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How to set up a virtual machine using VirtualBox

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Virtualbox tutorial. Check out the new an improved version of the tutorial on how to set up your Virtual machine (VM): https://youtu.be/prP2HWenpmQ Download: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
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Text Comments (674)
Platinum Gamer (12 hours ago)
How would you make the machine for a phone?
TSL Hydra (11 days ago)
For some reason, I get *Not in a hypervisor partition*
Thesecondhander (24 days ago)
I'm going to try Mac for free!
daniel topping (1 month ago)
Video starts at 0.00 thank me later
Prusapha Kasorn (1 month ago)
VirtualBox no have good drivers pack for Playing 3D game VMWare Best simulation Graphics drivers
2tallB (1 month ago)
Thank for the informative vid. I got VirtualBox just look at a car FSM and had no idea what half those settings were about. Total overkill for my needs, lol
Alex Garrison (1 month ago)
The real question is . Is this good for porn....
The Green happy dude (2 months ago)
For god sake, I tried so many times to activate my computer and keeps telling me to put a ***king product key.
Life of Stickman (2 months ago)
now, time to destroy windows 7 with cmd..
Erich Marti (2 months ago)
Don't we have to install the Package after installation of the Virtual Box?
LuidGaming (3 months ago)
How do I exit the virtual machine
Arturo Arturo (3 months ago)
It doesn’t work it says Failed to save the settings
Lets do things guys (5 months ago)
xd lol (5 months ago)
now i can test memz trojan
Karin Summers (5 months ago)
I advise new version if you have a problem the program required microsoft visual сс+2017 here a download link https://yadi.sk/d/4wjM_U2W3KF8CY
Kayla Lang (4 months ago)
At me Windows 32 who will prompt I can deliver?
Nandani Kumari (6 months ago)
Hii ...Based on your above owasp installation ,i tried installing the app based on your tutorial but am facing some installtion issue (ie In virtual machine once am clicking on the virtual box option file->Import appliances) all downloaded extract files are showing empty ...am unable to proceed further.please help me to resolve this issue.
Xenos (6 months ago)
No bootable medium found system halted. Why again!!?!?!? Please help! :(
WickedFazeBlack (6 months ago)
the intro gave me literal cancer
Vectorii (6 months ago)
time to go to the dark web
Gay Fish (1 month ago)
I am literally getting a virtual machine for going on the deep web (Since the deep web is safer) and this is all for school
PartyNorth (7 months ago)
how to install windows xp in virtualbox?
Korsan Tube. (7 months ago)
wideo is start 0:01
kerbalrools06 ksp (7 months ago)
I get thise eroor every time i instqll a vitral machine that error is this kernal requires you to have a 84-64 bit cpu but u got a 64 bit computer. I need help
Clean Dishwasher (8 months ago)
When i scanned the file using VirusToral this was the result, https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/69ebb96e52c3b83624fd0f5eada83c7afd35324b2bd55aa6c2b36fafa4100b83/detection So is it still safe to use ?
Psyco Legendary47 (8 months ago)
I feel so satisfied for some weird reason.
Joking Gamer YT (8 months ago)
I have 4gb of ram on my normal PC am I screwed?
Joking Gamer YT (8 months ago)
Yay! Now I can play the XP games !
eloas3 (8 months ago)
i put virtual machine disk.
Eclipsed (8 months ago)
"FATAL: No bootable medium found! System halted."
XeZZiK (9 months ago)
Dont working i dont have tools folder
Cess (9 months ago)
Virus free right?
Hammer X (9 months ago)
Hello can anyone help, been trying to instal virtualBox but have failed it keeps saying installation filed contact software provider.
LiLpuppet99 pokemon (9 months ago)
Do you have to have a disc with a win 8 downloaded on it I need help
Emanuuel Eshun (9 months ago)
Good work! But it would have been the best if you helped in loading the VDi
irrelevant child (10 months ago)
Computer viruses here i come!
Vondalo (10 months ago)
pls help at booting up it says fatal: could not read from the boot medium! System halted. pls help me
The Light Brigade F4 (10 months ago)
VoNdAl0 you need an iso file in order to launch the virtual machine.
Raptor3890 (10 months ago)
I'm the 666th comment
Yassin oyunda (10 months ago)
RainStormHuman RSH (10 months ago)
DuckXrec (11 months ago)
It just shows black screen for me
TheAngryF2P (11 months ago)
For all the idiots who get FATAL ERROR NO BOOTABLE MEDIUM SYSTEM HALTED! you need an iso
hikids (11 months ago)
xX_Kjcomputer_Xx (11 months ago)
Now I can download *MEMZ*
xXRSYTXx (11 months ago)
i dont wanna reset my network
hatrariar ojèejeé (11 months ago)
Here i come bonzi buddy!
Justine Tan (11 months ago)
i can use oracle vm virtualbox
Adam Weller (11 months ago)
I can go on the dark web
Ca1nM (1 year ago)
do i need iso to run the vm
Mr. GrumpyCat (1 year ago)
Is This A Virus??? Cause I Downloaded It And I Didnt Try To Install It :/
Jammy (1 year ago)
Is it safe for pc?
Hamsters like tennis (1 year ago)
it wont let me go into acceleration for some reason
DoggoClub (1 year ago)
I can't boot it up. what can i do?
