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BEST Facebook & Instagram Videos SEPTEMBER 2018 (Part 3) Funny Vines compilation - Best Viners

15088 ratings | 2242041 views
NEW Facebook and Instagram Video compilation of September 2018 Featuring Marlon Webb, Dan Nampaikid, David Lopez, Liane V, Hardstop Lucas, HahaDavis, Ruumman, Adam Waheed, CalebCity and more! Best Viners playlist ►http://bit.ly/BestVinerscompilation Instagram ►https://www.instagram.com/bestvinersvines Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/bestvinersHD Twitter ►https://twitter.com/BestvinersHD SUBSCRIBE for more Vine compilation ►http://goo.gl/rTHG6B
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Text Comments (556)
LilyWolf Paw (10 hours ago)
6:48 I kind of get it, but soy milk was made from soybeans so it’s kinda stupid.
Harambe Love (20 hours ago)
4:50 is it just cause I’m zooted rn or it’s just that she looks like lele pons
bobouistic (20 hours ago)
They ruined the no standards vine by changing the music
Football Life334 (1 day ago)
4:24 seems pretty god damn stupid
CHRIZ (1 day ago)
That dog on 15:16 😍😍😍😍 so cute
Colton Hughes (1 day ago)
Like for pug life
AspectGaming _07 (2 days ago)
4:05 is when you lose a game in fortnite to a bot
David Snodgrass (3 days ago)
4:35 so weird
Shane Froh (3 days ago)
Love no assigned seats until you come to class n somebody takes your seat
nah640 ! (3 days ago)
The guy is rasist of saying he is burnt
eagle Williams (5 days ago)
eagle Williams (5 days ago)
You know you here because of the title
Horse Lover (8 days ago)
10:10 skskskksksksksksk 😂
RobloxFanatic69 (10 days ago)
That girl was is actually Jim Carey tbh
Kelly McArdle (10 days ago)
Yeah, like magic
Zyria Lloyd (13 days ago)
OMG 9:37LMFAOOOOO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J.K. just kidding (14 days ago)
That girl at 9.49 is so ugly
Wraith (16 days ago)
How dear they get rid of a pug! They’re so cute🥰
GooN Steven (17 days ago)
Oml black people are so toxic
Minako Monika (18 days ago)
Crispy Bacon (19 days ago)
4:30 when toxic 8rd get killed by a ttv kid in playground
Nia Unique (22 days ago)
8:52 “Burnt man burnt man yeah that’s meeee” LMAOOO
July Bee (24 days ago)
I love how the 2nd one dodged that punch
Brent Thompson (26 days ago)
Those to people who didn’t like the dog was stupid
amazon Gamer 7893 (27 days ago)
Trippy redd song bang beat 5:50
Xeno_Krest (29 days ago)
hardstop lucus is to funny!
Was that a slap 1:40
simbol 33t (30 days ago)
4:26 this seems kind of tru
20% comedy 80% over reaction
Saad Chourbagui (1 month ago)
Egyptian water is worth a little more than a dime I'm egyptian its 3 egp
Saad Chourbagui (16 days ago)
+Shadow Striker i know i said its not worth 100 its worth about 17 cents
Shadow Striker (17 days ago)
They said 100 not 10
jAx (1 month ago)
@5:30 hurt he so cute lol
arashaad daavidson (1 month ago)
The last one🤣🤣🤣
idontknow idontknow (1 month ago)
"Man im just trna hoop"
4:48 where we landing boys!!! REAL: where are dropping boys That Girl crazy
Hamster Boi (1 month ago)
*ApPlE lAtAi*
Shocker_315 ' (1 month ago)
Everyone plz go subscribe to my channel Shocker_315 '
Davonte Bardo (1 month ago)
Li Jiayang (1 month ago)
*im white👱🏻‍♂️*
L.S.J Gaming (1 month ago)
Please hit me hit 100 subs before 2019 dropping new videos
lil mere da gamer (1 month ago)
Abdulaziz Khan (1 month ago)
You guys are so mean to that muslim fuck you guys fuck you👺👹bicths
Year 21890 anyone
blazing fire (1 month ago)
8:36 u welcome
A Person Who Can (1 month ago)
I know this is might be crazy but... *PUGS ARE SO ADORABLE*
Its Ruslana (1 month ago)
I feel bad for that dog
Phuque U (1 month ago)
Facebook = CIA
Fz BigBoss (1 month ago)
My seat
ParisLePotato Duck (1 month ago)
4:50 *DiD yOu StEaL mAh NaMe¿!*
Jonah Cohan (1 month ago)
Laugh i was retarted as hell bitch
Jesse White (1 month ago)
The legend says peanut butter was never seen again
Olivia Roy (1 month ago)
I’d like to point out that the music in the first vine was from lord of the rings 😁😁
Christy Hardy (1 month ago)
About halfway through. Not funny. Uuugh I hate being surrounded by you idiots. Idiocracy is here 👍
A Person Who Can (1 month ago)
2:48 thumbnail Like if I helped
At 5:27 i will take the pug
Daniel George (1 month ago)
I thought vines were like ten seconds long.
