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Guys Try On Ladies' Underwear For The First Time // Try Guys

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Text Comments (8520)
A Life With Lele (1 day ago)
Little did Ned know that he would have a baby
shea alfaro (5 days ago)
came here because i finished all the try guys' videos on their channel 😂 now i'll binge watch all previous buzzfeed videos of them
Sabrina 1441 (6 days ago)
1:01 That moment when Ned discovers the beauty of his own butt for the first time. 😂😘
Sabrina 1441 (6 days ago)
Five years later...I just had to come back and rewatch the first Try Guys video.
Maddie Moxley (9 days ago)
Years later and Zach knits Keith a thong
Ysabel Dino (11 days ago)
Isnt this the first try vid?
Ambra Osadiaye (14 days ago)
Zach: where is the rest of it?
Betsy Mills (14 days ago)
They weren't even called the try guys lol
Mr. Jose11 (17 days ago)
Jajaj stupids
Chris Ratliff (21 days ago)
My woman would pick out thongs of hers to wear every day. Most comfortable things I've ever worn!!! My sack prefers panties over boxers any day of the week!!!!!
Karly Mills (22 days ago)
Omg. This is the first time I've watched them on BuzzFeed... Such wonderful babies
Hannah Trent (23 days ago)
1:02 "Ohhhh yeahhhhh..." 😂
yun-wei huang (25 days ago)
Juliette Guilliou (25 days ago)
Artbyus anime (27 days ago)
Who thinks eugene is pretty attractive specially when they do nude stuff
just finished watching all the try guys vids on the independent channel. wish me luck getting through these!
Ioana Ade (1 month ago)
*MAN 1, MAN 2, MAN 3, MAN 4*
ironhide pocetti (1 month ago)
Ricardo milos genesys
ellacs 06 (1 month ago)
Hahaha before this video I had a lingerie ad!!
Katarina Rose (1 month ago)
I got a Victoria's Secret ad before this video
Queer Monarch :3 (1 month ago)
The good old days
bonnie belle (1 month ago)
origin story
Sophia R (1 month ago)
It’s crazy to think about that they’re behind a curtain, when just a few years later they’re openly wearing speedos/underwear on camera and doing things naked
Zach looks like that bad guy in chickmunks (with the glasses and who do that record label with the chickmunks)
Beatrice Asejo (1 month ago)
4 years have gone by pretty quickly. Still having nightmares on Eugene’s hair though.
sislau (1 month ago)
Watching the Try Guys on 4/15/2019 then and now, love the pose at 2:34 that much more ;)
Meh 2.0 (1 month ago)
I'm dying😂😂😂 my throat hurts from laughing
Aalen Sprouse (1 month ago)
April 2019?
Keelyn C (1 month ago)
omg Eugene's hair tho it looks like pestos hair XD
The Purring Puppy (1 month ago)
Anyone from 2019?
And thus, it begun.
Grell Michaelis (1 month ago)
Lol they’ve changed so much!!!!
Kaye Alexa (1 month ago)
Eugene’s hair is like Jerry Yan in Meteor Garden
Rae Ramirez (1 month ago)
I paused at 2:24 hehe
SleepyNyxxen (1 month ago)
Guys try
Jana mohieldin (1 month ago)
"Where's the rest of it" 😂😂😂
Akasha Kirby (1 month ago)
2:24 does Zach...have a butt tattoo
Ciara DevX (1 month ago)
Back when they were simply known as *'guys'*
alyssia marie (1 month ago)
2019 anyone ?
Em 72108 (1 month ago)
First episode! 😂❤️
Ashley F (1 month ago)
They’re so smoll❤️
Chantal Ward (1 month ago)
I had to come here after watching them watch old videos on ET's channel. I was just compelled to rewatch their first episode together.
suri naidoo (1 month ago)
The way this was their first video........ *yet they are still the same to this day*
Dwwweee Twwweee (1 month ago)
Their first video ever OMG!!
Apoorva Singh (1 month ago)
"coverage on the front, minimal to none" 😆😆😆
(After March) 2019?
