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Acacia Swimwear Bikini Fashion Show SS2019 Miami Swim Week 2018 Paraiso Fashion Fair

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Yaers Fashion TV https://www.yaers.com Miami Swim Week Fashion Shows https://www.yaers.com/miami-swim-week/ ACACIA Swimwear Fashion Show Runway SS2019 Paraiso Fashion Fair Miami Swim Week 2018 HD 1080P Video shot by Jason Chen for Yaers Fashion TV http://www.jasonchen.com Music by Ikson - Early Hours https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson https://iksonmusic.wordpress.com/ Watch Miami Swim Week 2018 fashion shows on the Yaers Fashion TV channel from brands and designers such as Monica Hansen, Bikini.com, Baes & Bikinis, Monday Swimwear, Aguaclara, Mikoh, iShine365, Style Saves x Eberjey, Agua Bendita, Aerie, Stone Fox Swim, Acacia, Luli Fama, Sinesia Karol, Gigi C, KAOHS, Montce, Fashion Palette x Australian Designers, PITUSA, Maaji, KOA-KYA, HALE BOB, JUST BONES BOARDWEAR, CANDICE CUOCO, MAGALII ARAVENA COLLECTION, VICHI SWIM, LYBETHRAS, TRIVERA BY TAMMY RIVERA, GYV ME BODY, LUXE ISLE, SURF GYPSY, SAUVAGE SWIMWEAR, HONEY BEE SWIM, OMG MIAMI SWIMWEAR, ARGYLE GRANT, STELLO, GOTTEX, ROSE PAULINO, K8 SWIM, FERNANDO ALBERTO ATELIER ,CAROLINE CONSTAS, ORLEBAR BROWN, VILEBREQUIN, MARYSIA, ONIA, TRINA TURK & MR. TURK , ALAIA EVE, PIKAI SWIMWEAR, LILA NIKOLE, WILLFREDO GERARDO, CIRONE SWIM, CARMEN STEFFENS, BLACK TAPE PROJECT, CZARINA, MISTER TRIPLE X
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Text Comments (57)
Val Zal (14 days ago)
На удивления бабы без каблуков смотрятся косолапо-некрасиво, в особенности жутки и диспропорциональны, вобщем будто обыкновенно, негритосины.
david david (28 days ago)
Было трудно, однако все таки передернул на черномазую!
Forced Media (1 month ago)
Petras Petraitis (1 month ago)
Jio pilna relybe puikiai tinka reliam pasaului.Grazu❤❤❤❤❤👍👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Aciu paneles
Adnan Hameed (1 month ago)
One girl with some awesome style ; 01:53, 04:14, 08:57 ; love your twisting
david tovar (2 months ago)
The edition on this is baaad!
Abo Aljoj (2 months ago)
João Alves Santos (2 months ago)
Todas são gatinhas lindas. Parabéns.
All are very beautiful. I love you all.💘❤💘❤💘❤💘❤💘❤💘❤💘❤💖💖💖💖💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙
Jerome R Hanus (2 months ago)
Don't know much about fashion but the women are voluptuous...yes
Ben Faulkner (2 months ago)
The presence of the young girls made this incredibly difficult to fap to...
Ray Lopez (2 months ago)
@1:20 wHo aRe tHey, waZ tHeir names? so cute! C'mon I'm kidding, no pun. @4:38, they're all wearing the same lavender color. Am I the only one to notice this? What?
Ivan Arellano Montalvo (2 months ago)
Belleza total...mi cariño para todas las modelos...💙 Felicitaciones.
Anthony Cuban!!! (3 months ago)
.... Super, Super Super!!!!!! Beautiful Girls... Congrats 😘 Anthony, canary Islands Spain 🇺🇸🇨🇺🇪🇸🇲🇽🇩🇪🇵🇷🇮🇪🇨🇭🇫🇷🇨🇦
Pablo Poblète (3 months ago)
bear0134 (3 months ago)
Nice camel toes.. and nice holes..
HighStreet Killers (3 months ago)
Love the 3 girl layout. Can you imagine Priscilla Ricart, Sophia Jamora, and Sierra Skye at once? Oh my......
juan manriquez (3 months ago)
I love wow 🍬👍👸🙌😄
winston wan (3 months ago)
Everyday is luck day ,Full of art natural sweet lovely Beautiful girls and heaven music ! Just a onederf day Tks !
Marky Marco (3 months ago)
i think i'll jus cry. More realistic.
Женя Иванов (3 months ago)
Такие телки не лишь на подие неплохи,однако и в постели...
Женя Иванов (3 months ago)
Домбайка супер
MigotSol (3 months ago)
The OCD in me hates when there’s 3 coming and 3 going and they don’t match up perfectly such that they walk in between each other.... did they not practice?
Алекс Нас (3 months ago)
Sofia Jamoraааааааааа--------------!
ICHRAK ICHRAK (4 months ago)
les pieds 😟😟
✌SuPeR👌ДЕТИ✌😉😜🌸🙌КЛАССНО✌😉🌸Elena 33 🌸🌅💕Like✔🌍
Tom Morrow (4 months ago)
Uhhhh in the thumbnail-screenshot I absolutely, undoubtedly would CHOOSE the one in the MIDDLE!!! 👍😃🍑
Barry Goldwasser (4 months ago)
Most of them would benefit from some weight training at the gym. None of them are toned.
HighStreet Killers (3 months ago)
Stick to dudes if you like muscle, you're on crack
Kimonimo Battazzello (4 months ago)
I hate these jump cuts when they get close. Don't do that! Up close frontal is important.
Baba Yaga (5 months ago)
Nice Ass!! (3:09)
Daigo 12 (2 months ago)
+Donnie Dabs xd
Donnie Dabs (4 months ago)
you mean 1:31
wael abdalshafy (5 months ago)
Sofia jamora my only
wael abdalshafy (4 months ago)
+Andju Boriss let her decide hhhhh
Andju Boriss (4 months ago)
No she is my))
S Мак (5 months ago)
Загорается огнь (в душе ?) троекратно от красы таковой !
ak2304 (5 months ago)
TheBuddybundy (5 months ago)
08:00 perfect 3 some
Renato Amoroso (5 months ago)
Sofia looked nice 3 years ago but since she got famous she apparently got lazy and gained some weight
gymnassfan (4 months ago)
Thanks God. She's hotter than ever.
Renato Amoroso (5 months ago)
She is still slim but not in fashion model terms.
Alexander Hampton (5 months ago)
I dont know where you see fat at in this video, the only fat i see is PHAT!
1:22 little brats
Isiah Garcia (5 months ago)
I would let Sofia suffocate me with her ass on my face
pippin mac (5 months ago)
Sofia Jamora- 2:48 front 3:05 back ... 6:00 front 6:15 back ... 8:27 front (weird cut in source video) 8:32 back ... 10:36 final walk by
John Davis (2 days ago)
She’s perfectly thicc here
Sloghen (17 days ago)
LuNar31 (1 month ago)
Thank you evey video I go to the comments to find pippin mac so I can see Sofia
ozgür özdeniz (2 months ago)
N.W.A. (3 months ago)
pippin mac you are a GOD.

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