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Chinese Magic Mirror

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Magic Mirrors come from China and Japan. They became popular in Europe in the early part of the 19th century and many distinguished scientist have attempted to explain the phenomenon. Superficially there seem to be two kinds of magic mirror, those which produce images similar to the relief patterns on their backs, thus giving the illusion of being "transparent", and those which produce a totally different image from the relief on the back. This difference may be just a deception. It may also explain why there are so many theories about how they work, and how they are/were made. The front of a Magic Mirror is a polished metal surface, and is indeed an extremely good mirror. No sign of any image or picture. However when you shine a beam of light onto the mirror (sunlight works well) and direct the reflection onto a flat surface, lo and behold an image appears. Our mirrors are modern replicas, and are made in China. This small size of Magic Mirror is 7cm in diameter, and comes in an elegant Chinese presentation box. At the moment we only have small mirrors with zodiac symbols or with the symbols of the Magic Circle. All of our mirrors project the same 'image' as the design on their back. In the video, Tim uses a torch to display the image. This is a normal LED torch, but there are a few important things to say about the torch. It has a single LED, and also we have unscrewed the front of the torch and removed the silver reflector. Thus the light comes from a single point source.
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Text Comments (137)
Usalia the Rabbit (9 months ago)
Twilight princess anyone?
Calvin Pham (9 months ago)
I thought the thumbnail was an Oreo.
Helvetica Neptune (1 year ago)
I suddenly have a strong craving for whores.
André Lange-Medart (1 year ago)
Very happy to get one from Grand Illusions ! I have compiled a scientific bibliography here : https://www.histv.net/travaux-britanniques-ayrton-perry
dcn (1 year ago)
that's not a torch it's a flashlight you senile old retard
Brenda Singer (1 year ago)
From the thumbnail I thought it was going to be a puzzle that you have to spin and unlock to see the mirror? *Tim turns mirror over* oh.
Grumpy Goose (1 year ago)
This makes me think of Twilight Princess.
ENLFRO (1 year ago)
This looks like something straight out of an Uncharted game
shadowsa2b (1 year ago)
since they have been made and are modern replicas, clearly someone knows how it works and how to make them
potaterjim (1 year ago)
So this is what you get in last guardian
Daolothe (1 year ago)
For a second, I thought he was going to light it on fire when he said "torch." Then I realized that it's British for flashlight.
ThatFreakingCat (1 year ago)
Hand over the mirror. Or else? Your son...
A bowl of Miso soup (2 years ago)
I thought it was a fucking oreo cookie
Tickleshits (2 years ago)
i feel like he says "these are by far one of my all time favorite toys" in almost every video.
Darryl Surbakti (2 years ago)
the second one is not a magical symbol tim, its also a zodiac , greek zodiac to be exact its they're sign
Dimitri Noir (2 years ago)
Amaterasu of Okami has them on her back
Skull Crusade343 (2 years ago)
Yes she has. I like Okami especially Shiranui
Vorpal Vox (2 years ago)
Magic!!!! Evil wizardry!!
Ken Behrendt (2 years ago)
Interesting effect, indeed. As noted below the theory is that the dark parts of the image are due to destructive interference of light waves being reflected from the polished metal surface which is the result of microscopic defects in the surface of the mirror due to the pattern stamped into the other side or a pattern that was overstamped a second time to hide the first. Once the visible pattern was pressed into the metal, it should be possible to polish it away and still retain the magic reflection pattern on the other polished side.
UnrealVideoDuke (2 years ago)
Invalid link in Annotation. "Buy this item from the Grand Illusions Toy Shop". Would be a nice gift.
Ryan Moulder (2 years ago)
Tim is the Zodiac Killer confirmed
Troy Santos (2 years ago)
Just a bit of info. The 2nd Mirror actually shows the symbols of the 12 Zodiacal Constellations (:
Kellerkind (2 years ago)
A magic Oreo...fascinating!
Adam (2 years ago)
JazSings (3 years ago)
on the bottom of the magic circle emblems , when you shine the light, on the bottom right. does anyone else see the upside down texas?
Train of Taught (3 years ago)
I suddenly have a strong craving for Oreos
Vinay Seth (2 years ago)
+you39tubeable The first thing I thought, too!
