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A guy in Brazil sent me a video. He claims it shows two teenage girls when they were pulled under under water and killed by an Anaconda snake. Eunectes murinus is the scientic name for Anaconda. It was recorded on a cell phone, and looks pretty authentic, but is this for real or is it fake? that's what I want to know. I looked to my normal sources at Snopes, but nothing about this snake incident was recorded there. So I turned my attention south - to Brazil - where I found many reports of teen girls getting killed by a snake. The girls were real enough. They were two teenagers from southern Brazil. They went with friends to go swimming in a local river. Everyone was having a good time, until one of the girls screamed. Then the other girl screamed and seconds later they were both gone! The police eventually found the girl's bodies. An autopsy was performed and the cause of death for both girls was recorded as accidental drowning. Looking carefully through the video I spotted a number of clues that tells me something was really in that water. Just before the girls disappeared, some of their friends were playing with a log on the other side of the river. And right here, something that looks like a snake appears to be disturbed and moves into the water. Then here, just before the first girl screams, something pops its head out of the water. Under careful examination, it looks like it is an authentic part of the original video and not added on later with Photoshop or anything like that. The snake like creature disappears back under the water and that is when the girls start to scream. Ok, so while the families of these girls and most of the local townfolks are convinced it was an anaconda that attacked the girls, I am not so sure. Anacondas kill their prey for food and they kill by first hooking their teeth into you and then coiling around you and squeezing you to death. Neither of these girl's bodies showed any signs of being bitten by a snake. Nor did it look like anything tried to eat them. The death of these two girls is tragic and I am sure their families still miss them greatly, but as for the claim that they were killed by an Anaconda -- That's just not realistic. What do you think really happened to these girls? Let me know what your opinion is in the comment section below! Maybe together we can figure out the truth.
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Patrick Saks (5 days ago)
Oh no i feel bad now :(
Ryan Cajigan (5 days ago)
maybe they were dragged down by a big whole under them
Tamera Mares (7 days ago)
Tamera Mares (7 days ago)
What the fuck
Tamera Mares (7 days ago)
AsyraafMustaqim Yt (7 days ago)
Woah 0…0
trg 538 (8 days ago)
Sam The man (8 days ago)
Aiden Reil (9 days ago)
lazer PRIME (9 days ago)
orange xtreme (14 days ago)
Jake From state farm (17 days ago)
They must have freaked out and fainted then sunk the bottom and drowned there
Vanessa Lau (20 days ago)
It’s fake I saw another picture of a long snake that claimed to say that it at a MAN not a WOMEN
Kenzie Masters (20 days ago)
Pause at 3:13 it almost looks like there’s a fin or tail sticking out the water? Maybe it’s just the girls hand but I’m sure 🤔also if you pause at 3:14 there’s a long slim creature in the water. I guess this mystery really is *FISHY*
Assasin WRLD (20 days ago)
Pets123 M (24 days ago)
I’m a detective!!!!
Pets123 M (24 days ago)
I searched it up and boa constrictors can kill people so that is my claim,because it’s looking like it’s white or light brown
Pets123 M (24 days ago)
Well it wrapped it’s body around it
Pets123 M (24 days ago)
Wait look closer something grabs the first girl by the neck
Vanessa Lau (18 days ago)
I saw that too I thought is was the only one!!!
Pets123 M (24 days ago)
I think that a cat fish thought they were food and held them under or something
Scrubzah (25 days ago)
Chasity Nelson (26 days ago)
Shark ey (29 days ago)
is it real or fake say the true answer in reply
Ninehundred BR (21 days ago)
Its real im from Brazil
Shark ey (26 days ago)
BLUE HACK (27 days ago)
ezfez efez' (1 month ago)
A shark perhaps a buldog shark or an other big fish or a Djinn yes they live in rivers too, not also in Oceans and seas, but the woods and forests and mountains and others landscapes too. The spirits as you call them.
ezfez efez' (11 days ago)
+dazz khan we are agree
dazz khan (11 days ago)
Agreed a jinn
shO.OckedHeads (1 month ago)
Well those humans are dicks
shO.OckedHeads (1 month ago)
Ganga Raju (1 month ago)
Maybe it's a water snake
ninja turtles fan (1 month ago)
Snakes are bitches
PredatorScar 4899 (1 month ago)
Hi Bill I think it could be a freshwater stingray that many stung them on the foot
S.A Lochun (1 month ago)
Maybe the snake pulled her down
foxtron destroyer (1 month ago)
suad bader (1 month ago)
Nicolas Cereghino (1 month ago)
The girls were Prank by someone by using a fake anaconda because also the video was so blurry so I cannot tell that was a snake or how big it was and then you could see the snake head poke up this could of been staged the person was under the water with the fake anaconda and the head of the anaconda disappeared the girls start to panic and they used up all their energy they got so tired one by one started drowning and there was no bite marks from anaconda.
Sherri Katz (1 month ago)
Many there foot got stuck in something under the water and drowned
Aishiran (1 month ago)
Obum bob (1 month ago)
I'm so close watching in 2019
Oblivion Rusk (1 month ago)
Astralpeace (1 month ago)
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake
yea samuel (1 month ago)
Because you were there!!
