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Natural Curly to Straight hair with a flat iron. Pt. 4/5

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Natural Curly to Straight hair with a flat iron. Pt. 4/5 (After math) (FOLLOW ME ON www.twitter.com/imaqtee1) Plz
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xMelfina (5 years ago)
Your hair is too oily. Your hair strands are attached to one another :/  This will just make your hair dirtier and create tangles over time. Your hair suppose to have movement, softness, with something that will hydrate it such as a bit of  coconut oil MIX with a very small amount of olive oil AFTER you have straighten your hair. You dont want to fry your hair with whatever oil you use becauee your literally frying it, cooking it. To protect the style you can wrap your hair in a satin cap. Next day it should bring out more shine and keep your hair from drying because what that cap is doing is making your hair strand absorbs the oils in each strand real good.
Celine Ossohou (5 years ago)
Do you use a heat protector?
C Babe (5 years ago)
babygirl126370 (6 years ago)
Ur hair is beautiful how do u get ur hair so soft
Jayne4kids (6 years ago)
imaqtee1 (6 years ago)
Thank you so much
imaqtee1 (6 years ago)
Thanks, people can be negative sometimes.
Amya Kinsey (6 years ago)
Your hair is really pretty! And super long :)
Courtney_88 (7 years ago)
Wowwwww! U have beautiful hair. Ur obviously doing something right so these negative comments you have gotten is IRRELEVANT!
Lisa Marie (7 years ago)
Respond to this video... Use A Wider Tooth Comb Or Something Also The Small Tooth Comb Does The Same Thing As The Brush
Lisa Marie (7 years ago)
@imaqtee1 It Makes Your Hair Thinner And Weaker
Myriamprettysecrets (7 years ago)
why your hair is so greasy? if you put oil in there before flat ironed it it's really unhealthy your hair is frying!!
Bianca Wrobel (7 years ago)
I can never get my hair straight because I get hot my scalp sweats and it just curls back up. I don't use grease. Do you have any tips? I live in Hawaii so it is always hot and humid.
imaqtee1 (7 years ago)
@NeerawiEmi What!? So how do you suppose to get the tangles out of your hair while you blow drying it straight?
imaqtee1 (7 years ago)
@PeaceTajah and @babyboom64 I use grease or hair gloss when I flat-iron my hair b/c it helps with getting my hair straight. After a day or two my hair is bouncy for 2 weeks until I shampoo it. So with the grease humidity dont make my hair puffy if I straighten it with grease . Now some people dont need anything in your hair to get it very straight, my hair do.
saritia (7 years ago)
what products or hair oil do you use , your hair is super long
Your Boo's Boo (7 years ago)
I does NOT look nasty. But it does look like you are using too much oil. Without all that oil or hair grease, it will bounce and blow in the wind. What's the point of having all that long, thick hair if it's not bouncing, blowing, and behaving? You should let a (trusted) professional flat iron and/or press it and you can trim it yourself. Just a suggestion.
msyin9 (7 years ago)
Your hair is gorgeous! I couldn't believe how long and straight it was. How long does it take you to do your hair?! You are a trooper, keep up the excellent work!
paola knowles (8 years ago)
Salaan Sare (8 years ago)
I have hair CURLIER than yours but when I straighten it, it looks like one strand of hair. I can tell you have A LOT of hair... love it! && it looks so thick!
Kila Perkins (8 years ago)
@imaqtee1 no problem hun!
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@MissKilaStarlet Aww thx so much babe.
Kila Perkins (8 years ago)
i love how u KNOW ur pretty and still be down to earth! go girl
Kila Perkins (8 years ago)
@imaqtee1 why u cut it or it broke off? :(
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@sanaa654 I have too much hair for rollers. Yes it seem like Im using alot of heat. But this is a process that I only do every two weeks. And I wrap my hair at night. To prevent split ends and etc.
Bea Navas (8 years ago)
so greasy...
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@pj4kds Yes, now its at my bra strap not as long as this video.
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@lovethyhair1 thanks alot
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@truMonada LOL Alot of ppl say that. It take like 10 seconds lol
truMonada (8 years ago)
I couldn't help but laughed when you wrapped your hair girl! it takes me centuries & I don't even have HALF as much hair as you, & you just wrapped it like it was nothing in a matter of seconds ! ... I need to learn a thing or two from ya'
RifaiM (8 years ago)
@RandomGurlie1231 she's multiracial
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@pj4kds Yes, but when my hair was cut at 14 yrs old. When it start back growing it would get to a point and stop. And I left it alone and was patience and its been back growing non-stop.
wow has ur hair always been long? It so dern pretty
Olive Marie (8 years ago)
what do you do to make it so long? i love it you have beautiful hair :) <3
Cierra Ritter (8 years ago)
@utubeluva01 Grease is not needed i dnt use it wenn i do mine
tweetie35 (8 years ago)
that is greasy and heavy not good i have hair just like yours and i no longer use grease and grease should not be used but a nongrease moisturiser should only because of the ceramic on the flat iron your hair should blow but i guess if its what u like grease also breaks the skin out on your forehead ..
numbahwhun (8 years ago)
ur hair is so pretty my hair is like yours but i have split ends!
anoe hontoa ahnoyei (8 years ago)
THAT'S TOO MUCH WORK WEAR IT CURLY!!!! You're adorable!!!!!
