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Brain Teaser Magic IQ Cube Puzzle Game Toy 3 x 3 x 3 - dinodirect

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Your children's intelligence will be better developed by playing this puzzle 3D toy. It is quite amusing to play and it keeps the children busy for hours. It is also great fun for all the families and have the challenge to people who like to play 3D puzzle.
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CaramelTargaryen (1 day ago)
Omg how tf did u do that?? It took me 3 weeks to solve my first rubik with all the algorithms that I googled.. I religiously focus on it (and bought 2 more extra cubes because i just had too 😜) i still can't memorize the algorithms tho but I'm still not giving up.. I'm sure i can Solve them without looking on my notes 😝😝 this vid is amazing ♥️♥️
Syed moula Hussain (2 months ago)
not nice
Raj bardhan Pal (2 months ago)
simple trick
Asd Asd (2 months ago)
اريد ان تشتريها😘 هههههههههههههه حلوة بس مش عارف اعمل لايه. واحد ه زيها
JuBaYeR aHmAd (3 months ago)
I hope it will be best puzzle game for ever you can try it Download Now- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKCgbcR1H7U
PRADEEPA PRADEEPA (3 months ago)
kalatta pa
sayran alaa (5 months ago)
Kanahaya Prashad (5 months ago)
App girl ho Kaya ap lungi ho
Bujuk Khan (6 months ago)
what is name this game
Bujuk Khan (6 months ago)
I from india
Jeffrey hubbrt (10 months ago)
Looking for a funny Puzzle game? Here you can get a wow funny puzzle game. Try it! You may like it! >>>>https://bit.ly/2KtjhW5
Sebastian Jimenez (10 months ago)
Wow, I wonder where I can get my own Brain Teaser Magic IQ Cube Game Toy 3x3x3? Ive looked everywhere, and I can only find these off brand, knock-off versions called Rubik’s Cubes. Such a shame i’ll never have my own one of “these......”
sabir hossain mondal (11 months ago)
Great !!!
Andrew Trang (1 year ago)
its called a goddamn rubik's cube
Qqqq Qqqq (11 months ago)
Andrew Trang
Mertcan Yilmaz (1 year ago)
we wait for success:)
Ashin P Chandran (1 year ago)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=www.minesweeper.com.minesweeper CHECK THIS OUT , YOU MAY LIKE IT
Yasir Mehmood (1 year ago)
Yasir Mehmood (1 year ago)
IN_FINITY gaming (1 year ago)
I know solveit
Vinay Kumar Raj (2 months ago)
Kese bhai hame bhi bataoo
IN_FINITY gaming (1 year ago)
He is editing the vid and making us fooll
All the skills you need to do this is 1.A good memory 2.And a good understanding of the cube Barely any maths is included
CGC cubing (3 months ago)
YOu need a decent memory not a good one
Green Ginger (2 years ago)
this is not an iq test u retards
Saahil Mohta (3 years ago)
AKA a Rubik's Cube
manger beta
REEE3 TV (2 years ago)
Anisujjaman Babu Hridoy XD
ya boy (6 years ago)
This cube is a DianSheng 3x3 white. You can buy this for 2 dollars anywhere, I think.
Cheech Wizard (6 years ago)
It is a rubik's cube. but Rubik's is trademarked so they have to call it an iq cube or puzzle cube.
Gitilla Da Hun (8 years ago)
@dinodino8224 I didn't mean to call you a know-it-all. The point is, the compony didn't name the cube. It was the inventor of the rubiks cube that did. His name waw Erno Rubik. It's his cube so he tittled it rubik's cube showing ownership. If his last name was Bell, than it would have been Bell's Cube. The point is, Rubiks cube is not the name of the cube. It's the name of the disign.
Bill (8 years ago)
@pokemonkiller20 i was just trying to help you....... what i mean is, its exactly the same thing as a rubik's cube, except with different colors, but the name "rubik's cube" is owned by the rubik's company, and since this is not made by the rubik's company they can't use the name "rubik's cube" in any advertising
Gitilla Da Hun (8 years ago)
@dinodino8224 don't try to act like a know-it-all. Rubik's Cube was the original name of the cube. Just to MY OPINION!!!!! I believe the name "Rubik's Cube" is not actually a name but is a common noun but that is only my opinion.
Gitilla Da Hun лшпоеуууьаппппаммсмсссссммсаваафвчррорппрриитттттирпаащиитоооллрааапролллоолоояарпппмммм
Gitilla Da Hun уонооотпмррорпи
Bill (8 years ago)
@pokemonkiller20 it is a rubik's cube, but its not made by rubik's so they can't use the rubik's name in it
Gitilla Da Hun (8 years ago)
i don't get it it looks like a rubiks cube

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