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Kirk Knight - "Magic Mirror" (Official Music Video)

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Kirk Knight's' instrumental album "Black Noise" Out Now! https://KirkKnight.lnk.to/BN Directed by: Kirk Knight Filmed by: Aria Mark Produced by: Vicky Grout Edited by: Rell Knoxx & Dee Knows Follow Kirk Knight Twitter: https://twitter.com/kirkknight Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kirkkreeper Instagram: http://instagram.com/kirkknight Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/kirkknight Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1yIBLWh Website: http://thekreeper.com Follow Pro Era Twitter: https://twitter.com/proera Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ProgressiveEra Tumblr: http://proera.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/proera47 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/proeraradio Website: http://theproera.com Shop - http://shop.theproera.com/ Shop - http://shop.thesmokersclub.com
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Text Comments (717)
louise (1 month ago)
This is so underrated
KrIS (2 months ago)
Kirk season.
Grant Walter (2 months ago)
instrumental so fire
southflo (2 months ago)
has an old kanye feel
Hayden Sohanta (3 months ago)
Where was this filmed
KAWAIIB (3 months ago)
Can't wait to see him in Marseille next week ! Woop Woop!
alakazam fam (4 months ago)
Can't dwell on the past, life's too fast for a thought
Indigo (7 months ago)
Slept on.
M C (7 months ago)
Such an underrated rapper. Why the mumble shit is promoted over this? I'll never understand
D GUERRA (9 months ago)
This song is on a whole nother level 🔥
Big J to the G (1 year ago)
I like this
susu3818 (1 year ago)
is wonderful
Kid Childish (1 year ago)
So damn good I really listen to kirk all the time
Shaba Shax (1 year ago)
This that soul food.
Jessé Maloy (1 year ago)
Reach a mill already!
Cliché Beats (1 year ago)
Dope dope dope dope dope flow
MarvFIT (1 year ago)
shit gotta feel good when you make a banger like this
Jazsi (1 year ago)
The start of the beat sounds just like Kendrick's 'GOD' off DAMN, fr fr.
Sweezy (1 year ago)
Oh j'aime l'instru est vraiment cool sa rend bien avec son flow
careless (1 year ago)
The beat gave me some Asap Rocky Vibes. Had to put my Headphones on for this one.
Charisma (1 year ago)
Damn Kirk im jealous this girl is gorgeous
Matty jefd (1 year ago)
why tf does this only have 300k views
Young Mojo (1 year ago)
This is the type of the song that u can listen 10000 times and u still love it
Crawling Roots (1 year ago)
reflectin this joint. dont get trapped in the music industry. stay fly
Prosperous (1 year ago)
HiP hOp10s (1 year ago)
Prosperous top 10 kirk knight songs on my channel check it out thanks subscribe
wav.yliving 波打つ (1 year ago)
he's PROgressed so much since 2012
HiP hOp10s (1 year ago)
wav.yliving 波打つ top 10 kirk knight songs on my channel check it out thanks subscribe
BUDGET BALLER (1 year ago)
damn this song is so overlooked fire
HiP hOp10s (1 year ago)
BUDGET BALLER top 10 kirk knight songs on my channel check it out thanks subscribe
LASHN (1 year ago)
HiP hOp10s (1 year ago)
Lashn top 10 kirk knight songs on my channel check it out thanks subscribe
joe money (1 year ago)
kirk knight is the man he one of my favorite am big fan of hes the best out of pro eara
HiP hOp10s (1 year ago)
Joey Woods top 10 kirk knight songs on my channel check it out thanks subscribe
X\/R (1 year ago)
Feelin it
1Yxngs (1 year ago)
Song is too waveyy
p-a l (1 year ago)
This guy deserve wayyy more love
Michael Warmington (1 year ago)
O shit, this was shot in the UK.
He's gotten better.
Philip (1 year ago)
this dude is so fucking talented and i love that he´s got his own style
Guys, you don't know, but he is son of Pusha T
iprophet _ (1 year ago)
XXL please
WestSideBwoiii (1 year ago)
Can i change my life ? can i change my life.
Prosperous (1 year ago)
WestSideBwoiii yup, yup, yup, yup
Yaro UKR (1 year ago)
new song https://soundcloud.com/yaroukr/ukr
JLAB (1 year ago)
Damn, he produced a fire beat, spit real shit with a good hook and directed the music video. Respect.
loverboyhk (1 year ago)
All Hail Pro Era!