Siesieoke AJ (1 month ago)
Awe baby Eugene
Down with the fluff (1 month ago)
My ass literally sucking it up like a vacuum Why Eugene omg I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣
angewomon143 (1 month ago)
Still waiting for a week ling thong wearing vid
Angelina Gacha (1 month ago)
One very rare thing is that Ned didn’t mention his wife 😂
Sara (1 month ago)
petition for any footage of behind the curtain to be released, they've done way more risque things since then
Russel Miera (1 month ago)
1:38 is the three stages of Keith's laughs.
Krystal Harris (2 months ago)
Their first video!!!!! Ahhhhh! Eugene looks darker...wow😏
Ruby Lynn (2 months ago)
Knowing what I know now, the journey is magnificent.
Emma the memer girl (2 months ago)
2:24 surprised me
sanjay Byregowda (2 months ago)
Loughren Haden (2 months ago)
Today they have Their own channel
Xia Wagner (2 months ago)
And this is why there called boy shorts
YOU.KNOW. ME (2 months ago)
Omg sooo different
Tord (2 months ago)
Being female is hard.
Gaming Bomb (2 months ago)
I can’t stop rubbin my butt LOL
head over heelies (2 months ago)
Humble beginnings....
Cora Anndelou (2 months ago)
Love this guys already 💙💜
Potato&Soysauce (2 months ago)
And the try guys were born
Hailey Ihrig (2 months ago)
derniere volonte (2 months ago)
Kamilly Vitória (2 months ago)
what the hell did happen to eugene's hair?
Alejandra Martinez (2 months ago)
The thing that is diffrent is that now,that they are out of buzzfeed,they seem happier.The old videos are so diffrent from the new ones
Lunakittychu chuchuchu (2 months ago)
You know what if guys wear that forever.
Screechy Alpaca (2 months ago)
Imagine Ned’s son just finding this on youtube when he’s older
Da Gucc Slayer (2 months ago)
So they gay huh
Isabella Rafalko (2 months ago)
Sunny_ Bunny1206 (2 months ago)
alyssa dennis (2 months ago)
Animal_ Lover yeah! I havent see anyone on this vid in ages
CooCoo (2 months ago)
Anyone here is 2019?
Khadijatou Jah (2 months ago)
Did anyone else see Zach’s tattoo under his right butt cheek 😂👌
Cameron Stevens (2 months ago)
You can see Zach’s smiley butt!
Lisbeth Peralta (2 months ago)
THIS is where everything started.
I’m a POTATO (2 months ago)
Eugene’s hair is SCaRy
Phoebe Needham (2 months ago)
They look do different and have a different style in videos... Well done guys I love your videos
Carli Aboudi (2 months ago)
Brooklyn Burns (2 months ago)
I was drinking coke while I was watching that I had to stop drinking because I kept laughing
dr rd (2 months ago)
omg the first vid
swarm of bees (2 months ago)
it came it saw it conquered
Melody Studios (3 months ago)
This is why I secretly want to wear boxers
Sidharth Rao (3 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Emma Gabri (3 months ago)
2019 anyone??😂
Kelsey Chambers (3 months ago)
Is anyone else watching this in 2019 ?
Meenaz Khan (3 months ago)
1:23 😂🤣😂"where's the rest of it"
Maria Nelson (3 months ago)
So..... This is how it all started
Phil Vaive (3 months ago)
Do you mean Ned's love of his butt? LOLOL
Kevin King (3 months ago)
It just snarffed it right up, u can't tell me u didn't laugh
Rachel Recycles (3 months ago)
They're so modest in this first video! 🤣🤣
Phil Vaive (3 months ago)
Right? Within a few months they were running around naked wrestling outside!
Lilia Bell (3 months ago)
Who is watching in 2019?
WildAshes (3 months ago)
if we can see this comment then obviously we are watching this in 2019
Dance cover teen (3 months ago)
*Side ball* 😆
Joelle Tiao (3 months ago)
The thing that started it all
MissSarcasticSweetie (3 months ago)
how did I not know zach had a butt tattoo
Enrique Cortinas (3 months ago)
Isabella Federici (3 months ago)

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