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Magic Rainbow Ball

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ваня исаев (19 days ago)
XtraX (19 days ago)
i solved this today
2:51 GWANG! Xx 🤗🤗🤗
ՏԹӀɑԵ- ҽʍɑ (2 months ago)
I don't understand ;-;
The Glennis (3 months ago)
When you say “solve” what exactly is the aim?
RoBro (8 months ago)
I did a video like this when I solved it under a minute!
alexstitch (1 month ago)
RoBro bro my record is about 20 seconds
xX Mr Bear Xx (9 months ago)
I have one I have the world record 6.785 seconds
ツuwu (9 months ago)
I have it but I honestly think it's easy
Lev St (9 months ago)
Ты чего собирать не умеешь?
Abdulnoor Muro (11 months ago)
You didn't solve it
Bosco Chan (11 months ago)
Where can you buy it
Finn (12 days ago)
Its 25% Off at https://fastdeals.co.uk/products/the-ball-hours-of-fun-and-stress-relief
Heidi Fox (6 months ago)
Siham Ali (9 months ago)
Angelina Scaccalosi (1 year ago)
I ha
Junior Ornithologist (1 year ago)
Ok I didn’t know what it was first. I was begging my mom to get me a set of stuff with this in it. She said no. Now I’m like “GET IT NOOOOOOW”
Jenny Galloway (1 year ago)
lol got one for christmas
Heaven’s only Hellbøy (11 months ago)
Allyson Garinger (1 year ago)
Jenny Gamer girl me too
Debra Demler (1 year ago)
You never pushed the orange ball
ashey khan (2 months ago)
Debra Demler how is it played looks kind of kiddies to me
ItzToxicGamer (1 year ago)
I can solve it in about 14 secs
alexstitch (1 month ago)
ItzToxicGamer my record after about 11 months is 20 seconds
Pankaj Kumar (1 year ago)
Hans Tapia (1 year ago)
Como no sabes resolver eso
borish singh (1 year ago)
I have the same I can fix it in a minute so ha ha I have it with me right now so ha ha ha
Chakra Tattoos (1 year ago)
magic? where?
Nenas 50 Sen (1 month ago)
At your face
Kitos96 (1 year ago)
Can't tell if you're joking or not, but I think "magic" is used in puzzles when the mechanism isn't easy to explain and isn't so obvious while the puzzle is being used. The Rubik's Magic is a totally different puzzle that you can check out, but is also very unique. It's not as easy as calling it a "twisty puzzle" like most of the popular puzzles out there.
Chakra Tattoos (1 year ago)
which is the reason it doesn't sell as it should. false advertisement.
Valeria Villicana (1 year ago)
Chakra Tattoos it's the name of the ball dumbass
KalebIsHere (1 year ago)
That's a color shift I have it
CrackedEgg Cuber (2 years ago)
He didn't finish
Robert Briggs (2 years ago)
where can you buy it
Finn (12 days ago)
Its 25% Off at https://fastdeals.co.uk/products/the-ball-hours-of-fun-and-stress-relief
Adhi's Cube Club (25 days ago)
Amazon I too have odered it
Heidi Fox (6 months ago)
Jessica Azevedo (9 months ago)
If you live in the UK its £4 in the works area of the co-op
Vincie Scorsone (11 months ago)
CrackedEgg Cuber you can buy it on amazon
Receitas telma Becker (3 years ago)
Onde VC comprou ?
Lana (2 years ago)
jepthemouse (5 years ago)
This was my first puzzle I could solve, I bought it when I was on a road trip and I solved it a ton the I got into speedcubing 2 years after and that brings me to now with a sub 20 seconds solve adverage on a 3x3
Harlequin314159 (5 years ago)
I played with one of these in a puzzle store in the USA. It was actually quite fun, although really easy to solve if you are familiar with twisty puzzle basics. I was really fascinated by the squishy flexible mechanism inside. I kept thinking the 3-cycles would tangle it but it always worked out fine. Fun puzzle.
BrouwerEK (5 years ago)
It somehow reminds me 15 puzzle.
Moonix (5 years ago)
Wow awesome.
OntologyPanda (5 years ago)
This is so cool

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