Marcel wilson (1 year ago)
Pro Era Straight fire
colebeatz (1 year ago)
Kirk is so dope making his own beats and rappin get it bro. hit me up for beats
Acrylic (1 year ago)
wake up if your sleeping on him
Saif Abuzarifeh (1 year ago)
thouxanbantaliban (1 year ago)
Still waiting on an all for nothing video🙄
Jermaine Morris (1 year ago)
I be action like a kid at toys r us to see the game coming back wit that real musik. no offense to da other cats out there with that mumbling bs but, man! I'm a 80's baby and the 90's was my era growing up. That Golden age! #itlivesHipHop
Elijah The Extra (1 year ago)
Yo when the new album gonna come out I can't wait
Nick Kazmarek (1 year ago)
47 shit
Apathy (1 year ago)
i like the hair
Joshua 47 (1 year ago)
Joshua 47 (1 year ago)
Joshua 47 (1 year ago)
Brent M (1 year ago)
seems like he would be a good friend
jauzy (1 year ago)
the song is 4 minutes and 17 seconds long 4:17
YOIE X-REY OLIVERA (1 year ago)
lil kendrick🔥🔥🔥
3rdName (1 year ago)
haha, kirk is just underrated
MartinK (1 year ago)
This is dope !!!!! Hit Like if agree :))
Aboubakar Toure (1 year ago)
Derek Buchanan (1 year ago)
Pro Era with the 🔥 rappers.
Nicholas Lawrence (1 year ago)
why lil yaghty more poular tho...
Sean Morrissey (1 year ago)
Kirk Knight looks like a mix of Curren$y and Kendrick
Romy Taylor (1 year ago)
with a dash of Pusha t
Tumuli ] (1 year ago)
GREEDY (1 year ago)
Don't Sleep on K Knight Dope as Hell
Dan (1 year ago)
so dope... Pro Era still killin it
Brad Ruppert (1 year ago)
kid sounds like wayne
Justin Sullivan (1 year ago)
hope king capital drops this year fuck
Ethan Barrett (1 year ago)
fav song of 2017
Nekkhakhi TahutiNeter (1 year ago)
"everybody change ya life"
Ethan Barrett (1 year ago)
cant stop listening
kidprep (1 year ago)
Kirk done made it
470,00 0 (1 year ago)
offset lil brother
p e b (1 year ago)
soo dope 47
Mike Jensen (1 year ago)
Faze temperrr
Radical Azrael (1 year ago)
Damn what type of bass is being used? I already knew synths and shit was where it was at, but this is some evolved type ish.
prettyboiJustin (1 year ago)
damn this sound like a better version of rockys flow
SativaUser (1 year ago)
Fuck i keep coming back to this song, Kirk your production and flow is GODDAMN AMAZING! #YearoftheERA #GoodKnight
finley goold (1 year ago)
2:48 offset or king push?
Mat Davies (1 year ago)
Kirk Killed This Song
Young Tobbie (1 year ago)
this is fire, joeys ig brought me here
Hero.hiphop (1 year ago)
Mr Nguesseu (1 year ago)
Kirky dropped a bomb
YoSAmm (1 year ago)
Dopeeeeeeeeeeee beat
WeTalkHipHop (1 year ago)
Kirk Knight is my favorite producer right now. Only thing we need now is the real old-school g-funk synthesizer, and then rap is officially back. Please make it happen Kirk Knight!!
Angel Hernandez (1 year ago)
pusha t changed his name?
Nicholas Lawrence (1 year ago)
Kirk production on point asf
Lub Tarts (1 year ago)
Fire Fuego
Jake (1 year ago)
Nyck @ Knight about to go crazy
CHristian M (1 year ago)
cian p
I Am Strugz (1 year ago)
the Booty Musica (1 year ago)
dope af.
dcanhiphop (1 year ago)
this is great
Tristan Baker (1 year ago)
fuxs wit it
Isaias Lopez-Barrios (1 year ago)
kirks voice is impactful always hits ma heart and his beats support that
Z 93 (1 year ago)
nice song, Fire lyric🔥🎵
Noname2000 (1 year ago)
3:45 Last time i was really high, that ending made me go to bed
Kerry Sims (1 year ago)
young pusha t.......bring real music back young man
The Shed (1 year ago)
Against the clock brought me here
daehrren (1 year ago)
Damn Kirk came a long way...Steez is looking down proud as hell
B4.DA.$$ (1 year ago)
It's sad that lil Yachty gets more attention, when his music has no talent.
LeaveMeAlone (1 year ago)
Incredible talent and refreshing to hear.
Hyzoh (1 year ago)
oldschool lupe vibe :D

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