ZeKilla440 (1 year ago)
I don't have a F drive???
Star (1 year ago)
Thank you very much! ^^
Zionic (1 year ago)
I have a GTX 1060 with 3gb of VRAM. i7-7700 Quad Core 3.6ghz (4.2ghz max). 8GB DDR4 2400mhz. And 1TB 7200rpm. What settings should I use for a Virtual Machine.
fireblazegaming25 (1 year ago)
so i can download anything on to it right.. like memz virus
Luky Lesikar (1 year ago)
It say Fatal:No bootable medium found! system halted help me!!
Chiranjeevi C (1 year ago)
i finished the installing of the virtual box but whenever i click on the 'new' button,it's showing that the virtual box has stopped working.I installed thrice but i encounter the same problem . It would be thankful if anyone can help me out
Ice Poseidon (1 year ago)
Is there a way to recover ram?
Pinksheep Skskss (1 year ago)
now i can play csgo
og jonx (1 year ago)
I’m going to use this to play games at school
Edgy Playz (1 year ago)
Now I shall experience Memz safely.
RomanTheScout (1 month ago)
me too!
Cookingclinic (1 year ago)
I followed you through this and done my job successfully! Thanks for this tutorial
Cookingclinic (1 year ago)
I saw Camtasia studio 8 on your desktop, I have a question about that. When I import Nikon d1300 video clip it doesn't work unless I slow the clip speed down to 65. Is there any other way that can fix the issue? I hate working when I need to change video clip speed every time and it really is time-consuming.
dimitrisk 933 (1 year ago)
can i install it on a laptop ?
valskell79 (1 year ago)
When i boot it up its says FATAL no bootable drive available. System haltef
MemeVerse (1 year ago)
It says "VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Certain guests (e.g. OS/2 and QNX) require this feature and will fail to boot without it." May I get some help please?
D3213 (1 year ago)
Shiny (1 year ago)
How i can fix the crash when i click add Virtual Machine?
Ben McCloud (1 year ago)
What if I open a virtual box on a virtual box?😂
Anonieme gebruiker (1 year ago)
Filehippo plz no
ZeroDucksGiven (1 year ago)
I have a Intel Core i5 inside.
Matigacer12 (1 year ago)
what happen witch install virtualbox in virtualbox and in virtualbox install other time vb
TST _ YaBoiBall (1 year ago)
Can you do this on Mac
tomas kus (1 year ago)
how can I configure the cpu? its not in the bios?
xXMineWarriorXx (1 year ago)
i cant get into acceleration what do i do??
H2NB Productions (1 year ago)
i just got 12 gigs of ram i selected the all ram on windows xp my pc gave me bsod
Ralts Gaming (1 year ago)
Dat boi (1 year ago)
Will your host machine be infected If you put viruses on the virtual machine?
I'm so bored (1 year ago)
No. It will only affect the virtural machine, not the actual machine.
Guz Man (1 year ago)
Shared clipboard is a risk, if you want to use the Virtual Machine for testing
The Dorkinator (1 year ago)
JayGamerZzz (1 month ago)
i have 2TB dont be soo happy. Btw u over exaggerate and ur not funny XD
Dev Eagle (1 year ago)
Thank you for this tutorial!
Ryan Petru (1 year ago)
If you name your virtual machine "Darknet" it automatically changes the "Type" and "Version" I think oracle know what some people want and i think it secures it more than it would with the normal victual machine
IDream Games (1 year ago)
Can someone help me? My VM has command prompt up and I don't do command prompt coding,I only do lua.
Fuck T-Series (1 year ago)
I like frogs.
Zyluki (1 year ago)
thx bro
John-Paul D'Agostino (1 year ago)
Can you leave links to that super amazing test pc wallpaper?
Tudor P (1 year ago)
Yay, now I can pirate away without fear!
Sudeep Bhattarai (1 year ago)
nice article... you can also refer www.solvethenetwork.blogspot.com.au
Balla Singh-A (1 year ago)
You sound like Mstifye
bad boy69 yt (1 year ago)
my saying not boot on min
NodeNest (1 year ago)
i get video tearing any solution?
Solace Lightning (1 year ago)
No Boot Found! Help
FeuiAet noname (1 year ago)
uhh actually i was using a mac VMware and i dont know how to set up the leopard version. Can you help me? I give my VMware version to you. It is Version: 5.1.28
Ron Swartz Anonymous (1 year ago)
Thank god someone who talks
Guru Technology (1 year ago)
To know more watch my video Link:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaoSw1qZ0mA
Sangamon (1 year ago)
This was very informative, thank you. :)
McPotato (1 year ago)
Can someone please help me? When I try starting my VM it says this : " Failed to open a session for the virtual machine ys. The virtual machine 'ys' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1). More details may be available in 'C:\Users\McPotato\VirtualBox VMs\ys\Logs\VBoxHardening.log'. Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005) Component: MachineWrap Interface: IMachine {b2547866-a0a1-4391-8b86-6952d82efaa0} "
lets create (1 year ago)
it safe for pc
criscaceres (1 year ago)
Thank you for making that the easiest set up tutorial of this software I have tried to learn many times but had quit.

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