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BEST Facebook & Instagram Videos SEPTEMBER 2018 (Part 3) Funny Vines compilation - Best Viners

18457 ratings | 2887813 views
NEW Facebook and Instagram Video compilation of September 2018 Featuring Marlon Webb, Dan Nampaikid, David Lopez, Liane V, Hardstop Lucas, HahaDavis, Ruumman, Adam Waheed, CalebCity and more! Best Viners playlist ►http://bit.ly/BestVinerscompilation Instagram ►https://www.instagram.com/bestvinersvines Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/bestvinersHD Twitter ►https://twitter.com/BestvinersHD SUBSCRIBE for more Vine compilation ►http://goo.gl/rTHG6B
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Text Comments (667)
Hervey 4205 (1 day ago)
8:12 look at phone im dead😂😂
Anonymous Gamer (1 day ago)
Sushi Roll Moo (1 day ago)
The pug is the best i have a pug named Ollie and that was kinda offensive. Like if you love pugs because im sad.. :( Hes super cute ;(
Big bot Diz (1 day ago)
4:30 WTFH
Rachel Hedges (3 days ago)
lizzie _chan (4 days ago)
I have a dorberman and one died
What the fuck you just ormust killed the dog
Destiny.1125 (8 days ago)
the fortnite one😂
Amil Mohamed (8 days ago)
J, kmmm nm
MuffinLava (14 days ago)
5:50 whats the music ?
Murtadah Shafik (16 days ago)
3:49 😂
MeganJoy Collado (17 days ago)
Daniel Gatica (19 days ago)
I want that pug could you give it to me
Eliekira (25 days ago)
The one about the assigned seats made me cry laughing
Chase Maracle (25 days ago)
Hey anyone else notice the LOTR music blasting in the first one
Mickayla Klue (25 days ago)
"I'm trying to hoop"They where mean
DarkReaper 18 (25 days ago)
Dan has a new girlfriend?
Jy Ty (27 days ago)
Nothing wrong with the pug
_.Keyla.B (27 days ago)
A pug is cute tho);
Edding R20 (27 days ago)
3:31 thumbnail👍
TTV C3SkyKing (28 days ago)
Supreme W (28 days ago)
4:45 was it just me or did I think that the thing on the bottom right looked like my phone was broken 😂
Jayden Mares (28 days ago)
At 9 min and 37 sec is literly my aunt she is rich and needy
Ps4YungGod Fortnite (29 days ago)
6:46 i know the girl that told the joke in person
Noovs Gaming (29 days ago)
This was made in 2018 and in the I’m trying to hoop someone was wearing AirPods
Ultra Instinct Goku (1 month ago)
Silent Sane (1 month ago)
5:40 almost made me. Cry
Kora Marie (1 month ago)
"I'm cluulesss"😂
Alysa Rodriguez (1 month ago)
The hell wrong with da pug???
Henriette JS Andersen (1 month ago)
3:34 *“Uhhh, this is crazy.”* *That shit just killed me.*
Hugo Gammon (1 month ago)
1:51 weakest throw ever
Xxmidnight Starxx (1 month ago)
I will laugh so hard when he was acting like a baby
10:08 lol Fuud...Fuud!
Xx_Cilent _xX (1 month ago)
The assigned seats got me dead
Jessekay Cook (1 month ago)
Shut the fu k up. Bit hh
Kev fam (1 month ago)
3:50 I can relate
Jerry Wei (1 month ago)
Me name is Jerry
Gurinder Singh (1 month ago)
4.31 secounds was sooo funnf
Maxjame Son (1 month ago)
4:22 THE FUCK!?!?
Ashaun Walwyn (1 month ago)
the basketball one is just stupid, them niggas just retarded
4:46 *gets out the battle bus Girl: Alright where we landing at
Battle Gutta (1 month ago)
4:05 he sounds like cartman from south park when he cries
GALACTIK_ MONKEY (1 month ago)
Did anyone else notice the AirPods at 1:55
Lani Kerfonta (1 month ago)
Roblox user (2 months ago)
4:05 really be me when bullshit happens to me
Bubblegum 17 (2 months ago)
5:48-6:48 💀💀😂what is his name ??? Please yo
Roblox user (2 months ago)
Hardstop lucas
TheAlphaPug Is da best (2 months ago)
10:00 is the worst part
PJGold Playz (2 months ago)
This is why I don’t wanna go to gym
Jaime F Chavian (2 months ago)
James Lopez (2 months ago)
At 1:15 it looks like the guy has airpods.
