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BIKINI/SWIMWEAR HAUL SS18 River Island Swimsuit - http://bit.ly/2M9ibQW Black Bikini bottoms - http://bit.ly/2Jsv46U More covered up version - http://bit.ly/2JwEh1B Black Bikini top - http://bit.ly/2LxuPbJ Fuller bust top - http://bit.ly/2LvvvOI Pink palm bikini top - http://bit.ly/2Lxvlqb Pink Palm high waisted bikini bottoms - http://bit.ly/2M8JKKj Tropical print bottoms - http://bit.ly/2LwNUe3 Pink bikini top - http://bit.ly/2JnC5G6 Palm, pink & striped bikini top - http://bit.ly/2Lus8HC Palm, pink & striped bikini bottom - http://bit.ly/2M8MNCq White cover up - http://bit.ly/2JzVFlW I am LOVING BooHoo's Kimono selection! Loads of patterned ones and also lots of plain black ones too - http://bit.ly/2JrsxtX Pink hairband in kimono picture - http://bit.ly/2M3W1Qa Mint & Peach co ord top - http://bit.ly/2M0r7bz Mint & Peach co ord skirt - http://bit.ly/2M5mNb2 My name is Lucy Jessica Carter and I post videos on motherhood, fashion, beauty, lifestyle & travel! I am part of the Channel Mum team, you can find them at https://www.channelmum.com/ For business enquiries contact [email protected] I upload on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7pm with a few bonus videos thrown in :)! TECH I use: Camera for filming & photos: http://bit.ly/2AJu22V IMAC: http://bit.ly/2k6ZpgU Music speaker/Audio assistant/Listen to podcasts on (Google Home): http://bit.ly/2k24Flg To edit: Final cut pro X FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram @lucyjessicacarter Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Lucyandtwoboys/ Twitter @lu3yx Some links may be affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase the item through my link. Thank you for your support
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Text Comments (91)
Carly Boote (9 months ago)
Loved the swimsuit on you and Sj, I so need to order it!!! Xxx
Gem Bets (9 months ago)
I have a seven week old baby and have so many stretch marks now on my tummy :( I can’t wear two pieces anymore
Channel Mum (9 months ago)
Gorgeous bikinis Lucy! You look lovely in them all :) x
Emily Grace (9 months ago)
Figure goals! You looked amazing in each piece! Wish I had the confidence to rock bikinis like that but I have such a mum tum! 🙈. Xx
JustKel (9 months ago)
😲Wowwww you look better than beautiful and also magnificent try it-on video ...!!!
P J (9 months ago)
Amazing mum figure 👌🏻
Shazz_lawson 83 (9 months ago)
P.s I think you look amazing in the high rise aswell!
Shazz_lawson 83 (9 months ago)
Always looking amazing .....getting closer to 100k 🙊🙊🙊🙊🤗
Chelsea Jade (9 months ago)
You’re one hot mama x
Charleigh Marie (9 months ago)
Omygosh! That first one is so beautiful! I'd frame it and hang it up 😂 I like good bum swimwear but it's my boobs. I have biggish boobs but after two breastfed children, they have no life left 😂 I cannot wear wire bra swimwear anymore. I need to embrace my lifeless boobs I think 🙌🏼 P.s. You look so stunning in this video!
Jessica Avey (9 months ago)
You look incredible in them all beauty! That tropical print one is amazing!
Lily Lee Tracy (9 months ago)
im in love with the first one! it looks like it was made for you!
Ashleigh Smith (9 months ago)
You're such a babe! ❤
Jenna Murphy (9 months ago)
Lucy you always look stunning and have no need to feel body conscious you have a great figure. That bikini that you said was a bit daring at the back is sooooooo daring at the front wish I could pull something like that off. I'm like yourself so body conscious as I have 5 kids and I'm only 32 and the stretch marks definitely do show. Lol
Kayleigh Anne Hogan (9 months ago)
I love them all! Especially the river island swimsuit and the palm tree and pink bikini 😍 xx
Laura (9 months ago)
Ah Lucy you look amazing angel! 🔥😘
Georgia Scott (9 months ago)
Lucy you look absolutely amazing ❤️ I love your channel so much, you are so real, down to earth and relatable! Xx
Ines Lapaix (9 months ago)
Cleo Shield (9 months ago)
You look fab. Ignore the negative comments. Nothing but jealously xxx
Nina Jayne (9 months ago)
Love the high rise bottoms on you, so flattering xx
Mia Larby (9 months ago)
Looking amazing Lucy. I'm really getting into the high legs - I've got short legs and they make them look longer!
