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Style Techniques of Growing a Bonsai Tree

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Once you have a tree, no matter whether it was bought from a shop or cultivated, you can begin training, shaping and styling it. This is one of the most difficult steps of growing a bonsai tree but it also the most creative one. Don’t let the fact that it took a couple of decades to improve the techniques of keeping a plant miniaturized scare you off. The basics are quite simple. Let’s start with the pruning first. Pruning allows us both to keep the plant miniaturized and shape it. The purpose is to create such a tree that will resemble the original species as close as possible. The suitable seasons for significant pruning are spring and summer although it depends mainly on the type of the tree you are growing. A concave cutter will damage branches less than usual cutters as hollow wounds it leaves behind heal much easier. If the following instances occur, the branches should be removed: - If there are unnaturally twisted and turned branches - If there are two branches at the same height, one of them should be gotten rid of. - If the branches at the top of the tree are disproportionately thick Wiring is another crucial technique. If your goal is to bend and shape the branches somehow, you can wrap annealed copper or anodized aluminum around them. This technique can be used all year round. Be careful to move the wire away before it begins damaging branches that become thicker.
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