Sofia Sutterluety (1 month ago)
At 4:20 was that achoal
Paradox (1 month ago)
The gGuards
Mike Gdh (1 month ago)
And then they had the nerve to throw the ball at him like first of all that is just wow like do they know someone was recording it what a crackhead
Mike Gdh (1 month ago)
Why didn’t they let the Muslim man play ball that got me mad tight like no that man sucked too he knew he couldn’t even play ball correctly that got me mad tight
#Live Life (1 month ago)
You cruel people for doing that to the pug 😡🥵😡🥵🥵😡🥵😡🥵🥵😡🥵😡🥵😡😡🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🥵🥵
Water Craft (1 month ago)
Poor pug 5:12
Monisha Shields (1 month ago)
Fame to flame
Lindsay Watson (1 month ago)
4:02 that's my cousin
charlie the smol bean (1 month ago)
03:00 The title
Guggdxv ‘ (1 month ago)
6:17 sounding like daequan
Emeraldguy333 Lukan (1 month ago)
I liked how you used the "Lord of the Rings" theme for Sauron in the first vine.
Alisha Mackey (1 month ago)
1:27 why you trynna fight him
allaine Lyttleton (1 month ago)
1:36 bro he was hurt
Lazerbeam is so funny😂😂😂
GOD 2 (1 month ago)
That’s a big baby u got there hahahah
LilZiah DaFool (1 month ago)
Add me on here I'm the funniest💯😂😂
Lori Conroy (1 month ago)
The girl with the long nose was that laurdiy
صهيب داوني (1 month ago)
وداعا لكل الوصفات المغشوشة الحل الأكيد لمشكل قضيب صغير أو قذف السريع أو ضعف الانتصاب الحل أصبح ممكن مع الدكتور المالكي مصطفى الخبير في الأعضاء التناسلية للاستفادة من العلاج يرجى الاتصال على الواتساب 00212689611487 كريم رجال الصحراء هو علاج طبيعي وكل أعشابه طبيعيه ١٠٠٪ وليس له أي أثار جانيه امن تماما. كريم رجال الصحراء هو المنتج الأكثر مبيعا في دول العالم عامة وفي الشرق الأوسط خاصة بسبب لنجاحه مع كل العملاء اللذين استخدموه كريم رجال الصحراء منتج مرخص من هيئة الغذاء والدواء نتائج كريم رجال الصحراء 1-يعمل على تكبير القضيب 2-يساعد تأخير القذف 3-يساعد على لانتصاب لا تترددوا وغيروا حياتكم للأفضل... نحن نرسل الخلطة لجميع دول الخليج و دول العالم
That Girl Violet (1 month ago)
oml i got the fortnite video and I got a fornite ad XD
Cam26122 (1 month ago)
1. I woke up 2. Won the lottery 3. Spent it on a dog and a house etc. 4. Went to sleep. Sadly it went: 4, 2, 3, 1
kikit 008 (1 month ago)
At 5:46i got mad like hella at that time I love dogs idc what breeds I love them
Anime_Potato 15 (1 month ago)
5:16 *ILL TAKE IT!!!*
yessenia nunez (1 month ago)
5:48 got me laughing
gun master army (1 month ago)
The first one is why I don’t go to the gym
Latoya Rogers (1 month ago)
Yeah kind a baby on fortnight
1000 Subs 0 Videos (2 months ago)
9:47 I would beat the crap out of her if I saw her doing this to me 😡
Chance Murray (2 months ago)
*there's no assigned bags in this class*
William The Pro polly (2 months ago)
3:23 where did you get that right now LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Malia Linda (2 months ago)
1:55 shame on them
GLX Clan Official (2 months ago)
8:13 Busted.... ur not talking on the phone, ur on yt
Ava Miranda (2 months ago)
He really doing the most in the first one
BobPlays (2 months ago)
1:10 the guy taking out the ball looks like the guy that plays basketball in a league
Angle Mendoza (2 months ago)
There was lag
Sandra Garcia (2 months ago)
Rgfhfhhhtgf Dongfeng
drp LEMUR (2 months ago)
At 4:10 i thought my screen died i strarted fucking panicking
panda brtt (2 months ago)
I got a Larry add
j k (2 months ago)
HAHAHAHA this is what i call classic comedy!!!
Dest Dav (2 months ago)
9:39 😂😂
Expertation style 101 (2 months ago)
In the 2nd one i didnt realize it but the hoop with the △ or something it was a giant ring😂
Micah Griffith (2 months ago)
Don't get rid of the dog
brooklynn savage 22 (2 months ago)
That's so wrong pugs are the most adorable thing in the world
K C (2 months ago)
And at 9:38 this bitch is a representation of this generations girls and her eyes jesus
K C (2 months ago)
At 5:38 they suck their terrible people
Brianna Miles (2 months ago)
1:44 you can’t travleeeeee in basketball
Jessica * (2 months ago)
He wasn't playing my guy. He was trying not be punched in the face for no reason.
Antonio Henderson (2 months ago)
This is so funny

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