Astro Boy (2 months ago)
Danm she strong
Drxp-playz (2 months ago)
Niggas be wilin out for nuthin
Mason Insana (2 months ago)
Who doesn’t like pugs
ChronicGhost YT (2 months ago)
New world Oder BTW
Zoey Default (2 months ago)
4:03 literally Fortnite in a nutshell
Victoria Quigg (2 months ago)
3:30 Thank me later 👍🏻
Kim Ang (2 months ago)
Wow that grown ass man is a baby
WeDon'tMissThose! (2 months ago)
Pugs are cute af
Moto Moto (2 months ago)
How dare you criticise the lord and saviour pug Forgive them, they are not worthy of your presents
bot boi (2 months ago)
Jemaqu (2 months ago)
Disney Jazzcore (2 months ago)
That basketball thing was pretty fucked up
Niraa Love (2 months ago)
1:30 its not tht serious . If i actually could play i would've been upset at first bt still gave him respect bcuz u cant prejudge anyone bcuz of how they look .
Hamdia Braimah (2 months ago)
CalebCity 🔥 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Ball (2 months ago)
That manan matthews one thou that womens face
Melco Ngu (2 months ago)
To'asefulu Laulu (2 months ago)
ill take the pug and love him unlike you guys u freaking cruel human beings
Nickolas Rosa (2 months ago)
When they let the dog go I started to cry and I cursed them out
xXyourmomlovesyouXx (2 months ago)
4:02 spacelyon
Erick Acosta (2 months ago)
In the second one they were salty as hell
Julia Scheinmann (2 months ago)
You insulted the pug you demons
deadpoolbruh (2 months ago)
I would keep the pug and then get the dog you wanted so you have 2
Chad Gamer (2 months ago)
6:30 when your mom unstalls fortnite
Avery Wilcox (2 months ago)
Pugs are my favorite type of dog like if there yours
Yeiry Moralesalvarez (3 months ago)
10:17 bitch is ugly assfff 😭😭😭😂
oluwadamilola odubanjo (3 months ago)
1:12 and beyond is so mean not allowing a different color or region to play. Like and comment if you think so to
LokoLatte (3 months ago)
Whats wrong with pugs u assholes
Galaxy Studios (3 months ago)
Harry Obikili (3 months ago)
"That Bitch"🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👿
Latif Mumuni (3 months ago)
Am I the only person who is seeing the new world order in this video
LilyWolf Paw (3 months ago)
6:48 I kind of get it, but soy milk was made from soybeans so it’s kinda stupid.
Harambe Love (3 months ago)
4:50 is it just cause I’m zooted rn or it’s just that she looks like lele pons
bobouistic (3 months ago)
They ruined the no standards vine by changing the music
Banana Gang (3 months ago)
4:24 seems pretty god damn stupid
CHRIZ-04 (3 months ago)
That dog on 15:16 😍😍😍😍 so cute
Colton Hughes (3 months ago)
Like for pug life
Frizz Y (3 months ago)
4:05 is when you lose a game in fortnite to a bot
David Snodgrass (3 months ago)
4:35 so weird
Shane Froh (3 months ago)
Love no assigned seats until you come to class n somebody takes your seat
nah640 ! (3 months ago)
The guy is rasist of saying he is burnt
eagle Williams (3 months ago)
eagle Williams (3 months ago)
You know you here because of the title
Lacey Yaxley (3 months ago)
10:10 skskskksksksksksk 😂
RobloxFanatic69 (3 months ago)
That girl was is actually Jim Carey tbh
Kelly McArdle (3 months ago)
Yeah, like magic
Zyria Lloyd (3 months ago)
OMG 9:37LMFAOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J.K. just kidding (3 months ago)
That girl at 9.49 is so ugly
Visual Wraith (3 months ago)
How dear they get rid of a pug! They’re so cute🥰
GooN Steven (3 months ago)
Oml black people are so toxic
Minako Monika (3 months ago)

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