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@OnlySavLikeSad B/c I used grease to flat iron my hair. It wasnt alot, just look at the other videos and I show how much I out in there. I use grease b/c my hair breaks easy when its dry. Im guessing yours might not, if we dont have the same texture of hair.
Savannah D. (8 years ago)
*puke* why is your hair so greasy??
Leander (8 years ago)
I love how you wrap your hair, mine is almost as long as yours, but I just can't wrap it :( It falls out at the sides and just looks to loose... Your hair looks really nice^^
cawitsme (8 years ago)
Shantilicious19 (8 years ago)
omg girl! i was watchin da 1st vid and dis is so much progress and patience! i wudnt know wat to do wif hair dat long my hair is armpit length and it take longer to wrap than dat lolzsx. and wow allllll da grease comments! from da ppl who buy everything on da market to make dey hair grow at leat half as long as urs lolzsx love it!
Rokipankita (8 years ago)
its look like dirty. too much serum
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@SJANELJ Who knows. If its so nasty, then there is no reason for @vicki3bby9449 to be watching anymore videos.
The Harris Life (8 years ago)
@vicki3bby9449 WTF what is your problem?
The Harris Life (8 years ago)
hey nice hair color i just colored mined and it is close to that color.
intellectualxx (8 years ago)
Beautiful! Ignore the grease comments bc anyone w/ natural hair knows that it will be sucked up by the end of the day! lol
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@utubeluva01 You should try it. But make sure you keep your hair protected when you have color in there. And I do deep condition my hair once a month, and I use a heat protector.
craftyJessica01 (8 years ago)
Your hair looks beautiful. Grease is needed when your straightening your hair. I use a pressing comb to straighten my hair, but I want to start using a flat iron. I have long hair also and I get lots of compliments on the shine and healthy look of my hair. i never had a perm or relaxer. I like the color in your hair. I would like to one day put highlights in my hair. What do you use to deep condition and heat protect your hair?
Divaliciousmakeup (8 years ago)
fuck the haters . i love your hair :)
shawna b (8 years ago)
I love ur hair it is beautiful and know that there will always be people to put you down because it temporarily makes them feel better about theirselves. they r haterrs so dont pay no mind thats what they want they love when u respond it makes them feel important. I am in the process of growing my my relaxed hair out so i can have long hair down my back. It's growing fast.
damnthisisfunny (8 years ago)
your hair is long my hair is long but your is so long lol but you did a great job
xg832 (8 years ago)
@imaqtee1 I have never seen so much hate for a sister with long hair in my life! love your hair and that grease too! Put up move videos so that haters can get high blood pressure over your lovely hair.
xg832 (8 years ago)
@vicki3bby9449 maybe you should get some of that "grease" for your scalp girlfriend and you wont be concerned about the girls long beautiful hair. Hater!
xg832 (8 years ago)
Grease it up girlfriend. It is working for you. Maybe the haters should try it on their bald heads! LOL
xg832 (8 years ago)
Girl, give me that "really greasy nasty hair" that vickibby9449 told you about! LOL. The Haters! WOW. Your hair is very nice. Not a darn thing wrong with it! Rock it Girl!
selam e (8 years ago)
Wow! you have REALLLY beautiful hair. and it turned out rlly nicee :)
Tess Love (8 years ago)
your so cute. ! and your hair is just like mine. !
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@vicki3bby9449 Ok thats fine, I only used a little grease nd after a day the grease is gone and it haave alot of body and volume
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
I wash my hair every two weeks. Deep condition every two weeks. I keep my ends cut and use a heat protector. I also use Doo-Gro (purple kind for breakage) @tisha2323
T2323 (8 years ago)
what method do you use to get your har that long???
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@heeylove13 meant heat protector...sorry
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@heeylove13 I use a shine glossy that a eat protector as well.
awhnneray b (8 years ago)
what kind of products do you use when straightening yerr hair ?
007newnew (8 years ago)
@sraew I think all that grease held it down. a hairdresser flat ironed my natural hair and prepped it with a ton of grease and it did not revert at all.