Fell Man (3 years ago)
They need to make a movie of this guy!
Simo Koistinen (1 year ago)
Fell Man What a wonderful idea!
Trink (1 year ago)
Fell Man a documentary?
ShaneW (2 years ago)
Working on the script
Marc Pollie (3 years ago)
so whats yr point ?
Jess Hull (3 years ago)
where can I buy this???? please let me know
drifter13 (3 years ago)
They are japanese goddamned...The chinese marketed it as theirs AGAIN...What ancients knew: The magic mirror
jogiff (2 years ago)
drifter13, you are a fucking moron
TheTheOuters (2 years ago)
The oldest antique of this kind of mirror was found in China, so?
cocozzzz (2 years ago)
+drifter13 these copper magic mirror invented at han dynasty(bc200-ad200) by chinese , japanese learn this tech at tang dynasty(ad 600-900)
RyuDarragh (4 years ago)
Been explained, but needed the late 20th century to get there. It's interference patterns on the mirror created by the process of putting the image on the  back. They have been able to reveal gun serial numbers even though they had been ground and filed off this way. The stress of tooling the numbers, or, in this case, the patterns on the back, propagate through the metal.
RyuDarragh (3 years ago)
+drifter13 You might have seen this on "The Forensic Files" or even (I think) on "CSI". You polish the area where the serial number had been stamped and then acid etch it. The stress pattern generated by stamping the serial number into place becomes visible. http://www.csitechblog.com/2011/07/how-crime-labs-restore-obliterated-serial-numbers.html  
drifter13 (3 years ago)
+RyuDarragh What was the gun part?
Der Menschheit Helfen (4 years ago)
I didn't know they called flashlights torches in England.
Der Menschheit Helfen (4 years ago)
Why is all this on my post. I recieve messages of all this and it's really annoying!
MrFreefonix (4 years ago)
Go fuck yourself then you're the one thats missing out
MrFreefonix (4 years ago)
No it has to have a balance of flavour jesus man just buy some and try it
MrFreefonix (4 years ago)
Never use a spoon to ''eat" marmite or vegemite by the way marmire came first and is more meaty what you do to try it for the first time is get buttered toast get a small amount on the knife and spread lt lightly with a small amount in patches the reason I say this is idiots try both the vegemite and the marmite by getting a fucking spoon and trying to eat it like chocolate spread its a strong meatyish flavor that takes a while to get used to the flavor its not like sweets (candy) I dont like alot of vegimite or marmite on my toast its too strong so buy some and do what I said, I might do a review on marmite
MrFreefonix (4 years ago)
Its a spread and you spread it lightly on toast like smooth peanut butter soread or jam
SimsSeries (4 years ago)
Nothing magical in this...its just Venetian Mirror used in there
keith deraux (4 years ago)
"torches" i acutally expected him to pull out a giant flaming torch
Namibu Burderoch (4 years ago)
what tim is calling magic circle are the symbols of the western zodiac.
Elliot Grey (9 months ago)
Yes, but it's the logo of The Magic Circle (all caps) which is a prominent guild of magicians/illusionists. As I understand, Tim performed magic for a while, and his shop, Grand Illusions, started out selling magic tricks before expanding to toys, puzzles, and sciencey curiosities like this one.
JustJoshDS (4 years ago)
Thumbnail looks like an oreo 
TrollMaster5 (4 years ago)
I have one of these buried under my cherry tree. 
soundslave (4 years ago)
A great way to store secret information.
Hiroko Kaku (1 year ago)
in some old Chinese novels, they use these kinds of mirror like the Batman spotlight to call reinforcements.
MrHypnofan (2 years ago)
The design on the back and the secret reflection don't have to match. Many of the earliest ones were for followers of non-sanctioned religions. They had the sanctioned religious symbols outside, and their secret religious symbols only appeared via reflection.
DrCluckinstein (2 years ago)
+soundslave But the info would always just be on the other side....
RabidAmio (3 years ago)
+SheikhAltijdGezeikhh Overused meme confirmed
SheikhAltijdGezeikhh (3 years ago)
/_\ Illuminati confirmed :P
n00baTr00pa (4 years ago)
phoenixsong38 (6 months ago)
well it does illuminate
n00baTr00pa the illuminati is up his ass
n00baTr00pa (4 years ago)
What's up your bum, buddy?