Tracy McQuillan (9 months ago)
Love your vlogs - this one is perfect on the run up to summer! I am a mum of 2 kids and also had 2 c sections so can't wear anything too low cut on the bottoms plus the boobies are not what they used to be lol plus I am 43 so getting harder to to tone up but I do try and swim 2-3 times a week. I also really love your Primark hauls
Amelle Joshua (9 months ago)
Love this ! You look great 😍
Perdita Tinsel (9 months ago)
Since I had my daughter my mum tum includes a wrinkly belly button 🤣 of all things. These costumes are so good for me, I will be rocking a bikini on the beach ... watching you and other similar influencers who rock swim wear after having kids has helped me feel confident. You look fab in those ignore the haters.
Finding Tori (9 months ago)
This was fab and so useful, I ha e a similar shape to you and am also in the 2 kids club. You look incredible xx
From a mum to a mum...you look amazing!!!
Reidclan6 (9 months ago)
You look absolutely amazing after 2 baby's! I haven't got my shape back since baby number 4 but I'm even more motivated after watching this! Love the green and pink one!😘
Amberlittlexo (9 months ago)
Look beautiful in all of them 💗
Mummy Teags (9 months ago)
Stunning ❤️
Linutee 23 (9 months ago)
You look like Goddess! 😍😍😍 You're so beautiful, I can't find enough words to describe your beauty 👏👏👏👏👏
My Happy Ever After (9 months ago)
Lucy you are absolute figure goals! You look incredible in everything you wear. Xx
My Happy Ever After (9 months ago)
Ps. I LOVE the outfit you’re wearing, that colour looks amazing on you xx
Shannon Nicole (9 months ago)
Wish I could wear these, mum of 1 but I had my belly pierced before having him and now it’s gone all odd since having him, you look amazing in them tho!!
Kathryn Patterson (9 months ago)
In love with all of them! The first suit is so so gorgeous though! And you look amazing in every one! ❤️
Sophie Dingwall (9 months ago)
You’ve got an amazing body! Considering you’ve got 2 children.Ignore all the negative comments!! Love your videos 💗
patiopat1972 (9 months ago)
Body goals 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥
Harriet Alice (9 months ago)
Wow, all those swim wear pieces are gorgeous. You look incredible in all of them, I’d love to have your figure! 💗 xxx
SJ Strum (9 months ago)
Love all these - pink and palm!! YES - I'm obsessed too! I'm still not ready for a bikini but the river island swimsuit is so so flattering!
Naomi Ria (9 months ago)
Absolutely love all of them you look amazing!! Love the whole look with the black kimono and headband 🔥😍xx
Elaine Canning (9 months ago)
Lucy, you looked stunning in everything !!! Love watching your vids ❤️ X
Rachel Davies (9 months ago)
Hey hun your glowing! Could you do an updated makeup tutorial... With high Street products, where I live we only have a boots and superdrug so I'm limited to products...x x
Maisy Meow (9 months ago)
I loved all of them! You suit so many different colours, the bright ones are all lovely on you.Xxx
chanel Duffy (9 months ago)
Beautiful figure 😍 love the video. X
Kayleigh Nash (9 months ago)
Love them all, you look amazing! X
Liza Prideaux (9 months ago)
You look gorgeous in everything, and love the co-ord you have on x
Natalie Miller (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for your honesty Lucy ! It is hard as mums because we arnt what we used to be ! Hehe but we still want to look and feel great in swimwear ! Sending love from Australia ❤️
Sarah Cantwell (9 months ago)
So much inspo! I love the black ASOS one. I may have to purchase if it fits that well. It’ll be a lifetime investment xx
Angelina (9 months ago)
Body goals! xoxo
Donna Burke (9 months ago)
Hey Lucy loved your haul all your swim wear was so cute loved them all xxx
Zoe Smith (9 months ago)
Really good video. I love your personality! Very friendly, honest, and warm!
