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Sally J Johnson - Dreaming Out Loud

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Was watching tv and seen the Panasonic VIERA 3D Television advert. Went searching for this track but couldnt find it anywhere so decided to upload it myself... Enjoy!!! Credit to :- http://www.youtube.com/manuman2008
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Text Comments (27)
SarcasmicHarry (5 years ago)
i am sitting next to this singers nephew! i have met her so yeah ooh
Alexandre Klein (5 years ago)
she released an EP called "The Beacon Field" two years ago
Arnoldo Jaime Orozco (6 years ago)
I used to live above the studio where she recorded this song. I heard it tons of times and still love it! She's awesom btw :) Not sure if Sally has done anything else...but she definitely should...
tandorla (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you hit replay :-)
Xeliiciøus (6 years ago)
the first seconds of the song up to 0:34 made me fall in love with the whole song :)
Technitium (7 years ago)
sounds 100% better with the traxx remix , trust
lizzie rae (7 years ago)
this song makes me tear up.
Antony (7 years ago)
Finally found this! After months of hard dedication i tract down this beautiful angelic song
Sharon Beverly (7 years ago)
panasonic advert song:P
Wurto (7 years ago)
21.411 views and no dislikes :)
domdom11111111 (7 years ago)
@greencrystal7 No prob ;)
lynnylo (7 years ago)
NeilWoolfsonMusic (7 years ago)
check out the remixes, out now
greencrystal7 (7 years ago)
Patience payed off....Thanks Alot! :)
Amber Oldifeld (7 years ago)
omg i have waited ages for this song to come out :) yayz all i can say is thankyou panasonic :)
Aaron Cunnington (7 years ago)
Shazam'd this in the cinema on Monday lol. Nice sweet song.
Block Rebel (7 years ago)
Oh ich liebe dieses Lied!!
GRAPE (7 years ago)
@MultiPiEzo Couldn't say better myself.
domdom11111111 (7 years ago)
@MultiPiEzo Its amazing :)
TCO06 (7 years ago)
thx 4 this upload - ya made my day! :-)
Aidan McGrath (7 years ago)
beatiful song, very cool.relaxing and euphoric
Phoenix C (7 years ago)
just like the majority of ppl here, panasonic viera advert =D
tandorla (8 years ago)
This is a fab song! love it, thanks for uploading!
Conor Masters-Kelly (8 years ago)
Thanks for taking the song off my profile and all.
domdom11111111 (8 years ago)
@kyatorin Glad to help ;)
Christina Lieke (8 years ago)
Been searching for it too! Thanks!
kyatorin (8 years ago)
Thank you TONS!!!! I love this song.

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