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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

436310 ratings | 101819417 views
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Text Comments (32063)
Noorul Amin (2 hours ago)
Nice vido
itz_Yuvraj singh (3 hours ago)
So that was a fucking lie
aCatThatMakesEclairs (10 hours ago)
Bold of of you to assume I’m a straight white male... I’m not
KeatoDaMasta (11 hours ago)
Heh you assume I would have a girlfriend
Mathias Voorhees (14 hours ago)
My wife and I met back in a bar and she started flirting with me first.
DeerisSleepy (15 hours ago)
looks nothing like me
Kinnan (16 hours ago)
I came from a meme
Victor1010 (16 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommended and how tf it has 100 mil views
Powwwerr (18 hours ago)
So you are telling me im going to date someone?
Madelyn Error (18 hours ago)
TF I’m not a motherfukin man but your saying I’m dating 6 girls or mans the fak
amourwaves (22 hours ago)
god this is so old and unfortunate
Felix C (1 day ago)
These are the 6 lies you will hear before going to college.
sam MOB (1 day ago)
Who...in their right mind....will f*** their hoodie?!
Deepankar Sharma (1 day ago)
Too bad I've only dated my hand n my college is finished
ULTIMATE GOKU (1 day ago)
Bold of you to assume that I'll go to college
Uli Schmidt (1 day ago)
Ha! That’s where you are wrong, I’m to much of a loser to have a girlfriend!
Zed (1 day ago)
Well that was a fucking lie
Thundurus (1 day ago)
The friend one looks like my type
Charlie The Cookie (1 day ago)
Is anyone really “Perfect” in college?
Para Heat (1 day ago)
Are we not gonna discuss the 100M views on this video?
amelia (20 hours ago)
Para Heat hey there are 100M views on this video lets discuss that
No Entry (2 days ago)
Are you actual fucking stupid like really😑
aidenmations (2 days ago)
You lied to me
AcousticMaster104 (2 days ago)
I missed the old college humor
adzhar Jionil (2 days ago)
I came here from facebook page 8memes
I’m in high school and I haven’t even held hands with a girl a like in that way, let alone kiss or date a girl
Mars Music (2 days ago)
this is actually not more than a sweet dream. i saw life. i am 21 today. when i was 14 i believed in such things like free sex with hot girls.
GradeDadUnderDad (2 days ago)
I fail to see the problem with the church going one.
Kooper Phillips (2 days ago)
This assumes that I’ll actually have a date in college
rafflewavl (2 days ago)
2:18 is what you all came for
FB I (3 days ago)
Nope not for me My whole life is like “MAYBE”
Carey Parker (3 days ago)
No.7 the false rape accuser.
Six? I dated only 2.... Fucking insecurities
Irantwomiles (3 days ago)
me: "Well that was a fucking lie"
DjilliAKG97 (3 days ago)
6 girls? I'm an engineering student...
Napping dog 23 (3 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie
Tyler Heflin (3 days ago)
I swear the narrator is Justin Fraction
Cazionz (3 days ago)
just fucking bring back this type of collegehumor
FUGALS WORLD (3 days ago)
When college humor was actually funny.
Alive Person (3 days ago)
Hmmmmm Assuming straight dating *_and_* assuming race?
Jeremy Franklin (3 days ago)
flats buttkick (3 days ago)
So this was a fucking lie
PHOENIX (3 days ago)
When I get to college I'll probably not date cuz that's how repulsive I am
I'm not ready to have sex. :(
I'll take The Friend
specialunit 042 (3 days ago)
i like the one who goes to church because i will have an excuse to recite holy hymns to hide my evil and sadistic thoughts
Mark Thomas (3 days ago)
What a load of shit your channel peddles.
Who says I’m going to date girls?
Grandma Bertha (4 days ago)
PRINCASS GARI (4 days ago)
Y IS THIS MY FUCKING LIFE 😰 that moment wen u realize life sucks ass
Borkman (4 days ago)
Good thing I never went to college.
JustAnotherPerson (4 days ago)
Try: the girls you’ll never date
Krystal Army (4 days ago)
Bold of you to assume I’ll date
Elias Montoya (4 days ago)
I did not see an imaginary one, that’s a common one
Gavin Wieland (4 days ago)
Since i’m a junior in high school, this is good news.
mje155 (5 days ago)
The narrator is excellent.
