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COME ALIVE ► Karaoke lyrics from the greatest showman

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the greatest showman come alive karaoke instrumental
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Matthew Bischoff (6 months ago)
So many of these lyrics are wrong
Matthew Bischoff (6 months ago)
Let’s see, you can’t shake away is you can’t shake awake, flip the switch is flick the switch, ride your light is light your light, when the world becomes a fantasy is and the world becomes a fantasy, the second and third chorus isn’t you know you can’t go back again, it’s and we know we can’t go back again, other than that, pretty solid
HolaSoyPedro2 (6 months ago)
why? which words?
Katie Wilusz (6 months ago)
It’s called dreaming with your eyes wide open not come alive
Rebecca (5 months ago)
What!? Nooooo....mate, look on Spotify, inter, everywhere and anywhere 😂👍
Matthew Bischoff (6 months ago)
It’s called come alive
iiGalaxiaGamez (6 months ago)
No it's not. Look at the song on the soundtrack, genius.
K Harper (7 months ago)
Go and *light your light
daliy vlogs (8 months ago)
The showman
chiddy cheese (9 months ago)
That's the wrong lyrics dummy! It is;like a zombie in a maze your asleep inside but you can't shake awake not SHAKE AWAY!!!!!! Dafty
Ellabelle (5 months ago)
chiddy cheese ever thought of COPYRIGHT!?!?! And ever heard of something called BEING NICE ABOUT THINGS!?! Chiiiiiill🦄
Joey Odell (9 months ago)
It's SHINE, not ride your lights
Rebecca (5 months ago)
It is LIGHT or shine
Matthew Bischoff (6 months ago)
Joey Odell it’s light not shine
Pamela Attree (1 year ago)
can you do from now on fro the greatest  showman or a million dreams
Samuel Lee (1 year ago)
Clean karaoke!! Best karaoke so far :)

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