ago)
They remind me of a cartoon. The pink panther?? No the 2 spies in mad magazine. I black spy , 1 white spy. Same nose.
sonerscorner (3 months ago)
I have one hiding on my fence right now behind some bamboo. Not quite sure to do about it. I've had a run in with a possum who hissed and sprint at me once so I'm a bit cautious. I will say he's absolutely adorable though
angel angel (3 months ago)
the day time one w babies where man says where do you think your going he actually is threatening her not cute not funny
Shana Campbell (3 months ago)
A young possum comes into my house every night looking for food. It doesn't seem afraid of me or my cats at all. It eats the catfood and drinks a bit of water, then disappears under the house for the rest of the day. I don't know what to do with it!
Jim (3 months ago)
Proof that God has a sense of humor
my backyard possum eats only veggies n has no fleas
Quin-Chan (3 months ago)
There is a possum living in my backyard and my dogs wanna kill it.
Lula em Piraquara (3 months ago)
😀😁😂 cruzes.
Deanne Kleine (4 months ago)
Their heads do resemble a kangaroo..
Eva Lis (4 months ago)
I Love ANIMALS ♥️ 🌎 💚🙏😢
to cute wawawawawawawawa i love it
Tony Huynh (4 months ago)
Awwww so cute! I just killed one today in my backyard! Sooo cute! Woo!
Maria Anglin (4 months ago)
I feed them in my backyard. Love it. It's my stress release. Even I go to work i leave food every night in the back porch.
Kenzie (4 months ago)
Me when I see it on tv: awww! Me when I see it in real life in the backyard: DAAAD!!!!!! GET RID OF THIS!!!!!
sherwin salvatori (4 months ago)
Their are cute
Famiglia Castelli (4 months ago)
Io amo gli opossum
Bonnie Owens (4 months ago)
I love these sweet critters
Patricia Hunt (4 months ago)
Peoples will bring anything Into there home the most Ugliest things i ever seen Somethings should be left Out side.
Adele D (4 months ago)
Head of a hedgehog, body of rat, soul of a kitten
Bobbie LaVanway (4 months ago)
Having saved a few... I agree, they can be very sweet when raised from a baby...
Robron Hoodlum (4 months ago)
Opossum and raccoons get along with each other. They do in my yard. Cause i watch them.
The Real Rick (4 months ago)
Deanne Kleine (5 months ago)
Poor mom, imagine carrying them all on your back!
Deanne Kleine (5 months ago)
We had an invasion under house n one young opossum refused to leave after being scooted out the door with a broom on his butt lol he just came in another way but our dog gave him up caught him n dropped him at my feet, dog didn't harm him....
Abdon F (5 months ago)
Tlacuachito tuturuturu Tlacuachito tururu
Donna Noe (5 months ago)
Possums are so cute!!
Eddy and scrhas
Abe Williams (5 months ago)
Good for stew
Sasu Rin (5 months ago)
Un tlacuache turururu 🎵
Random User :P (5 months ago)
What the fuck is with the weird chewing sound effect at 0:52-1:12 that was very clearly edited in?
janie costabile (5 months ago)
No MoreVideos (5 months ago)
Angel Vizuete (5 months ago)
Brandoncye (6 months ago)
Hello, do you by any chance know how old the Opossums are in the first clip, where there's a bunch of them eating from the plate? Bcuz I have 2 that live outside under some fallen branches on the other side of the fence, and they seem to be that size.
HEMISUPERBEE426 DAVID (6 months ago)
POV NW (6 months ago)
This makes me want possum 'n taters 🍛
100mm tube of justice (6 months ago)
and they are pretty tasty with bar-B-Que sauce.
RealDjToddThunder (6 months ago)
Where I live they run them over in cars like they are insects
El gato (6 months ago)
How many years do they live?
Maxwell Hellmer (6 months ago)
They can be the cutest at times even tho they can be demons their still cute
R33C3 (6 months ago)
Face of a hedgehog body&fur of a cat with the tail of a rat and actual hands.
Hayley Rieder (6 months ago)
What breed of cat is this
松浦歩夢 (6 months ago)
Randall Frame (6 months ago)
I realize now why possums will stare at your car bearing down on them at night...they think they are fast and can get out of the way...but theyre not
TRINH Đinh (6 months ago)
Heo hay chuôt đây,,,,?