Archlight (5 days ago)
The six guys girls will date in college: 1. The douchey jock with an iq of 4 2. The next douchey jock with an iq of 4 3. The next douchey jock with an iq of 4 4. The first douchey jock with an iq of 4 5. A clever, sweet, funny charming guy 6. The douchey jock you leave 5 for
Hatteropob (5 days ago)
*Bold of you to assume that I will have a girlfriend*
Somebody Else (5 days ago)
My new favorite saying: "You hate places like this...NEVERMIND..You LOVE places like this." Laughing mah arse off over here...
My Name Is VÍMÁL (1 day ago)
+Somebody Else umm ya, nice to meet ya ^^)/"
Somebody Else (1 day ago)
+My Name Is VÍMÁL cool :)
My Name Is VÍMÁL (1 day ago)
+Somebody Else lol, am from south india
Somebody Else (1 day ago)
+My Name Is VÍMÁL From earth, wbu?
My Name Is VÍMÁL (1 day ago)
+Somebody Else lol Ur funny :) were u from?
pedro correa (5 days ago)
The church one is the best one.
VS Versus (5 days ago)
Martian (5 days ago)
Bold of you to assume i will go to college
Anarchy Arts (6 days ago)
Do you mean the 0 girls i will date *PERIOD*
*So that was a fucking lie*
LIVE FROM THE 3-0 (6 days ago)
They need to make a black version
Zero 2 (6 days ago)
Not much views btw
Bittersteel (6 days ago)
So many whining virgins, wtf?
Yeah, this was a fucking lie.
George Butler (6 days ago)
Remember when CH was actually funny and not filled with SJW nonsense?
TheCombo (6 days ago)
I really miss 2011's CollegeHumor
Sonicopi (6 days ago)
I’d give my left kidney for even the crazy one
Wacko Jacko (6 days ago)
hit it from the back, back. Could I hit that
it's Willis (6 days ago)
*jokes on you, nobody will date me*
Simone Scarpa (6 days ago)
Back when College Humor was funny and not mocked by political agendas
Kime Tadu (6 days ago)
I am with my fifth girl, THE FRIEND one and i literally did everything the guy just did.
Ethan Wirper (6 days ago)
BeepBot (6 days ago)
Well I guess that was a fucking lie.
Actually, quantum mechanics forbid this
Amelie Gaza (7 days ago)
How does this have so many views!?!?
St. Luci (7 days ago)
Damn, _hawt_ My lesbian ass can’t take it
Ege Gun Babaçoğlu (7 days ago)
Yassine Ahmed (7 days ago)
so that was a fucking lie
Tiffany Smith (7 days ago)
I dont know why this is so funny xD Why doesn't college humor make more videos like this?
He looks like hiccup from how to train ur dragon
*Bold of you to assume i'll ever date anyone*
Taylor Neilson (8 days ago)
That was so depressing.
Meme Boi Pizza (8 days ago)
Jokes on you thinking I actually get dates
James Lade (8 days ago)
Yeah so unbelievable. How many actual people get lucky with six horny girls in college
Majeed Mohammad (8 days ago)
Liberal arts degree 🤣🤣🤣
Samuel Mayston (8 days ago)
I'm still reaching for number 2 dammit
Newby Ton (8 days ago)
So that was a fucking lie
Maestrul Gamer (8 days ago)
2:45-What the point of cenzoring a video that isn't for kids anyway!
Spoggi99 (8 days ago)
This video is from 2011? I seriously feel old now....
Michael Terrell (8 days ago)
Wait! I'm going to actually date in college?
G Blizzard (8 days ago)
Brian Dennehy Jr!
Big Boi Leftover (9 days ago)
Just like all of the older College Humor videos this is a classic even if i cant relate to it its still god damn hilarious
Pchase (9 days ago)
Joosh? From future man
Bobmarley 310 (5 days ago)
Lesson learned.I have a crush who’s last resort from the other girls who are on my list.Some aren’t going very well,but I hope the last resort works.
LocalWeeb (9 days ago)
Im currently witht the friend
3,476,704 views (9 days ago)
I am a celibate (brahmachari)
user name (9 days ago)
Bold of u to assume I'll date 6 girls in college
Aneesh Thangavadivel (9 days ago)
this was 7 years ago, but still in my recommended.

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