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Bonsai master cut tree drastically for making new style.

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Thank you for watching. 1 I am not good at speaking English, not good at writing English. please kindly understand. 2 Our video is to enjoy the bonsai life. It is very important for you to read a textbook, a reference book. 3 Bonsai master is very experienced, if you try this at home, you may not get the same result. Your tree may even die. If you copy any of the techniques in our videos, you do so at your own risk. Please kindly understand. 4 And in all you do so at your own risk. Please kindly understand. いつもご視聴ありがとうございます。 ① 私は英語が下手です。ご理解ください。 ② 私たちの動画は盆栽を楽しむ動画です。 盆栽テキスト、盆栽教科書を読むことは重要です。 盆栽職人は50年以上のキャリアを持ちます。 ので、教科書から離れている部分もあり、 だから教科書としては不向きかと思います。 もし真似るとしても自己責任でお願いします。 また、その他いかなるすべてにおいて自己責任でお願いします。
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Text Comments (33)
Merry Christmas ! And thank you for your comment.
Oscar Cruz (10 months ago)
What kind of tree teacher
Oscar Cruz (10 months ago)
Master tree
Oscar Cruz (10 months ago)
The tree
Oscar Cruz (10 months ago)
Que árbol es master the tree master
Daniel Dale (10 months ago)
Straight on torture of a tree. But you can see how beautiful it will be. I always ask, "Is this what the tree would want?"
soteeres Daskas (10 months ago)
someone got hes hazzards on
Merry Christmas ! Thank you very much !
bandit12 Suzuki (11 months ago)
Is this an Azalea?
Yes it is Azalea. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas !
Bonsai Binh Dinh (11 months ago)
Cây gì đẹp vậy bạn
Mordred's Quest (11 months ago)
Well done on your Marathon..Very Good..Bonsai Master not run Marathon.?.....He did Bonsai branch cutting Marathon instead....Excellent Bonsai Master Great trim of Bonsai make it look very old and beautiful...Always Excellent Videos...Thankyou...
Thank you very much. And that is right what you say he cut branch instead of marathon. He has 50 years skill. Professional. Thank you for you comment. Thank you very much.
Good work, but I usually do it after flowering. Don't use twitter use Facebook and like my page :) https://www.facebook.com/sheks.bonsai.garden/
michel zecarebute (9 months ago)
Flowering requiert energy.... after a drastic cut the tree need all this energy to grow.
OUR bonsai shop has many many trees. we cut 1 tree 1 day. We have no time. Thank you very much.
TheJimford (11 months ago)
Shek's Bonsai Garden 盆景、花園 my thoughts as well. Here in the US, it is common knowledge to trim Azaleas after they bloom. But... perhaps there is reason, regarding growth over blooms at this time of year...🙏🏽🌏✌🏽
They are all pretty similar, but Facebook is more popular than Twitter and easy to play. I also have a twitter account, but rarely used, and most of my friends use facebook, you can both join and completely free to see what one easy to start and play with, personal Recommended is facebook..... have a look this page.........Arigatou Gozaimasu https://webtegrity.com/our-blog/social-media-marketing/whats-difference-between-facebook-and-twitter/
Tell me please why is twitter not good ? why Facebook is good ? I do not know the difference between twitter and Facebook.
Joan Deià (11 months ago)
Hi! Congratulations for your marathon time. I prefer this long version videos. Is possible that you will begin with Instagram, maybe is easy only upload photos. Thank you for your youtube job!
I start twitter ! soon or later I will start Instagram . Merry Christmas ! Thank you for your giving me marathon word. I am happy.
Maxim Zaragoza (11 months ago)
Thank you for your heart. Merry Christmas !
DoctorWaffles PHD (11 months ago)
Why do you cut boldly in winter?
Thank you for your comment. Merry Christmas !
the season of dormant. Azalea. Thank you very much.
Stanislav Odyagailo (11 months ago)
I think that such pruning at this time will tolerate with only azalea in Japan location))
Andrei S. (11 months ago)
Love the long, uncutted videos from you. It is precious information about drastic cuting after first frost, because after plants going dormant. You doing well with this marathon!
I am happy to run the whole 21 km marathon. Thank you for your comment. Merry Christmas !
Jack Aguilar (11 months ago)
Hi, I want to send a big greeting to you and to the teacher Yamada San. I like your videos a lot and tell your Oyakata that he is a great teacher and I love that they show things and techniques that other people do not show, continue with your videos and a big hug to you and the Master from Costa Rica central America 🇨🇷 こんにちは、あなたと山田さん先生に大きな挨拶を送っていきたいです。私はあなたのビデオが大好きで、彼は偉大な先生であり、他の人には見せたくないものやテクニックを見せて、あなたのビデオとあなたとコスタリカの教師に大きな抱擁を続けることが大好きです。🇨🇷
Greeting from Japan to Costa Rica. Thank you very much. I said to OYAKATA about your comment. He was very glad.Thank you very much.

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