mommyof3 (9 months ago)
Love kimonos!! I’m all about the high waisted bikini bottoms after having 3 kids 😆. I have recently taken a liking to the high waisted 50s retro cut as opposed to the high cut, high waisted bottoms. Also love pairing high cut/cheeky one pieces with high waisted swim shorts that have a stretchy waist band, great for when you want to grab a quick drink at the pool side bar, etc but don’t want to display your bum on a bar stool 😆, I find this look cute and flattering:) Love that first suit you showed 😍
An other great video! Love this channel! It always gives me such great outfit inspo! I will defiantly be buying the first tropical print one and the river island one! Btw you look stunning as always!! Xxx
Emza J (9 months ago)
Can’t see any mum tum there you look gorgeous x
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Emza J thanks so much babe ❤️❤️
What Katie Did (9 months ago)
Your figure though 🔥🔥🔥 you are stunning Lucy x
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
What Katie Did thanks babe ❤️❤️❤️
nia pull (9 months ago)
Hey Lucy! What size did you get the outfit your wearing in? So cute
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Angelina S 10 babe ❤️❤️
Nikki Standley (9 months ago)
Love the bikini collection hun, you look stunning and beautiful. I also really love the outfit your wearing 👌 absolutely beautiful!!! Going to have to have a purchase 😉 thanks for sharing lovely xxx
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Nikki Standley thanks Nikki ❤️❤️
Helen Snowdon (9 months ago)
I wish I has a body like yours. Your beautiful. I had a section and my scar isn't too bad but the muscle has separated and it's awful. I can't wear anything tight because u can see the bump. What did u do to get back in shape x
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Helen Snowdon I follow the slimming world diet ❤️❤️❤️
Roachelle T (9 months ago)
Body goals to another level boo!
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Roachelle T ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Julie Hartley (9 months ago)
Stunning amazing figure !!As a mum of two Nd a size 12 you are body goals Xx
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Julie Hartley thanks Julie ❤️❤️❤️
Mama Stalker (9 months ago)
Beautiful as always!!!
Dee Luther (9 months ago)
SupeR PrettY SexY BikiniS TRY ON Haul💛💛😗😗😗🔥 They All LooK Good On YoU💕 Ur Body Is FuckinG BanGinG DamN 😗😗😗NicE Hot LegS😗😗😗 🔥😗😗I Love Them All On YoU💕
Jacen Starheart (9 months ago)
Very Glamorous and Simply Gorgeous Bikini Outfits, Love it! 🌞👌❤
Jacen Starheart (9 months ago)
Fabulous Bikini Haul, Very Well Done Lucy, Very Stylish, Stunning and Cute Bikinis, Always Entertaining Vlogs and Videos Appreciate it, Cheers! ❤👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐
Along Came Jay (9 months ago)
I love the different styles here. I wore a triangle style bikini on holiday recently and don’t think it suited me well! But I do love the beach outfit style so gorgeous!!! X
Vicky Ross (9 months ago)
You look beautiful in all your swimwear 😍☀️ love the river island swimsuit definitely need to purchase it it's stunning xx
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Vicky Ross thank you so much Vicky ❤️❤️❤️
andrina joseph (9 months ago)
Hi Lucy I love the co-ord you are wearing it’s beautiful.💕😊
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
andrina joseph thanks babe ❤️❤️❤️
Jenna Thompson (9 months ago)
Such a great figure ❤️x
Gemma Jade (9 months ago)
As you know I have the black Asos bikini and LOVE it! So flattering x
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Love it babe ❤️❤️❤️
Heather Mckesson (9 months ago)
does anyone know how pretty little thing bathing suits fit i really like the palm tree bikini but have no clue what size to get or what size she got to kind of judge what size i should get
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Heather Mckesson true to size babe. I got a 10 xxx
Daniella Hodgson (9 months ago)
Oh wow I love the bright pink top with the tropical bottoms! So summery 🌴 I don’t think I could get away with any of these being a size 14 but still fun to watch! Xx
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Thank you Daniella you would look beautiful in them all ❤️❤️❤️
Pippa Davo (9 months ago)
Yes that bikini is ab.gorgeous I agree... and I bet you would look 🍹👙AMAZING👙🍹in it.. Wear it with a big smile 😊😚🏖😎 x
Gem Bradley (9 months ago)
Daniella Hodgson don't be silly, size 14 is lovely and you'd look great!!
sunset modalove (9 months ago)
Well done for posting this, your curves are gorge! 😀
Jessica Knight (9 months ago)
You look stunning in all your swim wear! Gorgeous xx
Katie Ellison (9 months ago)
Looking stunning in all your swimwear my lovely. I love the tropical print one. x
Lucy Jessica Carter (9 months ago)
Katie Ellison thanks babe ❤️❤️❤️
abcariluv _ (9 months ago)
Probitab Begum (9 months ago)
Second You Are One of my fave YouTubers
Florida Hafuzi (9 months ago)
First lucy yay so beautiful ❤️❤️

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