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Rubik Cube Cardboard Box

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A really nice example of cardboard engineering. This cardboard box was on sale last Christmas in an upmarket retail chain in the UK, and it contained sweets. However we were more interested in the box! It looks like a Rubik Cube, but since it is a cardboard box, how do you solve it? The answer lies in the fact that the box is a very clever piece of paper engineering. You open the box, and keep opening it, folding it over, until you find it shows a completed Rubik Cube! Sometimes called the Milkman's Wallet, this is also similar to the Logic Specs Case, which changes colour when you open it far enough. See http://www.grand-illusions.com/acatalog/Logic_Specs_Case.html
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Text Comments (47)
Gelaticam (6 months ago)
I had 2 glasses cases that worked the same way. One side had a little cartoon and the ribbon was yellow the other was pink. It was nice to play with and hear the *snap* of the case.
Kody Hah (5 months ago)
I HAD THE EXACT SAME YELLOW AND PINK ONE. Ive tried to describe it to people and its so hard to actually describe it people end up like "what is he even talking about a ribbon?"
AG Cuber (7 months ago)
Rubik cube?
Survive Gt (1 year ago)
How you even made one
Trey Lockwood (1 year ago)
Candy that you’ve either eaten OR thrown away? How could you Tim?! Lmao, Tim you have quite the awesome collection man. Keep on making GREAT content! Camera man, keep on filming, editing, and posting these AWESOME videos as well, brotha! #GrandIllusions #TimToys
Maximillion Cuber (1 year ago)
That Sagittarius Girl (1 year ago)
It's just strings that moves along the lines of the division
Kittichet Arayasujin (1 year ago)
Annoying for me with the "rubik" without the apostrophe s... -And how i thought that it is a working cube- Edit: nvm about that xD Edit 2: cool channel btw
sanjay kumar (1 year ago)
I just hate you a big fuck
코알라베어TV (1 year ago)
shut up
ClickPond (2 years ago)
"Rubik Cube"
Fortnite Nick Tendo (1 year ago)
*rubix cube*
Exalted Naava (2 years ago)
Blew my mind
Dqqr (2 years ago)
does it corner cut?
The Killing (2 years ago)
he probably should've lubed it.
XENO KN1GHT (3 years ago)
lol don't yea just love magnets
Gary (4 years ago)
Someone could make a puzzle that works like that.
matt herrera (4 years ago)
Cubeholic (4 years ago)
thatcooldragon (5 years ago)
yes but if it's cardboard, it will break very easily...
Evie Ro (5 years ago)
Trem'Dei (5 years ago)
I would love one of those just to have it.
DGKacey (5 years ago)
as a cuber, i find it just slightly annoying that orange and red are on the wrong sides... but as far as the box goes, very interesting... very cool.
Efka N Ematnals (1 year ago)
That's not true
Chronon (3 years ago)
+Brave Cuber They are Chinese. I bet they don't care.
micah_lee (3 years ago)
+bananishmeal No, many speed cubes use the same scheme. 
pooeyyeoop1 (5 years ago)
At least im not the only one to find this annoying
bananishmeal (5 years ago)
It's because the color scheme is patented and they can't infringe on it.
AscendedFish (5 years ago)
I would need several of those to house my puzzle collection...
Pabloisapanda (5 years ago)
Lol I'm a cuber
michael1234252 (5 years ago)
Where can I find this?
IllNotBeLegit (5 years ago)
If only I had this for my cube collection. Part of it anyway.
Hello Kinky (5 years ago)
Already have, look at my channel :D
bobrulerofall (5 years ago)
do itttt
Hello Kinky (5 years ago)
There is no magnets. I just made a box just like this. I'm going to make Tim a video respon, showing my box :D
MarkTheGamer530 (5 years ago)
Magnets guys magnets
Efka N Ematnals (1 year ago)
faidaimaidai (5 years ago)
VicodinAvenue (5 years ago)
I am so in love with this dude.
nhdem (6 years ago)
O_O How.
Timothy E. (6 years ago)
Ranulf Lay (6 years ago)
Scott Fiore (6 years ago)
cool, thanks !!! my sis likes the cube as well because i just showed her.
Grand Illusions (6 years ago)
Hi - we will be offering the Bee Box for sale later in the year. We are trying to find out if the Rubik Cube will be sold anywhere again, or if it was just a one off.
Miranda Evans (1 year ago)
Grand Illusions Hi Tim! I'm several years later to the party, but in case you're still interested in this object, when I was watching your video, I realised I'd seen this magical little thing before. Indeed, you can buy a template to make your own here: https://www.makepopupcards.com/downloads/paper-rubiks-cube-pdf/ thanks for the great videos!
Scott Fiore (6 years ago)
cool. did u guys take the bee box vid off ur site coz im buying 1 and forgot how it works. i went to look at your video on it & it doesn't work. the site is not yours because u only have those in the toy collection but there is another site that i found that sells it. by the way, will that Rubik's thing be sold or not please reply.....
GabrielKnightz (6 years ago)

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