Ziemomysł (4 years ago)
like everrrrrrrrrrrrrything else nowadays go fuck your deluded self.
John Smith (4 years ago)
my theory is that the glass isn't 100% reflective and the imprint (same as on the back) is visible when light is shined on it. the imprint's shadow appears on the surface that is lit up. down-vote if this doesn't make any sense lol
Ts6451 (4 years ago)
+Claude Hébert Yes, they do have a slightly uneven surface, it is too slight to be seen but affects the reflection angle of the light enough to make these images. And you are correct in thinking that it is a difference in hardness, but it is not really a differential heat treatment that is used.  The bronze used in these mirrors can be work hardened, which means deformation causes it to become harder, so you can use a hammer and some sort of tool(like a blunt chisel, punch or metal stamp) to make a design which also hardens the metal in the shape of the design, so when polished, the mirror will have a slightly uneven surface.  Such mirrors could have the visible design on the back removed and a new one etched in. Etching, of course, removes material rather than deforming it, and will not change the hidden image, so you can have a mirror that will reflect a different image than the one visible on the back.
Claude Hébert (4 years ago)
Might have to do with the molecular arrangement of material on the mirror's face.  You can heat-treat steel for example (but some alloys too, like some aluminium-copper alloys like 6061).  The change in molecular arrangement might reveal different optical properties, like reflection angle.  Polish the face to a mirror-finish, you won't notice the details, but shine a light towards it and the light is correctly reflected on the non-tempered parts, scattered by the heat treated parts.  Chinese and Japanese have mastered the differential heat-treament of steels, mostly used to give a hard, sharp edge on swords (tempered part), while keeping the flexibility and toughness of the sword's back.  Now this same process could also be used to elaborate another theory; polishing the mirror with a soft-backed polishing tool will create, at the microscopic level, an uneven surface.  The harder tempered lines would create "ridges" with a convex surface that scatter light.  Interesting to think about how these are made.
GweiTheLeafChild (4 years ago)
+John Smith No, Chinese magic mirrors are polished metal mirrors. As in, they're not made of glass.
John Smith (4 years ago)
mirrors are just aluminum on glass
GweiTheLeafChild (4 years ago)
They're actually metal mirrors.
MythrilMan (5 years ago)
Stare into it and see where you end up.
brigadierliane (5 years ago)
I recall Discovery Channel making a short about the magic mirror. Edit: here's a link http://videos.howstuffworks.com/science-channel/30250-what-the-ancients-knew-the-magic-mirror-video.htm
matt marshall (5 years ago)
is it weird that I'm eating Chinese food right now? :3
drumintercourse (4 years ago)
+Shadikun1 thats not ironic at all
caino666 (4 years ago)
+Shadikun1 I think you're confusing "coincidental" with "ironic".
Shadikun1 (4 years ago)
I think you're confusing "weird" with 'ironic'.
Vaughn (5 years ago)
Well. I just found my new favorite channel to waste time on =)
BULD0SIS (5 years ago)
last one i swear
Grimaldon (5 years ago)
Only if the reflection fell on a plain surface. Likely you wouldn't see it on grass or even rough cloth. They'd be hard to accidentally reveal.
Jack Kraken (5 years ago)
I just thought of that myself!
k250014783 (5 years ago)
Unless the sun happened to be out...
stephen wallin (5 years ago)
Also many western silver objects have these secret reflections embossed on by the makers, it was done to identify the maker or to provide secret identification of Catholic Chalices in Protestant countries. The process was known in Roman times, and is far more common than realised. Old Arabic copper often has these optical reflection patterns as well. Stephen.
stephen wallin (5 years ago)
the mirrors are simple, metal polished after a stamped backing is made, the front has differential hardening, which when polished reduces the non hardened areas by about .5 micron, leaving the hardened proud by the same. The best light is the sun to view them by. I should know, I made them and tested the operation at out optical manufacturing company. The Japanese considered the polishing operation secret.
Junaid A. (5 years ago)
lol what if the mirrors really ARE completely plain and he's just putting templates in front of this flashlight.