Nellylovex (8 years ago)
@imaqtee1 please make some more videos. :)
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@bfftiera Its video is over a yr old. I will one day soon put a new one up because I use a different product now.
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@sraew It holds pretty good. I only flat iron it once every 2 weeks, and every once in awhile I will flat iron it twice, if something happen. But the humidity dont make it puffy.
Sherae (8 years ago)
how does your hair hold up in the humidity after you flat iron it?
bfftiera (8 years ago)
Your hair is veryy greasy that its stiff...but when straighten my hair and it greasy i blow dry a lil bit...you should do a new one with less oil
margarita ramos (8 years ago)
your hair is naturally beautiful, you dont need all that grease, a lil goes a long way. your hair will have better movement and bounce. i know i used to be the same way. good tut btw.
imaqtee1 (8 years ago)
@MaroonStorm Thx hunni. Youre pretty as well.
MaroonStorm (8 years ago)
wow youre really pretty!
springtoolife (8 years ago)
Your hair is very beautiful. You inspired me to start my natural journey as of today.(01Jun2010) Keep up the good work.
catherine braden (8 years ago)
your hair is pretty, but it looks very greasy
Ch0xie (9 years ago)
u r very good at flat ironing, looking like a good fresh perm (imma miss those days)
sadly koran (9 years ago)
..how do u grown your hair, its so pretty and long
gigimc (9 years ago)
ha! every time I see somebody wrap their hair it looks so cool, fast & easy do, when I *attempt* it's just a joke... lol one day I shall master the wrap! :))) love your highlights btw
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
@1andonlyvictoria Im multiracial but my dominate race is black.
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
@MsTaltal I now you a hair gloss protect my hair from heat damage.
Ray-Ray Brackens (9 years ago)
@Lyviiz yea i do agree i dont like my hair that greasy but it looks very very nice : )
Ray-Ray Brackens (9 years ago)
wow she has really long hair it amazin i can only drean of havin hair like her but i will because im pretty young so yea i will acually i do like half the lenth of her hair but a little longer wateva the point is i LUV her hair ahhh lol : )
zara avani (9 years ago)
Yeah, it's pretty but greasy.
Kat O (9 years ago)
Ya'll love to nitpick. Whatever she's doing for her hair is WORKING. It's shiny, healthy, I see NO split ends. And NO breakage. Black women CAN have lng hair. But most of us DON'T. Maybe she needs to be giving us hair advice. Instaed of us picking on every little thing we THINK she is doing wrong. Because obviously, she is doing nothing wrong.
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
@AMIRA789456 I wash my hair every 1 1/2-2 weeks. It is normal for african american descent woman. Now when your hair start smelling and your scalp start really itch, then is when its time for you to wash your hair. Which lost of the time is within 1 1/2-2 weeks
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
@VivaaLaaBanqq Its not alot of grease, I even show in one of the videas how much grease I use. The reason I use grease it because it help with my hair staying straight and I have dry hair. The grease look last for a day or two then its gone and my hair had alot of body.
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
Grease it help with breakage. I agree grease can weigh down your hair but it depend on how much grease you put in your hair and how fast your hair obtain oil. My hair obtain oil fast, and after 2 days all the grease is gone, my hair have lots of bounce/volume and my flatiron last 2weeks at the least and month at the most.
ipodchik (9 years ago)
Wow, it looks just like you got a relaxer! That is so awesome, and I have that same huge comb, haha.
Riz C (9 years ago)
You are so adorable! thanks for posting!!! :)
amazoniao (9 years ago)
I agree with brownocean. Your hair is pretty but too greasy. Like this it wont be flowy and it will not have that natural bounce.
Brownocean (9 years ago)
Its nice but you should try to stay away from that grease you use. Its weighing your hair down and your hair looks greasy Hun. after you flat iron it spray it with some olive oil and wrap it. You will have the shine minus the heavy greasy look.
Lily Johnson (9 years ago)
I love your hair, but it's volumeless eh well I like my hair a different way imo. I don't mean to offend you at all! But yea I love your hair!
Ashley Barnes (9 years ago)
yuh have really nice long hair what is ur enthic
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
Im 22 yrs old
Jungle Love347 (9 years ago)
how old are u ? you pretty good at what you do.
imaqtee1 (9 years ago)
The flat irons that I was using at the time didnt have a curve plate on them. So I have to curl my hair to get a curl in my hair. I wanted a curl so that my hair would not be bone striaght.
Lawanda Rascoe (9 years ago)
Your hair is beautiful. Keep doing what you do to keep it that way.
Lawanda Rascoe (9 years ago)
YOU ARE WACK AND PROBABLY...JEALOUS! And the word is disgusting...go back to class please!
it luks nice but a bit greasy. use less product

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