Terry Lazenby (6 months ago)
shame they don't live longer:(
MigueBlox (6 months ago)
Why possum don’t see this!
Troy Gardner (6 months ago)
@1:00 IZ MAH strawbberrry. MAH MAH MAH! Nom nom nom. @2:00 “i sure hope there’s a handicapped parking slot still open..my knees are gonna need it”
Izzys Mom Tattoos (6 months ago)
Omg I want one so bad. I have two amazing dogs.amd a ferret that would love it. My family is so loving. My dogs love small creatures. I just want one. My mastiff loves babies and small animals he likes to sit them between his paws and lick them.
J J (6 months ago)
So cute babies😊🤗🤗🤗🤗
Bambi Pardis (7 months ago)
Trantulas rats racoon snakes turtles tortisesmy sister Debbie critters so Texan snakes lizard trantulas woodpecker her zoo since 1950's
Bambi Pardis (7 months ago)
My sister registerednirsedmimaitary naval army everything it's a has opossum
Stephen 1982 (7 months ago)
You will never make opossums look cute to me.
Momochu2266 (7 months ago)
I want one
Maribeth Spence (7 months ago)
aww so very awesome that at least some people know that these guys are pretty darn cool creatures
paulina villahomez (7 months ago)
lovely thanks to share this amazing video
Saul Ojeda (7 months ago)
I wanna one
Patricia Kustec (7 months ago)
rookie 1978 (7 months ago)
chompy boys
Hibachi Deadpool (8 months ago)
Buch of opossums smacking...how cute
Sgt G (8 months ago)
How ugly? Where's my rifle?
Jasmine Hoyle (8 months ago)
They have biggest deseses
wakingup2010 (8 months ago)
I was just in my shed taking down flower pots and there was a little possom looking at me, he seemed to be alone, but lots of stuff to hide around in, so there could be more. So cute, he didnt even scare me, he was just so cute!
Rayhan (8 months ago)
my raccon often have a fight with a gang of possum and when i got out with my broom, they all play dead lmao
Reaperdeathpunch (8 months ago)
1:03 so much noise from something so tiny
Reaperdeathpunch (8 months ago)
Trentan2 Oh :c I was like damn he's munching super loudly.
Trentan2 (8 months ago)
Reaperdeathpunch That’s not the real audio
Bonnie BunBuns (8 months ago)
Never thought that people would consider to keep opossums as pets.
Elizabeth Zentgraf (8 months ago)
*shivers goes down back* THEY HAVE RABIES
Trentan2 (8 months ago)
It’s extremely rare for them to carry rabies.
File Scout (8 months ago)
Elizabeth Zentgraf these animais are immune to rabies
kıvanç erakçora (9 months ago)
omnonnomnom! 😅💗🆙
Alessio Cuccu (9 months ago)
La che sonp brutti
Debra Richards (9 months ago)
they will not hurt you.
Oswald The Lucky Rabbit (9 months ago)
Show this video to the carpetbagger and he will be happy
Deibith R L.Ramirez (9 months ago)
reggie bayard (9 months ago)
1:00 does anyone else want to reach threw the god damn magic internets monitor and choke the living daylight SHIT out of the man who's making those sound effects? because most of us know that wasnt the animal doing that
File Scout (8 months ago)
reggie bayard i was looking for someone else who noticed, I'm happy now...
Kathleen Petrillo (9 months ago)
They are so awesome and , so misunderstood....I love them!!
Susie Arviso (9 months ago)
don't they carry fleas?
opossumdingus (7 months ago)
most rodents are actually extremely clean, and its very rare for opossums to get rabies
baddoggie101 (9 months ago)
For the person who doesn't want a rat nor a squirel, there is the oppossum.
seinfeldlover1 (9 months ago)
alright well they are cute when they act like cats but let's talk germs.....
opossumdingus (7 months ago)
most rodents are actually extremely clean
Sunny Skye (9 months ago)
Possums. You know how to talk to me. Lol
Lilet Sky (9 months ago)
The females opposum should be spay or ligate
Theproness 25 (9 months ago)
These raccoons are very cute

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