SteelSkin667 (5 years ago)
These make me think of Shenmue.
killerjilk (5 years ago)
Probably that Hendrik is calling a flashlight a torch.
MultiPaulinator (5 years ago)
My hypothesis -- on top of what the other guy said: The mirror's metal backing conforms to the back of the calendar too subtly to perceive by simply looking at the mirror. This conformity would look like a negative image of the calendar. When you shine a light on the mirror, the raised parts would reflect the light back as is creating the bright spots on the reflection and the lowered parts would diffract light away from the it creating the dark spots, thus reversing the negative.
Skawrod (5 years ago)
what are you not gonna say?
engelsseele2 (5 years ago)
Oh great now I am going to go around shinning light onto mirrors!
FMAiscool (5 years ago)
i'm gonna start calling my flashlight "my torch"
MisterStavanger (5 years ago)
Thank you for the explanation!
Grimaldon (5 years ago)
At various times in history certain ideas and/or religions have been outlawed in China. For example early Christians in China were subject to summary execution if found with any Christian objects. The magic mirrors could be made with religious subject matter but they would look like a simple mirror. That way they could carry their icons without worry of being put to the death.
MisterStavanger (5 years ago)
raincoil (5 years ago)
Huh... Interesting.
Derek Leung (5 years ago)
Fun fact, in Chinese it is "electrical cylinder" 電筒.
Grimaldon (5 years ago)
These may be toys now, but they were created out of necessity to avoid the death penalty.
jimmac56 (5 years ago)
ECTOQUAKE (5 years ago)
They look like oreos.
XFX6870 (5 years ago)
willceth (5 years ago)
That's the English (like English being the British) way of saying flashlight, I believe. I may be wrong, but I think that is what it means.
killerwar1 (5 years ago)
AZTheWeirdBoy (5 years ago)
<<An asian waiting for asian joke. Where is it?
sbblakey777 (5 years ago)
Magic must defeat magic.
TheAllBlackMan (5 years ago)
WARNING! HISTORY CONTENT! These were used to allow early Chinese Christians to identify themselves without being arrested, tortured, and killed. Made by carefully scraping away at the face to copy the image on the reverse, the original image was concealed by a false back. When roadblocks and checkpoints warranted searches of property all that the guards saw were mirrors, leaving the traveler's secret intact.
CaioLugon (5 years ago)
why? when? if you get them with these videos you're a lucky one. i'm subscribed to channels just for the asmr...
121mendez (5 years ago)
are you really that upset from a little comment on the youtube?
omsonic (5 years ago)
asmr anyone ?
Holyspecter (5 years ago)
Well... He's not gonna say it.
Lfshammu (5 years ago)
He rates all the videos, mr tough guy
Shashwat Dixit (5 years ago)
what the fuck is your problem assfuck?
Dolly Mix 5 (5 years ago)
Good guy
BurpAtTheMoonAtNoon (5 years ago)
Originally used to store hidden information....thos blasted chinese! *shjake fist at china*
ddonc (5 years ago)
That pick-up line with a mirror in a pocket.
Pizza God (5 years ago)
121mendez (5 years ago)
paw101 (5 years ago)
Learn the ENGLISH language then...
bananishmeal (5 years ago)
I believe you are a person who doesn't think outside American English.
Polt0 (5 years ago)
I believe that is a flashlight.
Mr Flint (5 years ago)
ma che problemi ha sto poretto??
pupidupisupi (5 years ago)
chinese batman your turn !
ZoeyT06 (5 years ago)
cool. i want XD
Tristan Frodelius (5 years ago)
They're both Zodiac...
4468 (5 years ago)
Uh-oh I fear for Tim if Lan Di ever finds out he has the mirrors! (One for the Shenmue fans)
Tom Donnelly (5 years ago)
Nicely done! :)
CaptainFoxButt (5 years ago)
Mohammed Al-srajy (5 years ago)
Let me say it : you are the first are you happy now :)
Nick Casey (5 years ago)
I want to know how these work
burningknight7 (5 years ago)
Mohammed Al-srajy (5 years ago)
Tristen Hawes (5 years ago)
Good man!
Taylor Wright (5 years ago)
Not gonna say it

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