Hui Xian (1 month ago)
i Want that to be Fake pls
Travore Mitchell Jr. (2 months ago)
They killed by a caiman
Nicolas Cereghino (2 months ago)
I think 🤔 they both panic causing to struggle causing the other to drown with them thinking there is an anaconda in the river with them and both of them drowned.
I'd agree because if the anaconda does squeeze you to death and bites you but there were no marks, so it's impossible for them to be killed by an anaconda They clearly thought they saw something and panicked but got their foot stuck and drowned
Shay Hamilton (1 month ago)
Every like I'll put a heart
Gmoney 67 (2 months ago)
What is anaconda just pulled them under
He said there were no bite marks The anaconda would of used it's teeth to pull them down
Unstoppable Noob (2 months ago)
They want to die. I think
Worthless (2 months ago)
They committed drown
Albi Blaca (2 months ago)
If the police fond thers body what do I men it wasn't an anaconda bicause he will eat them
•Awkward Taco• (1 month ago)
Unless the snake leaves.
+MrSoldier do not say that If the police saw that and they did die they consider it as murder, because you did tell them to die
MrSoldier (2 months ago)
Albi Blaca kys
Chit Nuker (2 months ago)
Answer is not true
Jess Lee (2 months ago)
:! 0 (2 months ago)
Big Fat Fake!!
P Son (2 months ago)
So fak its funny!
Dog Lover (2 months ago)
Nora Martinez (2 months ago)
Fake!!!!! Big fat fake!!!!!!!!!
Xander Michaud (2 months ago)
Skii Gacha! (2 months ago)
Guys, listen to the beginning! He said that they did die. And I think she saw the snake then she tried to go under to have the snake not see her but then it took both of the girls down. It was definitely not an anaconda, but it looked like a python.
Thatonedeepseaguy Films (2 months ago)
Sky Sketches liking your own comment eh?
Carla Pineda (2 months ago)
It might been a python
Euan Lindsay (2 months ago)
Ronald Beard (3 months ago)
😐Wait why did they go in there in the first place.
Ronald Beard (3 months ago)
Please be fake.
Ronald Beard (3 months ago)
Humble3dore (3 months ago)
If it’s real then something definitely pulled those girls down
grey the plus (3 months ago)
SupremeLOL 369 (3 months ago)
0Q0马里奥 小白 (3 months ago)
Waleblur Gaming (3 months ago)
Not an anaconda... Maybe a new type of snake species?
Kenzie Masters (20 days ago)
Waleblur Gaming I think they got their feet stuck in some weed and then saw the snake and panicked then drowned
Adna Abdi (3 months ago)
real i think
Treva Powell (3 months ago)
Hi Bill I'm trying to find your program about warring angels can you help me out thank you
Karen Irwin (3 months ago)
3:08 a fish like tail pops out of the water
Karen Vega (3 months ago)
It has a small head and it’s really strong hmmmmm....... I think it was a big fish that grabbed her foot like a fishing rod 🎣
BADRUUN Ganbold (3 months ago)
But it looks like an eall
BADRUUN Ganbold (3 months ago)
It is not a Anaconda
LaurasDanske Kostumer (3 months ago)
Dead Meme (3 months ago)
Dead Meme (3 months ago)
But its not that funny
Kathleen Velasquez (3 months ago)
Valentin Ljekaj (3 months ago)
I think it is really real
Omg_ItsMythYT (3 months ago)
It might of been a snake 🐍 a small one That bit The girl And In Shock she drowned
fizzy pink arctic fox (3 months ago)
Big fat fake
Ahmed Wafiq (3 months ago)
fake fake real real
Logan Playz gamez (3 months ago)
Logan Playz gamez (3 months ago)
IF THE SNAKE WAS FAKE Y DID SHE SCREAM edit: i didnt write that
Ken Luwil Ancajas (3 months ago)
Congrats bill
Jeremy Javier (3 months ago)
Snake real
I Would Say That Its NOT An Anaconda.I Would Say It Mostly Would Be A Mystery.But In My Option,I Would Say It Was Caused By A Sea Snake.
Invincible Ash (3 months ago)
bluesss 149nsss (3 months ago)
ItzJames FrmYTLive (3 months ago)
Thanos Tv (3 months ago)
Cat-47 (3 months ago)
Thanos Tv (3 months ago)
ytubepuppy (4 months ago)
Lame video.
Jaden Littrell (4 months ago)
Weelllll.... the river was absolutely very deep.... so they probaly more than likely drowned.... but the on the other hand there was a snake.... the snake didnt look like a anoconda... it looked more like a tree bowa or a python! Maybeeee the snake did bring them down but didnt do it that hard since the water was that deep.... they probably got taken down
Kile Smith (4 months ago)
Smartgirl101 Life (4 months ago)
Sorry for your loss
Smartgirl101 Life (4 months ago)
Amaryllis Hernandez (4 months ago)
Jurassic Gamer (4 months ago)
Look closely and it looks like something pulled them down
Elijah Dohm (4 months ago)
Could a caiman possibly have killed them?
HEXAGONMANIA (2 months ago)
Elijah Dohm it was in Brazil so possibly, yes
Thurein Tun (4 months ago)
strong current? or a water spool?
Dark games (4 months ago)
Jason vorheea took those two girls
doggy king (4 months ago)
Good one
Hamza Qutb (4 months ago)
noah stover ! (4 months ago)
But the head out of the water

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